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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  December 31, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>> this is "bbc world news america." funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation,er and kooundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs.wo and now, "bbc d news." ."rin: this is "bbc world news i am karin giannone. our top stories -- the u.n. the says food aid in yemen on which millions of ople depend has been stolen. the search for survivors after
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an apartment blockn central russia is devastated by a gas explosion. at least four people are dead, 35 missing. democratic senator elizabeth warren gives the clearest signal t that she wants to run for the u.s. presidency in 2020. sen. warren: opportunity for too many of our young people is shrinking. so i am in this fight all the way. >> celebrations around the world taking place to welcome new year 2019. karin: hello, welcome to "bbc world news." let's take you to where the new year 2019 is dawning right now. this is the scene in athens. fireworks lighng up the sky
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over the ancient site of the acropolis. let's listen to a little of the atmosphere.
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karin: there we are, two minuten past midnighhe greek capital, athens. the fireworks having to struggle against challenging weather conditionsnd heavy rain right now. they still look beautiful over the ancient skyline. let's turn to the day's news. the world food program says food aid in yemen is being stolen and illegally sold in areas under the control of houthi rebels. a survey by the u.n. that some people in the capital, sanaa, have not received the rations to which they were entitled. more than 15 million yemenis a facing severe shortages of food.
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a worker for the food program in cairo tolde what the investigation found. >> we have seen in areas of sanaa, food being sold in bulk, oil being sold by carton, and a lot of food being sold in what looks li systematic trade in food aid. this is what has got the world food program into carrying out an investigation, and now we have evidence showing misappropriation of our food into the hands of non-deserving people, our beneficiaries, some of them said they have not received any at all. karin: so you are saying your evidence is strong enough toe justify theslegations of criminal behavior by the houthis? >> this is what the the world food program is callin we are calling it stealing food from the mouths of hungry people. we have photographs of lorries illicitly taking food from food
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distbution points to other -- unknown locations, and for the food to be appearing after that on the streets in yemen a time when yemenis are struggling, the most poor, whom we are targeting, struggling to feed their little ones and others seeing the children dying and wasting away while they are the rightful owners of this food. rerin: i know that your organization is ening to withdraw support from some of the organizations distributing the food. don't you fear that that could have a negative effect on the vulnerable people you are speaking about? ree: we are demanding that local authorities in sanaa take appropriate action towards the one organization, onearer that we have identified as the
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divertinur food to undeserving people. there was a letter sent by theut exe of the world food program to the local authorities saying that within 10 days if we do not see action being taken,th we will aw our presence inin -- assistanchat area. and th has been reported dalready, in that identif area, 40% of our assistance is at has been reaching the people. karin: reem nada from the world food program. rescuers in russia are searching the rubble after an explosion devastated an apartment block, lelling at least four peop officials in the city of magnitogorskas say aeak caused the blast. it happened at around 6:00 in the morning and is thought tove ipped through the first floor, seven stories above, and then collapsed. mo than 30 people missing in
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subzero temperatures as sarahre rainsforrts. sarah: all day, rescue teams have been swarming over the ruins, searching for life after a massive explosion. this pile of brick, metal, and concrete is all that is left of e apartments. the blast ripped through the block in the early hours of morning. it is a public holiday here, and most residents would be sleeping. it is feared that the dozens are now buried. officials say that the explosi was caused by a gasoline that sliced a whole section from the 10-story tower block. those who made it out alive are still reelin >> everything collapsed. smoke was rising. rescuers told us t ileave. as asleep. i woke up with the feeling that i was falling down. the wall was missing.wo up in the street, my mother screaming, my son cryinhe in torner. sarah: as the scale of the dis'er became clear, russia's president flew to the scene.
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in a freezing tent that is no images the headquarters e -- tht is nrgency headquarters, officials shared the grim details. >> iis in the character of o people. despite the holidays, it is not superfluous, but necessary to recall the dead and the injud. sarah: school is now shelter for ose evacuated from the sections of the tower block. this is no way to see in the new year. seems like this are all too common here. there were over 40 fatal gas explosions in russian homes last year alone. finding any more survivors is a race against time and the elements, with temperatures at -18 and falling. sarah rainsford, bbc news, moscow. karin: let's show you some cctv pictures which have emerged thae filmed on the second of
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october, the date saudi jonalist jamal khashoggi w killed at the saudi consulate in istanbul in them you can see men taking suitcases into the building in the afternoon and early evening, in two separate trips. it is not known what is in those eyses, and there is no confirmation that re linked to the killing of mr. khashoggi. orhowever, turkish media r that there may be a link to claims that his body was dismembered and removed from the consule building. the u.s. democratic senator elizabeth warren has announced she is consideringunning for president in 2020, with the decision expected early in the new year. she is the first high-profile democrat to herself for for the foro put herself forward the she he announcement in a video posted to her twitter account. a while ago she spoke to reporters outside her house alongside her husband, a harvard law professor, and dog.
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sen. warren: today i announced an exploratory commior president of the united states. i never thought i would run for anhing ever in my life, bu america's middle class is getting hollowed out. and opportunity for too many of rinking.g people is i am in this fight all the way. karin:y 'donoghue in washington told me more. gary: she is talking about an erica and washington that works only for the wealthy and well-connected. thatbe obviously wil catchphrase of hers during this campaign. she said that multiple times already. she said she would build a grassroots campaign of small donor donations, a bit like bernie sanders did and barack obama did when he won victory. she is clearly pitching her stand where we would expect, way left on the party. she has been a champion, if you like, workers rights in terms of representati on the boards of big companies, union
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representation. she has talked about raising the ly, ofm wage significa course. she has been a scourge in some ways of wall street and those institutions. it is going to be difficult for her because there will be other people in that wing of the party, not least bernie sanders himself who has the huge infrastructure alrea t in place fr last time he ran and all the people he galvanized and the huge rallies. they will be on similar territory and there could be others, too. the big thing is that this field is going to be so crowded. it could be upwardenof a dozen, wo dozen people in this field. the issue is not only is there limited amount of political space to share between these people in order to distinguish themselves from one another, but there is a limited amount of cash, too. a lot of them will fall out of the race because the campaigns go broke. karin: briefly, how early does
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this sort of thing need to start? it is just under two years until the next presidential election. gary: tell me about it. two years to go until the election and we are already off and running with the democrat nominees. the reason they do this ispa ly because of the money they need to hoover up the big donor e few in number out there, woo them to their court. they need to set up politically so they occupy the groundnd the other people try to take of them. and crucially they need to get a hold of the key oper, political operatives who know how to run a primary campaign know what needs to be done in new hampshire, iowa, and south carolina, some o early states. those are few and far between as well. there are all sorts of the assons for getting in ear possible that is what elizabeth warren is doing today. karin:ary o'donoghue.
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the electoral commission in bangladesh has rejected opposition demands to hold fresh elections despite widespad reports of vote rigging and voter intimidation and fraud. the governing party led by the prime minister has been declared the winner. our correspondent yogita lamaye reports from the capital, dhaka. yogita: the morning papers declared the results, mr. rick -- and historic third consecutiveerm, a landslide ctory. at her official residence, the prime minister told foreign observers and journalists why she was the people's choice. hasina: the last 10 years, people are living better lives. yogita: but there are been allegations of vote rigging around the country. one instance caught on camera by the bbc. i asked about it. there are reports of the rigging of results in favor of your party and there is actually
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video footage of a ballot box filled before pollg began. you believe this was a fair election? isme min.a: hasf there any of thaty , immediatey cancel that election. so we never encourage that. it is not acceptable. yogita: a day after violence marred the national election, things have been peaceful around the country. the opposition has demanded fresh polls, but it is unclear whathe path ahead will be. for many here, the absolute concentration of power in one party for the third time is a cause fo worry. the impression that the government is intorant has been growing. earlier this year, mass protests were held by students in dhaka.
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a photographer had criticized how the government handled thede nstrations. he was jailed soon >> ts a climate of fear. there is so much insecurity, and the bridges and buildings don't give you quali of life. at the end of the day you have people who want to breathe again. that is not such an unrealistic desire, i would have thought. yogita: for a country lifting itself out of poverty, developmenis necessary. but many are asking if it is coming at the cost of freedom. yogita lamaye, bbc news, dhaka. >> stay with us on "bbc world news." still to come, just hours away, sit thea mission to furthest object ever visited by spacecraft, 4 billion miles away. >> the most ambitious financiaa
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and polichange ever attempted has got underway with the introduction of the euro. >> tomorrow in holland we will be using money in belgd then we will be in france and it wi be the same money. just got to be the way to do it. >> george harrison, the former beatle, is recovering in hospital after being stabbed at his home. iverpoolold man from is being interviewed by police on suspicion of attempted murder. >> i think it was good. >> just good? >> no, fantastic. >> that's better. karin: this is "bbc world news"
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with me, karin giannone. the latest headlines -the u.n. says food aid in yemen on which millions of people depend is stolen and illegally sold in rebel-controlled areas. rescuers are searching for survivors in russia after an apartment block was hit by a gas explosion. four people are dead and 30 missing. a nasa probe is to make history in the early hours of new year's en it is due to fly after -- past the space rock more than 4 billion miles from earth. if successful it will be the furthest object ever visited by spacecraft. new horizons will take photos that will provide clues about the solar system. our science editor david shukman reports. david: it has taken a long, dark hrough the outer regions of the solar system, but now the
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nasa spacecraft new horizons is on the brink of making history. about to reach the remotest world that humanity has ever ventured too. >> it is pure exoration, pure science and pure exploration. we are trying to understand the origin of the planets and the ject we will fly is a frozen time capsule from the birth of our planet. david: to explain what the mission is about, let's use ourd virtual studiotart with the middle of our solar system. orbiting closest to the sun are the 4 small, rocky planets including her -- including eart h. further out, there are 4 much larger planets. the best known of thes saturn with its famous rings. right on the margin, there is tiny pluto 3 billion miles away. it turns out that pluto is one part of a massive outer zone we
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only started discovering in the last 20 yes or so. ousands of tiny worlds and lumps of rock anknown as the kuiper belt.ts these were objeft over after the planets were formed. until now, we have only had this artist's impression of it. but after racing from earth on a 13-year journey, the new horizons spacecraft is about to fly past it, the most distant explanation in human history. >> we will be downloading data at one kilobit per second over the xt almost two years. the great thing about such a slow transssion rate is that it is almost the gift keeps on giving. every week or we get new images from the spacecraft and we will learn new things for the next two years. david: three years ago the same spacecraft flew past pluto and revealed something entirely unexpected. is far more active than anyone realized. it may even have an ocean beneath the the discoveries about it
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even more distant world to be made in the coming hou be just as surprising.n, david shukbc news. karin: iran's state broadcaster has sacked the head of the regional tv channel after it broadcast a jackie chan film without removing a sex scene. iranian media said the scene was immoral. ou colleague told us more what happened. reporter: it is probably genuine mistake, butnstead of airing the censored version they aired the non-censored version.n it is a violat the rules of the as been received with a lot of anger because over the lastle coupf weeks, there have been so many incidents in which p innoceple have been killed. there was a fire at a school an a bus cras which students were killed, and no authority has been dismissed because of haose. people are angrybecause of such a minimal mistake with
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someone has been dismissed, but the other authorities are holding onto their jobs. despite the fact that mismanagement has cost lives they are a religious country and they seem to care more about the morality of what is happening. that is why we still have morality police on the street and televisions worried about not crossing lines of religion, rather than more serious y islems that the econ facing. the economy is in turmoil and -- the country is in turmoil and hit very badly by sanctions and its people are struggling and as we're speaking there are protests at the university in the capital. this is all happening. it seems that the authorities are more worried about islam rather than people's lives. karin: let's take a look at some t the day's other news. sudan's presidsisted he can resolve his country's economic crisis after nearly two weeks of unrest.
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omar al-bashir pledged to hold an election in 2020. it comes as demonstrators targeted his palace in khartoum. at least one protester was shot dead as security forces protected the conflict. -- complex. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he will not resign if he is indicted on corruption charges befor side of the case is heard. . netanyahu is accused in three graft cases. he denies any wrongdoing. the israeli leader announced last week that a snap election will be held in april. eifinal preparations are made for new year's eve celebrations in central london,d including a ut fireworks display. a short time ago i spoke to a porter from the embankment just across from the london eye. reporter: preparations have been underway for a year now. you cannot see, but thousands of people have been let in from about 8:00.
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a fun fact for you -- organizers did not have access to the london eye, which you can see behind me, until 4:00 this afternoon. lots of fireworks in and around, which is what makes it differena fr other fireworks display around the world. uceverything is prettyto the last minute 8 tons of fireworks. from different barges and pontoons. 348 of them along the river thames. there are 30 people working really hard and diligently to make sure that everything you are going to see tonight is on point. khan said theadiq scene up to tonight's fireworks is london is open. he wants to give the message t the one million people who have made london their home that it is open for them to work with
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regard to brexit, whh is due to happen in march 2019. karin: that is the scene in london. a spectacular display is planned in edinburgh in half an hour's time. andrew black is there for us.y andrew: the pa well underway. 65,000 people will be here in central edinburgh to bring in the new year. lots of music and entertainment hafeening. franz inand, scottish indie band, are the main headliners. let's have a quick word with one or two of this evening's partiers. >> hello. andrew: where have you come from this evening? >> yorkshire yorkshire. small town. andrew: why did you come all the way to edinburg? >> i saw the pictures online. it looks amazing. andrwe: anything you are looking forward to in particular? >> sorry? andrew: anything you're looking forward to in particular? >> fireworks. can't andrew: have a good night. cheers. all about brexit tonight,
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they will be celebrating scotland with the rest of the eu, no matter what happens. d more in scotlaided to vote against leaving the eu and the referendum in 2016. if you look up here, you will see edinburgh castle. that is where the main thing is that main event -- that is where die main event is happening. everything is bu up to the huge fireworks display to be launched from the esplanade of edinburgh castle. see you in 2019. karin: let's just show you the scene live from paris. i think we can have a look -- ah, there we go, the arc de triomphe. it is n athens missouri said. n-- it athens, as we say. that is definitely paris and the arc de triomphe, because of thsp tacular fireworks display will be taking place above the champs elysees in just half an hour's time. wow, look at thote crowds.
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abso stunning there. there have been a lot of protests going on in france in otcent weeks. the yellow vest ters. we are seeing yellow balloons among the crowelon the champs ees. but the organizers of those studies have said -- of those festivities have said that the celebration will go ahead as planned regardless. let's also show you some of what has been going on around the world over t last few hours. >> with the bbc news app, our vertical videos are designed to work and your lifestyle, so youo can swipur way through the news of the day and stay up-to-date with the latest headlines you can trust.m download now fselected app stores.
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>> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, and vler foundation, pursuin solutions for america's neglected needs. >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles.
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captioning sponsored by newshour productions, llc >> nawaz: goodnavening. i'm awaz. judy woodruff is away. on the "newshour" tonight, the trump administration's immigration policy faces renewed scrutiny after two migrant stildren die in u.s. custody and new video shows atment in one children's shelter. then, senator elizabeth warren becomes the latest democrat to declare candidacy for 2020 as both sides dig in over the ongoing government shutdown. and in one of the world's driest regions, israel's invative water management acts as a ge--ark against climate ch but also highlights the stark contrast with its palestinian neighbors. >> the threat of climate chang is so great in this region that if we don't work with our neighbors, we're also at peril. >> nawaz: all that and more on


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