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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  June 19, 2018 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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♪ >> this is "a bbc world news america." presentation this isanade possible by, the fre ation,tion, koeblerou pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs, and purepointfi ncial. >>ur how do we shape tomorrow? it starts with a vision. see an ideal form and our mind, and then we begin to chisel. strip away everything that
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stands in the way to reveal new possibilities. point financial, we designed our modern approach the .anking around y your plan. your goal. your tomorrow is now. purepoint financial. >> and now, "the bbc world news." "to bbc wor news america." >> top republicans joined decrats in denouncing separation of families at the border. the president is not a backing down. pres. trump: we want a country with hard, but when people come up, they have to know that they will never get in, otherwise it is never going to stop. >> kim jong-un is in china briefing president xi on the summit. plus, bringing serious style to the page. world cup, the
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fancy footwork is matched by the chic hair do's. ♪ >> hello and welcome to our liviewers on ptelevision in america and around the globe. president trump is doubling down on his administration's policy of separating families at the u.s. border. immigrantsegal should not be allowed to, "infest the united states." top re anxious and calling for an end to the policy. brian hawathe story from ington. >> let the children go now. >> outrage is now being voiced in the streets. this is outside the border protection agency enforcing the zero-tolerance approach to illegal immigrants authorized by donald trump. >> i find it's horrifying.
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unacceptable. gusting, and an embarrassment to the united states. >> this is a moral catastrophe and we are breaking up families. to be from 10 eryoung central an children separated from their parents have cut through the debate. they were released by u.s. media. [crying] >> papa. language] oreign to donald trump, the
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integrity of america pause borders is just as important as the flag. he is the trained himself as the .true patriot his hardline to stance on immigration helped to win him the white house. pres. trump: we want a great country, we want a country with hearts. theywhen people come have to know they cannot get in. of childrengesde ined behind the wire mesh were released by the u.s. government, hoping they will have a deterrent effect. the senior republicans criticize what they see as the cruelty of the policy. >> i am very concerned about that. i am not real happy with the way things are going, so i would ask for a pause so we can evaluate this for the best interest of these children and tir families. the president is headed here to capitol hill to press for a new immigration bill.
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he is claiming the democrats are blocking his passage. ending child's separations requires no change in the law. donald trump could do that by picking up the phone. >> for more on this come a short time ago, i spoke to gary o'donoghue who is in texas on the mexican bder. now the top republicans are coming out agadost the policy, it feel like a tipping point in the debate, especially where you are? images that have come out, particularly froms centers like te where i am today have been very disturbing. not just to civil rights groups, but also the senior republicans. gotten new figures today that show us that more 00 children were separate a five-week period from the
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beginning of may to the nerst week of that takes it to more thand 300 is whole period. no idea at this how many of those children have been reunited with their parents. they are very nervous down here, the authorities. you can see just behind me, some construction workers. they are failing in -- filling in the gas of this detention facility so you cannot see in. >> have you learned ancohing about thitions the families are being held in? the american civil libertess union haveibed this facility is having karen does situations -- is -- a ndous conditions inside. information is very sketchy. three places to
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get into and we were not allowed into any of them the government is releasing its own pictures filmed by itself, and they are promising more. there is not really openness for anyone to gauge what the situation is like for the children who are there. >> gary o'donoghue there. the u.s. is pulled out of the u.n. human rights council. the u.s. ambassamar nikki haley the announcement alongside secrety of state mike pompeo. she gave the criticism of the organization. i want to make it cstal clear th this step is not a retreat from human rights commitment. on the contrary, we take this step because of ouromtment does not allow us to remain a part of the hypocriticng and self-serrganization that makes a mockery of human rights. >> nikki haley there. lefor more on thi's cross the linesr to u.n.
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correspondence, and what is it specifically about the u.n. c human righncil that the u.s. does not like? >> weeard nikki haley peating her complaint that the council has a chronic bias against israel. that is one of the main complaints by the united states, that this permanent agenda item that every time the council meets has to review israel's conduct, not be in place.hould she also believes that people who are accused of h rights abuses should not have a seat on the council. she called the council a pical bias and says all of this undermines its vawork to ade human rights. >> what impact is this going to have on the work of the human rights council not having the u.s. on board? from have already heard several people criticizing this move saying
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supposed to lead by example to be vocal about protecting human rights aro heard from human rights watch saying that other countries will have to redouble their efforts. u.n. officials were nohi surprised byannouncement. they told the secretary general of this announcement was coming. he said he wished they could have remained on the council. >> this is not the first time the united states has shined the human rights council, is it? a they've always had conflicted relationship with the council for many of the long-standing criticis and -- criticisms. e bush of administration decided to boycott, john bolton was the ambassador. he is a rong critic of the u.n.
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it was not until the oonma administrahat the united states rejoined. here we are, and other administration, a new tactic. kki haley saying that they tried for over a year. e iticized china, russia for abstracting their efforts to reform. >>fo thankjoining us. heels, kim jong-un is in china again this is his third meeting with president xi in three months. ais comes on t backdrop of trade fight between china and the u.s. and the questions of what comes next on denuclearization. a former state department official who is now a senior fellow on american progress. what exactly do you think kim jong-un wants from president xi? visited beijing for the two victors of the
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u.s.-singapore summit. h norea and china have come out of thisw summit a fe steps ahead where they were previously. the pressure is off china right now to economically pressure north korea more. we have seen that to be the case in the last few months. and fororth korea, it is patching its relationsd p with china ing welcomed on the world stage. there being the fact that is is growing risk over trade, do you think president xi is going to be inclined to press kim jong-un onenuclearization will he leave that? >> he is more than likely to leave that for now. going to plays bothid and he relies he is now playing matchmaker. ,n asia, on north korea issue
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erand he has le over donald trump and the netted states. both with north korea and the trade issue. he is going to let president trump and kim jong-un come to him and see if he cannot play both sides. >> fascinating. spooked by this thcalating trade disputes between china anunited states. how worried should the rest of us be? >> i think we should be very worried. it is necessary to say upfront and china's trade practices economic practices are very unfair to the united states and many countries around the world that trade with china. the question is what is the right strategy to address these unfair practices. the shift from the hip style that the trump administration is starting is not only unhelpful, but counterproductive. >> the white house is gambling cthat tna has got more to lose and that china will back down. what is that gamble does not pay
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>>off? if it does not pay off, what see is akely to potential spiraling trade war between the two countries. this could have ramifications not just for the pocketbooksf american workeou and workers the world, but also could spill into other areas like xith korea where president could send very drong signals ald trump on other issues. he could say, look, if you are not willing to back down on this trade war, china's going to be far less helpful to you. >> think you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >>he fror news around the world, the united nations has lambasted italy's interior minister describing his comments as dangerous and shocking. says he wants to count the roma community in italy and the -- deport those with no
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rights to say. smart was an emerging rap talent following the release of his music video i got more than 6 million views oube. he is the second young rapper to asbe killed on the same da -- after xxx tentacion was gunned down in in florida. recognized by black panther star chadwick bozeman who handed over his prize to jam shore jr. who osaved the lives er customers when he fought off a gunman. --ms are stressful the regardless of how old you are. ens -- asyrians te d report on the girls who study in secret. >> they defied the
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militants by studying in secret, risking their lives. >> they banned us from carrying anything related tochool -- it was prohibited. asic right to learn was taken from us. is in forces their medieval mindset. the girls found a way to get ound them by speaking out to a neighboring area where isolas not in connd were girls to go to school. to school to go there. we took photos of what ton teacher wrot the board and shared by a social media group. >> whoever made it would take photos on their mobile and shared with the others and so we could study. >> this is what is left after
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i.s. was defeated here. imagine trying to get a signal for your mobileth imiddle of a battleground like this. >> we used to climb up to the rooftopbe to get th connection which did not always work out. >> o if you lithe ground floor, you would have to go up floor to download own toal and then come study. are nervous about the results. they have already passed a more important test. they joined forces, helped each other, and they survived. the girls dedicated to their education. you are watching "the bbc world news america." casinos and a stock exchange, kakhstan hopes to beaj a power just do not mention human rights.
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a new battery powered plane has taken to the skies over norway as part of the nation's bid to tackle climate change and air pollution. our environmentalist has been to norway to find out me. >> flying, all of the co2 emissions. the pollution free plane, powered by batteries. >> getting into this thing is a feat. [laughter] is tiny but bigger electric planes are coming as technology improves. uitheyre no exhausts. norway aims to have all of its flights battery-powered. norway' boats are going electric as part of the battle
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against climate change. it is faster than a normal ferry with two big advantages. >> no exha>>t, no noise. the battebees are hidden w deck. in future, all norway ferries will look like this. norway is also subsidizing electric cars. >> cheaper to buy, run, and maintain. and good for environment. beno conventional cars will sold in the country after 2025. the 2040ay sooner than date proposed by countries like france and the u.k. in winter, theyly and they are rich from oil and gas. 's setting on electric transport is creating a real
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buzz. bbc news, oslo. >> kazakhstan will open a stock exchange in the capital next montin a bid to become a center for global finance. it is the latest or tedious move he government to which is trading on its oilro andmity to russia and china. t the presidized power when the soviet union collapsed. human rights groups says of oppression is all too common. this report from inside kazakhstan for it- kazakhstan. , 700 years road after markle polo, there is a superhighway. kazakhstan, once a soet republic, is forging an alliance with the world's most dynamic economy.
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they get switched on the kazakh track and be in europe at half the time it takes bit -- by sea . >> ts is one of the most inaccessible, moon remote places arth and now it is a key, strategic gateway. toif you wannow what the chinese mean by one belt, one road, this is it. kazakh chinese border, an extraordinary new city is taking place. with a free trade zone plans for casinos and shopping malls. the kazakhstan's president has been the president's for 27 years. he is an autocrat, he wins teections with 97% of the capital, thenew president has created an international financial nter.
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here, british judges using british common law have been hired to convince foreign investors it is a safe place for their money. >> the absolute, robust integrity of our judges. they would not stay here if there was not a genuine commitment to strict adherence to the rule of law. >> some old soviet habits die hard. last month, paramilitary broke up small protes calling for the release of political prisons. dissent is dangerous. i arranged to meet to one of the country's most outspoken politicians. his cityed him out of after four years of prison, and he prefers to talk away from prying eyes. >> for the president, any form of dsent constitutes a crime against the state.
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he removes all players from the political landscape who does not support his policies. he never moved on from the soviet period. >>e- the problem with n rule is always exception. ministers,sident's it is a sensitive subject. -- weope that he will will make sure that -- about whatsenk happens next bece is going to keep running and running? >> it is up to him and it up to our people and i am proud of our president. 27 years, kazakh has put stability before freedom but time is nowg catch with their president. economican ormation is well underway. political reform has barely
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begun. he world cup has st drawn to a close. russia, the host of the worl's cup, has progressed with a 3-1 victory over egypt. earlier, senegal was the only african side to pick up a win in opening round of games, beating poland. japan managed a surprise victory over colombia. nigeria'sorld cup outfits have gotten their attention more than the sults. reportere talks about ir of our world''s stars. >> this is me. i cannot play football.
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anytime i pick up the clippers, i know i am coleng to make peappy. football, they are goigg to play a b game. there is something that has to be done for them to feel perfect. their haircuts. exa fresh. extra confidence. who shod we be looking at in terms of hairstyles? that the for sure nigeria team, check their hairstyles. their hairstyles are on the top, top, top level. musa.bout
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they have some class classy hair the first week, everybody is going toook nice. everybody's going to get their hair cut before they leave. by the time they enter the tournament, everybody's hair is out ofhape. some people be able to keep up because they know they have no choice. but other people, they have to find people to get their hacuts.. not am op because i do what to see my players playing bad. [laughter] >> you call them your players. >> yeah. it would be nice to be responsible for the players to look good.
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that was on world cup hairstyles. you can find much more on all today's news on our website. thanks for watching. with the bbc news app, our virtual videos are designed to work around your lifestyles so u can swipe your way to the news of the day. download now. >> funding of this presentation is made possible by thfreeman foundation,koebler pursuing solutions for america's neglected to -- neglected pierpoint -- >> how do we shape our tomorrow? it starts with a vision. we see its ideal form in our mind and then we bego
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chisel. we strip away everything that stands in the way to rl new possibilities. financial, we designed our modernkapproach the g around you. your plan, your goal, your dream. .your tomorrow is n purepoint financial. >>
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captioning sponsored by newshour productions, llc >> woodruff: good ev i'm judy woodruff. on the newshour tonight: >> when you prosecute the parents for coming in illegally- - which should happen-- you have to take the children away.e >> woodruff:e on the ground at the u.s.-mexico border, as president trump dofles down on his policy o excluding all immigrants who trw to crohout documentation. then, tit-for-tat on trade--ta what escalatinffs between the u.s. and china means for america's economy. and when does pre-kindergarten not work? s why some tennessee studeo get an early start on their educion don't do as well in school later on. >> the kids who did not go to pre-k actually are doing better than the kids who did go to pre-


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