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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  November 16, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> this is "bbc world news america." >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation. newman's own foundation, giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good. kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and aruba tourism authority. >> planning a vacation escape that is relaxing, inviting, and exciting is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families, couples, and friends can all find their escape on the island with warm sunny days, cooling trade winds, and the crystal blue caribbean sea.
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nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at >> and now, bbc "world news america." >> this is bbc "world news america." reporting from washington, i am laura trevelyan. an impassioned appeal fighting against climate change. dust the current administration spelled out what is at stake. >> we don't get a second chance. the consequences of failure would be irreversible. laura: with the iraqi special forces working to clear mosul of the islamic state. a lot to learn about the militants from what they left behind. misty copeland arrives in cuba.
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questions about if the diplomatic missions will continue. laura: welcome to our beer is on public television in america and around the globe. viewers onto our public television in america and around the globe. a warning from secretary of state john kerry. his comments in morocco come one week after donald trump was elected president. despite his pledge to pull the u.s. out of the pair's climate agreement, secretary kerry insisted it shouldn't be a partisan issue. reporter: morocco is proudly hosting this year's talks on climate change. the future of the process is in doubt because of someone who isn't even here. donald trump, who has dismissed
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every aspect of global warming. john.s. secretary of state kerry worked for years towards the paris climate agreement, these are difficult times and he was unusually blunt about the dangers. >> no one has a right to make decisions that affect millions of people raised on solely ideology or without proper input. anyone who has these conversations, who learns from these experts, gets the full picture of what we are facing, i believe they can only come to one legitimate decision, and that is to act boldly on climate change and encourage others to do the same. reporter: donald trump called global warming a hoax. in a tweet for years ago he claimed it was invented by the chinese to undermine american industry. during the campaign he was
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emphatic. >> we will cancel the paris climate agreement and stop all payments of united states tax dollars to the u.n. global warming programs. reporter: alarm bells in island nation's most vulnerable to global warming. they are pleading for a change of heart. >> i formally invite you to fiji. hadill show you how we have to move out of the way of rising seas. reporter: this comes to the overwhelming conclusion of climate scientists that fossil fuels are driving global warming and needs to be cut back. and is too dirty to burn, donald trump has promised to revive the american coal industry. >> we will save the coal industry. i love those people. reporter: the puzzle for
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everyone is what donald trump will do when he reaches office. he has rode back on several promises, will he do the same for climate change? or do something that no american before, take done the united states out of the process? this unnerved some of the biggest companies who called on mr. trump to stick with the paris agreement. efforte is concern any to be made to undermine u.s. engagement through the paris agreement and staying the course on clean energy policy creates concern on these issues. lead?er: where could this , therees gripped by smog is pressure to turn to cleaner power, whatever mr. trump does. renewable energy is tumbling in price.
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with the spread of solar plants like this at america, a trend that will continue regardless of what the next president decides. bbc news in marrakesh. laura: in new york, donald trump is keeping the world guessing of who will form his team in government. despite tweets and rumors of isighting come in this known so far about his key appointments. jon sopel reports. jon: there will be more evenings like this, donald trump giving reporters the slip and heading out to have dinner. >> thank you. or lessm january, more his every move will be a matter of public record. it was probably a relief from the grind of the transition. his campaign manager rejected suggestions that the transition was in chaos. when went through appointments be announced? >> soon.
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there is a lot into putting together a federal government. jon: the jockeying for position's is like a knife fight in trunk tower as recruits wait to get the nod from the president-elect. cleariuliani has made it he wants to be the secretary of state, america's top diplomat. his previous work with foreign governments may bring conflict of interest charges. john bolton, the u.n. and master is a defense hawk. how will that fit with donald trump's isolationist tendencies? will there be a job for sarah palin? she is said to be a contender for secretary of the interior. another one of those for high office is newt gingrich. any of theseing of transitions is turmoil, that is the nature of the process.
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trump is decisive and a good ceo . that will become clear as they build the cabinet. jon: if you want to find out what is going on in mr. trump's had the best place is his twitter account. that ther is of rumors transition is in turmoil. he wrote these at 6:00 this morning. wrong, it is going so smoothly. i have spoken to many one leaders. with severalcourse foreign leaders despite what the new york times says. russia, china, saudi arabia, japan." >> people brand us like you live in trump, no it doesn't mean that.
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>> in a symbolic way, it is being shown he does not own our home, and may be can never really on our heart. to have the gold letters removed from the apartment block that bears his name, bringing the nation together on finding its wings will be a long process. reporting.sopel for more on the process i spoke the senior politics writer for u.s. news and world report. have, all transitions bumpy moments, but this one seems more turbulent than most? >> that is the nature of having a candidate with no government experience. it is the particular nature of donald trump. one pressure point we are finding out is his family. son-in-law,r, his how close he is to donald trump,
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how he molds his thinking and will mold a lot of the appointments he has to make. telling you that loyalty and family counts more than relevant government experience when it comes to making appointments? >> i think loyalty is the most important trait to donald trump except for family. that is why we saw jared kushner moveout chris christie, who he had antipathy for. when he was prosecutor he put his father in prison. he never likes chris christie. now mike pence is leading the transition team. laura: it is all extraordinary. what does this palace intrigue tell you about what the trump administration will be like and how it will govern? choices he has had to make so far was chief, which was reince priebus, which is saying that we have it establishment
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trusted guy in there. then he made a senior counselor of stephen bannon, the head of the conservative breitbart administration that has embraced the alternative right movement. he is trying to strike a balance . he has been tempered in his first seven days. he sent out tweets. he gave the standard protocol 60 minutes interview. he has been mostly gracious to his opponents. i think he is trying to walk a five line. the big -- a fine line. the big signal will be the attorney general, secretary of state. those will be big ones. laura: last night he skipped the press tour and went out to a new york restaurant. it is between walking the line and having the press pool and going out without them. >> that is part of not knowing the protocol and not following it. last night, most
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presidential-elects would have said i'm going here. they notified the press nothing further would happen. he went out and had dinner. in this online environment, that will get out. the question is is will he adhere to that, or will not normal be the new normal in the trump administration? laura: in iraq special forces are pushing back the islamic state in the second city of mosul. the fighting is hard. militants using snipers and car bombs slowing advances to less than 100 meters a day. we're learning more about the islamic states or in fighters and international network. has joinederville them for this report. reporter: iraqi special forces are on the manhunt. even in the middle of battle
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small actions can make a big difference. the searching house to house for any trace of the so-called islamic state. they have received a tipoff that somewhere in the street. looking for weapons, but for something more valuable, names, numbers, raw intelligence. >> the fighters came into the district. lots of foreign fighters. russians, chinese, tunisians. this flag belonged to a australian. he fled. for the past two years, this was the islamic state's city.
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it was mostly cut off from the outside world. now the barriers are coming down. it is clear i.s. had one priority. pray -- preparing for the war. in every neighborhood i.s. fighters made themselves that home. made its own i.s. drones. the islamic state only just left this drone factory a couple of days ago. they were taking shop bot d rones and turning them into weapons. , an of the grenades important discovery. andten in english costs timetables for drone manufacture. for advancedlook
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information, and to share the information with other units and countries. reporter: schools and homes can all be i.s. gun positions. there is a sniper at the end of the street. shot. are being carefully, the men are leaving one by one and getting into the vehicle as quickly as possible. make it across unharmed, so do all of the special forces. except one. he takes a shot to the back. scene, he is the going to make it. though determined, the islamic state is losing its grip.
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taken, moretreet intelligence is discovered. --e and far beyond the far beyond iraq, the islamic state is being diminished. laura: the man who helped engineer the u.s. military withdrawal from vietnam has died. 'slvin laird was richard nixon defense and helped to end the national draft. he also served in the house of representatives. he was 94. you are watching bbc "world news america." still to come on tonight's program, the u.s. election may be over, but in china they are having a nationwide ballot where not all candidates are welcome. 2 white men are
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on trial for a video that shows a man being forced into a coffin with a threat to set it on fire in august. it was shared on social media. politicalvarious parties came out in numbers to oppose the bill application of 2 white farmers charged with kidnapping and assault. this shows the video of the terrified black man being forced into a coffin after he was accused of trespassing. two out the video the accused, areking in africans, threatening to douse the victim in petrol and burn him alive. many argue the accused should face attempted murder charges. the victim attended the court hearing. they beat me up, tied my
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hands and feet, and put the in the coffin. i am traumatized. terrified. i never thought i would make it out alive. reporter: the economic freedom fighters has raised concerns about the number of similar incidents which go unreported. >> any time any of you has experienced the racism we saw do a citizen arrest. detect yourself. not revenge, we are not telling them to avenge, we are telling them make a public arrest and take that person to the police. >> the suspects were led to these holding cells, fearing for their lives. the case has been postponed until next year. bbc news, south africa.
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laura: while the world continues to digest the results of the u.s. election, china is holding its own ballot. 900 million people will vote in the chinese district elections. the communist party has been critical as what it sees as the farce of american democracy. finding out that it is not so keen of scrutiny of its own system. asorter: we have turned up agreed for an interview. we find our way to the front door blocked by a group of men. the person who lives here is doing something very brave in china. trying to stand for elections as an independent candidate. >> hello.
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we were hoping we can talk to you. "yes," she answers "come in." it is no use. "it is my right to stand for elections," she begins to tell me. she tries again. " why won't you let me open my door?" she asks. china often uses sinister at identified men to do sensitive police work. there are few issues more thantive here than democracy. every five years, hundreds of millions of chinese people get their only chance to vote. the district elections are in
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theory open to any candidate. reality, the communist party decides who is on the ballot. the communist party-run media has been handed a gift. the u.s. election has been exploited to the fullest as proof of american weakness and division, and chinese stability and strength. china, of course, has its share of discord and dissent. china has huge capital after what they see after the farce of the u.s. election, the expense that goes into an artificial choice. we see the effort and expense china puts into stopping people from exercising their democratic rights. all this for one independent local election candidate.
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[yelling] we are dragged away. the heavy-handed control is as much of a sign of insecurity as it is of string. -- of strength. bbc news, beijing. laura: suppression in china. is some of the finest. the prima ballerina of the american ballet theater, misty copeland, is on the communist-run island as a special envoy of the state department. there has meant an increase in cultural and artistic elaboration. president trump has yet to clarify his position on cuba. u.s.-cuba relations have been warming for two years. diplomacy,f ballet dancers from argentina to south korea were taken through barre
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exercises by a cuban choreographer. 17 companies came together to to see forves -- themselves the communist island's teaching methods. one was ballet west from utah. the habs it is not such a huge leap culturally. thelonger this goes on, longer it seems the new economic or political relationships, it is cultural elaborations like this one in ballet that are driving this relationship forward. the future between the old foes suddenly seems uncertain. if president obama opted to ask cuba to dance after waiting in the wings, donald trump's victory has thrown it into question. electoral confusion coincides copeland,it i misty
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the principal dancer with the american ballet theater. she has come as the special envoy for sports and culture and was a welcome face of the outgoing administration. >> a black american women to who looksee people like me doing classical ballet. it is such a stigma in the classical ballet world to look a certain way. it is a beautiful thing to be here and feel like i connect with everyone. even though we don't speak the same language, we speak the same language. reporter: collaboration in ballet predates the overtures to cuba. the original prima ballerina performed in the u.s. several times during her career. today's leading cuban ballet dancer says culture can overcome political hostility. a beautifulbring ballet here, then we can bring
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the dancers and companies. we can do a lot of things. we can do it. reporter: during her visit, michelle obama took an interest in keeping dance. whether the next first lady, melania trump, born in a communist nation herself, whether she makes it to cuba foreignon her husband's policy. the curtain is not coming down on this new friendship, yet. the, havana, cuba. laura: confusion over what changes donald trump will bring. that brings the broadcast to a close. you can find more on our website . to reach me and the team go to twitter. i am @lauratrevelyan. you can find more on our facebook page with all of the latest headlines. please, do tune in tomorrow.
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captioning sponsored by newshour productions, llc >> sreenivasan: good evening. i'm hari sreenivasan. judy woodruff is away. on the newshour tonight, president-elect donald trump denies reports of a disorderly transition as he begins shaping his new administration. also ahead this wednesday, as protests against the dakota access pipeline grow, we talk with the c.e.o. of the company trying to move the oil. >> sreenivasan: and, we head to the frontlines in the battle against isis, where iraqi forces try to take back the key city of mosul. >> this is as far as the frontline comes in mosul, in this neighborhood. just a pile of r


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