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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  December 25, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>> this is "bbc world news america." funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, and vler foundation, pursuin solutions for america's neglected needs. and now, "bbc world news." ben: hello, this is "bbc world news." i am ben bland. -- top stories indonesia lays out plans to rnbuild a new g system capable of detecting landslides.
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the death toll from saturday's tsunami rises to 420. an eight-year-old boy froms guatemala becoe second child to die this month in the custody of the american immigration authority after being detained crossing the u.s.-mexico border. the pope appeals for peace in conflict and syria in his annual christmas address from the vatican. in his christmas message, president be no end to the shutdown unless funding is secured for his u.s.-mexico border wall. prdid thident put his foot in it by asking a seven-year-old if she believes in santa? ben: hello, welcome to "bbc world news."
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the indonesian government has announced it will a new tsunami warning system as the number of people known to have dd in the saturday tsunami has risen to 429. heavy rains hampering the rescue efforts, with aund 16,000 people on the islands of java and sumatra being evacuated to higher ground. there are fears that further eruptions of the anak krakatau volcano could trigger more deadly waves. naval vessels deployed have found bodies washed out to sea. tsunamis this year have exposed the fact that much of the early-warning system wasn't working due to damaged by fishing boats or theem. the new syill measure the size of waves, enabling it to detect tsunamis caused by undersea landslides. this report from the coast of west java. tporter: three days after tsunami struck indonesia, the country is slowly coming to
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terms with the scale of the tragedy. the governmentas turned its attention to proding relief to ousands of people who have lost their homes. several centers have been set up to collect food and clothing. leading the relief and rescue operations is this commander. he says progress has been difficult. >> the challenge will be mostly because of the weather right now. it is raining and thundering. we try hard, searching the shore. reporter: a few kilometers away, tommy was supposed to busy christmas. but it has turned out to be emy. his beach-facing resort was shattered when a strg wave powered its wathrough the doors on the night of the tsunami. in this muslim-dominated country, tommy is from the christian minority, and on a day
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he should be celebrating, he is busy picking up pieces of his retirement pla >> i was with my guests when i saw a huge wave that went over the yard. i shouted, "this might be a tsunami." i asked the people to move to the second floor. the next wave came so quickly that guests were dragged all the way to the road. reporter: the special forces are still jointly conopcting rescue ations with the national search agency across the affected regions. we have been following the rescue teams for the last hour. m they have been going froe beacftto another, trying to si through the debris to look for more survivors. there are still many people missing. the team is optimistic and hopeful even though they realize that this has been a year of disaster forndonesia. the president has ordered the installation of a new advanced tsunami warning syst. in a country which has been prone to natural disasters i, recent yearsthis could avoid a
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future large-scale loss of life. ben: people in areas affected by the tsunami are looking for ways to find some kind of normality in their lives, however fleetingly. as the rescue operation continues, some hit by the tragedy have been gathering in local churches for small christmas congregations. reporter: shining a light during the darkest of times. a mmunity comes together t deal with loss at christmas. but whe this brave congregation may seem defiant in the face of tragedy, almost no one here seems untouched by it. >> we usually celebrated with joy and festivities, but with a tsunami, we can only pray humbly and not celebrate much for this year's christmas. reporter: when the tsunami
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destruck, it took res here by surprise. no one could have imagined the scale of destruction that was to take so many lives and leave a quiet tourist destination changed forever. >> during the tsunami, we were in the church rehearnd preparing for today's mass. we heard that the tsunami was coming, but we tried to find accurate information ae was no tsunami warning from the government agency. once it struck, we tried to help whoever we could. reporter: bulife must carry on for survivors this enormous tragedy. a stoic christmas message from a community looking to do with -- deal with their loss at a time when they were meant to be celebrating. ben: president trump has said the partial shutdown of the federal government is going to last until he gets the funds to build a wall with the mexico border. the shutdown began midnight on friday.
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democrats resisted the coesident's demand for $5 billion for the meorder wall. here's mr. trump speaking to reporters earlier. pres. trump: i can't tell you when the government is going to be ope i can tell you it is not going to be open until we have a wall, fence, whatever they would like to call it. i will call it whatever they want. ben: an eight-year-old guatemalan boy has died after being detained by united states border agents. the u.s. customs and border protection says the boy and s father were in custody on christmas eve when an agent noticed the child showing signs of illness. the cause of death is not known. it is the second incident this month of a migrant child dying after being detained. m earlier thth, mexico agreed to a plan by the trump administration that minns people seasylum in u.s. stay in mexico while the applications are being processed. they are now spending christmci in the islan of tijuana, and conditions conditions are
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geing worse. will grant reports. will: samuel's family imagined they would be building lives in the u.s. rather than attempt in -- than a tent in mexico. not anymore. under new rules they must remain in mexico in such fln sy accommodat they wait on their asylum applications. the change was a temporary measure for humanitarian reasons, the foreign ministry said. xico is considered a safe third country. how safe, though? uranecent days, two hondte agers from the caravan were killed. we saw samuel and the baby often on their journey. anthey are typical of migrt families -- poor, exhausted, and fleeing the threat of violence. ving risked everything t reach this point, they are .luctant to turn back now they know they can spend months if not years waiting in one of mexico's most dangerous cities.
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>> we can't go back because we have had dth threats from ngs in honduras. they came to the house looking for me several times, so we had to escape. will: as the weeks of hardship take their toll, food is scarce and conditions unsanitary. the city has opened a second migrant shelter, but it isn't enough. there is an increasingly large mber of people who will be stuck in these conditions and this legal limbo not just during christmas, but well into next year. hundreds have already returnedal to centrmerica, and the mexican authorities are encouraging others to do thed same, to heame for christmas. this decision on asylum has caught many off guard. >> how can you ask for asylum from one country and be in another? it doesn't make sense. d will: president trump hae old system, calling it catch and release. this change is what he wanted from mexico. for those trapped at the border, though, the new agreement made a bleak christmas even tougher.
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will grant, bbc news, tijuana. ben: a freelance reporter who focuses on border and immigration issues joins us now from el paso. good to have you with us. with this situation of the boy who died on christmas eve, we understand that he was given hospital treatment. w what more know about the case? >> he was. so, he was taken to a hospital in new mexico, about 100 miles north of where we are here in el paso, and was treated at the hospital, had a respiratory infection. they were going to release him, and thenhey noticed he had a fever so they kept him another 90 minutes or so and gave him antibiotics and nt him back with the border patrol to be returned to what appears to a very small holding cell that is
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set up at one of these small cells that are really designed to hold adults for a few hours while the paperwork is processed. they've never been designed to hold families and children and certainly not to holsick children ben: this is not the first case even this month of a child dying in custody. robert: this is the second case. both children who were in new mexico when they fell ill -- new mexico is adjacent to el paso. the first death inarlved a seven-ld guatemalan girl named jackeline caal. she became ill on december 6 and was taken to a hospital in el paso, where unfortunately she passed away. both children showed similar symptoms. i don't know what to make of
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that. a they hough and then developed a very high fever quickly and began vomiting. by the time they were taken to hospital, the doctors were not able t wsave them. bet is the situation with those who are making their way through central america and mexico to try to get to the u.s. to seek asylum? at one point they caravans were very much at the top of the news agenda. things seem to have gone a little quiet in recent time. rort: well, i think that is because the trump administration has gotten never been focused on what is happening in tijua and the situation of communities like el paso and mcallen inte s have totally been ignored. we have been having thousands of migrants a week coming into el paso, and behind me right now,an immigratiocustoms anforcement is offloading about 200 central amerigrants to be cared for in el paso for the next couple of days until they can be connected with their
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families. we have a huge humanitarian issue going on here inw l paso right at is not getting much coverage. these desperate migrants from central america are coming up through mexico, and although the focus has been on san diego and tijuana, the bulk of them have been crossing in the states of texas and new mexico, and we have this awful situation developing where el paso is running out of space to houseed and hem. there are volunteers gatheringgh behind me now to help feed icout 200 people who had just been dropped off bin downtown el paso. many of these people are showing respiratory infections. they are sick, they have come on a long journey. the ather is cold. so it is terribly sad that we have had two children die, but it would be naïve to say this isn't expected. these children have ma very dangerous journeys to try to flee violence and poverty.
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they are coming into and immigration enforcement system in the united states that simply is not equipped to handle families and children, even though we have known this is tho famigration on our southern border for the past four years. we still have an immigration system that is desigled to stop siexican men from coming to seek work. that is not what is happening m w -- ben: robert, i'raid we're going to have to leave it there. thanks very much for speaking to us. robert: thank you very much. ben: pe francis has stressed the need for love between people of all races and religions in his traditional christmas message. addressing the thousands who gathered in st. peter's square, orshipers toto embrace other cultures and soul -- and to celebrate diversity. the world's humanitarian disasters, as james reynolds reports from rome.ja s: on christmas day, a pope can enjoy the luxury of the world stage largely to himself.
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at midday in blinding sun, vatican bands heralded francis' entrance onto the balcony of saint peter's basilica. the pope addressed the pilgrims and tourists in the square below. he called for a resolution of conflicts in the middle east, africa, latin america, and asia. he also sent a message to minority christian commuties. pope francis: a particular thought goes to our brothers and sisters who celebrate the birth of the lord in difficult if not hostile situations. especially where the christianhe community isinority, oftenot vulnerable, oraken into account.
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james: the high ceremony of the traditional christmas address is a short breather from some of the problems facing the. th year, francis has been criticized for his failure to understand the scope of the clerical sexual abuse crisis. the pontiff has asked bishops from around the world to come to this city early next year to work out how to respond. james reynolds, bbc news, ro. ben: 40 migrants have beensc d from boats in five separate incidents in the english channel. this follows a series of recent attempt by migrants to cross the channel by boat to reach the u.k. the bbc's sarah campbell tells us more. sarah: we know there has been a recent upsurge. the home office produced a statement at the end of november saying there has been an upsurge of people trying to cross the
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english channel, and last night or ear this morning there was absolutely a spike, an unprecedented number, really, 40 people, all in small vessels. there was one picked up from dover that had 12 men and a child on it. were foundnd a gi elsewhere. there was another dinghy with eight passengers found on it. and then a rowing boat. very small vessels. there is speculation -- also been very mild, so in terms of waiting for a weather window, last night would have been a good one, so that might've encouraged more out. interesting point, we haven't got the nationality of all of the 40, although we do know that there were at least nine anians. that is quite significant, because there was a big news story in october 2017, serbia allowed visa-free travel for
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iranian people to come to serbia. it was for tourism purposes, but one in 40,000 people outstayd their visas ke their way into the european union and it is thinking that some of these people are coming across to try to get into britain. that might explair this spike in ians. the bbc did an investigation at the end of last month at a campi in co they spokeugglers and it seemed to be the impression they were giving people is you need to get across now itcause with brappening in march, you don't know what will happen with the borders. again, that might explain why there suddly seems to be this upturn in numbers. ben: presumably if there is this spike, there will be increased coast guard activity on others trying to make the same treachous journey. sarah: absolutely. the home oice has been clear today that they been working more closely with french authorities and there are more coastal patrols. there have been -- i got a statement at the end of last month saying exactly the same thing, that they think this is organized criminal gang
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activities, smugglers organizing these groups to get across the authorities are well aware of it. but obviously, people are getting through. ben: sarah campbell speaking to me earlier. let's bring you some of the day's other news. lerian air defenses have intercepted so-chostile targets near damascus according to local state media. witnesses reported h loud explosions in the syrian capital. the nature of the targets is not ear. a lebanese news agency says israelwarplanes held mock raids above southern lebanon. thailand' to approve cannabis for medical use. recreational use will remain illegal. marijuana was used inil td as a traditional medicine until it was banned in the 1930's. a lawmaker calls it a news yea'' gift to the thai people. there have been demonstrationshe inudanese capital on the seventh day of antigovernment
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protests. ana crowd marched to dthe resignation of president omar al-bashir. there were scuffles with police, sporadic gunfire, and arrests. on monday, the president promised to deliver real reform. stay with us on "bbc world news." still to come, the queen delivers her annual christmas melage, saying goodwill to is needed as much as ever. >> the world of music has been paying tribute to george michael who died from suspected heart failure at the age of 53. he sold well over 100 million albums in a career spanning more than three decades.>> he united states troops have been trying to overthrow the dictatorship of general manuel noriega. the pentagon said it failed inci its prinpal objective to capture him and take him to the united states to face charges. he hammer and sickle was hastily taken away.
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in its place, the russian flag was hoisted over what is no longer the soviet union but the commonwealth of independent states. >> day broke slowly over lockerbie as t cockpit nose down in the soft earth. you can see what happens when a plane eight stories high and a football pitch wide falls 30,000 feet. >> business returns to albania after a communist ban lasting 20 years. thousands went to midnight mass where there wereun anti-commist riots 10 days ago. ben: hello, i am ben. this is "bbc world news." indonesia has confirmed they willng buy a new tsunami warni instem after the number of people who died the latest disaster rose to nearly 430. president trump has said the partial shutdown of the u.s. federal government will last until he gets fund oto build a wathe mexico border.
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the queen has used her christmas message to call for people to treat each other with respect and civili. her majesty said the christian message of peace on earth and goodwill to all is needed as much as ever. the royal family gathered for the traditional ristmas day service with hundreds of well-wishers to see them. prince philip and the duchess of cornwall did not attend. here is our royal correspondent nicholas witchell. nicholas: morning service on the -- at the church, and the queen without the duke of edinburgh this year -- officials say he is in perfectly good health but is taking things quietly. much attention ineviombly on the ne, the duchess of sussex, and close attention on the interchanges between her and the duchess of cambridge. newspapers have been suggesting tat meghan and kate have been getting on. no sign of tension on this christmas morning. the queen departed by car,
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leaving the duchesses to dip, or almostcase of megha touch the ground. and then the private secretaries became flower guterres as the royals made their way to seet some of the people who had been waiting te them. it is the younger generation to the fore now -- harry andan megh, and kate and william. then, flower duties completed, it was back to settle down for lunch and the queen's christmas broadcast. the queen recalled the centenary of the armistice which ended the verst world war, a conflict in which her father sin the royal navy. and th to more recent family matters. queen elizabeth: closer to home, it has beea busy year for my family. [cheers and applause] queen elizabweh: with two ings and two babies and another child expected soon. it helps to keep a grandmother well occupied. nicholas: and then a sentence about the unifying power of the commonwealth.
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these are the words seen as an e oblique pi advice to opposing sides in the brexit debate. equeen elizabetn with the most deeply held differences, treating the other person with respect and as a fellow human being is always a good first step towards grsater nicholasfinished with a reference to the story of queen elizabeth: i believe his message of peace on earth andis goodwill to alever out of date. it can be heeded by everyone. it is needed as much as ever. nicholas: nothing explicit, no direct reference to brexit and the broadcast. -- in the broadcast. but the palace is hoping that the queen's carefully chosen eswords about goodwill andct will be heeded by everyone caught up in the brexit debate. nicholas witchell, bbc news, at buckingham palace. ben: donald trump is in hot water -- this time not with other politician, but santa claus himself.
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here is how. despite a partial u.s. government shutdown, one agency that has not ground to a halt is norad, a joint u.s. and canadian government on chrisve it has a santa tracker -- that is what it looks like. young and old can follow the movements of father christmas as he delivers presents around the world. american children can also call it to talk to its employees, and some of those calls get patched through to the president and his wifeap that is whatned to one girl named coleman. have a listen to her conversation with mr. trump. prestrump: are you still a believer in santa? at seven it is marginal, right? ben: as if he needs to ask. of course she believes in we all do. before we go, a special delive has been received at the flamingo land resort in junorth yorkshir in time for christmas. this baby giraffe was born r
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during t-up to the festive period.s staff posted tcture of the calf and its mother. the new arrival, a mof an endangered giraffe subspecies, is already up and about, apparently. there are only a few hundred of the specs remaining in the wild. gather that mother and baby, or mother and calf, are doing well. don'torget, you can reach me and some of the team on twitter. thank you for watching. >> with the bbc news app, our vertical videos are designed to work and your lifestyle, so you can swur way through the thws of the day and stay up-to-date with e latest headlines you can trust. download now from selected app stores.
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>> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, and kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles.
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