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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  January 9, 2017 3:59pm-4:29pm PST

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>> this is a bbc world news america. funding of the presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation. the newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good. kovler foundation. and, the aruba tourism authority. lotlanning a vacation is a easier than you think. you can find it in aruba..
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families, couples, and friends find their escape in the crystal-blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information is available at >> now, bbc world news america. reporting from washington, i am jane o'brien. north korea says they can launch a ballistic missile at any time. will this be his first test? hydroelectric dams are not sitting well with those who make livings off of the waterway. >> the government says it is clean and sustainable, but the impact of these structures on the river system, the environment, and the people will be immense. >> the golden globes turns into a public spat between meryl
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streep and donald trump. the president elect may be the winners for best drama. ♪ anchor: welcome to the viewers on public television and around the globe. north korea says they are ready to test a ballistic missile at any time. that was a message from kim, coming just days before donald trump takes over as the president. the current administration made it clear that a missile launched would be shot down. the reiterated they take threat seriously. stephen evans reports. >> they look fearsome, the egg missiles paraded
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through pyongyang. some experts believe they are more for show. now, the tone has changed. says that his country is in the final stages of an intercontinental ballistic missile able to hit u.s. cities. the message was echoed on the north korean news. the talking is getting tougher. the tweeting, too. won't trump tweeted, "it happen." the outgoing secretary of defense says that a tested icbm may be shot down. >> they are a serious threat to us and we try to stay ahead of that and we are ahead of that
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with our missile defenses, ,pgrading the number, the type and deploying missile defense in south korea, japan. reporter: it was sports day. workers from different industries competed and chanted that they wanted the two parts of korea to reunite. kim jong-un went to a textile mill with more on his mind than the design of quilts. his nuclear ambitions move up the washington agenda, aztalan from pairs for power. trump prepares for power. anchor: i spoke with christopher hill. thank you for joining me.
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how seriously should we take the threat? it is serious. they are not testing donald trump. they are testing military equipment and they have been at this for several years now. when i was negotiating with the north koreans, we were engaged and theyx party talks seems to have a notion they have to work with us. , i don't see any of this. if you are looking at the prospects of north korea having a new your weapon, you have to be concerned about that. >> donald trump said it won't happen. what could he do? >> there are a lot of good options. i don't think he wants to go back to negotiation and his view is, if you go back to
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negotiation, you should do it on the basis of what was agreed upon. i think that the obama administration, and donald trump will continue this, will the ploy more high tech anti-ballistic missile systems and there is a terminal high altitude area defense system south korea. if he has a miniature nuclear device, what do we do? certainly, attacking it could invite attack from the north koreans. you have to remember that there artillerynorth korean tubes. i will finally say that donald trump needs to work with china, but it is not going well.
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>> will he have to change his stance towards china? >> presidents have understood the importance of working with china on the regional and global problems and i hope that the new president understands that we and io set priorities would put working with north korea and china as a top priority. >> what about his style? this could be his first foreign policy test. handle it? >> we will see, but i have never seen foreign policy in the form of tweetds. he will have to explain how this will not happen. i think what he has to do is put together a team. rex tillerson is going forward pretty soon to a senate
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committee. he will have to get together and asian team.-- an s working within existing systems, like the six party talks, that has not really happened and i think that he has a lot of work to do in the next few weeks. >> thank you for joining me. >> thank you. >> boris johnson was here in washington and meeting with republican leaders and the speaker of the house. it comes after he was meeting with members of the donald trump team. by asking what johnson was doing there. >> they need to build ties. the victory took the british foreign office by surprise.
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they had not really developed many strong relationships with the same waym in that the blair government have prepared in 2000. they are worried about being flanked by nigel farage. he has become a close personal chama. you remember that famous picture he had a election and huge grin on his face. brexit -- britain needs all of the friends they can get right now, none more so than the united states. wasf course, donald trump in favor of brexit and boris
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johnson is meeting with jared kushner. also, steve bannon, the controversial trump advisor. i got a chance to meet with bob said it was one of the most enjoyable meetings he ever had with a foreign secretary. he avoided the common diplomatic speak that gets in the way. some of the words that boris johnson would have heard is that bob corker said that britain would be in the front seat in a transatlantic trade deal. barack obama had warned that britain would be at the back in a trade deal. those will be soothing words for boris johnson. >> thank you very much.
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a look at some of the news of the day. mexico says that the country dialogue,or dignified despite a challenge. wants to build a wall and renegotiate a major trade agreement, threatening heavy tariffs. thoughts on reunification have begun in geneva. inis seen as the best chance a decade to end -- they say it will be difficult, but not impossible. the government of brazil defends its decision to build hydroelectric dams in the amazon, arguing that it will boost natural resources and provide clean energy. the environmentalists say this plan is a disaster and will
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result in the forest station. he reports on the potential ofact from one of the first the major dams. >> on the heart of a great rain forest emerges a monolithic monuments to progress. this dam is the answer to growing energy needs. mired in controversy and allegations of corruption, this box a major amazon tributary and has flooded thousands of acres of rain forests. there is a human cost. forced into a completely alien urban environment -- >> we get angry, he says, showing us his worthless fission
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-- fishing license. he says, we cannot even use the river anymore. building the dam brought hundreds of jobs to the riverside town. it also led to increasing the forest station and the permanent loss of many low-lying islands. supporters say that mistakes were made and that the rivers and the energy are there to be harnessed for the greater good. president's of this as a key technology in the portfolio. of hydroelectric has been explored in the world. in brazil, almost 70% has not been explored yet. >> they say they want to build
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at least 50 hydroelectric dams and say that this is sustainable energy. the impact of these structures on the river system will be immense. is the mostine beautiful river in the amazon region and the home to an indigenous peoples. damsn to build several would transform this shallow river into a water highway, flooding forests that have been used for centuries. chiefs say they will resist attempts to build any dams along the river. >> the government always comes here with lies. there is not a place that has turned out good for the locals. there is only misery and
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complaints. >> these tattooed warriors are interests.olitical they want to fast track the construction of hydroelectric dams. clean energy and the promise of jobs versus the rights of indigenous tribes and whether to protect this ecosystem. >> you are watching bbc world news america. with less than two weeks to go before obama leaves the white house, we look at the domestic issues that shape his time in office. >> a cold snap from the arctic circle took hold in much of central and eastern europe. nick thorpe has more.
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snowrange seems with the closing the area for shipping and giving others alternative work. traffic on another major waterway was suspended. city, the most affected by the cold are the poor in each country. migrants have been hard hit. warehouse, several hundred migrants and refugees have been living here for months and these are the latest pictures from what was once called the balkan route. >> it was cold and all of the people were around the fire. it was too cold. 5. was as bad as -1
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the situation is bad and the snow is falling outside. >> there are 30 official refugee centers with -- in -- ais only allowing week. the hungry gary police and soldiers control on the far side. hungarian police and soldiers control on the far side. many people have forgotten how hard real winter can be. >> on tuesday night, obama world that the -- deliver his farewell address in chicago, claiming victory in a historic election
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up with the first african american in the white house. what will his legacy be? the special of reports, john looks at the domestic issues that defined his time in office. >> it was not just a hope when he came to office. problems -- era.t-racial no more black or white america. just the united states of america. lingering vestiges of the dream disappeared in 2014, in clouds of tear gas in ferguson. it was a pattern that became too familiar.
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walter scott have been pulled over for a minor motoring offense. footage caught -- >> the policeman claimed self-defense and the jury was not able to reach a verdict. >> i think the legacy is more important to paint a picture that he did a good job in most people are disappointed, because they felt that he could do more. >> the issue of gun violence came together to a hurricane her thickide of this african-american church.
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a white supremacist who had a string of drug convictions never should have been able to purchase a gun. groupilled a bible study in cold blood. changed aftera these shootings, coming to charleston in showing how he felt the pain. ♪ amazing grace ♪ how sweet the sound? wretch like me ♪ >> his terms in office were punctuated with the crack of gunshots. >> i think somebody is shooting in here. >> there was a series of mass started withit
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teachers at sandy hook elementary school. the president's cold demeanor was gone after this. >> every time a think about the kids, it gets me mad. on theway, it happens streets of chicago every day. canhis is not something i do by myself. >> such evil is senseless. >> he wanted tougher legislation on gun control and he failed, to satconsternation, when we down and spoke. it is an area where i feel i have been most frustrated and it is the area where the united states of america is a place where we do not have common sense gun safety laws.
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>> there have been some legislative successes. obamacare has created many losers. on its backwas flat eight years ago and is starting to bloom. >> we have not just come back stronger from the great recession. we have built an economy that is .he world's envy that is an important part of the obama legacy. a it has proven to be voter-less recovery. to of his final acts was urge lawmakers to fight off the republican attempts to dismantle obamacare and the rest of his domestic legacy. >> look out for the american people.
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looking at obama's legacy on foreign policy. >> as the transfer of power nears, meryl streep, in accepting lifetime achievement awards, she took on donald trump for mocking a disabled reporter. he called her the most overrated actress in hollywood. horrified theore van the liberal bastion of hollywood and nobody commands more respect than meryl streep. respect invites disrespect. violence incites violence. when the powerful use their
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position to bully others, we all lose. if we kick them all out, there'll be nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts, hich are not "the arts." >> donald trump responded that meryl streep is one of the most overrated actresses in hollywood, calling her a flunky who lost a big. claire was honored for a starring role in which she played queen elizabeth. >> she has been at the center of i think the world could do with a few more woman at the center of it. they ensure there was some diversity.
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the big winner -- >> follow land. waltzing off -- hope and creativity. that is what it is about. onhollywood prides itself tackling serious subjects. it follows the most divisive of elections. >> that brings us to a close. you can find more at our website. we are at bbc news.
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for all of us here, thank you very much for watching and tune in tomorrow. >> make sense of international >> newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good. foundation. and, the aruba tourism authority. >> planning a vacation is a lot easier than you think. you can find it in aruba.
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friends, couples, and find their escape on the island with warm sunny days and cooling tradewinds. nonstop flights are made majorble for most airports. more information for your vacation planning is available. vacation planning is available. >> bbc world news was
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