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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  October 25, 2018 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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♪ >> this is "bbc world news." >> funding of this presentation is made possible b the freeman foundation and kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. ll>> this it's the season ofla revetions from the choice ofic ame's favorite novels. >> there's a hundred books we want people to take a look >> we'oping to get people to w fall in loith novels again. >> to the fate of a hero's love. >> i'm still here. >> and i. >> from the secret lives of the thst amazing cat to new
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discoveries about first peoples of the americas. >> our history goes back to the beginning of time. all this and more this season. >> and now, "bbc world news." is "bbc world news america." 10 packages containing explosives havnow been jotected. the latest was to biden and robert de niro's restaurant. the hunt is on for who did it. the long road to recovery two years after we first met a group of opioid addict their efforts to quit have taken different paths. ie fromnot going to this. jane: and they aren't on the ballot but president trump and barack oba are hitting the campaign trail in force.ill brif two rallies. ♪
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jane: welcome to our viewers on public television and around the globe. the number of explosive devices center risen to 10.ocrats has and authorities warned that more packages could be out there. the most rent were dressed up former vice president joe biden and robert de niro's restaurant in new york. authorities e no focused on -- are now focused on finding the serial bomb maker. and are warning the public to remain vigilant. nick bryant has the latest. nick: these are the scenes that america woke up to. what looked like old footage of a war in iraq, but which were real-time images from a postal facility in delaware. examining a suspect addressed to -- a suspect package addressed
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to joe biden. yet another prominent democrat sent a crude bomb.dl in the mof the night in lower manhattan became the focus of the packaget to the office in tribeca of the movie star robert de niro, a critic of donald trump. once again, an explosive device hauled safely away. in a vehic that is a fast becoming a familiar sight -- the bomb squads total containment vessel. >> we are treating theive devices. as you see the way our bomb squad tectives went into cnn yesterday, this has to be taken with the utmost seriousness. as far as this device we are not treating that -- nick: at a campaign rally, donald trump said acts of e antical violence w attack on democracy. but some of his strongest remarks were directed a journalists. president trump: as part of a larger national effort to bridge our divide and bring people together, the media also has a responsibility to set a civil tone and to stop the endless
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hostilities and constant a negati oftentimes false attacks and stories. have to do it. acve to do it. nick: the presidenpted no personal blame for his part in the coarsening of american public life. this morning on twitter he renewed his attack on the media, a very big part of the anger we see today in our socie caused by the purposely false and inaccurate reporting of the maedstream media that i refe to as fake news." this the response from john brennan who was sent an explosive package. "stop blaming others, look in the mirror. your inflammory rhetoric insults, lies and encouragement of physical violence are disgraceful. clean up your act." because none of the vices of -- have exploded, the fbi has a mound of forensic evidence to track down who is responsible but some prominent conservativea claimed this is all a liberal hoax, timed to coincide
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with crucial congressionalti els. the focus of the investigation is south florida were some of the parcels pore put in the . it is worth stressing again just how politicized this moment has become. we haven't seen aogation comingher. we are watching once again as america tears itselfpart. jane: for more in the 'investigation underway im -- i spoke with a former assistant director of the fbi. i'm sure the authorities aren't telling us everytht g in public at is your sense of where this investigation is how much they know? >> well, certainly they know more than they are refilling. -- they are revealing. there is an intensive forensic evaluation going on right now in quantico. the fbi's laboratory. they are going to look at these devices, now 10 of them, which has been helpful for law enforcement because he ges you 10 times the opportunity to look
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at that for examining that, microscopically for dna, figure -- for finger prints,d hairs fibers, and for the chemical analysis. where are the wires and tapewe from, any source?er evaluating whee had the technical capability to build an explosive device and intended it to explode and they failed ot, -- they failed to, or whether thes was a device, these dev would have never exploded. so, the forensic piece. an intelligence piece which is looking at threat streams directed at all of these recipients to see if there is anything that coalesces that leads back to one pers who threatened each of these proposed victims. looking at the electronics, cameras, anything technica digital footprint that we leavei us, whether it is
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internet searches or cameras ino the arpackages. jane: what about a profile of who they might be looking for? >> i've addressed that issue in the last 24 hours more than any single topic. we're all wanting that profile.t but i think thr pieces of the investigation have to advance some before e out with that miracle profile that really is going to be something hi the middle probably som that we all expect. and what the investigators don't need is that profile to mislead them and say, this person does not fit the profile, so we should not prioritize them. they need thevidence to take them where this investigation is going to go. there are hundreds of them prepared to do this. ar team really an all- of law enforcement with who comprises the jttf's, the joint terrorism task forces. ythese agencies are all v capable on their own.
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and so we heard in the press conference they are now oned soam. we will see what kind of resulto they get in thng days. jane: how prevalent are threats to lawmakers in this country, and how do you know which stress - which throuts to take sey? >> there's a bit of an art and a science. serious threats are ted by the profilers and quantico that ksthe secret service has f doing that work as well. e fbi works closely with secret service as well as u.s. capitol police to cover our federarepresentatives. threats agait our elective representatives are very common. and the challenge what is a serious threat, what's a prosecutable threat? where do i allocate myesources in the face of a society were -- where first it is america, the constituents can communite
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with their electeds in an ugly way, including cuss words. they can do it pretty freely. it is not a threat. bit may be harsh langua it is not a threat. but internal investigators and intelligent folks are always t looking at theeats to see if something changed, did something elevate th that we have to send somebody out and knock on somebody's door or rest them because it is extremely threatening? it is a challenging because of volu. jane: thanks very much for joining us. in other news, the u.s. is expected to send hundreds of additional troops to its southern border. acretary mattis would come as caravan of 7000enal american migrants move to north of mexico. a tweet president trump said it was a national emergency and the migrants need to be stopped. the second of our
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special report on america's opioid crisis. it is a public health emergency which claims the11 life ever minutes due to an overdose. two years ago we profiled some of those in the grip of addiction. and tonight we have returned to see how anna, steve, and britney are doing in their struggles to get clean and stay tt way. >> i'm addicted to heroin. i want to stop, but i can't. >> i'm not going to die from is. i'm not not going to die from this. reporter: opioids are the biggest drug epidemic in american history. >> that is what sucks about this. tomorrow is not promised. the number of deaths from opioid abuse has skyrocketed over the past 15 years. >> it is not a poor people thi ymore, it is not an inner-city
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ghetto drug anymore. is everywhere. it is killing people everything -- every single day. of>> killing tens housands of americans every >> more aths from car accidents and from guns. reporter: when we first mets anna, she new resident on baltimore's back streets of addiction. >> little bit of a rush. reporter: two years later, and we find her on the same street. >> oh, god. i was missing something. reporter: she has just been reased from jail after spending two weeks for prostitution. that is two weeks of no heroin. still homeless and relying on handouts, anna is one of the many faces that are lost in the darkness of america's opioid crisis. >> i know that heroin can kill me. i know the consequces. i'm scared to shoot up again but i know i eventually are obably will.
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reporter: it didn't take lg. anna started prostitutingrs f for the money needed to buy drugs for herself and her is now back in the full grip of her addiction. >> we don't know what else to do, do you understand? like, when people break theirgs arm and e need rehab tol how to live er again.ta reporter: br had overdosed several times throughout her four years addiction before she was admitted to a rehab center in florida where we met her two years ago. >> the date resonates in my brn, march 19, 2016. that is when i got cling -- got clean. it washe most glorious expanse -- experience of my life. reporter: but, en in recovery, diction is a daily struggle. >> i was sick for three months.
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like throwing up consttly. i thought it was a bad flu. i got all these different test s done one of them was a pregnancy test. i remember her telling me that you are positive. i'm positive for what?e ld me i was pregnant and i merely started bawling. >> britney had a baby girl. beautiful, sweet, baby girl.nt about a after that, sadlyed britney relagain. i had the baby in my arms. i go in to the bathroom, and she passed out. gurgling and drooling from the mouth, leaning against the wall, sitting on the toilet. >> i came out of it to my mom holdg my baby on her arms on the phone with paramedics. >> anger, frustration again.
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and i really -- i was angry at her. >> thinking about my dauter. i felt like my daughter did not deserve me. she deserves better. i mean -- ah. >> one of the saddest things i would ever have to do would be to have to tell my grandmother -- my h granddaughter abo mother, that her mother was an addict. and she tried very hard to get past this addiction, but was unable to. and died from it. mporter: steve had hid rock bottom when we fir him and he was living in the same house where his friend died from an overdose must before. -- months before.
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>> seeing that scene, like, and it disgusts me, how i looked. could not even keep my eyes open. i could not form a sentence. -- got a hold of me. took everythinfrom me. i gave it, i gave it everything i had willingly. reporter: after rehab steve lucy -=- moved to kentucky with his girlfriend. found a job and is living a clean life. >> two years ago i could not even dream that i could be here doing what i'm doing. and as happy as i am. >> my story doesn't end here.
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this isn'the last time anyone is going to see me. i want my daughter to be proud of me. i want people to be proud of me. i want to be proud of . >> if was your mother right now what would you want to say to her? >> i would tell her i'm sorry. i can't tell her, hey, wait. a couple more years i'll get better. i don't know. that's what sucks aabout this --
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about this. tomorrow is not promised. r her or for me. when journalists jamal khashoggi disappeared from the udi consulate in his symbol three weeks ago authorities denied all knowledge of his whereabouts. meafter investigations ce they admitted he was murdered but they said, it had been annexed it. now the-- had been an accident. now they say was premedited.
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the director of the cia gina haspel has personally listen to aug.o recordings of the kill today in istanbul outside the conflict. -- outside the consulate. mark: over three weeks since jamal khashoggi was killed in the spot where he was last seen entering the consulate istanbul to friends and colleagues of his are holding a vigil at the spot. you can see they are holding candles, photos and posters with his face. there is one man who wast j seen in saudi traditional clothing with red paint on his hands,at a suggestion the saudi authorities have blood on loeir hands. these are people to jamal thatoggi who know litical deals might try to sweep some of us under the carpet. they are determined to keepre te presn the authorities and their demand for answers. ratcheting up the pressure today is reports that gina haspel, the director of the cia, has been played audio recordings
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chronicling jamal khashoggi's murder. leaks are very graphic suggesting you can hear screams, nte torture, the dismember of the body. the question now is is that the smoking gun and will that, on the basis of the recording, will they be able to trace it to the top levels of saudi state? turkey condent this was a planned murder. the saudi public prosecutor saying they believe it is the case based on the evidence they received from turkey but it was a premeditatedurder but still the question tonight on whose orders the saudi hit squad was operating. ♪ on sunday, the people of brazil will go to the polls and the second round of prtial elections. the country was once famous for his left-wing folitics in the of president lula da silva. with lula in prison for
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corruption many workers -- ters have swung to the right. jair bolsnaroe is expected t the top job. one oftson reports from the poorest parts of the katy: it feels like a victory rally. inne of the richest neighborhoods. people have not yet voted but you would think the caldidates had ady won. there i hatred for the workers party, corrupt politicians who brought brazil to its kne. bolsonaro, th say, i s chance for change. >> the young people they are very emotional and they believe goodsbeing good and shar for socialism and communism,
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isn't it maturity. poorest regions of brazil lives and attitudes are one million miles away from those beachfront condos. when he was head of the workers party lula lifted millions out of poverty. he lives down the road from where lula grew up. fernando haddad >> [speaking portuguese] best president we ever had. foran everyone, all brazi what bolsonaro has to offer. not even with a knife held to my neck and a revolver to my head will i vote for him. katy: not far away we visited a community. a group that bolsonar has singled out as being lazy and not fit for procreation. for the past 10 years, poor communities in rural areas like
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thisave been given access to light and electricity. over there there is a water tank for the community has free and easyccess to water. th are services that were given to them under the workers party, over former president lula. benefit that many worry could get taken away. s>> he ta about us as if we are he's shown his government will be one that violates rights and we will have nobody to appeal to. the workers party made mistakes. it was open for dialogue. we could challenge it. with bolsonaro, that won't happen. 1it's returning to th century. his supporters don't care. changes what matters. what that means for brazil's future, for their democcy is deeply uncertain. brazil posts after
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it is america's turn to cast ballotelin the midterm tions. following a number of explosive vices sent to senior democrats there have been calls toc cool thehetoric but the campaign rallies held by president trump and barack obama have revealed weal device. ent to both for this report. >> three words to describe barack obama. >> intelligent, encouraging and helpful. >> treasonous, traitor, corrupt. reporter: three words to describe donald trum >> racist, homophobic, and unkind. >> he is great. ♪ both donald trump and barack obama are back on the campaign trail to help their parties in these midterm congressional elections. fightent trump: we bacvk.
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k. reporter: the democrats about look into their past to boost their future but will it be a helpr hindrance? it depends on which support as you ask. -- which supporters you ask. what do you think about barack obama being back on the campaign trail? >> i think it is amazing. he is the most powerful speaker the democratic party right now. he still has a really good following. >> people really miss him. they realize the input he had in this country. if summary can get the job done, and someone could get people t to vote, it is barack obama. voting helps.a: what did yoump: think of president obama's speech? i said, i'm sorry,i watched it but i fell asleep. ♪ me whetheyoul think it is a good idea that barack obama is back on the campaign trail. >> it is a good idea for
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republicans and democrats to take a look at it and go, he was her red is for 8 years -- he was her red is for 8 years. >> obama like our previous presents have -- previous presidents have sold us down the river. >> we voted turmrump in. the forgotten peopleto up then. full faith they will stand up again. reporter: tell me one good thing you can say about republicans. able to.t >> all republicans are not bad. reporter: can you say one nice thing about the democrats? >> no. >> n one thing. nice acan i say. >> i just do not agree with their stance. jane: don't know what the answer is. doesn't loong like anyone will
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captioning sponsored by newshour productions, llc >> woodruff: good evening, i'm judy woodruff. on the newshour tonight, joe biden and robert deniro join the list of devices, as president trump blames the news media for a nation divided. then, money and power-- how saudi arabia's investments bought influence in the united states. plus, one on one with the secthretary of hend human services to discuss the trump administration's plan to lower thedr cost of prescription ugs. andtr, e savings-- financial advice from "mr. money mustache" on how he managed to retire at the agef 30. >> we just did a little bit leso than most pple of our income level and that was enough to sae it. the


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