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days cooling trade. and the crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at a real* dot com. and now abc world news. stop rights previous is out the door after a very public spat the new communications director. on the international front health carafe eyes off it second intercontinental ballistic missile in a mont. the options are limited. there wasn't really a military solution to this problem because. millions could die from the hundreds of thousands would die but millions could. and for decades they've been voted the wild spirit about bus. now volunteers in canada are trying to save these horses before it's too late.
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welcome to world news america come on out tonight breaking news after the. a short time ago donald trump to a to a test saying. i'm pleased to inform you that i've just name general secretary john f. kelly as white house chief of staff. is a great american. he went on to say i would like to thank crying previous by his service and dedication to his country. we published a lot together and i'm proud of him. but just a short time ago we had this to say upon returning to washington. and. john kelly will do a fantastic job. general kelley has been a star. got any credible job does far respected by everybody. a great great. rapists.
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donald trump that. the soul comes after a very public spat between previous and the new communications director anthony scaramucci. the b. b. c.'s jon sopel joins me now with the latest soap joan cycle this was pretty much a chronicle of a political death foretold wasn't especially. since the new communications director came into office well i was saying this morning that i just couldn't see how they could be this co existence. between scaramucci who is freewheeling swashbuckling. speaks his mind i'm we know boy to be find out how he speaks his mind. that when he spoke to the new yorker magazine. and drawings previous who he was so abusive about there wasn't room in the white house full both of them. and i suppose you know. donald trump said rights was a good man it was so sweet i fell slightly damning with faint praise. in the assessment of him. i think. this. struggled to assert himself in that white house to bring order to bring discipline out to bring a chain of command if you lik. but i'm sure people will be
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looking to general kelly. to achieve that which hasn't been seen in the previous six months now whether donald trump. will change his style that's another question whether he'll be able to stop the leaks i'm sure is one of the things that donald trump. would want him to be able to do. it's kind of interesting that reasoning you would hardly say that anthony scaramucci who was appointed a week ago. and general kelly who was appointed just now. all cut from exactly the same cloth they seem to represent two. very different styles of doing business and you talk about the leaks that john president trump is obsessed with the russia investigation he seems to have blamed. runs previous for the leaks coming out of the white house anthony scaramucci basically blames previous parole the leaking. how does general kelly now impose this discipline on the white house when you have the free wheeling scaramucci who the president has encouraged me on television this week what well how many times have we said over the polished? eighteen months well maybe this will bring it changing their modus operandi i have
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total j. trump and every time we say well nothing's gonna bring. a change in the murders of ron ductal j. trumpy seventy one years old he does what he does and he isn't going to change. now maybe around the edges there will be a touch more discipline. but i suspect what you lose with rights previous is that it's almost like the establishment republicans who were in the white house. have now been purged you social spice ago last week who was part of the establishment you've seen rights previous go. today you've sold rights previous is deputy go a few months ago they seem to represent the old fashioned republican party and that way of doing things. now you've got people who eat military. or very wealthy and those are the two people were there that represented in the white house now. we're gonna see over the coming weeks and months whether it does bring a change to the way this white house operates and whether it brings a change. to the roster investigation but that investigation is already rolling there is a special counsel it's gonna be hard now to that just because you got a new chief of staff to say right we're gonna. stop the rush for
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investigation don't type of thank you for joining us. while from internal battles are home to a crisis bring on the international stage. today the pentagon confirmed that north korea has five outfit second intercontinental ballistic missile in less than a mont. it landed in the sea off the coast of japan. a brief time ago i spoke with former us defense secretary william kevin. is now bbc world affairs analyst about this latest missile which. secretary karen north korea test fires its second intercontinental ballistic missile in the space of a month. japan's prime minister says the international community must strengthen the prussia what's the us going to do. well the us would like to have the support of of china and russia but apparently they're not willing. to do what i think is necessary to bring the of the north koreans. to the table. by shutting down of their economic growth this is the ironic thing that. not withstanding the. sanction to date they've been growing economically that's because of the back door. or grey market in black
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market is being a played ou. so i think that the u. s. can only a go at secondary on a boycott secondary sanctions so. so that we hit the young. of the individuals on the banks who who are doing business. in a north korea we also go to the countries are elissa saying. don't do business any longer with sloan north korea or else they'll be repetitions of the united states that will help. will stop it i don't know. when yet when hearing us officials saying that time is running out for another minute tree solution but it's a appetite really fast for a minute free intervention given the u. s. allies next week there isn't really a military solution. to this problem because millions so could i strongly hundreds of thousands would die are difficult to do tha.
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willow putting at risk all of those who live in seoul truck. down the military option is not a great option is to be a defensive one if any at all. bought another offensive one to become. so north korea's second test shows what a dangerous place the world is when you look at the chaos and the dysfunction in the current white house is a former defense secretary. how's that impacting national security policy. well it won't ever actually affect the military because they are very disciplined they have a great secretary of the defense. who will not do anything of that would be reckless so to be sure? and he would just have to. get good to give good guidance so to the present for any military action. was taken. but i think it sends a signal. too many of our allies throughout the world have to slow white houses to. it's functional to say the least. but the kind of intramural of fighting is taking place is of its middle school.
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adolescent. throwing. bricks at each other well this is what. it's distressing to me is an american citizen to see what is taking place. said to a previously i think the president. is a tv of a tough guy. of that he. has made his reputation by saying you're fired and yet he's got people is an illustration of he doesn't like. what the job they're doing because one firefly meanwhile way herring that his secretary of state might quit but his national security adviser feels on the mind and if you ever seen anything like it ever seen anything like it and? i don't think the american people know that president trump has his core supporters. but they have to understand that what is being done to this country is were undermining the rule of law the reason that jeff sessions recused himself. because he can't investigate something that he was involved with that's fundamental that's undermining the rule of law the notion you're going to fire him fire hill of the successors fire. anyone the justice department far mola.
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of you you really of casting stones at the one thing that sets the united states. above. many others rule of law transparency openness democracy. and though i think other countries looking the saying this is so this is really kind of amateurish this is not of this is brought on primetime. and they're not ready for prime time that we're waiting for the president to act like a president. he insists on acting all the way they got elected not to go to his supporters of something that they find attractive. and to many people in the world is very disturbing and it appears to be reckless. secretary kind thank you for joining us. now to political turmoil in pakistan. the country's prime minister nawaz sharif has resigned after the supreme court disqualified him from office of a corruption allegations. this place leaks from the panama papers revealing mr shrieks children both expensive london apartments through offshore companies. allegedly enabling tax evasion or even money laundering. sure if it is family have denied any wrongdoing the b.
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b. c. secunda kamani reports now. dipping toensing go the walls go for over a year. and today he left. no one sumit resigned of. sounds high school disqualified him from offic. judges decided he'd not been honest in dealing with a corruption inquiry. but his opponents including cricketer turned leading politician imran khan. today's decision is an unprecedented victory for accountability. call me for the first time we are hopeful that we can also progress like other countries. a powerful man has been brought down by the authority of little. this is not a personal issue between me and i was sharing. it's about the future of pakistan. this case centers around for luxury flats in this building in mayfair. and it began when millions of secret documents from a law firm in panama. will leaked last year. they revealed that the flats
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were linked to a number of no y. su wreaths children. supreme court in pakistan has been trying to establish where the money to buy them came from. prime minister is due to is alleged to have tried to cover up her ownership of the flats. my email was had been seen as her father's successor. now they both face further enquiries by the national anti corruption body. she was defiant on twitter though. posting this picture of the prime minister promising he would return to power in next year's elections. no prime minister in buckets on has ever completed a full time in office. nawaz sharif himself was overthrown by a military coup in the nineties. some of his supporters claim but his own army is the driving force behind the current allegations. she reef timely and his allies and always denied any wrongdoing. we have history. of such disqualification than pakistan.
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and we have also seen that such disqualification that later. on i had together done dow. and get reversed. the ruling party will now have to nominate a new leader amongst the favorites is the prime minister's brother. come the chief minister of the province of punjab. but for the moment the country facing real uncertainty. secunda combined insignis. and for more on this time is joined a short time ago by hussein haqqani. he served as pakistan's ambassador to the united states and is now a senior fellow at the hudson institute. senator connie pakistan had seen a period of relative stability recently what happens now with the downfall of knowledge you read. and that would be a pdf instability more important up pakistan has an lvad and negative fade reaffirmed at the tradition. odd that no bucks funny prime minister ever leaves office as the result of an election. b. but i elected to office
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but they're either assassinated i'd removed from bob by the president. who normally used to be a civil servant? they knew spot in a coup d'etat. and now you're seeing the second prime minister being removed in a judicial coup. that doesn't mean mr shareef is not guilty all for corruption at but the fact remains that that is not something that the supreme court must determine. it should be determined in that trial court and this is not to tr. allies of nawa sharif implied today that the pakistani military too mad hatter handedness when what you think about all the box funny military is the most powerful institution in the country. at it drag and give up bought in two thousand and eight after jim showed a spaniard and. office at but that it it it it did so only on condition that it can reassert its influence. and i think that it is very clear that the military was behind this because first of all the supreme court takes up a case.
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it should actually go to a trial court second the supreme court creates it investigative team that includes members of the milligram intelligence that why should they be there. absolutely but but just to the point of what does this mean now for the next pakistani leader who is facing a rising insurgency from the pakistani taliban and indeed islamic state. that i think that the insurgency will be dealt with by the ministry on what to attend that wants to deal with that obviously the military wants to choose. the people that it considers attract a pox on security it still wants to maintain a rivalry with india s. boxed funds being gold. it does not want to go off to terrorist groups that operate on its behest at in afghanistan and so that selective ness will continu. no luxury for me with all his flaws have tried to implement a different foreign policy paradigm for box on befriending afghanistan befriending india. i don't think the box fun medically wants that.
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how about the trumpet ministration which have been looking pretty wherein they have naps pakistan wanting to see more evidence of a crackdown on militant groups what does this do to the relationship with washington it if indeed there is much? one that is much there isn't much of a relationship between islamabad in washington right now. up i think that the period of instability. who will be exploited by the pakistani military to try and reassure the trump administration that it can get things done because one of the things about president trump is? that he is not in favor of major big ideas of how to make the world run better he's all about what can be done quickly so that he can get credit. so they may be that temptation but that said i think us box on relations are in for a relatively rocky period. senate connie thank you for joining us. you're watching bbc world news america still to come on tonight's program. remembering one of the great battles of the great war. hundred years on we go back to hear about the three months of brutal fight.
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it's called mail ralph for seventy five years a network of ralph ways ran below the streets of london. is by the royal mail to sort the city's post it ran twenty two hours a day but the underground system was shut down suddenly in two thousand and three. now the male rail trains are back on track also deliveries but as a tourist attraction. the bbc's tim off as being on board. routes it's five hundred year history the royal mail's mission has remained pretty much unchanged to narrow down the chute. into the van. to honus technology of the day to deliver letters and parcels as quickly and accurately as possible. this new postal museum shows how deliveries have evolved. but the idea of the twentieth century the mail system in london placed two big problems heavy fold caused by smoke. billowing from germany's.
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a heavy truck. the officer leg below groun. in nineteen twenty seven this underground rail network. on the first of his two broadway twenty five thousand mail bags a day. traveled through six and a half miles of tunnels below crowded city paper. seventy five years unmanned trains shuttled mail between six sorting offices and two railway stations liverpool streets and paddington. but a squeeze but i guess it is a bit with leaders for less is not project. the service was stopped in two thousand and three but passengers will soon be able to ride specially adapted trains through the tunnels. soon to become a quirky visitor attraction for some male rail has been under appreciated. so it really is about. if you can really tell. i'm. i think if. what made it was in poland? the hole in the mast well
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ma'am i was about. tim moffett's bbc news seventy feet below london. this weekend marks one hundred years since the third battle of ypres i began will send known as the battle of passion dial. simon is will be held in the uk and belgium remembering more than four hundred and fifty thousand man killed or injured on both sides. three months of brutal fighting ended the allies have gained five miles of german territory. special correspondent alan little reports from flown does. each blowing season even know the earth here gives up munitions lost in nineteen the team. human remains to of men who disappeared a century ago. just a meter beneath this photo topsoil that lies hidden a substrata of dense clay. through which water
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doesn't drain. passion taylor's infiniband is great yeah. we called it the slaughter house. they've the most seasoned veteran. philly be lucky if they got that and came back. if you wounded mister papa doc boggs. just sank into the month. other than that but they do in every pools. following the decomposed bodies of. humans mirrors. the point was to break through and capture the belgian channel ports to stop german u. boat attacks. but like the battle of the somme a year earlier the breakthrough never came. the iconic images of the battle that didn't moonscape the water filled crater as. they died and held a cold passion. has really sunk deep into a memory of the war. but it's not a rerun of the song. mistakes are made. some incorrect approach is taken.
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but overall the british army give a much better account of. and i think crucially. . they do real lasting damage to the german army. their passion bill village there's a research center it collects the words the fighting men wrote to their families oppose. this is a letter from richard harding dated the thirtieth of september nineteen seventeen my dear mother. just a line to let you know that i am quite well. and nine days later he was killed in the battle. one from private john fielding my dear sister just a few lines to let you know that i'm still living. and this one from an officer in the park. i'm sorry to tell you that major moore house has been killed. and died in my arms we just brought his son in mortally wounded his son was a captain in the same regiment. on the major expressed his determination to go back and fetch a doctor. some. though a bosch machine gun was sniping and very deadly
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mina. i tried to dissuade him. so this major moorhouse was killed. trying to find a doctor to help his. dying sun. the public at home at a very distorted sense of what was happening at passion dale. most of the newspaper reporting was highly partisan i'm full of patriotic propaganda. in our own post truth age that has renewed residence sci fi's once more thank you everyone here actors rehearse a play that will tour the country this autum. very good it's cooled the want his times. for is what the belgians collectors. the white house times was a satirical monthly newspaper produced by men in the trenches not appointment and sometimes highly areas counter blast. to the sanitized accounts of the national papers. the edition the walkers times really hated the journalists who came out to cover the war because they felt they were telling lies. and they felt the people high we're not being told the truth about the war. and
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they were furious. that unite this rubbish was being. circulated and the other thing is is they were very keen on. . pricking the bubble of what they would have not called fake news but obviously walls of baton. just propaganda renault since written by people along by way who didn't know what they were talking about. of the twelve thousand men buried here tying cult three quarters are unidentified. a further thirty five thousand unnamed on the memorial bull. that bodies were never recovered lost to the mud that gave this battle it's special horror. a little bbc news that passion to. for more than a century horses known as while these have roam free in alberta canada. but the numbers on the eastern slopes of the rocky mountains been dwindling. natural predators and calls to stop them harming the grassland of faxes. today less than eight hundred while these remaining now team of volunteers is taking a new approach to save them.
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uhhuh one only has to go out there and watch a herd role in the hell's. just to really get a sense of what it used to be like in this country. if we lost albert awhile i think we'd be listener big part of that spirit of alberta. mmhm i. . mary just shy considered feral stray. nobody cared about and. . nobody wanted any and to do with them and so they were rounded up they were killed they were just basically used. in a wild horse herds when the live closer to the. about private land in the force reserve boundary the young boys get kicked out of the herds and may may start roman i'm by themselves and maybe join up with a couple other. young bachelors. mostly boys that we have in the barn right now. that's what have. they got on the private land that trying to get close to find a girlfriend or something like that. the contraceptive is administered via a dark
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sweatsuit disposable dark and we use them and dan inject rifle. it is a true contraceptive it's not as sterilization. the mayor will get bread. she will have normal behavior but she just won't conceive. i didn't start with horses there about ten years ago. my daughter got a horse. and she went off to college so guess who ended up with the horse. justice meet every day there's something you learn and can teach them to. i gordimer words and i'm on my horse or i'm just see in my vehicle i still get really excited. heart jess off just warms me up inside and i just the more people i can bring out there to show them. more people like him telemovies wild horses. the horse is only half i'm just gonna try to do my best for them. the canadian while these remember you can find more on all the day's news at home websites including the latest on our breaking news this half. price previous is out as white house chief of
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staff replaced by general john kelly the current head of homeland. curious. on your trip and thanks for watching world news america have a great weekend . since i've been. funding of this presentation is. double by. the freemen foundation. and coal fuller foundation. assuming solutions for america's nick. planning a vacation escape that's relaxing inviting. and exciting. is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families couples and friends
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can all find their escape on the island with warm sunny days cooling trade. and the crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at a real* dot com. bbc world news was presented by casey team loss and
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captioning sponsored by newshour productions, llc >> woodruff: good evening. i'm judy woodruff. on the newshour tonight: a white house shakeup at the highest level. president trump picks secretary of homeland security john kelly as his new chief of staff, replacing reince priebus. then: >> this is, you know, clearly a disappointing moment. >> woodruff: a dramatic defeat: the u.s. senate fails to pass health care reform in an overnight vote, dealing a painful blow to president trump and the republican party. and, it's friday. mark shields and david brooks weigh in on all these developments, capping yet another tumultuous week for the trump administration. then, detroit's violent past put to paint. how the deadly 1967 riots inspire a new generation of artists in the


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