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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  November 2, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> this is "bbc world news erica." >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, and kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. >> wow, that is unbelievable. ♪ >> stay curious. ♪
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[applause] >> and now, "bbc world news." rajini: this is "bbc world news america." reporting from washington, i'm rajini vaidyathan. it is a race to the finish line in the mterm elections. th just four days to go, the top guns are out in force trying to get voters to the polls. sanctions are coming declares president trump, putting iran on warning that the agreement made in the nuclear deal are dead. he may be the smartest man on -- fastest man on the planet, but usain bolt's dreams of acoming a professional footballer has hit serious speedbump. ♪
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rajini: t welcoour viewers on public television in america and around the globe. there are just four days to go chtil the midterm elections and the campaignule has gone into overdrive. both president trump and hisso predecbarack obama were out rallying supporters today in the hope they can increase inrnout on tuesday. one of the states visited most often and being watched wherelosely is missouri incumbent democrat claire mccaskill and republican josh hawy are locked in a bitter contest. reporter: democrat claire mccaskill needs l the help she can get. donald trump secured an easy victory in missouri. although no one wants to name him, he is still defining the agenda. >> the very character of our country is on the ballot this time out.
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>> we have some doors to knock. some phone calls to make. reporter: fighting in trump country, mccaskill defines herself as a moderate, not a liberal. that may not be enough to save her. >> we have to get outside our comfort zone. we have to talk to people we have never talked to before. reporter: which is why this erst-time democratic cand isetutting in the hours to g out the vote. >> hi, there. i'm patrice, your democratic candidatfor missouri. reporter: this voter says she is backing claire mccaskill but patrice agreeshe senator is not taking anything for granted. >> no, she is not, n should she. she is at this moment in time not a slamdunk for reelection. reporter: she has found it tters here to be a candidate conservatives can warm to. >> i'm a gun owner.lo me to talk about guns and weapons. i do too. t
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and, they liketalk about olrcumstances that i have been involved in as a pe officer, and i do too. reporter: there has been a surge of new voters registering in this county. o t they don't have ty for which party. conversing customers at this vintage car dealer, i have fou many are still driven by enthusiasm for mr. trump. you were nodding that you think energy is up for conservatives? >> i think so. i think the kavanaugh confirmation had a lot to do with that. the way they just kind of drug him through the swamp, try to belittle him. the guy with trying to qualify.r >> i with trump on some things, on some things i don't.f he can stathe tweeter a little bit, but you know how he feels about the subject. thporter: mccaskill or hawley? >> i have to go awley. reporter: local republican activists are not alone in
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'ying to boost josh hawles chances. >> iis an incredible honor t have president donald trump in missouri. it's amazing. reporter: the president will be back on monday, making this his st stop until election day. confident that he has the powers to help republicans haest those final vital votes. rajini: she joins us from st. louis a short while ago. donald trump held a campaign rally in missouri last night. he's also going back on the eve. of the midte how much will his personal presence make a difference to this race? philippa: the republicans are hoping donald trump will make all the difference or tip the balance because the polls are , owing in terms of this missouri senate sesh hawley, the challenger is pretty much neck and ne with claire mccaskill at the last big poll carried out by fox news.
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claire mccaskill said at the rally i was at fox news says they were neck and neck and she sounded like it was positive newsd this seat corn, it could go to the republicans. rajini: what issues do you think could swing it either way for this election? phillipa: really interesting. from the republican point ofs view, it'creasingly about national politics. josh hawley, the candidate, is totally with donald trump and has been talking about the dangers of immigration he has been talking about the beauty of the tax cut. the state of the economy. in a sen, he talks much about national politics and achievemen. if you are listening to the democratic side, they are saying, one, the big issue is affordable health care. they are sayinjosh hawley is a threat to affordable health care and access to that. they are also talking local and saying we care about things like the rights of union workers,
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rural post offices. claire mccaskill, they are saying, she proven herself by holding town halls across the state and making sure things get done in a local level. in a way, it is a difference of scale. it is the focus ty are bringing to this. rajini: how key is this seat for the democrats? how key is it for them to hang on it? philippa: it is absolutely crucial. the senate is currently 51-49, republicans toemocrats. democrats hoping to y ke over. if tnnot hold onto one of their own, one of the 49 seats then they really are in trouble. you see that for example in north dakota. you also see it here in missouri. no democrat i have met has said to me we've got it, it is in the bag. they are saying we need to konp on knockinoors and get our people energized. rajini: clely one to watch. philippa thomas, thank you. for more on the other races that
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can define election night i spoke a brief time ago with josh, the politics editor at the national journal. josh, let's start with florida. i will be covering results from florida next week. two big races. the senate race -- you havbill nelson against republican governor rick scott. ernor ise race for g fascinating as well. let's start with the senate. josh:ra hug. florida is always the swing state in american politics. one of the challenges rbl reans, namely governor rick scott running for the senate is how does he play president trump? does he invite him on stage or keepstistance? for f the campaign, he was keeping some distance but he invited him to the presidential rally this week because he needs to get republicans to show up. that suggests he is running a little behind. he needs that base even if it risks losing some of those moderate, suburban voters moving in the democrats' direction. rajini: let's move to the governor race.
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the mayor of tallahassee andrew gillum looking like he couldy deliver a victr the democratic party. josh: he would be the first african-american governor of florida. he is leading in the polls isthroughout. as been a very divisive race. racial lines in the race have been prominent. it is one that democrats feel they have the lead in. rajini: let's move west to the ate of arizona. key race, where immigration has been a really heated debate. josh: this is a senate race republican, and sinema, the democrat. she does not want to run on immigration. she wants to run on health care. on immigration, she wa conservative note because there are a lot of swing voters that real care about border security. mcsally is running a very nationalized campaign like you saw in misuri. the problem is arizona's much more competitive than missouri. it is much more suburban. democrats feel like they have gotten some momentum. pp president trump has seen his jobval tick down a couple
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of points in the wake of controversies and his response been good news for the democrats. rajini: let's move to the state of indiana. polls for that senate race looking close between the republicans jod democratss. : indiana is a state a lot like missouri.e it used toetty competitive and moving to the republicans' direction. stlls are close, but joe donnelly voted agaudge kavanaugh and his numbers are taking a tumble. if donnelly loses his seat, it is because the republican mike braun was able to make this race about values and the issues the kavanaugh confrontation brought up and not the economic issues of the state. rajini: let's move to the race in georgia. a lot of hollywood interest. sty abraham is the democratic candidate. oprah was in town. josh: vice president pence was in town. this is the biggest race in the country, the governor's ce. a statewide contest. the thing about this race -- there is a thirdth candidate on ballot. this is a contest that is very
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polarized. a very neck and neck contest. voting rigs has been a very big theme. it looks like neither candidate may get 50% wh a third-party ndidate taking votes. that means we could go to a december election with t president of united states wanting to weigh in on georgia. rajini: so many interesting races to watch. thank you for joining us. now that we have looked at the races, what about the themes prevailing in this election? for more on that, john dickerson, coanchor of cbs this inmo joined us earlier. it is great to have you with us. these els are the first big test of the trump presidency. what is at stake? josh: well, it is a pleasure to be with you. s what is ke is basically what are the next two years ofen the trump pres going to look like? this is the first time we get a real response from the voters who are really the oes who matter. we have had two years of poll results and punditry and now we
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get actual results from voters. will the house be controlled by republicans or democts? if the republicans hold it, thunders on the trump presidency if democrats control it, there will be a lot of investigations and you can imagine washington coming to a complete halt. how will the president react to thre? he tends tt to double force to things that threaten m. that could create a much more even improvisational presidency than we have seen or a focus overseas from a president thatet cannotone anything at home because he is being thwarted by the other party. you see a number of different things this could careen and we'll be sifting through the results on tuesday nig w waiting to sch way it goes. rajini: which issues do you think will help determine which way these elections go john: well, we only have a priminary indication at th moment because in the end, if the results turn a certain way you could say it is because this
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issue or that issue mattered. the two most imptant are the president's singular focus on the issue of immigration -- i should not say singular, but the overwhelming thrustis of both remarks and the energy of what he is saying. the washington post put it he is hitting every button on the dashboard of the presidency. is talking about endingbi hright citizenship through an executive order which is not possible, but something he is talking about. he is sending troops to the border to protect against the caravan that is 800 miles away. all of which is tofi take the of the presidency and align it towards an issue set he wants to talk about. will that turn out the kinds of voters in his party that he thinks, or will it nk? democrats have been focusing on the issue of health care we will see if they turn out their voters, having talked about that issue. has the president goosed one portion his constituency that might turn out in a state like montana which is having a senate race?
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then, does it turnut in a number of the house races which are in districts where the issue of immigration and the way the president talks about it might turn off some of the voters he is trying to appeal to rathe than bring them to the polls. rajini: john dickerson, thank you very much. make sure you join us onas tuesy he ballots come in for our special coverage. fraseray and christian will be heading the bbc results program. i will be joining them from florida. let's take a look at some of the date's other news. a top tursh official believes jamal khashoggi's body was dissolved in acid after being cut up. it comes after reports the saudi crown prince told the united states he considers the nalist to be a dangerous oulamist during a phone call that the white hse. mr. khashoggi was murdered exactly what one month ago, but his body has still not found. an australian cen being sentto 10 years for encouraging his wife's suicide.
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lly ille was not termi and the judge ruled he was motivated by her life insurance benefits. rth and south korea pressing ahead with a joint bid to cohost the limpid games in 20 -- olympic games in 2032. teams at the tokyo games ind 2020. the actor alec baldwin has been arrested in new york for reportedly punching a man over a parking space. police say the "30 rock" star was taken into custody in the incident which took place in the east village. baldwin has been in the spotlight lately for his impersonations opresident trump "saturday night live." police in china say the driver of the bus that plunged into a river, killing at least people, had been fighting with a passenger at the time. the bus smashethrough a guard rail and fell 50 meters into the river, as stephen mcdonald
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reports. epn: a passenger fighting with the driver in southwest d china a tragic accident with all onboard thought to be killed. she became angry when he would not stop and started attacking him, hitting the driver in the head with a phone. the bus swerved, struck an oncoming car, burst through a guard rail d plunged into the river. there were 15 people on the bus, recluding the driver. 13 bodies have beevered, but there are not expected to be any survivors. the powerful currents and poor visibility have hampered efforts by diving teams to find the last two passengers. police investigating incident from last sunday, released video footage from the black box recorder. it h shocked people in china who are used to seeing outbursts in public, not accustomed to them leading to such a terrible result.
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stephen mcdonald, bbc news. rajini: you are watching bbc world news america. still to come tonight, sometimes you have to let the spirit move you. that is how one congressman is describing his cpaign mood. ♪ rajini: for many years, japan has kept tight control on the number of foreigners allowed to work there but the falling birthrate combined with an aging population has created a labor shortage and the prime minister says it is time for a change. reports in the japanese media suggest as many as half a million unskilled workers could be allowed to come. currently, foregin workers only workers- foreig only make up 1.2 million of japan's workforce. rupert: k this is a committee can -- a significant
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change for japan which had inn the past bry resistant to the idea of greater immigration, greater influx of foreign labor. it is also an admission of thean reality that joes not have neough people to do the jobs that need to be that is because of long-term demographic change. since the 1970's, japan's birth rate has been well below replement. it is now around 1.4 per w oman. it also has the oldest population in the world. japan's life expectancy is about 85.5 years. that means you have a lot of old people and not enough young people to do the jobs. there is a labor shortage in omny areas of the japanese economy agriculture to constructionit to the hospit industry to looking after all of those elderly people. dosomething needs to b to bring more people in. up to now, japan has relied on a trainee systethat has allowed reigners to work part-time as trainees. that has been widely abused by
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unscrupulous employers. something needs to br done to furtgulate that and protect workers and increased numbers. if this legislation gets through, which it looks like it dll, it means japan will open thers to perhaps initially half a million foreign workers. ♪ rajini:t in a twat looks straight out of "game of thrones," president trump put iran on notice that sanctions are coming on november 5. it follows a white house decision to pull out of the nuclear deal negotiated in 2015. most of the other signatories to the agreement have worked to preserve it but since his days as a candidate, mr. trump has made it e of his key targets. for more, i'm joined by our state department correspondent,
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barbara. how sweeping are these sanctions? barbara: they are sweeping. iall the big stuff. it is the core sectors of iran'economy -- banking, energy. maximu pressure is what the americans call it. they want to force the iranians to strike a new deal. 700 individuals on the blacklist. particularly the oil sector targeted because that is 80% of the the amerdo not have much economic ties with iran. they have the economic muscle to force iran's customers, other countries to stop doing business. they haven't threatening to cut them out of the u.s. finthcial system i do, which has been effective. rajini: what other countries are the customers that get oil from iran? barbara: china andndia are the two biggest customers of iranian oil. the are others as well. the u.s. has decided to exempt other countries to allow iranian oil at reduced levels.
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eyave to worry about the dynamics of the oil market by trying to brinasit down as low hey can. they have not named the countries but we expect it will include india, turkey and japan. rajini: w this nuclear de not just a deal done between the u.s. and iran. there were other european countries that werpart of it. where does this leave them? barbara: in a difficult place. the europeans have been forceful about keeping this move. they are trying nc create a fil mechanism that will allow countries to get around the sanctions. the americans say it is not significant. the russians say they will continue with trade, although it is not clear how that will go. you have the chinese, they customers, not clear what they will do, but they have the ility to continuerade in a currency other than the dollar. none of these will be very effient. it will still provide cracks in the i unity whin could
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exploit. rajini: might be concerns, but we covered the 2016 campaign and rally after rally, donald trump said he was going to scrap the iran nucleareal. it is a job done as far as he is concerned. how will this play with his voters? barbara: he will po bably be ablee it at some extent. promise made, promise kept. he likes to look top with his adversaries. he likes theater. the state department has been quite theatrical as well. they have this countdown to sanctions on their website. i asked one of the officials if it is reallyecsary because the iranian people will suffer. it is like you are rubbing their noses in it. he said the iranian people know who to blame. rajini:an how will the n people suffer? barbara: the economy is already in a bad state. money is worth less. small businesses are having trouble getting rawrdaterials and currency.
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difficulty getting medicine, although there is humanitarian efforts that are still difficult. it will get a lot worse. rajini: thank you very much. he may have been the fastest man on the planet but usain bolt's dreams of becoming a professional football player as a serious hurdle. -- olympics bringhampion sprinting champion was on contract with an australian club but contract efforts have failed reporter: this is probably theof ensain bolt's football fairytale in australia. it appears to be money, not ability that forced the olympic champion to leave the centralrs coast mari. the club offered the jamaicant legend a conthat was well below his reported wage demand of more than 1.5 million pounds. third-party sponsorship could not be found and the mariners who finished bottom of australia's "a" league last season have thanked bolt for his dedication. >> it was great to see usain ow so much with us.
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we said before he came that we know he was going to be a fast learner and he showed that. the goals he scored will go down in history and he has that to take around theld wornd leave as a realfo credihis football ability. reporter: his ability has been under intense scrutiny. the former republic of ireland striker andy kio said the former sprinter's first touch was like a trampoline and would never make it as a footballer. his box office aeal is beyond ubt. a crowof almost 10,000 people turned out to watch bolt in a preseason friendly for the mariners. october, he turned down two-ye deal. rajini: i probably should not say this but the back usain bolt is not perfect fttball is a reminder is he is not the superhuman we think he is.
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he is just like the rest of us. one v last fieo we have to show you and this is my favorite video of the day. teduring these m elections, there has not been a lot to dance with, but yesterday georgia congressman john lewis showed us he has got the moves. ♪ rajini: just look at that. the civil rights icon was attending a ray for the state's governor's race when it turned into a dance party. look at him go he is 78 years old. the congressman encouraged ople to vote like they have never voted before. he is certainly proving that gncampg in these midterm elections can still be a bit of fun. you can find more on all of the website andn our
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all the coverage leading up to tuesday's midterm elections. have a lovely weekend. thanks for watching "world news america." ♪ >> with the bbc news app, our gnvertical videos are desi to , rk around your lifestyle you can swipe your way to the news of the day and stay up-to-date with the latest headlines you can trust. download now from selected app stores. >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, pursuingr foundatio solutions for america's neglected needs. ♪ >> what are you doing? >> possibilities. your day is filled with them. and pbs helps everyone discover theirs.
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