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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  April 20, 2017 5:28pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> this is "bbc world news." funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation. newman's own foundation, giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good. kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and aruba tourism authority. >> planning a vacation escape that is relaxing, inviting, and exciting is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here, in aruba. families, couples, and friends can all find their escape on the island with warm, sunny days,
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cooling trade winds, and the crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at >> and now, "bbc world news." anchor: this is bbc world news america. reporting from washington, i am tim willcox. police evacuate the champs elysees after a gun man fires. one police officer has died and two others are injured. the man using a kalashnikov. killed.cker was this is the scene in paris. the french government says that the officers were deliberately targeted.
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the motive for the attack is unknown. tim: hello, and welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. shot through an out once again in central paris. the french authorities say one police officer has been killed, two others wounded. a gun man on the champs elysees, one of the most famous places in the world. president francois hollande is convinced it is an act of terrorism. center of the french capital. the shooting took place just a few meters away from the arc de triomphe. isis thought that the work done by just one man, who was no
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to the security services. >> you have to stay back, please. please stay back. france's tonight, worst fears realized during another terror attack just two days before an important french election. one policeman killed, another injured on the champs elysees. >> i was walking on the pavement. the man parked just in front of the bus. then he got out a kalashnikov and he shot six times. i thought it was fireworks. then he went and hid. >> we were moving towards the car. i heard two or three shots. i did not realize they were shots to start with. there was panic all around. everybody was running down the champs elysees.
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i did not work out what was going on. i started to run, too. reporter: the attacker was shot dead right police. this country up until just now was obsessed i politics. this upcoming election has been thrown back into a sense of fear . it was just recovering after the massive terror attack a year ago. the people of paris were too scared to leave their homes. the fear is palpable. police were shouting us off the street. metro stations in central paris have been shut down for now as armed police spread out over the capital. tonight, paris is fearful and on high alert. tim: let's go live now. think 50,000es, i
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will be on high alert throughout this campaign. what is the latest happening there now? reporter: a number of metro stations have been shut down in paris. police across the capital. people living in the center of town are too scared to leave their homes. president hollande sought to reassure them. there will be a heavy police presence. they will continue to be protected. one policeman was killed in the attack and two others seriously injured. he called it a cowardly assassination. attack that the french security services have been fearing here it could have been planned to coincide with the french election. france, theref was a house where a whole lot of explosives were found.
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everybody is extremely nervous. justttacks just took place as the presidential candidates held their last debate. a number of those candidates have been tweeting. some of them have been known up more thanine security others. some of the candidates have suspended their campaigning on the last day of campaigning tomorrow. it is not known what impact these attacks will have on the presidential election. east ofouse to the paris has been rated by security officers. was he acting alone? reporter: we are hearing that police are looking for a second attacker. there are reports from french media that a warrant has been issued for a second attacker. there was a report that that second attacker was believed to come in to paris from belgium.
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that is not confirmed, as you could imagine so close to the events taking place. alive with rumors. we are awaiting official confirmation of the facts. police are carrying out an official investigation into the car that the shooter used to carry out his attack. he was known to the authorities. he had been labeled as someone known to have links with islamic extremism. this will reignite the debate in france about how to keep track of suspects like that. we will hear that it costs so much money to have so many official -- many people that might be suspects to be followed 24 hours a day. annce has been under official state of emergency for the last two years since the charlie hebdo attacks in 2015.
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france has been the most targeted country for attacks by islamic fundamentalists. tim: at the end of 2015, the attacks, 130 people were killed. tens of thousands of suspects for the french police and security service to keep track of. reporter: especially in this very political time before a presidential election, even though the candidates will be careful about what they say, on the streets of france, people will be asking questions. the suspect was no to the police. we have heard that in the aftermath of attacks in other parts of europe. suspects known to police were able to carry out attacks. people will want to know why. we will hear that they do not have the money and resources to track people 24 hours a day.
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look at the files of suspects known to have links to terrorism, that goes into the tens of thousands. where does the money come from to track people all the time? tim: thank you very much indeed. shooting,ter the people were able to speak to an eyewitness. he saw the attack unfold. he used what he thought was an ak-47. here is what he said. and i was walking on the pavement. there was a policeman. the guy came in an old gray a udi. he got out with a kravchenko. .e fired -- a kalashnikov he fired. i thought they were firecrackers. the policeman fell. as soon as we saw that, we all ran back inside. we saw the police man shoot him.
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tim: for more of the shootings, we go down on the foundation for defense for democracy. ,here were multiple attackers an arrest warrant out for another suspect as well. how do you monitor people like this get-go -- this? >> you cannot monitor all of them. you cannot monitor people that think that drawing a cartoon of mohammed is a crime and you should be killed for that. most people that believe that would not carry out such an execution. as an intelligence officer, you have to separate one from the other. that is why there is an argument allnot keeping out immigrants, but having a number that you can vet. inwing who you are letting
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and having them assimilate into the country. any computer or surveillance in the world at can follow all of the people looking for keywords? >> there is not. if you have a coordinated and sophisticated attack, that requires some planning in an organization. you could have someone that is online at one day and if he knows how to get a weapon, he can get one and kill a police officer jumping out of his car. millions ofreds of weapons here. it is not as easy as a lot of people may think. there are a lot of weapons floating around europe, despite attempts for gun control. tim: some are coming in from bosnia. >> the borders are not so well patrolled.
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every truck is not searched. you can imagine what they found in marseille. they go into these homes and they find explosives, the cursor chemicals for that, people being trained for that. it is not hard in the world of the internet to teach people how to utilize these things and what protocol should be. people talk about people being self radicalized. they are not. there are people that are helping in the process. they are embracing and ideology that is antithetical to everything that europe stands for. there will be 50,000 in the streets for the first round of presidential elections this weekend. evil are afraid. people do not -- people are afraid. people do not know what is coming next. >> what about next month? this is a virus that has infected europe.
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it is coming out of the middle east. 1979, the, since islamic revolution which took place in iran, which was the hottest, we have not faced this problem squarely. we have dealt with it tactically. we have not dealt with the ideology. to say it has nothing to do with to do it has something with islam. that is a discussion that we need to have. tim: thank you very much indeed. a french political journalist living not too far away from where the shooting took place joins us now. did you hear the attack and what did you see? >> i did not hear the attack. i am about 200 yards from where it happened. woodrow drove me to look at what was going on was that i heard
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helicopters circling above my head. it is illegal to fly over paris normally. you could see police cars making lots of noise. two minutes walk and you have the entire avenue blocked off by police, etc. french always see the champs elysees as the most emblematic avenue in the country. it is always patrolled well. it also had army patrols. it is a place where on the weekend you have three quarters of a million shoppers and visitors and people who come to cinemas and restaurants. it is a nice mild night in paris. there must have been at least
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100,000 people on it. tim: france is so devastated by attacks over the last two and a the years. what is atmosphere like now following the death of another policeman? >> it is interesting that we had a presidential campaign for what feels like the last several years. it was actually the last two months. though there had been a threat that was followed by the police last week and there had been some attacks like the killing of a jewish woman, which was also something that was worrisome by a radical islamist. this is a -- was away from most of the campaign and it has on the -- barged back last day of campaigning. tim: thank you very much indeed. the french interior spokesman
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gave reporters this briefing on what was known about the events in paris. 9:00 p.m. ine france's 100 two ave in the individualees, and stopped in a police vehicle which was carrying out traffic duties. this police vehicle was stationary with operatives inside. some police officer's were carrying out duties on the pavement. a man jumped out of this vehicle and open up fire on the police vehicle, legally wounding one officer. the man tried to run on the pavement, are digging police officer -- targeting police officers there. nearby police officers returned fire and the attacker was killed . the surrounding area was locked down immediately.
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as for the identity of the attacker, that has not, at this time, been confirmed in a clear and per size manner. any information is not trustworthy or verified. we are only at the very beginning of this investigation. it is ongoing. just as the securities shown around -- security zone around the champs elysees remains in place. we cannot say about the accomplices that may have purchase a painted in this crime. we can say that there was only one attacker. the interior spokesman speaking a short while ago. islamic state has claimed ,esponsibility for this attack although often they do claim responsibility and then it is not always clear if they were behind it.
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today, the press conference with the italian prime minister, president trump gave his reaction to the events in paris. talks our condolences from this country to the people in france. i just saw it as i was walking in. it is a very, very terrible thing that is going on in the world today. it looks like another terrorist attack. what can you say? it just never ends. we have to be strong and we have to be vigilant during i have been saying it for long time. tim: the bbc will be staying with the shooting in paris. still to come, is the u.s. economy revving up again? the head of the imf says so. we will hear about the health of the global economy. pakistan's prime minister nawaz
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corruptionived a hearing that could have removed him from office. they had a probe about two financial transfers. sharif and his children were accused of financial corruption after the release of the panama papers last year. we have this report. reporter: cheers from supporters prime ministeri following today's supreme court ruling. his critics also claimed victory . the court recommended further investigation of corruption allegations relating to the panama leak. nawaz sharif was not disqualified. said that five judges they believe that he should step down.
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believe that a team should investigate the prime minister's financial dealings. one party had taken the lead in accusing the prime minister and urged him to step down while the investigation is taking place. they are all under the prime minister's control. he should not remain in his seat he could see what right his best to change the investigation. offshore companies were linked to two of nawaz sharif's children. there were questions about where the money came to buy them. the judges today did not reach a definitive decision on nawaz sharif's future. their ruling does mean that in the next few months, the build up to next year's general election will be dominated by the discussion of the issue of corruption.
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bbc news islam upon. -- islamabad. tim: riot police in the venezuelan capital of caracas have been firing more tear gas at demonstrators wallowing a second day of protest the -- protests against the government. people were killed in marches on wednesday. they support early presidential elections and the release of politicians that were taken into custody for years ago. residents of the old city are reported to have a urged government forces to stop shelling their areas. this is due to the civilian losses and the destruction of all of the housing there.
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arkansas is facing delays in executions. one of the drugs it uses for execution expires. condemnedurt gave the prisoner more time use -- to prove his innocence using dna techniques. the international monetary fund is meeting and monitor -- in washington today with brighter prospects for the global economy. christine lagarde has given an up heat assessment. assessment for the u.s. and europe in particular. meet matt, the man who runs and rides harley davidson. things are going well for businesses like this, that is a
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signal that the global economy is ready to set sail. >> a lot of it is the psychology. when people feel more confident, they are willing to make financial risks of investing in something including buying a home or buying a motorcycle. when they feel uncertain, they pull back and they wait. the election has helped people feel more optimism. running more smoothly at harley and for the u.s. american growth is up. european growth is up, u.k. growth is up. they have been wrong before. the world's of leading financial organization, there are reasons to be cheerful. >> we are forecasting group -- 3.6%. in 2017 and 2018 at that is a significant upgrade from 2016, which is all good
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news. we need to make sure that this momentum is sustained. also in town, the governor of the bank of england. you feel much more confident about the direction of travel or the global economy? >> there is a much more positive is still at there hesitation of actually putting money to work. you see that in investment numbers. aporter: when you come to company like harley davidson you are struck by the size of the factory and the sense of optimism. to the that is bound presidential election. a lot of it has to do with the return of global economic growth. years after the financial crisis, the global economy has finally turned a corner. it is not just the makers of big american bikes that are keen on
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global growth. u.s. andack for the the rest of the eu is probably positive for the u.k. bbc news milwaukee. tim: you are watching bbc world news america very a reminder of the story dominating today's program. a policeman has been killed and two others were wounded after they were shot at on the champs elysees in paris. and man got out and was firing with an automatic weapon. the islamic state says that it carried out the attack. president francois hollande announced that he would be holding a meeting with the security cabinet on friday. the shooting comes just days before the first round of the country's presidential election. one of those candidates francois fillon has called for
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campaigning to be suspended. that is the latest so far. minute i minute coverage, second i second coverage on our website. for the team here in washington, bye-bye. >> make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation. newman's own foundation, giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good. kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and aruba tourism authority. >> planning a vacation escape that is relaxing, inviting, and exciting is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here, in aruba. families, couples, and friends
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can all find their escape on the island with warm, sunny days, cooling trade winds, and the crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles.
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captioning sponsored by newshour productions, llc >> sreenivasan: good evening, i'm hari sreenivasan. judy woodruff is away. on the newshour tonight, paris attacks. a gunman opens fire on police just three days before the french elections. also ahead, exxon seeks a waiver to do business in russia. are the trump administration's business ties impacting their decisions? plus, news divisions-- how a politically divided nation gets its news. >> i guess there was an element of distrust. as citizens we don't know what we don't know. >> sreenivasan: plus, the turbulent business of the airline industry: record profits, expanding routes, and in some cases bad service. all that and more on tonight's pbs newshour.


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