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what president trump's visit to san diego and a conceessional ran pennsylvania m california. the police chief for oaklano sc says arming teachers will not make schools safer. >> iwas irresponsible, it was a ridiculous comment made by plus, the students in alameda sound off why they walked out of school this week. >> the >> hello and welcome to "kqed newsroom." i'm thuy vu. wen begin with a wild week politics. on tuesday, president trump made to california t since taking office. toured ther and examined wall prototypes. tr
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immigration enforcement resigned in the wake of a bay area raid. james schwab said heidn't want to spread falsehoods. and robert mueller issued subpoenas to the trump organization, after republicans saihey found no evidence of collusion with russia in the election. and a narrow victory in a pennsylvania election lessons fokey california races and to discuss all of this, i'm erined by san francisco chronical repo joy garafol welcome to all of you.nn given all that's happened this week from the mueller subpoena to trump's visitto the california border, and let's not forget rex tillerson's firing, how would you sum up this week for the trump administration? >> welcome to the trump white house where every week feels
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like three months. this is a remarkable amount ofa vity. to a certain degree, though, this is exactly the kind ofd cadence exactly the white resident trump wants. i think he thrives on some element of aos, particularly around him, talk about his inner circle. you know,let's not forget that he brings the atrpprentethos to shington. d whether he was talking about immigration while in california, being more aggressiven drug dealers, that's something he talked about this week as well. a lot of these are the themes he wans when he's talking to the republican base, the base he perceives he needs to have a republican majority return to the house and senate in november and to be re-elected in 2020. i border this week when trump visited with hundreds of his supporters. i have to say you're right on.t se folks were right behind him on all of these issues.
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the fact that it's looking more like "survivor" at the white house is not t botherim at all. >> the supporters who came out, were they californians? >> as far away as chicago. the base is there with him. the idea of a border is aery big deal to them. this issue with the i.c.e. raids is a very deal to them. most of them did not care a bit about the russian story or the stormy daniels' story. theedia has gone on about it a lot. so that visit worked with his base. it also fired up democrats all across california, as well. >> a he wenter jerry brown, oakland may yoor. >> which they loved. gavin newsom started fund raisiur within hafter being
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called out by sessions. this was an appeal t the base, but as we saw in pennsylvania, the base may not be enough. the president did lose that race in western pennsylvania, a district that he had -- was up y 22 points in the election. and those are his base vots, the democrats won that seat. that's a warning for so he's appealing to the base, but he has toroaden his appeal if he hopes to be re-elected. >> let's ta about conor lamb, the democrat who won in pennsylvania. it a runoff, or t point, is thi huhe him it hurt counts with the base? >> i think it's both. conor lamb did run as a very conservative democrat. >> republican light. >> how many democratks you imagine with a picture with an
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ar-15. and you had a republican can date who wasanti-union in a district that was very pro union. so there areeons to believe this is particularized. but you do have a lot of energy in the democrat base. the republican base is still angry over the failure to repeal obamacare last year. that still continues to be a factor. i think it's one the one hand you shouldn't be think thing is what we're november. in on the other hand, there are trends here worrisome to publicans. >> and this was no democratic primary there. we're seeing in the senate race in california, feinstein being t challenged fr left. these primaries in california some worrisome to democratshere, because in some of these races that looked fto e eas them to pick off, they'veissa down there, got half a dozen democrats now vying for these seats, and it's very possible that two republicans are going to end up
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in the -- winning in the primary as a result. demoats areeally wd about this. >> the chairman of the party is y saying we have an overpopulation party. please get out of he's asking democrats to leave. those orange county seats aren't as conservative -- or aren't as swing as we might think they are. those are voters who vote in state ballot measures f conservative side of things. so democrats, those are not in the bag. m have been a blessing to republicans that those republicans left, becauseo hey gotve stronger candidates come in. >> so what is the lesson then from pennsylvania from california? you have an overcrowded democratic field for a lot of these congressional seats. you know, california is hoping to use this stat to help it with -- take over the house in e ber. you have an overcrowded democratic field. what should democrats ned to do in california with their
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messaging? i think the lesson i pennsylvania was, have candidates thatlook like your correct. you can't -- if you start lking about single payer health care stern pennsylvania, you'll g at as a socialist. but conor lamb looked like the district. so the lesson for some of t conservative districts, have someone who looks like the correct. >> is devin nunes' seat, you have a formerfo prosecutor u that seat. it looked like there's no way you could take out devin nunes. but it's a republican leaning district, but now the candidate, the democrat, is saying it's going to be possible. ifr comb could do it in a district so strongly republican, a lot of democrats are saying here that hope >> i think the challenge, hthough, is there are divisions within the democratic party electorate, as well.
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maybe you see more of that in california, some of these candidates are getting pulled to the lst. you may have a candidate that ends up being a little too progressive f a district like california39, which is ed royce's seat. by and large, it may be less progressive people ythink. end up with a candidate who is trying to out-left the other candidate, youreneral ection democrat, if there is one, may be too far to the left to beredible come november. so that's a big concern for democrats. >> speaking of the lea, i to move on to immigration real i ly. we have the first undocumented immigrant appointed to a statewide post on c ammission that will help advise on college assets. >> that's a hugemarker, and really fired up a lot of people on the right. she's a very credible attorney, someone who did not qualify for daause she went back to mexico. but she's been appointed to help
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undocumented immigrants get into college in california. of course, that's beingeered by the left, and being vilified by the right. ryet anotherlly divisive immigration issue that comes right home to california. >> and the raise that has been happening,let's take a look at the bigger picture. now you have a number of central valley farmers who once supported trump are sounding the alarmes saying raises are hurting our farm worker opulation here in california. >> and there's already a shortage farm lady. this wil drive people underground, and then on thel politiside, it will increase the urgency for latinos to vote. >> this is a issue where president trump, if he really wanted to come out d forge bipartisan consensus, there is a pathway to do that. so far, unfortunately, the administration attended to adopt some of that rhetoric, and some of the positioning on this issue
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that will make a comprise fficult. if the president wanted to do it, i tnk he would uniquelybe able to do it. >> there was a case this week it the cal valley where a couple, farm workers looking for work, in an suv, were to be pulled over by c.e. the car crashed after a chase. the six ki are now orphaned. i think this kind of cas is getting attention, the fact that 23 farm workers last yeeweek wr brought in by i.c.e. and senator feinstein protested and said why are we going after farm workers? as you said, the benefit some of the elected officials who stoodp to them, like libby schaaf. this stuffs been gold to her. >> there's two people that could help bridge a come pro-miszproc.
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that's kevin marthy nune they've been waiting years to take stand, and to find that compromise that could appease conservatives. done it. >> all right. much what a it started mony and kept [ laughter ] all nk you all. one month after 17 people were killed at stoneman dchugla highol in florida, tens of thousands of students across the co otry walked of school wednesday to send a message. they said they wereprotesting the inaction of congress on gun violence. president trumpreversed himself on several gun control and is advocating that teachers be armed in classrooms. joinin me now to discuss this
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are san francisco chronicle education reporter jl tucker. oakland unified school district's police chief jeff godal. and pittsburgh high school teacher peter. thank you for joi us today. chief, you lead a unit of 20 sworn police officers, another 100 school security officers who are not armed. whatres your ction to the suggestion that teachers be armed? >> my initial reacti to the president's statement was that it was ariculous comment made by the president. he has no experience in s fety inschools. i know he's developing a blue ribbon panel ofeeople that h ex system. it was irresponsible. there is not a positive aspect of arming teachers i can come up with, and i talked to many teachers that say the same ing. teamer ers teachers are there to teach and prevent violence. that's what i'm paid to do. >> what are your biggest concern it is teachers havguns?
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>> what is the teacher now responsible to do? are theytresponsible to a student a long-range rifle such as florida? are theyt supposed to a robbery in front of a school? are they now responsible for policing the school such as myu people wbe responsible for? i mean, really what is the reason why they're carrying gun and what are their responsibilities? it's fraught with problems and training, and where they're going to carry the gun. as a student, how am i going to feel if i know a teacher is carrying a gun. what kind of school environment, does that make me feel safer? i don't see any positive aspects of it. people he midwest, i'm sure you'll find people that think it's the righhing to do. sc peter, you're a teacher at pittsburgh highol. what do you think about what he just said abouten that stteacher teachers are armed? >> well, i want toay i 100%
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agree that it's a terrible idea to haveeachers armed. what i was thinking about is that what makes an effective teacher is that they establish a relationship with their students. and that relationship involves rust, openness, it involves students feeling like they're comfortable to share anything i. the moment you have somebody with a gun, it students will feel -- i believe that many students will really feel threatened or scared. and it just not be the same kind of environmt. and i really feel like the education of students is going to be muchiworse. on't see it as being a good solution at all. >> and teachingn many districts is already a very stressful job. >> yeah, you can say i make this joke with my students, but honestly,here te high strung already, and it is job.ncredibly stressful i truly believe you'll have more
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instances of teachers l cing thel and you're going to have classroom tragedies because a teacher just, you know, some kid just pushed him or her to the limit and you'll have accidents and you'll have situations. and i believe moreeople will be hurt that way than any -- stopping a mass shooting for example. >> there's a new poll that just came out today on this. >> in general, teachers oppose having other teachers armed. the gallup poll todaywith 73% of teachers oppose the idea. 58% said they would feel less safe. 18% said they would be willing . and that's out of teachers -- a quarter of teachers, of the 3.2 million teachers nation wide, give or take half own guns. many are gun owners. but poll after poll after poll agree with peter here, saying we
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don't want our fellow teachers armed. >> and yet it is -- althoh 's illegal in california, it is legal in at least 14 other states whe teachers can be armed. texas, missouri, ohio, indiana, florida following theparkland shooting. a lot of these states made these changes after the sandy hook shooting. after happened in florida, do you seehe momentum picking up for teachers to be armed in on er states across the nat is >> certainly i think communities ins general in stare talking about it. is this something thatwo they ld want? where we've seen it in the past in idaho where you see it, it's in some rurale areas the local communities have said we want this because the sheriff is 45 minutes away. in arizona and other states, you can -- teachers can be arme but they have to get permission from their local school board. this is largely a discussion
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happening in local communities. not in california, certainly not the bay area. but there's a lot of folks talking about this at their heocal school boards and communities >> and the argument forearming teachers from the nra and from president trump is that thisld coe a deterrent based on what you see out there, with ur officers, would it be a deterrent? would it be effectiv stopping a determined shooter? >> i'm glad you answered the questio -- the question, becaus. we get confused between school safety andwhat happened in florida. the everyday schools in california and oakland and i'm sure in otherreas are very safe. kids go to school, we might recover a handry gun evnce in a while, but for the most part, schools are safe. in our district, as well as most districts in california. thisn gentle came in with a high powellered rifle, o the
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police officer stationed in florida didn't stop him. office, kid came into my it would be hard pressed for us to stop him. nowou expect one teacher to stop somebody with a high powered weapon? it's ridiculousto consider that. the reason that 18% of the teachers are willing to do that, because they' willing to take care of their kids. they mightnd notstand the responsibility of what that will involve, butt i'm rprised tea because they want to keep their kids safe. but it's not going to work. and the officers show up on scene, how will i know which teacher is which? now i have a civilian with a hand gun h and ive other people. i don't see a simple solution, nor do i see it positive in any way. >> i was going to say, in talking toov kids the last few weeks, i spent a lot oftime talking to young people, one
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thing that struck me when talking about their teachers being armed, they said, do youn th teacher is going to shoot one of their students when they walk in with gun? how do you expect them to look them in the eye and shoot them? it was dprgripping when they th aboing their teachers being armed. ttsy feel other stud could easily get ahold of that gun. >> t that's the othng we haven't brought up yet. what is the likelihood an accident will happen if >> we saw that happen this week. >> this teacher was a reserve police officer. you have to think this is somebody who would be the most qualified for this kind of thing. and what happened? a gun goes off in his classroom. >> during a lecture about gun safety. incredible ic and this happened. but it's a perfect example of another reason why this is such
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a terrible idea. >> i thi, chief, they -- what they say the statistics is that even trained officers who train all the time don't hit their rg t you know, 75% of the time. harsh reality is every one of these shootings that occurred, a suspectat comes w wants to pump as many rounds down range as he can. he knows as soon as he pulls the trigger, 911 wi be called and he has between five to eight minutes to cau as much damage as can the calvary arrives, and they're going to eithercicommit s or killed by the police. officer in flori hard time go into that building, for whatever reason, which he is supposed to. now a teacherill have to do that job instead? i can't imagine being intithat po and i can't imagine where the teachers will ask for more money to do this job.
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>> this is ver i'm actually really quite offended thahe president proposed budget cuts to the department of education. and yet all of a sudden now there's money, he's going to buy guns and blets forteachers, provide training for teachers. he said we should offer a bonus if teachers are willing to do that. i wld like to say how about money for books, technology, smaer class sizes. health care for kfy
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walkout to memorialize the lives of the students from parkland, florida, and to take a stand. >> to parkland, florida, it's a date never to be forgotten. >> when a i found outout the shooting in parkland, i was at school and not the notification on my phone. i w devastated, be thought, another one? how does this keep happening? for me, it's especially close to home, because i'm a high school >> can you guys help us really quick? >> these are the names of the victims,okay? >> we're not just skipping class
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or becoming reckless teams. >> marjory stoneman douglas, 17 lives were taken. we cannot tolerate 17 lives anken at the hands of a gun. wet tolerate gridlock in congress to tell us how to react to these situations. >> we want change! >> if i can say one thing to members of congress, i would say at there's blood on your hand it is you're not doing anything to prevent gun i violen this country. >> let today be a step towards the change tomorrow. a change for the better. do not forget the lives that have been lost. and rember the reasons you walked today, because you are the change. >> we have about 300 coming up from alameda high school. they're moving quickly. >> save our kids! stop the bullets. >> we've grown up with this mass violence. we know about it from social media, and we're really feeling this. every there's a fire alarm
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that goes off, students worry there might be a school shooter on campus. >> hey,hey, ho, ho -- >> we're fed up.h enoug is enough. there's so many amazing student leaders around the country who are saying that and rallying students we are now at washington park, we just marched down from some other schools. we're here with alameda high an> parents arein bury their damn and saying theirl ast good boois. >> i'm proud to see how many students are out here, braving the rain, it's gross and wet, but they're out here being involved, being proud of what they believe in, andnk i thi that's something to >> i 17, and i go to high school. today, i decided to speak because i'm the victim of gun violence and i would like to chair myy. st
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someone who i'm close to threatened my life with gun. and someone i'm also very close to, they survived a mass shting. >> thank you for >> support the student's voice thetanding up for what believe, and affecting positive change in this world. i also know that this is just an unacceptable reality that we live in. somebody, some day, may come to our school and shoot our children while they're in our care. and it's just got to stop. >> due to all the school shootings going on, high scol student s like us are forced practice active shooter drills. silence. the red dot is the safest place in the classhoom. so if a ter would enter, this would be the last ple they look. and during this,erour teach is
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going to lock the door and close the blinds to prevent access from the shooter to see into our classroom and enteee the t things we do while dealing with an active shooter is run, hide, if a shooter is able to shoot through the windows and and get in, you have to fight. that means taking ev can, staplers, desks and throwing fighting and try to stall, b oause a coup seconds can make a huge difference in a person's life. >> to a high school student today, it's scary. i'm not going to lie and say it's not. >> we are done with gun vidoence. we are with school shootings. >> at the sametime, it makes me feel like i have real purpose,l fee urgency to createge chan think it is this generatio that's going to advocate for gun control a.ually happen >> we want ange! and i would really hope that students would understand that going for >> when do we want it?
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>> before we go, we have an update from another high school udent. last week, we brought you the story of jennifer bravo, whoseo r had been in det for a year. a judge ordered that her mother be released and they were reunited and that will do it for us. find more of our coverage at our website. thuy vu. thank you for pete: fired or fo
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out? presidentrump replaces more senior staff with like-minded madvisors. pete williams in for robert costa. we discuss the chu inside the white house as robert mueller's russia investigation looks at the trump organization's business practices. tonight on "washington week." president trump: but there'll alys be change. pete: just 14 months into office, president truha rs his administration. president trump: i'm at ain p where we're getting very close to having the cabinet and other things that i want. pete: this week he fired the tesecretary of stand chose the c.i.a. director to take over. he's also reportedly preparing to name his thir national security advisor in less than a year. scandals have other issues


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