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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  July 2, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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possibilities. at purepoint financial, we have at purepoint financial, we have designed our modern approach tou banking around- your plans, your goals, your dreams. your tomorrow is now. purepoint financial. >> and now, "bbc world news." ♪ laura: this is bbc world news america. reporting from washington, i am laura trevelyan. >> how many of? y >> >> brilliant. 13. erlaura: aine days trapped their football coach are found alive. ednow rescuers in tyler to bring them to safety. a change in mexico as apo left-wing list wins by a landslide. how the new president willd eal with donump. king james heads to the city of angels. why lebron jamess leaving cleveland and taking his hoop gic to the west coast. ♪
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laura: welcome to our viewers on public tevision in the u.s. and around the globe. we start in thailand with an incredible story of survival. after being missing for nine days in flooded caves, 12 boys and their football coach have been found alive. they were discovered by naval rescue forces and enable operation that involve more than 1000 people. now rescuers must cope with rising water and mud as they try to bring ee home. jonathan head has more. >> how many of you? >> 13. >> brilliant. jonathan: this was the moment they were found. the british cave diver calling out to group in the mountain. >> what day is it?
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>> monday. you have bee here 10 days. 10 days. you are very strong. very jonathan: as thes turned to leave, promising to return with backup, one of the boys says to them -- please tell them we aregr hun >> i know. i understand. we'll come. jonathan: fofamilies of the boys, a joyous and the nine agonizing days of waiting, hopingjonathan: and despairing. >> today is the best day. i have been waiting for my son for so many days. i am so excited. the first thing i will do his hug him. jonathan: for the thousands of volunteers, officials and others who have taken part in this extraordinary multinational search operation, a very special
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moment. most of all for the local governor, who has been the puic face of this rescue and ordered officials working on it to think of the boys as their own sons. he describes how the boys were discovered and then said simply, we found our younger brothers and they w safe. [cheering] jonathan: they were all members squad who entered the caves after a saturday practice with their h. their bicycles were found chained squad to the railings ae entrance. it was presumed they had been cut off like fast rising water. the thai government h thrown everything up a separate to save their lives. now pumping thousands of gallons in our from the cave to help to get them out -- an hour from the cave to help to get them out. more rain later this week will t
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congregahings but this astonishing news of the boys's surivvival will surely spur everyone on. tnathan: jonathan head reporting there families wait anxiously for their boys. now the president-elect of mexico has proposed a new plan to president trump to boost e mexican economy and cut down on migration. andres manuel lopez obrador made the suggestions today s ring a phone call with the two leaders followinvictory. he won 53% of the vote. easily defeating his nearest rivals. however, it is unclear whether his party, the national regeneration movement, will have a majority in kay has been covering the election for us and i spoke to her earlier. rewhat is the atmospike in the wake of this landslide victory for mexico's new prident? betty: mostly depressed about the fact mexico ha thrown out of the world cup. but last night, a lot of
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celebrations amongst lopez obrador and his victory. 53%, everyone is saying that is stunning to get that much of a majority. a strong showing in congress. he goes into his term in office with a lot of backing from the mexican population. i would say that the atmosphere to some extent though is let's see -- we have triedthing else. this situation is terrible in the country whether you are talking about violence or corruption. dene of the established parties have managed to ver so we have to go with something new. there is some interprehetion of whethe can deliver on those promises, but also a feeling of excitement about the possibility of something new combined with resignation that we have to try something else and it may or may not work out. laura: amlo and donald trump spoke today. kind of relationship ar they going to have especially given the tension over the wall?
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katty: earlier on during his campaign, amlo was of all the candidates, the most outspokenly p.posed to donald tr called him racist at one point during this campaign. yet today, you have both of them saying we want a relationship of cooperation. amlo saying he wants a relationship of mutual respect. making all the right noises towards washington, but his base -- i found out people voting for him and speaking to them over the cenrse of the we-- his base do want him to be tougher on mr. trump. they don't like the way the trump administration has been talking about mexico and treating mexico so there'll be tension between keeping his base happy and having the kind of cooperation he realizes he needs for the sake of the mexican economy. laura: what can he really do about the endemic corruption and violence in meco? katty: he has delivered a lot. t leaderseen popul being elected around the world
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who have offered great things to their populations and now the rubber hits the road, can he actually deliver? redistributing income in the way he said and expanding the social safety net, he has to find 2.5% of the mexican that is a mount of money. he says he can do it by clamping down on corruption, getting rid of waste. he will get rid of the presidential plane. he is not going to live in the presidential palace. he said he would like to review whether to build a new mexican airport. will that be enough? most economists don't think so. as for the violence, that is a reallyidough one. prts have tried it before and failed. the mexican public will now hold him accountable. laura: thank you so much for joining us. as we heard from katty, mexicans voted on sday on the backdrop of tremendous violence, much of it drug-related. at least 48 candidates wer murdered in this election alone. we have this special look at the
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flow of drugs and guns acrosss. the exico border. summerr: dawn sees the land blessed and cursed. unnature is botiful in this part of mexico. living for farmers. -- opium poppy fields can yield a living for farmers. bldlines run deep in these fields. this husband and wife, like so many families,core the opium bulbs to reveal the latee that will becroin. >> we work out of necessity. we are not responsible for the people who use drugs. people who criticize this have probably never known need. reporter: how does any government tell this parent that she cannot provide for her
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three-year-old because of the harvest. mexico's new president must address the role of poverty for klllions if he were to tac the drug trade.e, in the meantimn the dead of night, a smuggleadcrepts to trin misery. we watch as he takes a pardon ordinary family car and stuffs the fuel tank with dgs -- cocaine, heroin, crystal meth. the 26-year-old american will smuggle whatever he can get his hands on. it is a drive across the border earning him $5,000. a big sum for a man who works in a fast food restaurant. you loaded up the car, you arett g on top of them literally. where are they heading? phoenix or los angeles.n
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they t to kansas and indiana. reporter: all over america? you know what these drugs due to people across the border. do you care about that? >> no, i don't put a gun to make them take ugs. it is not my problem. reporter: his only problem -- navigating the by frontier checkpoints and avoiding the scrutiny of guards. others have very differentns concbout the frontier with america. jesus vega is a family man. with the hopes and fears of any parent. any husband. >> i'm really worried about the violence. i'm said we have to go to the rk to play, we have to look at our backs to make sure anybody is there. i'm worried at violence will
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escalate more and we are going to have shootings here at the park or my daughter's school. it is really sad to live like this. reporter: jesus understands man's capacity for violence. he is a crime scene investigator.>> e can see that csi ises procng the scene and we have a dead body on the side of the street.po rerter: in a quiet suburbann areae border city of tijuana, mexico has lost another n. jes describes the scene. oaying face male dothe ground. i can see he has probablyho guwounds in the back. he's a young male. sadly, thiis because of the out-of-control violence that has
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come into america to tryuana. it is ad. he is a young man who probably could have had a better future.t re: mexico's new president has to deal with the epidemic of the murders his country endures and stem the flow of guns from abroad. that is where our smuggler finishes his he is back froica with a new cargo. guns. how many are down there in the petrol tank? >> there are three in the tank. report: it is easy getting these in? >> it is easier bringing the weapons in because there is lesser violee compared to the other way around. reporter: the weapons are carefully wrapped in tin fl. calibers of all sizes. killing machines.
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only way to beat mexico's strict gun laws. you have been doing it for four years. how many guns do you thiht you have bron in that time? >> a lot. reporter: hundreds? >> hundreds. reporter: you have brought in hundreds of weapons yourself. you have shown us three weapons but he are many more inside the car hidden all around it. we have been asked to leave because the person whoered thto shipment is on the way pick it up. it does not take a genius to guess where those weapons will end up. in the hands of criminal gangs and ug cartels. someone, somewhere in mexico will die aa result of those weapons. that night, the is another murder in tijuana. yellow cones mark the bulletsi s at this crime scene. for jesus, his country's well-being is on the line. the new president needs to
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secure a future for mexico's children. >> right now, the scene behind us, a dead guy. it is something kids see every day and they get used to that. that is the sad i o think about my i have tk about my daughter's friends. i don't want tm to grow up thinking that every day there is a killing and it is fine and nothing is going to happen. reporter: so many of mexico's problems are a result of a society that does not work for everyone. the w leaders must govern fo the millions left behind tryg to navigate a life worth living. the deadly combination of drugs and guns in mexico. in other ns, after hours of emergency talks, german chancellor angela merkel appears to put to rest a rebellion led
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her coalition partners. the security general has reached an immigration deal. the transit nter established germany. her coalition partners. migrants can we return to the eu country. at least 270,000 people have fled their homes in southern syria. e military launched an assault on the rebel held areas two weeks ago. many displaced people are heading towardsd jordan lan heights. the country will not allow the refugees in. president trump's personal migrants cane return to the eu lawyer is warning his former boss he may be ready to flip. michael coh said his loyalty is to his family and country before donald trump. hollywood film producer harvey weinstein is facingasresh sexual ult charges which involve a third woman in a case dating back to 06. wehstein has been charged w rape and other sexual crimes in
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may against two women. he pleaded not guilty to those charges. you are watching bbc world news america. still to come tonight, we will bring you a tlysis of the mexicani eleon. we will show you what vendors think of the vote and their neighbors to the north. hasun's secretary-general visited refugees in bangladesh s visited refugees in bangladesh. 700, living in the refugee camp after fleeing violence in neighboring myanmar. here is nick veeck who has more. myanmar. nic: this trip seemed to have profound effect on the united nations secretary-general. he tweeted afterwards that he listened to heartbreaking accounts from the refugee people. he talked about the dreadful sexual violence the women had endured before they fled to bangladesh
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he said this was a humanitarian and human rights nightmare. the short-termai priority hed people tome 200,000 benic: this trip seemed to have profound effect on the united mo a place of battering from the monsoon season which continues to hit this place so are. he c community once again to do more to help these people. he said they are the most persecuted people and desperately need assistance. in the medium to long termthe is much more difficult to solve and that is trying to bring back the people to myanmar, theholace they call . however, the united nations said the condions on the ground are simply not right further safe, sustainable and dignified return. sti was ther weekend i saw with my ownti eyes that arell villagers who have been razed to the ground.
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what happens now with the eu when a deal with the burmese government which they say will allow more u.n. access so they can make the situation better. rethe peopleoncerned because they say within this bill, there zeems to be no guarantee they will be given cihip. that for them is a key fundamental principle. if is a time where they feel safe enough to return, they want to be treated with dignity respect as citizens. ♪ laura:heing of basketball is res heading west. yes, in cleveland, they are in shock tonight as lebron james takes his talents to the los angeles lakers. the cleveland cavaliers rose like a phoenix from the ashes with lebron as their guiding light, now he is going off to another challenge. for more on the man who transcensk the game of "tll, earlier i spoke with neil greenberg o
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washington post." why is the king heading west for a new system? neil: he has proven pretty much evheything he could prove in eastern conference. the los geles lakers have a very storied franchise. it is a goodhance for him to get with a team that he has been rumored to gravitate towards for quite some time. they have young players he can work with. there is certainly older veterans, star players that will surely love to go to los angeles to play with him and the lakerst eems like a great fit all around. laura: lebron is said to have the body of a bulldozer and a mind of a professor. is it that that makes them quite rally this towering figu in american basketball? neil: he is arguably the greatest nba player the game has ever seen. i know that is saying something cons players, specifically michael jordan, who have won more titles.
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when you look at a complete body of work, the way he has dominated, getting his team to the nba finals over the past decade or so. he can play a power game, he is very smart. he does a great job of making players around him better. there are very few players that can he is a rare talent. laura: lebron almost seemed to single-handedly transform the can he do the same thing in l.a.? neil: without a doubt. the los angeles lakers have not been to the playoffs in a mber of years, but adding a playerme like lebron jachanges things dramatically. bu look at the cleveland cavaliers teams heught to the nba finals, they't that good. it was almost by a sheer force t will that lebron was ab make it to the finals, let alone win a championship a couple years back i do think we will see an immediat turnaround in this lakers franchise and lebron james is obviously going to be a huge parof that.
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laura: just briefly, how much longer can lebron remain at the top of his sport? neil: that is a great question. i know the lakers are hopingt t is at leasree or four years. the length of his contract. he has not slowed down at l despite playing a lot of minutes and being over the age of 30. typically, you do see players of that age start to slow down but we have not seen that with lebron.ur specifically dg the regular season. this year, he was not held back in terms of his minutes played. he played a lot of minutes forlo cleveland and of minutes in the playoffs. there is a lot of mileage on those tires but he is showing no i think having younger players around him in los angeles ll help him a little bit. maybe he does not have to be the guy because the lakers team does not have the same aspirations as perhaps the miami heat did when lebron was a part of them or the cavaliers most recently. i don't expect him to slow down anytime soon. there has been notng in his
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performance that would suggest the same either. laura: neil greenberg, thank you for joining us. now, we have been hearing abou the big issues facing mexico as the country elects a new president -- from crime to drugs and the future of nafta. to really know a story, sometimes you have to hit the streets and do a bit of shopping. that is what katty kay has been doing with her journalist friend. here is her report. katty: it is probably a friend. here is her dangerous temptation to be a journalist. to what extent do we write to look for a passage in these populous ways we have seen? >> i think it is the way to understand mexico in general terms, carly within that mosphere. katty: let's go ask this gentleman. does he want the next president >> i think it is the way to to be tougher on president trump? to be tougher on presidentgy
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katty: the anaas been made between lopez obrador and trump. is that the right comparison? in>> i don't so. obviously, you can draw parallels between the two. they are both in a way populist but if you have to draw parallels, a better one would be with bernie sanders, in the sense ey are both left-wing populists. trump is not a left-wing populist. katty: or jemy corbyn. >> exactly. i would argue that obrador is lessol ideical. katty: i want to buy whatever she is selling. does she think trump respects mexico? >> no. katty: would she like more or less cooperation with america? >> [speaking spanish] katty: in any mexican market, there are some things that are
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just too good to say no to. >> they are called slap in the face. katty: i have to buy you a slap in the face. >> it is sweet and sour. there is some chili. katty: like the times we live in. laura: candy for katty kay there. politics is not the only preoccupation for mexicans now.. the worlcup has been a tional obsession. today, their dreams of glory came crashing down. they lost by two goals to the powerhouse brazil. in the day's other match, nbelgium came from behind stunning fashion to defeat japan with a last-minute goal. in.on uesday, sweden will play switzerland and colombia will take on england. you can be sure a lot of folks at the bbc will be tuning into what very anxiously
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more on, you can find all the days news on our website. more on on oure days new websit i'm laura trevelyan. thank you so much for watching "wor news america." ♪ >> with the bbc news app, our vertical videos are designed to work around your lifestyle, so ♪ news of the day and stay up-to- te with the latest headlines you can trust. you can swipe your way to the download now from selected app stores. is made possible by e freeman foundation, kovler foundation, pursuingon solufor america's neglected needs, and purepoint financial. >> how do we shape our tomorrow? >> funding of this presentation it starts with a vision. ee its ideal form in our mind, and then we begin to
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captioning sponsored by newshourroductions, llc >> woodruff: good evening, i'm w judyoodruff. on the newshour tonight, a new chapter for mexico as left- leaning presidential candidate es manuel lopez obrador declares victory. then, behind rebel lines in yemen: how the u.-backed saudi forces are causing cldren to starve. >> the reality of their life is that when they wake up in the morning they have no idea if they will eat that day. no idea. 8.5 million people are in that category. >> woodruff: and, ce matters-- perspectives on living while black from the president of the n.a.a.c.p. all that and moron tonight's pbs newshour.


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