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tv   BBC World News on PBS  PBS  May 26, 2018 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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♪ announcer: national presentation of "bbc world news" is made possibl contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> welcome to "bbc news," ioadcasting to viewe north america and around the globe. our top stories -- exit polls in ireland's referendum or abortion suggest a big winn the campaign to liberalize the law. the official count begins later. hollywood mogul harvey weinstein is charged with remain and sexual abuse. his lawyer says he'll plead not guilty. >> mr. weinstein did not invent the casting couch in hollywood
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d to the extent that there is bad behavior in that industry, that is not what this is about. bad maverp is not on trial in this case. >> it's on, off, and now it could be back on again as president trump says he's having very productive talks with north korea. president tru: we're talking to them now. we're going to see what happens. >>ci we have a s report on the internet gangs from ivory coast involved in a particularly nasty form of blackmail. and south africa prepareso captur spectacular images of space as it links up its telescopes in a unique projec hello, exit polls in ireland suggest that people haveed v
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strongly in favor of liberalizing abortion laws. they forecast a 2/3 majority for the yes campaign and that would mean the scrapping of the eighth amendment, which bans abortion in all by exceptionalan circums. the irish leader leo varkar who supported the changes, says it looks like history could be. made we have the latest from dublin. heers] reporter: an emotional day for ireland. fo some casting one vote was worth traveling many miles for. >> i came from amsterdam and i came because i think it's very important for irish women tofu hoy be an historic day and finally irish women will have autonomy overheir bodies. >> i really wanted to cast my vote. >> yes vote would pavin the way p to the e aborgses u
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12th week of pregnant sill. >> i work in brussels and i'm comiome to vote no. i believe this legislation is far o extreme. i believe killing for convenience is terrible. >> ireland's traditional catholic roots have led to the country retaining some of the strictist abortion laws in the world. what's known as the eighth amendment in the country's constitution gives an equal if right to for the mother and the unborn. but leo varadkar, the's count first openly gay prime minister has b cn leading tl for change. >> it feels like rait's dem in action. not tang -- taking anything for granted but it's been aood turnout so far. >> the culmination of an intense debate. measure of will be a the country's social and political change.
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"bbc news," bubb -- dublin. >>ou can keep up to date with the latest news on ireland's abortion referendum on the bbc website and also a feel on ireland's day of reckoning. at similar news. disgraced hollywood film produc harvey weinstein has been charged with remain and sexual abuse aceh peering in court in new york. once one of the most powerful men inollywood, he paid $1 million in cash as bail and agreed to wear an electronic geg. the cha relate to two women bum dozens have madea allegation against him. mr. weinstein's lawyer says he denies the criminal charges and will mount a venorous dse. we have a report from manhattan. reporter: new york city can often feel like a giant movie set but this was the criminal justice system being put into
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action for real and as harvey weinstein arrived to be charged i managed to confront him. this must be very hugh militating for you. he walked into the police station with three larr books unde his arm, onebout broadway musicals but whattt ered were the words on his charge sheets, accusingim of two counts of remain and oun co of a criminal sexual act for incidents involving two separate wmen. side the police station he was rparrested, fingented and formally booked. then about an hour later he was brought out flanked by two detectives wearing handcuffs a what looked like a wry smile. harvey wine semifinals taking to a criminal court, the day his geaccusers lon to see. th his demeanor had noticeably changed by theime he was led into court.
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forced to take what the americans take a perp walk. he looked numb during the short arraignment hearing as prosecutors outlined their >> the d. used his position, money, and power to lure women into situations where he was able to violate them sexually. >> his lawyer claimed his climate was innocent a couldn't be prosecuted for bad behavior. >> mr. bine --e w steen did not invent the casting couple of in hlywood and to the extent there is bad behavior in this industry, that is not what this case is aut. bhad behavior is not on trial in this case. it's only if you suspensionly crypted a criminal act and mr. weinstein vigorously denies that. >> the reaction on social media was and celebratory. >> to see him in cuffs on the way out, whether he smil or not, that's a very good feeling.
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>> the actre rose mcgowan has accused him of raping her.hi >> tis a big strike into the heart of abusive power and ism the shoeople worldwide, which is what i was hoping the whole time, that this cannot and will not stand. >> harvey weinstein no longer ableom toate an industry he commanded in almost every room. but to watch him today was to see his power drain away. >> let's look at somef the other stories making the news this hour. and president pin has dismissed australian claims that russia was responsible for bringing down a malaysia airlines flight over eastern raine. the government said there wasdi rect link that killed all 290 people onboard. a commiee of british m.p.'sch says a seme set up to help
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protect afghans w worked for the british mill stormy said the scheme has so far failed to relocate nil afghan spr to the u.k., even when they faced threats to their f lifem the taliban. the spanish minister has resumed out holding snap election after his people's party was fined on corruption. on wednesday, the high court in madrid charged 29 people by taking bribes. and a stron scone has made land fall in the gulf mexico sta of ohman, killing at least one person. the cyclone is examined to weaken to a tropical storm when it hits southern saudi arabia on saturday. it's already brought havoc to the yemeni island chain. five more there are known to have been killed and 40 are missing. president trump has intereventuallied personally to
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basically lift crippling u.s. sanctionon chinese telecom giant z.t. effort. last month, the company was banned from buying vital u.s. components for its phones after washington acced it o lying re-- repeatedly to u.s. officials and failing to punish ioployees forting u.s. sanctions against iran and north korea. we, our correspondents david willis is in washington for us. david, s analysts were suggesting that if he hadn't limited the ban that z.e. could have gone under. reporter: yes, that was a what the chinese meanwhiled and z.t.e. is one of china's largest telecom equipment manufacturers. they make smart pnes, tablets and mobile phones and so on. now, they were banned recently by the trump administration for buying a u.s. - u.s.-made components for seven years but failing to basically make good
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on previouss violati noveling sales to iran and north korea. asou mentioned, that threatened to put z.bue. out of ness all together. about 65% of z.t.e. phones, for example, use pieces of equipnt made by qualcomm, which is a huge chip maker here in the united states. so u.s. bits and pieces were vital to this company and its products. well, now, the trump administration has decided to limit that seven-year ban and instead replace it with fines, putting u.s. officials in place to oversee the company and make changes to the management team. and tt has incensed some members of congress. republicans among them, including the republican senator for florida marco rubio, who has said that this is putting chinese interests ahead of those of the united states and he's
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vowing to fight this latest mrue by the administration. >> david, any indication as to while president trump intervened personally on this? roar: it's very interesting the timing here because next week a trade delegation from the u.s. is due in beijing, including the commerce secretary wilbur ross, to try to find a way through that potential trade war that was being threatened between the uned states and china and you're right, president trump has made no secret of the fact that he is looking to do a deal on z.t.e. as a favor tthe chinese, basically to get some leverage for those trade talks presumably. g a in a tweet tonight, fac lot of criticism from the democrats, he took aim atusheir prev methods of doing business with in comny. he said the trade deal struck but democrats in the past had
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made the united states, as he put it, the laughingstock of the world. gavin? >> our north america correspondent davis willis. thank you. now, it was on and then it was off and now it could be bk on again. president trump has suggested that the canceled summit the north korean leader kim jong-un might te place next month after all. also, the u.s.resident took the world by surprise and announced the meeting was off. now he says both sides are in renewed negotiations. here's our north american editor john sobel. >> --somele. >> as the north koreans set off their narucle seemed all hopes for a summit went off about the same time these ssi assembly -- blew into smither marines.
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he meetings were called off by president trump after north korean perspective kim jong-un. overnight the north koreans issued a conciliatory statementt staying unal announcement to cancel the summit is unexpeed and we cannot but feel great regret for it. we have the intent to sit with the u.s. side to solve problems regardless at any time. and that was a music to donald trump's ears. you remember the summits tt was off? t mite be back on. president trump: we'll see what happens. it could even be the we're talo them now. they very much wasn't -- wants to document. we want to d it. we'll see what happens. >> at the pentagon, the defense secretary was talking up the possibility too. >> we have possibly some good news on the korea summit where
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our diplomats are working. >> today kimas jong-un striking a usually relaxed tone. a flomy halt and white jacket, looking to all t world as know he was confinement enjoying himself and donald trump, who loves drama too, might be enjoying it as well. but for all that might haveed improv, substantial policy differences remain. a spokesman insisting that north korea must commitkl to the qu denuclearization oforean peninsula. >> stay with us here on "bbc news" because still to come, the lucky ones in kiev arrived for the champions leagueinal but almost 1,000 liverpool w fansl miss out. >> in the biggest international sporting spectacle ever seen, up
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to 30 million people have taken part in sponsoredthletics events to aide if a anyone -- famine relief in africa. >> tauntsing whio led t stuffles, scuffles to fighting, fighng toull-scale royalty out e liverpool fans broke of their area. the belgium police lost control. >>he whole world will mourn the tragic depth of mr. nehru today. >> the oprah winfrey showomes to an end after 25 years. the chat show has made her one of the richest people on the planet. >> jerry hallway, otherwise known as ginger spiceas announced she's left the spice girls. >> oh, i don't believe it. not jerry, why?
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>> this is "bbc news" and these ar latest headlines. exit polls suggest the republic of ireland has voted strongly in favor of liberalizing its abortion laws and the film producer harvey weinsteinas appeared in court in new york, charged with remain andxu other offenses. his lawyer says he'll plead not guilty. brazil's president s temers he plans to send in the army to clear roads blocked by lori drivers protestg high fuel prices. reporter: this is a strike that's gone far beyond the transport sector. it's threateng to bring the entire economy to a stand still. for fe days now, lory drivers have blocked roads from brazil
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protesting against rising fuel prices. a state of emergency exists and in big cities most petrol stations have run out ofuel. on thursday, official accepted demands dema demands medicine by drivers to bring down the ice of diesel but that wasn't enough. >> we have independent truck drivers andho those spoke yesterday have said silly things. the trade unions made up rules for them. >> we have been devalued by the government. they saidou braziln't stop in the loris stopped. we have proved that is not the case. >> on friday as the protests continued, president temer said -- >> we are going to implement a security plan to overcomehe seriou effects of the shortsages i have mobilized the federal
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security forces to unblock the streets. >> the next few hours will be crucial. they need to getts drivers and economy moving again. "bbc news," sao paulo. in angs in i'very coast south africa are targeting british men for sextortion. they trick their victims into sex activity online and the blackmail then. angus crawford reports. >> how scareu were yo the time? >> frozen. reporter: meet adrien, once a victim of sextortion,ow warning others abouthe risk. we set up a fake facebook profirst time. out of the blue, we get a friend request. she is ry pretty. flirty. in her ownords, naughty.
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the scam develops in minutes, live in front of our eyes. you're probably moments away from being scammed. >> yes, >> the tram sets, she's set to move from facebook to skype. >> she says i'm going to show you naked and you also. >> but she's not real, just a porn graphic video operated by a scammer, waiting to film and record us, their next victim. of course, we can't show you what would happen next. >> it might start with a girl slowly undressing and all that.t anythingo just basically show yourself, your face and your private parts. >> is it threatening? >> the next message was definitely threatening. it sd you know what this is? i'll show it to friends and family. >> a d what you have to do to stop them? >> give them money. money thatore and more ends up here in the i'very coast in west africa. cash transfers are ey. there's high unemployment and
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even the poorest areas have access to the internet. the crime of sextartion was started and perfected here. many of the victims come from the u.k. and here are the police files. a growing number being investigated by the cybercrime unit. on the scrns, some of the videos used by the scammers. they told us they know of at least 120 rent british victims. we want to track down one of the sc but they're hilleding in the slums controlled byanangs hunted by the police. we do eventually find e who'll talk. >> you have to do it without remorse. if you think about what you're doing,ou'd never do it. but you do real harm to the victims. >> well, amwards you can sit
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down and say i'm bad but you can't put things right. many thousands ofes m away, how are you going to say sorry? it's no one's fault. it's love. >> this is arong crime with terrible consequences. some people actually tak their own lives because of this did that ever cross your mind? >> uh, the truth of the matters was at one point it kind of did. >> so if you find yourself alking to a girl like this online, beware. angus crawford, "bbc news." >> south africa is making new strides into space research with the unveiling of a new aomated telescope. the more light wasle rev in the northern cape province where the country's space exploration projects is based. parts of south africa's
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ambitious plans to aecome hub of someplace exploration. reporter: deep in the desert of soh africa's norther cape, scientists lunch a world's this telescope is link told a radio one, lettingno astrs both see and hear the secrets of the skies. >> we wants to study explosions in the universe. they are like stars far the at the ends of their lives and all of a sudden they will light up rs,r maybe for we have a very limited amount oso gather the information and learn what treally happened in tha universe. >> in the past, scientists had to wait forncidents to be picked up by a radio telescope and then look at them amp wards. now they'll t be ab both listen and look at what's happenings and in real time. this projects has been six years in the make by a team of south antfrican,oi j dutch, and
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part itof the square kilometer array, which will woa 13 times the size of the full moon and scientists hope it will give studying the universe a wholim newsion. "bbc news." >> thousands of football fans are converging anke every for saturday's championsl.eague fina this was the noisy scene as some of real ma grilled -- madrid's most dead indicated fans left for ukraine but it'seen a rather different story for hundreds of liverpool supporters. two tour operators have canceled fldrhts, leaving hs of fans with no way to get to the match, even though they bought tickets. more from kiev.
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[chanting] reporter: it's been the sound track of liverpool's journey, a tale of their all-conquering charge to the final but just having hote is reason enough to sing. hundreds were left strandedt liverpool airport today, their tickets now reminersf memories never made. >> gutted and from an emotional perspective disgusted in the perspective of the way it was handled. as family it meant so much too us. reporter: those fans are so desperate to be here becauseey thtruly believe this is their moment. there's something about this couple run that has their manager believing his side, he afecksly calls my boys wil do something special against ma drilt. >> we were liverpool, not only a really good ftbol club. this team can really go for the big things. nobody expected us to be here
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but we are here because we are liverpool. >> this team has it, that magic you can't explain. >> can you wall street -- repeat the question, please? >> even in front of the world's press, they cut reled figures. but they standrs on the sho of giants. 13 years ago today steven garrard's league won its fifth title in istanbul. it's time to stem out of those shadow >> it's time to stem out and remember for the right reasons and that's usin wning the champions league. >> there's the small matter of getting past royal madrid first. currents world player of the year, cristiano ronaldo believes he and his team are beyond repair -- compare. liverpool exanls fans have more than proved their dedication simply getting here and turning kiev red in thewrocess. no its the team's turn to lea
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its mark. >> and that big match kicks off at 18:45 g.m.t., roughly 17 hours' time. good luck to both sides for that. this is "bbc news >> i'm katty kay in washington. join me and my co-st christianaz r in london for "beyond 100 days" on we'll focus on the biggest issues impacting both sides of e atlantic city and provide analysis on how they're shaping our world. we look forward to seeing you then, here on pbs. ♪ >> national presentation of bbc world news is made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers le you. thank you >> >> >>
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