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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  March 5, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at >> and now, "b world news." laura: this is "bbc world news america." reporting from washington, i am laura trevelyan. moscow convict him of spying on russia for the u.k. now he is critically ill after a suspected poisoning in england. we will have the latest on this unfolding stor e last, an aid convoy delivers supplies to thostrapped in eastern ghouta, but the shelling hasot stopped, and syrian forces could be close to their goal. >> i win -- and at the moment, that is the way it appears to be -- president assad will have scored a significant victory, because for the first time since the war started, he will have secured the capital. laura: going home with oscar gold -- the movies with
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something to celebrate afters hollywood'biggest night. viewers onome to our public television in america and around the globe. tonight we start with the story of a russian convicted in moscow of the spying for britain, now in critical condition. could this be another case of a critic of vladimir putin found poisoned on british il? sergei skripal and a young woman were found unconscious on the hebench inity of salisbury. please in protective gear have been decontaminating the street. the hospital where the two are being treated is declared a major incident
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tom symonds reports. tom: last night what happened in lte center of salisbury re in teams wearing fl protective suits decontaminating the streets. eyewitnesses said the pair had been sitting on a bench, cered on a police time when it became clear something was wrong. re>> tas a couple -- an older guy and a younger girl. it looked like she passed out, maybe. he was doing some strange hand movements, looking up to the sky. i felt anxious, like i should step in. to be honest, they looked so out of it that i wasn't sure how i could hel they were taken a hospital, and teams with hazardous material suits called in to make the area say. both victims are in critical condition at salisbury district hospital. sergei skripal is russian.
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he i66 years old. he was arrested by russian secret service officers in 2004, accused of handing over state secrets to mi6. in 2006, he was convicted of by military court in moscow of but in 2010, he was pardoned by the russian authorities and came to this country in return for the release of 10 spies from the u.s. police who were at his home in cell is very -- salisbury say they are keeping anpen my. >> we have resources to unngrstand what they are fee at this time. the focus of this moment is trying top s what caused these people to become critically ill, and we are working wither partnon his sinuses. tom: they would not discuss the targetedty he w because of his past. if so, there are many unanswered questions.
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why did it happen in the cenr of cell is very -- salisbury in such a public area? why, and why now? tonight, sections of the city , whileremain closed off a few miles away, two people are lives infor their hospital. tom symonds, bbc news. laura: a mysterious story unfolding in the u.k. president trump is continuing to defend his new tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum, er talk all a possible trade war. the european union will discuss raisin imports in retaliation, and countries like canada and south rea, which export steel to the u.s., are watching the situion closely. at the white house today, the president explained his decision, dismissing the suggestion it would cause a trade war. trump:nt
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people have to understand what our country on trade has been ripped off by every country in the worlfrom whether it is friend or enemy. china, russia. ke people that we think are wonderful -- the european union. we can't do business they have trade barriers that are worse than tariffs. laura:t i was joined a shme ago by greg ip of "the wall street journal." the president is saying he doesn't want a trade war, but can one really be avoid if he follows through? greg: you don't get a trade war like a shooting war where bombs were dropped. it is more like a border dispute that is almost like a permanent state of conflict. once the u.s. imposes tariffs, and the ropean union retaliates, and the united states retaliates upon retaliation, iis for all intents and purposes a trade war. i think at this point we still have enough detail specifically on what the president wants to do to know what happens next.
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for example, on the weekend his aides saidhere would be no emptions. but there is still the hope and the possibility that the united states will exempt some countries from the tariffs when they are actually laura: is it pe that the president modifies his position with some exemptions, especially in the face of growing opposition leaders within his -- opposition from leaders within his own party? greg: it is quite possible. members of his administration eo are more free traders trying to push in that direction. today the president tweeted said there would be no relief from tariffs for canada and mexico on -- unless they renegotiated nafta. in some sense that is an opening betuse he says if they can the deal renegotiated, that creates room for exemption for those countries. laura: tonight ministers from nada and mexico said there shouldn't be a linkage between renegotiating nafta and the tariffs. they see it separately. greg: and they are in fact separate issues. alit creates a psycholog linkage in the sense that it
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raises the stakes if they fail' but it doesn' change the fact on the ground, which is that neither the canadians nor mexicansagan agree to an ement that leaves them less -- worse off than no agreement at all. d ura: on the campaign trail mr. trump said he wootect steelworkers from the chinese dumping steel. but these mostly affect canada, mexico, and u.s. allies, not really cna. greg: well, the theory is that even though the imports are not coming from china direct, chinese exports to the rest of thworld are floating world flooding world markets and those other countries are in turn dumping their product cheaply in the united states. even though china is notic specly targeted, the consequences of china's actions in only be dealt with that way. when all is said and done, when you add up the damage to american families whose inputs have gon up, and there are many who rely on imported steel, and the consequences of retaliation to come, this could be a net loss for the u.seconomy. laura: the head of the world trade organization said they
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must prevent the falls of the e first dominoes in the trr. there is clearly anxiety there. greg: there is. the united states helped create the world trade organization, but one of the problems is that the unit states is not turning to the world trade organization to solve these problems. the previous administration brought a case against china about aluminum at the wto. united states is not following up fully on that case. now, in order to give the trump team some credit, the wto takes a very long time to solve these problems. if you're in the steel and aluminum industry, you are tired of waiting. laura: thank you for joining us. greg: a right, always a pleasure. laura: an aid convoy were delivered supplies to trapped in eastern ghouta for the first time in syria today. it was forced to cut the mission short as shelling began.ns dof people are reported to have been killed today. our middle east editor jeremy bowen was there as the convoyof set into easter ghouta.
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he sen this report. jeremy: 46 lorries move through some of the most dangerous territory around damascus to ges to etern ghouta. the syrians refuse to let them take in 70% of the surgical and trauma kits, but they carry food and medical supplies people.,500 it was a start. >> we need to be sending convoyt at lhree times a week to besieged areas of eastern ghouta, where there are serious shortages of medical equivalent, supplies, food, nutrition for moe people trapped inside. jeremy: the lorrie through the final syrian army checkpoint on the edge of etern ghouta. the fact that this convoy's moving at all is a st n of presidensad's confidence. syan armed forces are goin ahead into eastern ghouta that wan of course with the russ allies, and if they win -- at
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the moment, that is the way it apadars to be -- president a will have scored a very significant victory, because for the first time since the war started, he wi have secured his capital. the enclave has been controlled by islamist militias since 2012. some militias are negotiated, --ia negotng, and there is talk of a deal, but not yet. the syrian army says it is fighting terrorists in eastern ghouta, who fired hundredsf mortars into damascus this year, killing many civilians. leeven so, damascus a few away has suffered much less destruction and death than eastern ghouta. but i found in a small basement flat, statistics don't matter whenrn attack has changed you family's life forever.
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everyone in this fily was wounded by a mortar 10 days ago. they were out together picking up the children from school when the mortar hit. he lost three toes. his wife has a serious leg wound. a 12-year-old had her foot blown off. i asked them what they would say w the man who fired. >> i would tell hin you fire the mortar at innocent eople, imagine if these w your kids. would you want this to happen to your kids? their blood is on your hands, until judgment day. >> i would tl him that he is an evil coward. if you wasn't a coward, he would not fire on us
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jeremy: president bashar al-assad is the strongest he has been since the war started. s s the west is lying about the humanitarian crisis in eastern inside the sge, heavy shelling and airstrikes continue throughout the day. a ite helmets civil defens rescue team was caught up in the attack into this came the aid convoy. carrying a limited amount of relief for a place the un's secretary-general calls hell on run out of time, leaving before they could unload all the trucks, because of more shelling.
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eastern ghouta's undergroundn clinics haveworking at full stretch for weeks. more casualties were coming in, and for one doctor, it was almost nonstop. this was filmed for the bbc. the syrian government won't allow us into eastern ghouta. the doctor doesn't flinch anymore when shells come in. 't think the convoy would change anything. [indiscernible] jeremy: people live close together in eastern ghouta. there is nowhere to hide, and plenty of places to the grown-ups' war is bending
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and breaking another generation. jeremy bowen, bbc news, damascus. laura: the agony within syria. two antiestablishment political leaders sathey should govern italy after an inconclusive general election result yesterday. the eurosceptic five-star through the.movement forming a government is likely to take weeks of negotiations and coalition building. here is our europe editor adtya r. luigi di maio's populist party has turned italian politics on its he. now he cannot up on stag without getting crushed. the press are hung for him. before the election, l di maio and the five-star movement
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were dismissed by the italian establishment as naïve populists. now he is the man and they are the party of the moment. looking like he couldn't quite believe what jt happened, the 31-year-old declared a new italian republic of the people, for the people. five star's leaders have holed -- thisis room hotel, rome hotel, planning their next move. are they really ready to govern? >> this is a revolution. italians understood the couldn't trust the old politicians. katya: five star hasn't won an absolute majority. look at this map. italy is divided. five star's support is in the soh, highlighted in orange while a group of right-wing parties dominate the north.
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led now by thiman, another italian populist, but the some -- this time of the anti-immigration eurosceptic kind. >> in brussels, some people are worried. they are wrong.wi ,italian vote the people of europe have taken a step towards liberation from rules and regulations that bring about poverty and insecurity katya: now the political horse trading begins. it will be weeks before it times ic-- before italians know politicians make it into government and whether they keep their promises. laura: you are watching "bbc world news america." still to come on tonight's program, will chines president xi jinping rule for life? how a vote to alish term limits could pave the way for indefinite rule. for the first time since the enf he vietnam war, the united states has sent in a craft
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carrier to the country. the u.s. navy says that the visit symbolizes growing military ties between vietnam and america. our southeast asia correspondent jonathan head told us tha while this is described as a routine call, the important between 2 countries that were at war back in the of whatand this visit symbolizes military power is now seen as a peaceful move. jonathan: to have history and geopolitics today, but you see the guided missile from one of theor e of the uss cole vincent. the aircraft carrier is too to come into dock here. in the south china sea behind me, that is significant. da nang is rare vietnam makes its cringe islands in the south chinaea. that is today's geopolitics.
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vietnam has sought american toengagement in this regio counteract china, although it has a difficult game to play with its neighbor for a very long time. the presence of this carrier, the most p that the u.s. can project overseas, is a powerful civil of its support for vietnam. think about da ng. 50 years ago almost to the day was the first time u.s., troops landed on a beach just few kilometers from here. the friendship between the countries is remarkable when you destructive the w was and how many lives were lost. pastsides of put that behind him and there are good reasons for them to build what is increasingly a warmer military relationship. it is ex the military's together bring a message as far as the u.s. is concerned of an ship -- ship, cooperation, and
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partnership-building. leaderchina's powerful xi jinping could have a chance to rule indefinitely. the national people's congress willr consie proposal to abolish presidential term limits, which will give him a mandate for life. while the idea was welcomed at today's meeting, those opposed have been forced out of beijingt duri gathering, as john sudworth reports. john: as the delegates arrived,m there was noistaking it, a sense of something momentuous. should xi jiing rule for life, i asked. "of course," they answer. "he is a man of the people. he loves the people." inside the hall, he is given a standing ovation. the votes to abolish the
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le takes limit on his place next week, but there's no doubting it will be passed. the constitutional change will strengthen china's leadership in government, this senior leaderce anno -- leadership and governance, this senior leader announces. who would dare to object? it is grim news, of course, for china's few remaining democracy campaigners. this activist is already forced to leave his beijing home during ev.y people's congress >> i cannot stay. they do nowant me to talk to people like you, the so-called foreign anti-china forces. jo: "time to go," the police tell him. these are the people coming to take you away? they are political policemen, he
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tells then he is driven away. he will be allowed to return after the parliamentary session is over. the speeches inside the great hall of the people are always about progress and reform. but politically, china appears to be going backwards. e disaster of its last experiment with unlimited, indefinite rule is precisely why the term limits were introduced in theirst place. china's most snificant political shift in decades is fraught with risk. while the party plays along, all public discussion is being heavily censored. john sudworth, bbc news, beijing. laura: hollywood's biggest night , filled with glitz andbe glamo,
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me a platform to address the film industry's biggest issues. in la last night, the "me too"nd movementreakthroughs and diversity were prominent themes, and "the shape of water" marked the academy awards. will gompertz was there. will: the night began with host jimmy kimmel iin his monologue to round up the elephants in the room. jimmy: "black panther" and "wonder woman" are major hits, and i remember a time when 'e studios d't believe a minority or woman could open a superhero movie, and the reason i remember is it was march of last year. 90l: in the year of the 'ademy awards, it was tims up moviee male-dominated industry. the winner of best actress in a leing role -- >> frances mcdormand. fraes: i'm hyperventilating a
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little bit. if i fall, pick me up, because i've got some thi say. if i may be so honored to have althe female nominees in every category stand with me in this room tonight. meryl, if you do it, everybody else will. on. the film makers -- look around, dierybody, look around, la and gentlemen, because we all have stories to tell and projects we need financed. and: the calls for equality tolerance were made time and again, and was best captured by d.l. modoc voro - gullermo del toro, whose film "the shape of water" won best picture. o: i am an immigrant, and the best thing our industry lines. the --erase >>ki roger dea. will: there were long-awaited wins for british veterans.
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deakins13 at ti roger got a golden statue for his work on "blade runner 2049." his portrayal of winston churchill, gary oldman got his first oscar. gary: i say to myu other, thank r your love and support. "the silent child," a british film about a deaf four-year-old, won the short film category. >> i made a promise to our the doctors that i would sign the speech. inl: maisie, who is deaf real outcome had friends and family watching the ceremony nearby when the announcement was made. >> "the silent child." >> i don't know what to say.
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laura: change comes to the oscars. i am laura trevelyan. thank you so much for watching "bbc world news america." >> with the bbc news app, our vertical videos are designed to work around yo lifestyle, so you can swipe your way through the news of the day and stay up to date wiad the latest lines you can trust. download now from selected app stores. >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, and kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america' neglected needs.nn >> pg a vacation escape that is relaxing, inviting, and exciting is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families, couples, and friends can all find their escape on the island with warm, sunny days,wi cooling trads, and the crystal blue caribbean sea.s nonstop flige available
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from most major airports. more information for y vacation planning is available at >> "bbworld news" was presented by kcet, los angeles.
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captioning sponsored by cnewshour productions, ll >> brangham: good evening, i'm william brangham. judy woodruff is away. on the newshour tonight, a dream deffered-- a deadline comes ando , leaving uncertainty for the fate of hundreds of thousands of immigrants. and republican leaders break with the president on trade. then, west virginia's pu school teachers are on strike for the eighth day after legislators fail to meet their r mands. plus, working fobrighter future-- how a garment factory in el salvador is using education to empower those who are often left behind. >> i saw the american dream where lower and middle class kids can work and study at night in community colleges. for me that is a good way to give the american dream right here in el salvador. >> brangham: all that and more on tonight's pbs newshour.


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