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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  December 24, 2018 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> this is "bbc world ne america." fundg of this presentation i made possible by the freemafoundation, and kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and now, "bbc world news." >> this is "bbc world news." am lewis vaughan jones. heour top stories --eath toll in indonesia tsunami rises to 373 as the recovery work continues.
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>> teams from the military and search and rescue teams are here clearing away the rubble to make ery for will be a slow rebuilding process lewis: but even as they search, t ere are warnings that another huge wave could astal areas as the anak krakatau volcano continues to seethe. gunmen storm a government building in kabul, killing 28 people and wounding 20 more. another bruising day on wall street as stocks close down on the worst christmas eve trading day ever, and president trump once again attacks the federal reserve. ♪ ♪ holy infant lewis: one of the best-known christmas carols celebrates its 200th birthday.
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lewis: hello, and welcome to "bbc world news." indonesia's disaster agency says 373 people were killed by the tsunami that swept through daon sat more than 1400 people were injured and 128 remain missing. thousands of people who live on the islands of java and sumatra have brced to evacuate to higher ground.rn there are gs that more eruptions at the anak krakatau volcano could trigger more deadly waves, as rebecca henschke reports. earebecca: rescue workers away the rubble in a race to find a survivors. in this villa, none have been found.
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villas like this one right on chanceore didn't stand as the huge waves hit. this the state of the swimming pool and the villa now. teams from the military and search and rescue teams are here clearing away the rubble to makh hy fo will be a slow rebuilding procee. the tsunami hit this popular local tourist destination at night without warning. the national disaster agency is -- admitted the detection system has been broken since 2012. when the president visited to inspect the relieffforts here, he faced some tough questions and vowed to do better. >> we don't know yet for sure where the source of the tsunami was. it is still being checked. in the future, relevant agencies will provide detectionpm
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eqt, systems that can give warning to everyone. rebecca: that comes too late for tese families, here to find enved ones amongst dead. those identified tway in ambulances. others, like this man, are still searching. >> we are not at peace. we just wa in some way.d to us we are preparing ourselves to accept the worst. rebecca: the vocist of the band seventeen that was performing on stage whenhe tsunami hit is here to put h wife to rest. posting this video on social media, he says "we are traveling again together, my love." authorities are warning it may not be over yet, telling people
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to keep away from the beaches e to fears that ongoing activity from the anak krakatau volcano could trigger a new tsunami. lewi let's talk to a volcanologist now. it is frustrating for so many people that we cannot seem to get proper advan warning system for an event like this. why is that? >> an event like this is not even really like the tsunamis you get from the earthquake. there is really no good way to forecast or even detect in timec a volcly-induced landslide event, which is what this seems to have bee and anak krakatau is so close to the shore that even if ere was an early warning system in place, the warning would be so
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short, maybe a few minutes, it is hard to know what difference it would make. it would help, but the volcano is really close to the shore, the outcome ofhe problem. >> that is putting so many lives at risk. that whole area -- talk to us about the dangers of living on the coast in that area. >> the entire country has a very complex coastline that makes itw fo verbal to plenty of ash that makes it --that makes it vulnerable to palnty of geologazards, tsunamis as well. this hazard with a tsunami in this particular area, there are a few papers -- there is one from 2012 that pretty much weplains entirety of event saw happen a couple days ago. the oblem really is that, a, people on e shore and property developed on the shore, and there was no warning, and it is always going to be dangerous in this respect.
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the best people can really do is educate themselves on the hazards that do exist, you know even though the lack of warning took everyone by surprise. lewis: people obviously there and rescuers included arehe looking atikelihood of the chances of another event triggering another wave. i these things work wheref you have one it increases the likelihood of another? >> it is actually really hard to ecause you cannot really generalize from one situation to another. unfortunately, each system is completely unique. one of the problems with this is that it is a young volcano, actually. it is 101 years old, which is young for a volcanome, whics there is not much data on the prior eruption history. tie hownnn explosive eruption is to the
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likelihood of another collapse. it is really hard to tell, so essentially the authorities aren keepinye on it and as a caution telling people not tosh return to the because it is possible there will be another tsunami generated the same way but we are not sure precisely how the tsunami was generated. there is a lot of questions, so the best thing rights just an abundance of caution. lewis: indeed. thank you for your analysis and expertise. thank you. next, at least 28 people have reportedly been killed in kabul after reports of multiple explosions in the vicinity of two government ministries. the attacks started with a suicide car bomb blast at the entrance. gunmen tn stormed the building. afghan security forces have reportedly rescued more than 300 people held hostage by the militants. the bbc's kabul editor gave us is update. reporter: after seven hours of gun battle, the area is called
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clear of completely, and the attack that happened just before the home time for this -- in this government building, and as multiple two explosions followed by a gunbattle. the spokesperson said seven peopleere involved in the attack. the first designated the -- the firstnated one detonated the explosives at the entrance gate and 4 others and the operation took seven hours room by room clearing up operion. it was a fully packed building. the department for the disabled rsin the very attack, as it happened, 200 employees were rescued from the emergency exits.he 350 , it took seven hours. they were safely taken out of thbuilding.
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during the attack, the people who were trapped hadke in refuge into ilets and basements, and two of those people contacted me and said how terrified they were in this building. there were children, women, and some people who are customers of this department d referred that day. the attack shocked kabul residents. after some few weeks of quiet, this happened right in theeart of the city, not very far fromth presidential palace and ministry of defense. in fact, after quite some months, this is the first car bomb attack. ioa few months ago the int ministry introduced several layers of checkpoints with sniffing dogs that should have prevented the car bombs inside any circle of the ci
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but this one came as a big shock. lewis: that was the latest from kabul. u.s. closed down another 2.8%. the drop follows the worst week for american stocks in a decade. monday, president trump took to twitter to blame the u.s. central bank, the federal reserve, saying he does -- saying idoes not have a feel for the market. he tweeted, "the fed is like a powerful golfer who cannot score because he has no touch. i spoke to our business reporter on why he would be attacking the federal reserve. reporter: this is a criticism we have heard from the president b many timore. we have seen that the stockn market has blling the last several weeks, and the president really blames the federal reserve and their policy of
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raising interest rata big reason for these falls. president trump has invested a lot of political capital into how the stock market doe back in 2016, immediately after the presidential election, and in 2017, we saw a lot of record his on u.s. markets. in 2018 we have not been seeing the same thing. a big part of what the president believes is the problem is at the fed, which has bn tweetted in that lewis: if it is or isn't, what are the other possible reasons we have seen this dip wee past ?in samirahe case of what happened today, we saw a significant plummet on the dow jones industrial average. down some 650 points, almost 3%. that has to do with wh happened over the weekend. saw that u.s. treasury secretary steve mnuchin, in a bid to calm the jittery markets, put out a statement saying that he spoke to six of the largest u.s. banks, and don't worry,
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theyave plenty of cash on ha to shore up the u.s. economy if need be. the only trole is u.s. investors were not worried about that at all. all mr. mnucn ended up doing is perhaps injecting even more fear. beey were not worried about that re, but now u.s. investors are left thinking, what is it we don't know that mr. mnuchin does? lewis: plenty of turbulence on the market. ok, let's look at the other stories making the news now. a u.s. judge ruled that north korea must pay half $1 billionag in d for torturing and killing americanwa student otto bier. he died last year days after being released from a north korea prison he was arresd in january 2016 for stealing a propaganda sign. pyongyang has dismissed claims of torture. generals to hold a election in april seven months before it is due. there is disagreement within
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prime minier benjamin netanyahu's coalition over a bill over ultra-orthodox jewis men serving in the military. the prime minister has a one-seat majority in the israeli parliament and is under pressure over a series of corruption investigation. mount etna in sicily has erupted, sending a huge column causingn the sky and the closure of catania air irt on tand's eastern coast. the volcano is europe's largest and most active and can burst into action several times a year. there are no reports of any injuries. the body of a seven-year-oldte girl who died being detained by u.s. border agents has been returned to guatemala. jackelin caal and her father were in a group of 60 migrants -- of more than 160 migrants handed over to u.s. border december new mexico she died less than 48 hours later. next, actor kevin spacey is due to appear in court next month,
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where he will face charges of indecent assault and battery following allegations of an 18-year-old man. mr. spacey, who starred in "the usual suspects," "american beauty," and the netflix drama "house of cards" has faced a number of similar allegations. 'gary odonoghue is in washington for us. what are the allegations? acry: the charges relate to an alleged incidentin 2016 in a bar in nantucket. kevin spacey is accused of18 plying aear-old man with drinks and indecently assaulting him. there is also a battery charge. there was no complaint made to d lice at the time, but when allegations star emerge about mr. spacey last year, this teenager with his mother, who is a local newsreader, came forward and made a complaint tpolice and that has been proceeding ever since. if you remember leen the first
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tions came out against mr. spacey, he apologized for what he had done in a particular case and came out as gay and support of his problems sulted from trying to keep his life private. there has been about two dozen separate allegations made against him. one case in los angeles was recently thrown out because of the statute of limitations. this is the first case to comehe an near court. he has been dropped from the hit netflix drama "house of cards." he has not made any comment about the court hearing. we tried to contact his lawyers. he has posted a rather bizarre video on youtube where he assumes the character of frank tderwood, the evil presid from "house of cards," talks to the camera in that sort of typical way that frank underwood does, and appears to address the viewer not specifically about the case but urg them not to
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believe anything without the evidence and without the facts. police in london as well are still investigating a mber of allegations against him in connection with his timear as stic director at the old vic. this arraignment hearing will take place on the seventh of januar lewis: ok, gary o'donoghue in washington, thank you. do stay with us on "bbc world news-- still to com ♪ lewis: one of the best-known chrimas carols is 200 years old. we will hear about two centuries of "silent night." >> the world of music has been paying tribute to george michael, who died om suspected heart failure at the age of 53. ionsold well over 100 mi albums in a career spanning three decades. >> united states troops haveen trying to overthrow the
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dictatorship of general mental --ll general manuel vas he a got. -- pentagon's general general manuel noriega. the pentagon said it failed in its principal objective of edying to capture noriega and take him to the untates to face drug charges. >> in its place, the russian flag was hoisted over what is now no longer the soviet union but the commonwealth of independent states. >> day breaks slowly in lockerbie with the cockpit nose down in the soft earth. you can see what happens when a plane 8 stories high and a football pitch wide falls from s ,000 feet. >> business retu albania after a communist ban lasting 20 years. there were anti-communist riots 10 days ago. lewis: this is "bbc world news." latest headlines --
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the death toll in the indonesian tsunami has risen to 373, amid warnings another wave could hit. afghan security forces have g lled three gunmen who stormed a government build kabul, killing at least 28 people. a court in pakistan has sentenced former prime minister nawaz sharif to seven years in .ison on corruption charg the accountability crt in islamabad indicted him in august 2017 for holding assets beyond his known sources of income. mr. sharif's supporters say the case is politically motivated. reporter: the atmosphere in islamabad was highly charged, and as soon as the decision was announced, mr. sharif was f arrestm the court premises. some party leaders and his supporters who managed to speako despite exceptlly high security were also present in ioe court and started chanting slogans at the decwas announced.
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it was part of an ongoing investigatn. mr. sharif appeared before the court 134 times during the hearing of these cases. he has always matained his innocence and claims that these cases are politically motivated. however, the prosecutors claim that mr. sharif failed to present a money trail for hisfo s. today the accountability court has sentenced mr. sharif to seven years in prison andn a $5 millne. another r a flagship investment company. >> the grim verdict against the politicians announced in itpakistan today were in an to another dark chapter in the country. we resct the court, but the public and history will not accept this decision. reporter: security outside the
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court remained on high alert. almost 1000 troops were deployed in and around the premises, and a large number omr. sharif's supporters and journalists were not allowed to enter the court. analysts in pakistan do't expect widespread protests over mr. sharif's arrest, but they ndbelieve it will impact reshape the political landscape of the country lewis: queen elizabeth will urge people to treat each other with respect in her nual christmas message on tuesday. buckingham palace has released some excerpts, with the queen saying that the message of peace on earth and goodwill to all is never out of date. here's our royal espondent nicholas witchell. nicholas: throughout her reign, the queen has been notably cautious whenever it comes to making a comment which could be construed as an obsee ation about litical debate.
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but with the nation divided over brexit, it would be strange if the head of state in her one personal message of the year did not make some attempt ress people's concerns. her christmas message was recorded earlier this month at buckingham palace, when the brexit debate in parliament was at its height. in the broadcast she will sayve this -- with the most deeply held differences, treating the other person with f respect and aslow human being is always a good first step towards greater understanding." the context of those remarks is not clear from what buckingham palace has released. it may be doubted whether the queen has said anything explicit about brexit, but the palace releasing these few words and a reference to the need for christmas goodwill to be heeded could be construed as an attempt to soothe brexit debate. wis: pilgrims from around the
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worldth gathered to in bethlehem. reporter: we have choirs entertaining the crowd and the palestinians scout them. jerlier, the scouts escorted church leaders frosalem into bethlehem ahead of the midnight mass at the nativity church. there has actually been a church on that site since the fourth centy. that gives you an idea of how bethlehem has been reliant on religious toism for its economy. according to the palestinian ministry of tourism, this has been a record year for the number of visitors visitheg beth often, ofri course, t does take a hit because of flareups in violence and the israel-palestinian conflict. last year a lot of parties werel ca after president trump recognized jerusalem as israel'u capital wiacknowledging palestinian claims to the eastern part of the city, which
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the palestinians want as the capital of their future promised state. people really do nt to come out and party. they say that christmas must be a joyful time, happy time, and you here. evidence around lewis: let's stay with christmas. the carol "silent night" is celebrating its 200th birthday. it was first perform in austria in 1818. reporter: it is one of the world's favorite christmas carols. "silent night," or "stille nacht " as it is known in german. >> oh, i think it is the best christmas song ever. >> it is familiar. we learned when were child. and everyone sings it. reporter: the carol is 200 years
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old this christmas and it comes from austria. this is where "silent night" was was first sung on christmas eve 1818. the iginal church does not exist anymore. it was badly damaged by floods at the end of of the 19th century. chapel was built in its place. a priest called seph mohr wrote the words. he asked franz xaver gruber to compose the melody. according toen leg the church organ had broken down. chewing theice bellows. so they had to sing it with this guitar. historians believe that the mice and broken organ are just a myth. >> more people friendly, with ae inst which was very common outside the church, you can take the guitar wherever you go.t
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reporter: "silght" quickly spread across europe and into the united states. it was sung across the trenches during the first world war. for many people, it isl imply the caich means christmas. that has got you feeling festive, happy christmas to you. i am lewis vaughan jones, and you are watching "bbc world news." th >> wi the bbc news app, our fertical videos are designed to work and your listyle, so you can swipe your way through the news of the day and stay up-to-date with the latest headlines you can trust. download now from selected app
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stores. >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, and kovler foundation, pursuin solutions for america's neglected needs. >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles.
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