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>> this is "bbc world news america." >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, and koer foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. >> wow, that is unbelievable. ♪ >> i'm flying! ♪
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>> stay curious. ♪ [applause] ld >> and now, "bbc news." jane: this is "bbc world news america." reporting from washington, i am jane o'brien. donald trump's former fixer tells lawmakers the president lied about hush money payments to women, stolens, emand business dealings. mr. cohen: he is a racist, he is a con man, and he is a cheat. jane: away from the drama in, congreesident trump kicks off his summit with north korea's leader with a handshake andinner. and tensions flare over the disputed territory of kashmir. wakistan and india shootdown each other'lanes as the u.s. calls for calm.
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welcome to our viewers on public television in the u.s. and around the globe. president trump has been at th center of political theater on both sides of the world today. in vietnam, he kicked off a two-day summit with north korean leader kim jong-un, and we will have more on that later. but in washington, all eyeon capitol hill, where the president's former personalla er made a series of damaging claims about his former boss.r ou correspondent nick bryant starts our coverage. nick: michael cohen once said ha would take bullet for donald trump. but on capitol hill today, his former lawyer, his personacamr. fix-it, ied out a political hit job on his onetime boss. mr. cohen: i know what mr. trump is.
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he is a racist, he is a con man, and he is a cheat. nick: one of his most explosive allegations concerned this man, roger stone, a trump ally and self-styled political dirty trickster, recently in special counsel robert mueller. during the 2016 presidential campaign, he claimed that donald trump was told ahead of time that wikileaks and founderli assange were about to leakt emails that would hur hillary clinton. those emails were hacked by the russians. mr. cohen: mr. stone tolmr. asump that he had gotten off the phone with juliange, and that mr. assange told mr. stone that within a couple of days, there would be a massive dump of emails that would damage hillary clinton's campaign. mrtrump responded by stati to the effect, "wouldn't that be great?" nick: michael cohen also claimed that tmp ordered him to pay
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hush money to stormy daniels he cover up an affair in violationca oaign finance laws. he showed the committee the personally signed check that the president sent him in reimbursement. mr. cohen: the president of the united states thus wrote a personal check for the payment of hush money as part of a criminal scheme to violate campaign-finance laws. nick: so what of the burning question of whether there was collusion between the trump nsmpaign and the kremlin? mr. cohen: questave been raised about whether i know of direct evidence that mr. trump or his campaign colluded with russia. wado not. and to be clear. but i ve my suspicions. he is going to be an amazing president. nick: on the eve of the hearing, the republicans released a video showing michael cohen lavishing .raise on donald tru mr. cohen: the words the media should be using to describe mr. trump are generous,
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compassionate, principled. nick: today they tried to trash the repetition of this convicte fraudsund guilty of lying congress, even displayi visual aids to make the point. >> there is no truth to you whatsoever. that is why it is important, to look up here and look at the ota adage our moht us, liar liar, pants on fire. no one should ever listen to you and give you credibility. it is sad. nick: presidt trump is half a planet away in vietnam for a summit with kim jong-un. on camera he remained tightlipped about the fire and fury from hiformer lawyer back home. but on twitter, he claimed that mr. cohen was lying to reduce his prison term. mr. cohen: i wish i could go back in time. nick: michael cohen admitted tearfully that he cannot rewte history. the question for americans watching his dramatic testimony present a truthful version of it today?t, nick brybc news, washington.
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jane: the bbc's laura trevelyan has been following the events on capitol hill, and i spoke with r earlier. you have been there all day. what stood out for you? tura: jane, i don't think donald trump will pleased to hear from his former fixer that michael cohen is in constant communication with the southern district of new york, with prosecutors there. that has nothing to do with the mueller investigation, but mr. cohen suggested there are other fincial crimes involving m trump which are being investigated. he wasot specific, so we don't know -- could that possibly refer to the trump inauguration coittee? we don't know, but that is out there like an iceberg. secondly, the fact that michael cohen came here and said to the american people t at the presidmmitted a financial crime in office, all to do with those payments regardingtormy daniels and hush money and that is a federal election crime, for which michael cohen
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himself is going to jail. those are the two things which are concerned, and already, jane, you are hearing democratso talking abou this rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors, potentially impeachment. nancy pelosi, speaker of the otuse, whizzing up and down the corridor, she doesant to hear talk about impeachment, but you are hearing it on the left of the democratic party. jane: how credible to you think he wasre we have hearblicans say that he was convicted of lying to congress. laura: whi indeed is true, and he will go to jail for three years. ard toicans tried very pin that on him -- you are a liar, how can you be a star witness, convicted felon, you have a book deal and a movie deal, why should we believe a word you say. but in the end, cohen was quit composed and did not lose it. he tried to say i'm sorry. so it is the question of whethei you e democrats who say it is a tale of redemption or republicans who say he i a liar. jane: laura trevelyan, thank you very much indeed. for legal analysis of today's
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proceedings, i spoke earlier with caroline polisi, criminal defense attorney in new york. aside, whateater part of the testimony poses the biggest legal reat? caroline: wow, there is so much, jane. first, i would just like to say that this was, as you saea, political r on both sides, but really from the republicans -- mark meadows, jim jordan in particul at michael cohen, at his credibility. they have a point in that he lied to the very body which he is testifying today.bu you asked about the legal ramifications.mb shell that he revealed today which he has sort of teased a little bit prior issi that pnt trump's lawyers actually reviewed that testimony, the document that he had submitted previously to which he later was
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indicted for and is going to serve jail time for -- that likely president trump himself knew about these lies, and the lies in particular are about the extent to which the trump tower moscow meeting connued -- when they stopped, and the implication being that maybe he had a conflict of interest during the campaign. that was a real bombshell. i also agree that the financial fraud aspect -- remember, we got bonus stuff on the russia investigation. is was supposed to be everything not related to russia, but that bombshell about roger stone, about the phone call, that was big. but we got what we were hoping for in the form of actual corroborated evidence that president trump -- ro jane: but ne, bombshells to us, but is it conceivable nsat prosecutors in these various investigaton't know this already? caroline: oh no, they know it. they know everything. there was nothing michael cohen today that prosecutors didn't already know. probably both mueller and sdny prosecutors.
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the word he used was constant contact with the southern district prosecutors. he is actively cooperating an ongoing cases which have nothing to do with preside trump at this time, as he stated,enn order to pally reduce his sentence. there is a mechanism by which he can do that, a rule 35 motion, and if you provide a substantial assistance, prosecutors can aske thencing judge to reduce his time. so he does have a dog in this fight, but i found him to bere veryble. jane: where does congress now go with this? t how can they us testimony, very briefly? caroline: the question is what is the difference between what y an impeachable offense -- and and illegal action.mi high crimes anemeanors is the buzzword, that is the phrase used in the constitution, and quite frankly, it is whatever the congreional body feels it is at a certain moment in history. it is not clearly defined throughout histo. the question is will this be so politically unseemly, the revelations that were t out
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today, that congress will feel it is an impeachable offense? jane: caroline polisi, thanks very much indeed for joining mel the drama unfolded on capitol hill, president trumptn was in v for his two-day summit with north korea's leader. he has given mixed messages on what he expects from the meeting, it is unclear what progress will be made. the two have had dinner together and a face-to-face chat, but the real work begins on thursday, as north america edit jon sopel reports from hanoi. jon: hanoi has not seen anything like this. the city center at a standstill as two motorcades dit on a descend on a hotel where two men are meeting for dinner. and then in a scene reminiscent of last june in singapore, they were together again, the u.s. president and the north ctrean or. pres. trump: i think it was very successful. good relationship. i think it has been successful. been able to
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overcome all the obstacles," he "and here we are 261 day after singapore. a lot of patience was needed, nkd that gives us hope." pres. trump: i tour country has tremendous economic potential. unbelievable, unlimited. i think you will have ae tremendous futth your country, great leader, and i look forward to watching it toppen and helping it to happen, and we will help iappen. jon: today is about ruatmospherics, and donald is holding kim jong-un in a warm embrace, calling him "my friend," and he says that with denuclearization, north korea ocould become like vietna of the most thriving places on earth, he calls it. tomorrow will be when the detail negotiations take place, as the two sides try to navigate a path through the obstacles in the way of denuearization. pres. trump: nothing like having a nice private dinner. nicerivate dinner. jon: the dinner at which president trump and chairman kim were joined by key officials was pretty brief.
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afterwards, it was back to their respective hotels, and for donald trump, a ance at last-minute preparations on the complex issues. or more likely, wahing his fury as his former lawyer michael cohen, now bitter enemy, goes to congress to put the boot in himat thntion in hanoi may be on donald trump, but the attention of donald trump is on washington. jon sopel, bbc news, hanoi. jane: for more on what we can expect from the summit, i'm joined by a former state department official who is that georgetown university. thank you fowhjoining me. at does this summit need to achieve in order for progress to be claimed? >> it depends on what we mean by progress. if we are talking about denuclearization, i am afraid lat the summit probably w not get you very much that everybody needs, certainly to declare or announce that the nuclear problem has gone away.
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that is still very far away as a goal. jane: donald trump says he is in no rush for that, so what incentive isorhere for korea to give up anything else? a: i think that was a troubling statement, and i'm not certain he understood the repercussio full of stating that publicly -- understood necessarily the ofmer publi repercussions stating that publicly, especially since iatgoes against any in his administration have been saying and i worked hard on the last ne e months sincsingapore, depressed north korea. thatould -- to press north korea. that was the point of having the summit, to pressure north korea, in the sense that time is running out for north korea. for him to come out and say that sends the wrong message. jane: what does mr. kim need to achieve here? balbina: well, mr. kim has very much a hstake, but i'm sure came with one message from and that is we, or i need easing of
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u.s. economic sanctions and pressures. thatat is e needs right away, and he will not make a move on denuclearization until he gets it. jane: is any of this likely to the nerves alm north korea's neighbors -- south korea in particular? balbina: i think if president trump -- we expect as much --o does agreeme sort of easing of sanctions -hihe has toutedis a feel-good measure and everything is going great -- but if he does accept that and north korea possibly offers a gesture or o that indicates some specifics on potential roadmaps to denuclearization, then south korea, that is exactly what south korea is looking for. jane: and their personal donaldonship -- trump makes a lot about how he gets on with world leaders. is that important here? balbina:t w interesting is that in this one case i would
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argue it actually is. thwith n korea, this is how the regime has operated for the last 70 years. the leaders of north korea, who we know are in full control,e they ml the decisions, certainly when it comes to something as strategic as nucleareapons, it must come from chairman kim and chairman kim one. but unti now they have been very reluctant to deal with anybody, especially in the united states, except for the president. this is exactly the only way in some manner to do with north korea. jane: thanks very much for balbina: thank you. jane: the most senior catholic cleric to be convicted of sexuallybusinghi cren has been remanded in custody in australia after having his bail revoked. the former vatican treasurer cardinal george pell has been told he faces up to 60 years i prison for protecting to choirboys in melbourne in the 1990's. he is due to be sentenced next month.
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uefrench president emmmacron has said there is no way the eu can accept delaying brexit unless there is a clear idea of what the purpose would be. speaking in paris alongside german chancellor angela merkel, mr. macron said the eu could consider a request for postponement if it was justified a baby boy who weighs 268 grams, or 9.45 ounces at birth, has been released from a hospital in japan. he is believed to be the smallest boy in the world to survive. the baby was born by emergency c-section in august and was so hesmalould fit into a pair of cupped hands. you are watching "bbc world news america." still to come on tonight's program, a train crash in egypts raew questions about the country's safety record on the rails. nigerian president muhammadu buhari has been reelected for a
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second four-year term. the 76er wildefeated his main rival with a margin of just under 4 million votes. mr. abubakar's party has rejected the result. muhammadu buharivi, satisfy the requirements of the law and scored the highest number oer votes, isy declared winner and is returned elected. reporter: the announcement the nation has been waiting for. voters in the northern staen where presidtuhari won the highest number of ves were ecstatic. we are here to rejoice in almighty allah for giving us the opportunity to win the election. >> he is an honest person and we trust him completely and we know
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he will do something for our nation. reporter: president buhari thedked his backers and prom to work to unite the country. he also asked his supporte not t or humiliate the opposition. it was expected to be a close cebut turned out to be a convincing win for president buhari beating his nearest rival votesrly 4 million the opposition people's democratic party said it would challenge the results in alleging voter fraud. electoral law says it has three weeks to do so. at the headquarters of the ruling party, the atmosphere is prjubilant. buident buhari's critics have accused him of failing to meet campaign promises during his first term. would hear it is time to celebrate. -- but here it is time t celebrate.
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you just minister has resigned hours after a deadly train crash at cairo's main railway ation. -- egypt's transport minister has resigned hours after a deadly train crash at cairo's 20 people were killed and dozens more injured when a trainit collided wh a barrier and burst into flames at a busy platform. sethe prime minister prothe disaster will be thoroughly investigated. reporter: charred wreckage of a train crash. it speeded into the atation, hit a form, then the fuel tank exploded, causing a huge fire. many were killed and injured as a result. the agic crash will scar egypt's biggest railway stati for quite a long time. >> the driver jumped out at the last minute. the emergency brakes suddenly esopped working. the emergency brtopped working and he couldn't op the train.
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at the last minute he jumped right onto the platform. did all he could. i say three times, the driver did all he could. reporter: the people here say they have seen many charredes boying on the ground, manyam running and scg when the explosion first happen. there were also clouds of thick smoke. on my way here, i have seen many ambulance cars and fire trucks surrounding the area. the sirens were deafening. catechesis --n upon tattered pieces of burned clothes and shoes. medical staff tried to help as casualty numbers were rising. >> most of the bodies have not yet been ideified. the autopsy team will of course take care of this. some of the injured have also not yet been identified. some cases are stable, while others are in critical condition.
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15 people have been discharged after getting better. we are getting teams from our mental health these meealth professionals are deployed across different hospitals sting patients, providin mental health support for families and patients. reporter: this station, which lies in the heart of cairo, is always bustling with passengers. the cause of the crash is not tet clear, but only hours the minister of transportation has resigned, and the authorities have ordered an investigation. egypt has been constantly criticized for the poor safety record of itrailway network. in 2017, more than 40 people were killed and around 100 injured when two trains collided outside the mediterranean port city of alexandria. although the government has repeatedly promised to make things better, deadly accidents keep happening. jane: tensions between india and
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pakistan have escalated with the conflict over the disputed territory of kashmir intensifies. pakistan says it shot down two indian planes that were involved bombing of alleged terr targets inside pakistan. india has acknowledged losing one plane, but says it also shot down a pakistani jet. u.s. defense officials are urging both of the nations to avoid further military action. secunder kermani reports. secunder: these are pakistani soldiers apparently leading the ehay a downed indian pilot with an angry crowd bd them. the pakistani military says his plane was shot down this morning as india scrambled to respond pakistani strikes across the border in the disputed region oa mir. pakistani prime minister imranai khanthe military force was in response to earlier indian aggression, but also called for dialogue between theig nuclear-arhbors. prime min. khan: my question to
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the indian government is, given the arms we both have, we should be thinking that if this escalates, where will it lead? secunder: this is the most dangerous confrontation between the two countriearin nearly 20 it began two weeks ago when a grouptan-based militan killed 40 indian soldiers. pakistan insisted the atta had nothing to do with them. but yesterday indian jets d into pakistan targetin indian officials claim, a militant training camp. idlocal residents hey only hit a forest. pakistan struck back with an air raid in india, shootin at least one indian fighter jet responding to it. at a press conference by thery pakistani milii asked if their actions were bringing the country to the brink of war. >> we engaged a nearby open spe where there was no hum life or military force.
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we deliberately avoided the escalation. secunder:ndian officials, though, held their own press conference, making their own claims. ce was pakistani air f detected and the indian air force responded instantly. in that aerial engagement,ne pakistan air force fighter rcraft was shot down. secunder: there have alreadyr been a num casualties in the cross-border shelling, and the fear is the violence could now escalate further. secunder kermani, bbc news, islamabad. jane: before we go, let's remind you of our top story. donald trump's former personal lawyer said the president had prior knowledge of a major league of emails of the democratic party. michael cohen also called the president a racist, a con man, and a cheat.
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republican lawmakers tried to discredit mr. cohen, who is heading to prison on multiple charges including lying to congrehe. mr. thanks to the committee for the llportunity to is side of the story. i am jane o'brien. thanks very much for watching "bbc world news erica." >> with the bbc news app, our v verticalideos are designed to work around your lifestyle, so you can swipe your way through the news of the day and stayda up-to-te with the latest headlines you can trust. download now from selected app stores. >> funding of this presentation is me possible by the freeman foundati and kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. >> what are u doing? >> possibilities. your day is filled with them. >> tv, play "downton abbey."
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captioning sponsored by newshour productions, llc dr >> wf: good evening, i'm judy woodruff. on the newshour tonight... >> i know trump is. he is a racist. he is a con man. and he is a cheat. >> woodruff: ...michael cohen testifies president trump directed him to lie and break the law and that mr. trump personally reimbursed him for hush money while in office. we help put the claims of mr. trump's former lawyer in context with response from lawmakers and a former special counsel on what o day means for the investigations ie president. en, our second major story: we are in vietnam as theid prt negotiates with north korea's leader kim jong-un to


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