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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  April 29, 2019 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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[applause] and now, "bbc world news." this is ber world news a. >> joe biden officiaaiy hits the ca trail. president trump takes aim on him on twitter. both men want to win over the blue-collar voters. >> i make no apologies. i am a union man. thivideo shows a man claiming to be the group's leader. he has not been filmed in years. tplus, a race againstime and headroom at the london marathon. by this finish line fiasco has brought this runner fame.
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♪ laura: welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. the 2020 race for the white house is hopping up. joe biden al-fares rally of h biden has held a rally for his campaign in pennsylvania. polls suggest that jill biden is ahead of his nearest rival, bernie sanders, though n by theld trump is taking biden run seriously andm attacd twitter even before he had spoken on stage. >> the next president of the united states of america >> joe biden held his first campaign event in this pivotal state. showcasing the fact that he is pennsylvania born.
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if he can persuade democrats he is the one who can win blue -- blue collar who deserted the party for donald trump. >> if i will beat donald trump and 2020 it will happen here. >> joe biden has the endorsement of theirefightersni u, and organizing source in the primary states of iowa. president trump bashed him on twitter several times writing, i'm only here because of biden and obama. s sleepy joe bidenving his first rally in the great state of pennsylvania. owhe obviously does not that pennsylvania is having one of its best economic years in its history, with the loweve unemployment donald trulv carried pennia in the 2016 election by less than 1%. in this state, along with michigan and wisconsin would be the battlegrounds of 2020. biden is positioning himself as the one who has what it takes to win back it'll america.
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-- middle america. n take on donald trump, he must persuade primary voters on its future, not its past. e i sprlier with karen, national political correspondent for the washington post. tonight f joe biden said ls the pain of america's middle class, is that pitch going to be enough for democratic voters who are desperate to defeat donald trump? karen: what he is trying to convince them is that, first of democratsare 19 other i think what joe biden is trying to do is convince democrats that hefould win back the states the upper midwest. there are four states that slipped from democratic to republican in the 2016 election. primarily because of hiteing-ass voters,
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working-class voters that voted andcratic who were caught taken by donald trump's messagee that was hearing their struggle. he was listening toe them, and den is convincing them that he is too. laura: is at y president trump president trump has been tweeting so much about joe biden today? does he see him as a th hat even thouis not the democratic nominee yet? karen: he sees him as a candidate that is going straight for the heart of the voters that are responsible, really, for turning the presidency over to donald trump. the are the very critical swing voters that are going to determine whether thera dem can get back the white house. joe biden said in an interview that he takes responsibility for the fact that i need a hill did not get treated ll when she made her allegations against clarence thomas on capitol hill.
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karen: he keeps sort of structuring the sentences along the lines of, i'm terribly sorry that som to anita hill.happened he was the chairman of the committee. what a t of women foters are listening for i joe biden to say i did something this is what i would da differently ds thatm to be the w are incapable of being said. laura: who will be the biggest rival to joe biden in the democratic primary? karen: at this pt's a rival who does not look hardly at all like him in profile,ac except for thethat they are both white men in their 70's. if you look at the polling
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who camenders, surprisingly close to denying hillary clinton the nomination in 2016 is running as a fairly close second to joe biden. now, their political philosophies are very, different. the types of voters they appeal to our very different. and there are 18 other candidates there who are looking li take a of that electorate himself. el-- thes. laura: thank you for joining us. we have news that rod rosenstein has omitted his letter of record -- a resignation to president trump. the deputy attorney general down on may 1 ending two years on the job. he came to the spotlight after the appointment of robert mueller toarry out the russian meddling in the tony hicks -- 2016 election. the islamic state has released a video of a man they as their leader.
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it makes a reference to thbisri lankan b. not been seen in the video since july of 2014 when he mosullmed in thank you for being with us. number, he has many contemporary referees in the audio portion of the video. facts that this was occurring in real time and e death of 250 people, which isis has for in sri lanka.lity life, second also he faces significant organizational challenges last september were he was forced to flee.
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there is another faction of isis led by one of his own relatives. this is a way to demonstrate that i'm here. the islamic state is far from defeat. laura:rt the u.s. state depament is saying they were dealt a crushing psychological blow through its loss of characterane in irasyria. are they taking it seriously enough? >> the problem now is that there is no discrete target. it was a tremendous debt to the a tremendous step to this instability. even though there may be 15 to 30,000 islamic state fighters in ir. americans love declaring war on things.
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we havnderstand this is not japan or germany during the second world war. or frankly, it's ideology. i know people don't want to admit it. ere in the long war and will be faced in days and months to come with a number of efforts. not just to demonstrate proof of life, but to demonstrate that the organization remains lethal in so many parts of the rld. laura: we should brace for further attacks? >> i think, because of the , the paradox is that they will clearly want to demonstrate that they have resilience, they have resolved. dethe portion and the audio portion of this tape he is shown poring over documents that the islamic state derivatives,
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affiliates and places like molly areswearing -- malhi showing fealty to him. the islamic state is .r from finish laura: thank you for joining us. lanka has banned pce coverings lic as the country remained in shock following the easter sunday bombing. ficials say the restrictions are meant to ensure security. meanwhile, behind for the suspect continues. on friday, the father and two brothers of the suspected ringleader were killed. here is our correspondent reporting. where the family of the man believed to be the mastermind of the explosions were hiding. they moved into this coastal town four days before the bombing. they planned the terror attacks within these four walls.
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but since the attacks, neighbors tell us that they became suspicious and informed the authorities. rather than facing justice, they blew themselves up. itong those were six children. ppearsal thamost the entire famil was involved in planning the devastating bombings. here are saying that they found more explosive materials inside this house, suggesting that they could be planning for further attacks. worry for the authorities were at this is the livelgizers are somewhere in the region. investigators say that, among the wreckage found, white drses, usually worn by buddhist women during prayers. they are told that the suspect of the militants were using the closed to get access to campell's to carryut further attacks.
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to carry out further attacks. thwent to a town further n there i met a close relative. t he did not w show his face. we watched a video uploaded to social med, what's cause death calls for a war against nonbelievers. calls for a war against nonbelievers. when i aw one of the brothers ,nd the father two weeks ago it's as little of how they got radicalized. they showed no signs of committing such acts. i amhocked. s under pressure bring the situation under control. sort of to prevent any attack -- any further attacks. other news now, aun oritiese usa they have prevented a terror attack in southern california.
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law-enforcement officials say in army veteran planned to detonate explosive devices at several locations in order to cause mass casualties. he was arrested on friday night after taking delivery of what he thought was a bomb from an undercover officer. officials in mozambique they the death toll has risen to 38. eight workers are still struggling to reach the affected areas due to continued rain and high winds. the storm struck the southern african nation last week with ones at 140 miles pehour. flattening villages and damaging thousands of homes. nal movie in the avengers franchise, and game, has become the fastest ever film to make $1 billion at the artsffe. global ticket sales hit $1.2 billion. iothe pr record was held by infinity war, the last avengers film. this new record is impressive when you consider the film runs more than three hours long. boeing's boss has been defending
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his r meeting in chicago.der he has been under scrutiny after two of the mac 7 aircrafts crashed leaving 340 people dead. rain, familstand friends d silently, showing photos of victims from the ethiopian airline crash last month that killed all 157 people on board. they wanted shareholders a the boeing ceo to see their faces before h meeting.o the annual >> i am hoping justice for the ,ictims and victims families for a full, federal and state investigation. >> i wt boeing to come clean about the chain of events inside boeing that led to these crashes. >> if you are sooking to hear accountability, they were disappointed, despite being
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pressed by the media, boeings ceo was full there are multiple contributed factors. there are factors we can control in the dign, and in this case that common link is related to the mcat system and its actition. we will break that link and that will prevent accidents like this from happening again. >> the boeing 73 max's anti-stall system was the common factor in both the ethiopian and lion air crawhes. it' led regulators across the globe to ground tng entire boeiax fleet. as they struggle to get the planes fix, the struggle grows for boeing. four whistleblowers have approached u.s. lawmakers, raising safety concerns with the max jet. the company is facing a mounting number of lawsuits and criminal investigations from the u.s. justice department. >> that should have gone through
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some internal view. e he took the first t pointed questions about putting profits over safety. >> you seem to launch the 737 ction and lost sight of failsafe things. >> i want to assure you that safety is our top priority. >> the message of safety being the top priority was repeated several times, wouther it was to convince global regulators and the public is not clear. laura: you are watching "bbc world news america." still to come on tonight's program, one chefs rise up the food chain. how he went from cooking with his mom to working at america's finest restaurant. ♪ spain's governing socialistsave one that governments election for four years. the prime minister has fallen short of an overall majority.
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that means he will have to rely onohe help of other parties form a working government. reporting from madrid is tim willcox. tim: spain has moved to the left, and paradoxically to the right as well. the leader of the socialist parthas enough seats to form a left leaning coalition, if he decides to take that route. he has 123, he needs 176 to get a majority in the congress. right party came from nowhere three or four years ago and now has 24 seats in the congress as well. the first time that a far hard right party has had more than one seat in parliament as well. both those men are celebrating. mbut what does n for the future of spanish politics. nothing will happen here for three or four weeks.
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necoming up at the end o month by the regional european and municipal elections on may 26. deals will have to be cut between parties that are not naturally bedfellows to gel through the tions. it also gives a clear idea on what sort of party -- power he had within the country in terms of how to proceed. it will be interesting to see how well v and other right parties do in both elections. many commentators are saying that, even though they are hard right and far right, they see they are in favor of family and sending migrants home. they are part of the groundswell of nationalism and populism that you he seen in france, hungary, and elsewhere. ♪ the fine dining is a
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tough one foa young black chef to break into. did's exactly what this man , overcoming a difficult childhood involving abuse and hostility in the kitchen, he openedne of the most talked about restaurants in washington, d.c. only to see it closed. he wrote a memoir, notes from a unblack chef. i spoke with him earlier. thanks for joining us. you had a difficult childhood, your came between here and nigeria. where did the love of food come from? >> it came from my mother. sheng operated a cateompany from the house. we had a one bedroom apartment myin a broad spiriister and i came her first two employees. laura: you write about how you became a chef when he landed this job on a cleanup shift in louisiana and the aftermath of the deepwater horizon oil spill. what did you learn about food bear -- there?
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>> i was ordering things, i had to menu plan. i had to provide a meal for these workers that really only had two other thingso do, which was to work and sleep. it was the first time i created food and seeing direct reaction on a guest. before working on my mother's kitchens, i was peeling vegetables and fabricating shrimp. this was a t pe i wasting dishes together for my own creativity and seeing the way that people reacted to it. laura:s you had tcredible trajectory. you were ath chef, but befor he worked with the top restaurants in new york. you say, even though no one said the n-word out loud, you felt like it was there. what was that experience and subtle racism like? >> it something i think minorities go through, itur transcends rests. just being in the workplace. there are a lot of things that are set, or said -- or things
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that are not set, whether it is being passed on on promotions, overlooked, or not being appreciated, you can feel it. is saidomething that outright because people are smarter than to just say something as blata w as a word thl get them in trouble. and the asides that cannot be detected as some of the most harmful. laura: your book is about notes from a young black chef. one of the themes of the book is how a young black chef is not welcomed in the world of fine dining. do you feel you are changing that? >> if you look at my restaurant and the culture thes , i think ite of the most diverse restaurant staff and dining rooms i have ever seen. it is just a place that is open to everyone. i think me being at the helm makes people of color feel more comfortable and inclined to c se and work feone like them. i think the more we talk about things that have been sein
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this book, awareness is brought. with awareness com change. laura: you have this new restaurant now, what's next for you. day.think about it every ju want to continue spreading the gospel of this book. continue putting out greatauood at my rents. next for but the thing i really want to do is inspire and hopefully that can inspire the next generationw of chefs to foheir dreams. laura: thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. talking point of weekend's london marathon was not so much for winners, it was cig ben, london's majes timepiece. the image of the runner in the clock costume trying in vain to cross the finish line. that is only half of the story as duncan kennedy reports. duncan: what do you get when you mix this with this? the answer, of course, is this. lucas bates running not so much
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against the clock, t as the clock. of the queen elisabeth h power, witerything running like clockwork until this. tlucas tries to crosshe finish line not once, not twice, but even -- not even three times. it takes four tries and two other kinds of hands to get him over theine. more big bang be big ben. a day, with sore legs, a bruised head, lucas relivemoment. i first tried to go sideways, then try going forward. because my legs are so petite i did not realize how far i needed to go down. there was a case of trying to go lower. >> on cbs this morning. >> right at the finishin le. ben bash has' big
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now gone global. >> i feel so bad. duncan: but not half as bad as lucas felt during his training. e he had to wind up thighbors. there is still one post race ntestion. you o a pub, what happened? lucas: i hear it has gone missing. if anyone knows where the costume is, i am anxious to know. pictures from the pub show a hijinks hijacked i some fellow runners. lucas dingdong has helped botot donations his charity to venture revolueaons. he is cly a man -- [clock chiming] chimes with the times. duncan kennedy, bbc news. untimely finish there. remember, you can find more on
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