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funding of this presentation is made possible by. the freemen foundation. and coal fuller foundation pursuing solutions for america's neglected me. planning a vacation escape that's relaxing inviting. and exciting. is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families couples and friends can all find their escape on the island with warm sunny
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days cooling trade. and the crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at a real* dot com. and now abc world news. nmsiis bbc world news america reporting from washington i'm nora trevally and. victory at last iraq's prime minister claims islamic state in mosel has been defeated. offer a brutal fight. the challenge now is to stop my* from regrouping. but once the spotlight is on the president but he's some. i don't know trump junior is fending off questions about his russian links. and we talked to the science guy himself bill nine who says we can't solve the world's problems by unleashing akane and not. we want to think critically we want to be able to address problems and rational fashion.
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we want to use our hats. rather than just our instincts. welcome to our views on public television and around the globe. president trump has congratulated the government of iraq on defeating so called islamic state in the city of mosul. it's three years since the leader of iasc shop the wild by appearing in mozilla declaring a caliphate. by then the iraqi army seemed to crumble. now after nine months of bitter fighting. iran's prime minister haidar al abadi has been to the city praising his troops. and the following our victory today is a victory against darkness. against brutality and against terrorism. i don't declare from this place. i declare to the whole warrant that and. the
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failure and the collapse of the so called caliphate. iraq's prime minister that are in the top coalition commander in iraq cautioned that such optimism maybe primatial. speaking to the bbc ariana tenant general stephen towns and gave credit where credit is due you. appointed to the long ride ahead in the fight against diana's. but i think i'd take exception that we've won the war first of all i'd like to offer. the coalition's congradulations to. iraqi prime minister of body. and the iraqi security forces on their historic victory knows a muzzle. against an evil enemy. also make its mayor extraordinaria to safeguard civilian lives. and i'd say that. the war is far from over. one major battle has concluded. there are a number of isis fighters still left. in iraq that have to be defeated before we've won the war. well correspondent jonathan bail was with the iraqi army is they advanced almost all.
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but a few hours ago he found in with this update. even though you pride it's about he has declared complete victory. against i. s. interludes certainly see markets. on the ground there is plenty of evidence today that we see knows a alliance presence but. it is over say much less intense than it's been. in a recent days low costs probably somebody came here yesterday. and his office indicated that he would. declare victory a each said that. at the end of that data victory was just around the corner this is a formal declaration but. we've seen this in the past where the iraqis tend to. claim victory perhaps even when there are still pockets of resistance. in places like fallujah. as well so you and i think we should to create with the caution. but. there's no doubt that. i assume is lost legs in my soul. but certainly some of the civilians who got rebuild this city and and rebuild
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their lives. townsend bell reporting them for more on the situation in mozilla beyond i spoke out it's james jeffrey. subs the ambassador to iraq during the obama administration. somers all was the largest city hal by islamic state in its so called caliphate how significant is its full. this is absolutely strategic isis still has tiny cities three of them are in iraq but they'll be driven out of them i'm very soon the important thing is. as a state as an army as a real player in the middle east isis was basically destroyed by this blow and what's coming up in rock and syria and the weeks ahead. but what is the challenge now for the iraqi government and will say the americans who are backing them. to challenges first of all. brave is a word to build on at least development to ensure that isis doesn't come back that requires both hot local work with the populations but also requires a strategic
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framework for the region. isis was ultimately a creation of iran and through its surrogate's maliki in baghdad. genocide in damascus. oppressing the sunni arab population if we turn this area over to iran after the fighting against isis is over. will see something like isis again as a former us ambassador to iraq what is your advice now. to the trump administration about us military of rules in iraq. we need to keep some training troops on iraq we need to stay in the enclaves we've are. liberated in syria and wait out this situation work with the russians pressure them if necessary. but essentially contain iran. how key is the question of reconciliation between sunni and shia and wedges pressure on iran play into that? it is key but as somebody who spent years doing it you gotta get the regional. equation it right and that includes iran that includes saudi arabia and turkey. before you can work at the
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local level to get tribes and communities to agree to put aside thousand year old dispute shop and are we haven't gone that. far yet and how worried are you about islamic state fighters he might just shaved off that bed is thrown away the weapons and blending in with local people now without going away or losing the stomach for the fight. good question we dealt with that in two thousand ten eleven in iraq that's exactly what we have with the al qaeda force. they couldn't. upset the political process but they were out there waiting for an opportunity these people wait for an opportunity the last time they got in two thousand fourteen. fourteen years since the us led invasion of iraq and face key moment what do you think the us administration should be thinking about and planning for a bobble. above all don't put a hundred thousand troops into any specific our country. in the middle east to. pay attention to long term trends and worked as local allies to contain these
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destabilizing elements whether they come from radical sunni movements are from iran. no they they say is a mime and i know you'll please to see what concerns you most. are in the end this is all about iran now enabled by russia. we can make mistakes at the local level that will encourage al qaeda elements but we also as we've seen with the help of the iraqis and arabs seventy nation coalition. defeat them iran is a different. order of magnitude. a vestige and jeffrey thank you so much thank clear las. in other news now from around the world. cycles in london has rejected the case brought against the british government. claiming its arms sales to saudi arabia are illegal. the case was brought by human rights. to argue the uk's breaking international law was by selling weapons that have killed civilians in yemen. the saudis have been conducting airstrikes against the goofy rebels from more than two years. the un envoy to syria says a ceasefire and. west of the country is held
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quite well since it's went into force on sunday. his hope the truce might give the negotiations some momentum. stephens i missed doris at the de escalation of the conflict in southwest in syria should be a stage on the hearth to a nationwide truce. an investigation into allegations of money laundering by the pack stoney prime minister nawaz sharif. about a big difference between his family's stick cladding come and that actual wealth. she reached up strongly denied any wrongdoing. the investigation was triggered by the panama paid this late last year. a judge at the high court in london says on thursday and we consider the case of charlie gone. terminally ill baby who's been offered treatment here in the united states. the eleven month old boy has a rare disease and is being kept alive on a ventilator. johnny's parents want the judge to evaluate a new experimental treatment. president thompson says he's willing to discuss with the senate intelligence committee details of his
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meeting with the russian low ebb during last year's election campaign. the group's leading democrat says he would absolutely like such a chant. donald trump junior met the pass and who's believed to have links to the crime and after being promised information about hillary clinton. the white house says there was nothing inappropriate about the meeting his gavin hewitt. this is donald trump's eldest son. the little truck junior. lois june after his father's nomination he met with the russian lawyer who promised damaging material on hillary clinton's. the meeting was here at trump tower in new york until this weekend from junior hadn't mentioned it. but it wasn't a casual encounter he brought along trump's campaign manager and his son in law. and then his story has changed on saturday he said we primarily discussed a program about the adoption of russian children. by the following day he said the woman lawyer stated that she had information that individuals connected to
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russia what funding the democratic national committee and supporting mrs clinton. i was told that there would be information that may be helpful to the campaign there was no such information but again i want to ask you a question if you're going to keep using the word collusion. where is the evidence of collusion? trump junior pushed back sarcastically on twitter today to say that obviously i'm the first person on a campaign to ever take a meeting to hear information about an opponent. a lot of the work group. on friday president from met president putin and asked him directly about meddling in the american election campaign. putin denied it. it's not clear how forcefully president trump issued this but there was an agreement between the two leaders but it was now time to move ful. news of trump junius russian beating doesn't put president trump in immediate jeopardy he says he had no knowledge of it what it does do is keep open the central question that has dogged this administration. was
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that collusion between the trump campaign team and the russians it promises months of further investigations. from junior cool the latest revelations a big deal. but it is the press confirmed meeting between members of the trump in a circle and a russian national. the senate intelligence committee says it wants to speak to donald trump junior. for the president it's a reminder that not everything goes his way. gavin hewitt bbc news washington. and for more on the state of us russian relations of these revelations about donald trump junia come to light. my colleague candy canes spoke earlier with richard holmes. he's the president of the council on foreign relations an offer a wild in disarray. richard has how serious. is this latest. reporting that donald trump son had a meeting with the russian operative does it look bad for the president. well it looks bad and it opens up. the argument that they were interested in
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receiving material that they ought not to be have been interested in and receiving. but as i read the piece i didn't see any transfer of information. so it. i'm not sure actually how much substance legally eh it has butter reinforces the sense that people were. motivated to do things they ought not to have been motivated to do. does it account for the fact that this president has been reluctant to be hauled shown in russia and president putin to think. hehe i think that that's that's still a mystery for which we don't have an answer whether has something to do with that in there or the others as you know. there's been any for number of forms of a speculation all all i can say is. after a couple years mr trump is huh has staked out what you would call our. insistently benign or sanguine view. towards russian behavior i don't understand it on the merits so like a lot of other people i keep wondering whether. there's something that lies behind that and if so what. i guess the president would
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say that he just thinks that america could work with russia on various problems around the world. well conceivably we we might be able to. on the other hand. yeah i don't see why the two are mutually exclusive enough we can work with them on a select the problem. it doesn't mean we ignore the areas where we can't work together where we have real disagreement. and i wouldn't exaggerate the areas where we can work on i think mr putin's russia is all has defined itself in many ways. as a spoiler so i do not see them shall we shall be generous i'll be diplomatic here for second. i do not see them as a natural partner of the united states and in most situations. when you watch the g. twenty meetings. . president trump came back and said that they'd being a great meetings for america but it's clear isn't it from those meetings. and the trade agreement that was signed between the europeans and the japanese that if america retreats others will step in. up to a point absolutely right with his word to g. twenty meetings in many cases they were the g. nineteen meetings. united
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states is essentially taking himself out of certain important areas of consensus on trade on climate. on on refugee. issues and what you're seeing is saw others to some extent tried to step into the breach. and the other in certain areas they won't be able to the united states is not easily replaced. this is not a statement of hubris arrogance and simply a reflection of the scale the capacity the united states can can bring to bea. so this is likely to be. meciar world it's likely to be a world that has le less respect left less difference for for traditional america. interests richard haass thanks for joining. thank you. i was the president of the council on foreign relations richard haass speaking with my colleague cassie kay. and then he russia revelations they were speaking about commas lawmakers return to washington after that recess much for them tomorrow abou. you're watching bbc world news america still to come on tonight's program. planning an ancient trade
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routes into a twenty first century superhighway. the first of our reports on china's new silk road is just i had. a massive fire broke out of the nineteen camden market north london. it's taken seventy firefighters and ten fire engine several hours to get the blaze under control. the fire began in a building containing a number of businesses. there are no reports of any casualties on the cause of the fire is on nine. the market which has been based in the area since nineteen seventy four. has more than a thousand stores and shops. five major five to hit the tourist attraction in the last ten years. jane francis kelly reports now what's been happening at camden market. crews spent the morning dampening down while investigators continue to look into the cause of the fire. which broke out in a building beside the market hold. it's estimated about thirty to thirty five small
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businesses and stole holders have been affected. the fire brigade would cool shortly before midnight. ten fire engines in seventy firefighters attended the scene. the initial crews worked very hard in extremely. difficult conditions. to gain access and to prevent not far from spreading he was very aggressive fireflies in in the early stages. this is not the first time father has struck camden market in two thousand and eight a well nigh impossible long with six shops in nineteen market stalls across the road what will say damaged. camden market is the fourth most visited tourist attraction in london during an estimated twenty eight million people annually. it's also one of the busiest times of year. is right when they come naturally make some money. so the their livelihoods are set outside if gone. really we are waiting. and become going today definitely. but just so you want to go in and have a look.
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in our stock damage or not. despite the upset camden market which is a very thousand schools and shops that it's open for business as usual. will try to find alternative retail space for those affected jane francis kelly bbc news. he's one of the most beloved educators in the united states. bill nye known as the science guy has won nineteen emmys for his tv shows. i brings molecules and gray matter to the masses and he's not stopping that. early this year most prominent in the march for signs. thousands took to the streets here in washington dc. his new book is everything all at once. on the show and and not tap into radical curiosity and solve any problem. i spoke to bill nye and am. bill nye why is it so
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important for all of us tom lee shot in a nut. we want to think critically we want to be able to address problems in rational fashion. we want to use our heads. rather than just our instincts. we have a tremendous problems facing a humankind right now. when i was a kid there were three billion people in the world now there are seven and a quarter going on eight or nine billion people by twenty fifty. we have a lot of problems are going to solve and we got to think about it in a scientific way you write a lot in the book about climate change the big challenge facing us. how can we will unlock all in an ad and resolve this issue? well i would i tell everybody is you got a vote. but if we were talking about climate change. here in the states that we were talking about healthcare. we were talking about our. tribal or race issues here we'd be getting some done. we'd be addressing it so. the object of evidence.
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of climate change is overwhelming. so we want to get people to decide to do something about it you know we burn a lot of fossil fuels to make electricity. but we could be doing it here in the u. s. we did get all of our electricity from wind and solar energy a little bit of tidal energy a little bit a geo thermal energy and we could run the. whole place. we just decided to do it. now one of the ways that you also say we can resolve all issues like climate change is by not multi tasking as an inveterate multi tosca i feel a bit upset by this. tell us why you know to multi tasking and yes to no. okay so hang on. do you really multi task i try do you or do you do things in sequence i think i have a to do list. you have a to do list yes s. my claim is if you focus on one task at a time you'll be a little better at each tas. this is to say. many of us are able to for example operate a motor vehicle and listened. a game
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on the radio or a song on the radio we can do that. for it comes to designing a wind turbine is going to be more efficient than one's designed a hundred years ago that you have to kind of bear down a little bit. and when i was yeah they're multi tasking the really doing a sequence of tasks. now that's one big event which my eleven year old unlocking his radical curiosity that's the cider eclipse here in the united states. next month how excited are you about this. the total eclipse is gonna go right across the world's third most populous country. to wit the united states. from portland oregon to atlanta georgia just take a wide tip felt marker in on a map and you'll see the path of the eclipse. that really is extraordinary and keep in mind. that we know this is going to happen. within less than a foot within a fraction of a second. because of science. in ancient times i'm sure when people experienced a total solar eclipse illinois was gone. and understandably they wer.
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very concerned about the turning night time suddenly in the middle the day. it really is a cool thing if you can get out and under i. bill nye thank you so much for joining us thank you. they told us that of using your head and not relying on your to do list and speaking of radical thinking. china's leaders throughout history have always had grand ambitions. i got the great moral the forbidden city in beijing. that is a trillion dollar rile project called the new silk road. i caring the ancient trade routes that connect to the store last. china's leaders say it's a win win. critics say it's a power grab which could be costly for the country's in china's poff. and a series of reports this week on china i just take carrie gracie follows the route route from china to the uk. to assess what the new silk road might deliver. his have fast report. they call them the ships of the desert. for centuries the camel
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trains of the silk road dominated trade between china and the west. now china wants to recreate the silkroad. this time by trying. use your thoughts as you would lose out on started here thirty four years ago. china sold the world next to nothing. now he's a foot soldier first trading super. like you identify. i almost how that had changed him. look under your hunt body yanni more. yeah she is then not. his undock on we are under a lot of pressure she will you expectations a harlot. others also a lot of hope he will you. we need to train to develop foster a lot better. one farmer possibly. so you need yeah the pressure is coming from the top. should not lead by merchant. but by a president.
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chinese emperors once claimed to rule all under heaven. with the united states no longer leading on trade. presidency has ceased his chance. he calls his vision. belt and road. china's belt and road vision is somehow vox that may be decades before we can tell whether it's a worthy successor to. the ancient silk road. but what we can say is that with no other country offering a big idea right now. base. is the most ambitious spade. shape possum trade. already china shapes all material lives. he will market one of the biggest in the world. but selling abroad and building a home is no longer enough to keep this giant economy growing. now it plans to build a broad to. a win win for all says china it's a seven thousand two hundred. okay but when the talking
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was done chinese traders drive a hard bargain he lived with him for. killing for no friend. the world flying much more from them than the other way around because who is one. red tape can make importing a night match. the government can change a law or any sort. so there's no real concrete. no. it's a very gray area among. the government made it a little bit more clear. on how to. go about it would be crazy. but the new silkroad fees china solving china's problems. money and muscle heading west on a journey across three continents. bidding to redraw the map and come on the century. carrie gracie b. b. c. news on china's new silk road. she s. scam arab china's ambition i will have more often carry throughout the week. she follows the route of china's new cell
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corrosion. remember you can find much ronald a day's news atal website plus to see what we're working on any time make sure to check out our facebook page. i'm nora trevally and thanks for watching world news america. sins of a. funding of this presentation is made possible by. the freemen foundation. and coal fuller foundation pursuing solutions for america's neglected me. planning a vacation escape that's relaxing inviting. and exciting. is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families couples and friends
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