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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  June 18, 2019 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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woman: this is "bbc world news america." is made possible b the freeman foundation; by judy anr blum-kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for s;america's neglected ne and by contributions to this pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. katty: t "bbc world news america." i am katty kay in washington.
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president trump is kicking off his reelection campaign at a massive rally in florida. the trump administration will no longer include patrick shanahan. the acting defense secretary steps down amid alarming stories emerge about his family. leading conservative candidates were on stage in the u.k. debating which of these five men should be britain's next prime minister. and erased from exis-- satellite images show mosques in china destroyed as authorities face accusations they are trying to suppress muslims. we will have the second of our special reports. katty: for those watch pbs and around the globe, welcome to "world news america." president trump is on his way to
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florida to formally ction campaign. he is heading to a 20,000-seat stadium in orlando and it is likely to be packed. his supporters have been queuing outside since the early hours of today. the rain did nothing to dampen spirits. the bbc's jane o'brien has been out with them for the day. one of a hopom this, jane? jane: so far they have had a lot of fun, but what they really want to see is donald trump in prison. they want to fish in there -- donald trump in person. in their words, they want to hear the truth about the country. his is what i've beering over and over again. the crowds are huge. these people are streaming in behind me. there are thousands standing in line all the way around the block, and they have been here for hours and hours waiting to get into a city in that only holds a few tens of thousands. there will be a little bit of disappointment among some people. they are here to see thean that they feel has done a good job for the last two years and they want to see him get another
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for years in office to fulfill some of the promises they hrd him make in 2016. absolutely confident th donald trump will win reelection? jane:oh listening to the polls. these polls are snapshots and a lot could change by 2020. even polls that show him losing lin battleground state florida, they are not interested, they say it is fake news. they are not interestedat in pos th show most of the democratic possibilities, hopefuls, are doing better than donald trump. they just say, well, it is the mainstream media, what do you expect. they are aolutely adamant that donald trump can win because they say he is fulfilling his campaign pledges. he said that he would take on china, he said he would restore the economy, he said he would tackle immigration, t and as far y are concerned, that is what he has done. katty: i'm looking at the car behind you. lots ofenlots of women. not many people who are not
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white. does donald trumpave to reach out to minority communities if he is going to win reelection? jane: well, you would think, because this is his court b-- core base. ha seen a few teachers and a few african-americans saying they do suppo donald trump, but nowhere near in the numbers of white people that we are seeing here. but yes, he does have to expand his base, and that is his biggest problem, because he does not seem to be listed in doing that. th thinks he can rely on -- interested in doin. he thinks he can rely on strong turnout and aen pally weak democratic candidate. don't forget, we don't know who the democratic nominee is going to be. isonce thaecided, donald trump will have a target and that is when we see the gloves starting to come off. katty: briefly, what is the tnumber one issue they wa president to talk about tonight? jane: immigration. bill that will.
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-- build that wall. katty: interesting. that is one of the things the president has not managed to do so far, but that is something he brings out as an election issue. for more on what we can expect tonight, i spoke with ron christie, former advisor to sh.rge w. so good to see you this time of day. ron: good to seey:ou, katty. ka pleasure. the president says that all of the polls are fakeand yet we d a string of polls in the last few days from his internal polling, from fox news, generally favorable to the president, to a new one from quinnipiac, a recognized polling agency, all showing against any of the democratic candidates, the president doesn't do very well in the 2020 election. he has got to be worried to some extent, hasn't he? ron: good evening, katty. to a certain extent anytime you put your name on the ballove you ot to be worried when you see your name on the negative rather than the positive side o
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ll. but i look back to 2 004, all the polls had president george w. bush down and we were concerned were we going to get reelected, could he ack, and sure enough he did. it is way too early to start worrying about the polls, but you know they have their eye on them. katty: ok, yikes, you have just taken back to 2004 and showed both of our ages. [laughter] katty: why is the president launching his reelection campaign 70-odd weeks before the actual polling day? why did they start so early? ron: i think it is a c strategy, and let me tell you why. the prident is trying to distinguish himself from the 2020 democrats seeking to replace him next november. he will have a stark contrast between his record, when he has accomplished thus far, and what er intends to do for the remainder of his the democrats have a very difficult task of winnowing that list to something more manageable.
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the president is going to use this opportunity that at any time a demrat looks like they are coming within striking distance, look like they will draw contrast with the president's position, he will smack them down. i thhak it is pretty wise he is coming out this early. katty: and ites giv chance to raise money, as it does with the democrats as well. if you had to bet your vast amount of san francisco dollars on the tone of this campaign, how would you characterize it is going toe? ron: pretty bad now, pretty acrimonious, and it will turn into an all-out slugfest by next summer. the president of the united ates enjoys insulting his opponents, perceived or real, and the democrats have aif sp disdain for president trump. when you put those two together, it is going to be a real slugfest. put your seatbelt on and maybe get a crash helmet while you are at it. [laughter] katty: ron christie -- questions whether the democrats are ready for that one.
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ron christie, thank you ry much. ron: good to see you. katty: donald is cnvtainly not a tional candidate. one of the things the president might talk abo, as jane mentioned earlier, is the proposal of a roundn of people the country illegally. he confirmed before heading to florida that that will happen, rounding up people here illegally to send them where they came from. other news -- the u.s. president says he will meet with chinesepi president xi j at the g20 summit next week, and that trade talks between the two countries will resume before the meeting. president trump tweeted that he had spoken to president xi on the phone and had a very good conversation. the former head ofootball's european governing body has been questioned by french police over the decision for qatar to host the 2022 world cup. his legal team said he is ing held in custody for technicalon res and has not been arrested.
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ge teeeo-nazis who encouraged an attack on prince harry for mary meghan markle have been jailed for terrorism offenses. the teenagers were members of an altar extreme revolutionary nazi group. the judge says their online opaganda was abhorrent and criminal. five men spent an hour on stage in london this evening debating why they should be the u.k.'s next prime minister. the conservaeadership candidates fielded questions on everything from climate change to brexit at a debate hosted by the bbc. boris johnson is the runner, and he used the opportunity to apologize for past comments of his that may have caused offense. the bbc's political editor laura g it all.g was watch laura: he can't hide in the wings anymore. microphone on, time to talk. nervous? they all should be. this is noing less than a public job interview for thero biggle in the land.
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job number one for all of them, how to clean up the brexit mess. >> can guarantee you will be able to get your brexit plan through the parliament by the 31st of october? >> we must come out on the 31st of october. otherwise, we face a catastrophic loss of confidence. >>ou sometimes have extra time in football matches to slotth he winner. my view is the most important thing is to win for britain, and that means getting out,in hon the vote you gave. >> if there was a prospect we were nearly there, i would take a bit longer because the conservative party is the party of biness, the party of the union, the party of hope. i would want to avoid the disrupon of no deal. >> i do respectfully disagree with jeremy and michaehis. we have got to learn from our mistakes. one of the mistakes we have made so far is having this fixable. deadli if you don't have a deadline, you do not concentrate minds. >> there is only one door out of this, which is throughme parl.
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i would say to all these people on the platform, let's get on with it, let's get it done. >> we have run into that door three times already. we have got to have a different route out. we cannot simply re-present the same cold porridge for a fourth time. laura: this is about all of our future, but the past is never far away. >>e the worry i hout boris' position -- we fought to get on the leave campaign and boris joined me on that campaign. we both believe it in our heart. boris, if wethat got to october 31, and we are so close to getting the deal over the line, would you at that point say, "michael, we arere almost t-- >> can you give me that guarantee, october 31? o >> i thiober 31 is eminently feasible -- >> no, that is not a guarantee. is thayourate? can you just raise your hand?
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laura: a cacophony of promises, no guarantees, and not much impressed, the questioner worried about leaving without a deal. >> are you reassured with what you have heano? >> i'reassured at all. drm really concerned about the future for my ch. no one can give a real answer. laura: there are, though, others huge decisand other huge disagreements, too. would they all as the front runn promised cut taxes for hire earners? >> i think it is sensible to have an ambition raise the higher rate of tax for middle-ince earners. >> i think that is wrong. i went into politics to help the very poorest in our society. >> i would focus on tax cuts for working people t throu basic rate of tax. >> i would like to see everyone in this country be able to earn the first thousand pounds every month without any income tax, because that would lighten the
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load. >> i'm going to be very straight with people -- i don't think this is the time to be cutting taxes, because i'm not thinking about promises for the next 15 days, i thinking about the next am 15 years. >> rory, you are completely out of touch, you do not answer my question. it is nothing to do with brexit. it is about tax cuts. laura: they favorites wanted to appear to agree rather than searchable. >> i agree strongly with sajidan jeremy. laura:idhe others deliberately go after rory stewart, who was the outsider? boris johnson faced questions on tis loose talk about the b woman held in prison in iran. >> deepest sympathy for her and her family. in that case it did not make any difference. laura:hat of accusations laid at the tory party's door that they are prejudiced against muslims, and boris johnsonsi casually off with his language? >> do the candidates agree that words have consequences? >> in so far as my words have
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given offense over the last 20 or 30 years when i'u've been a list and people have taken those words out of my articles and escalated them, of course nsi'm sorry for the of laura: they did in 60 nutes all manage to agree on something. >> sergeant jeffrey -- sajid javid, you would be happy to open up the conservative party to an independent investigation of allegations of islamophobia? would you like to commit to that? >> yes, i would. >> to you all agree, guys? >> absolutely. >> excellent, they agree. laura: none of the five walks away having imploded tir campaigns tonight. they are in theory all on the same side.s
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below the surface. >> what i'm going to shoyou here is the deep sea. it is to give you an idea of how big and beautiful life in the deep-sea is in the atlantic. reporter: the team has more than 30 partners and they will be using technology lis to map ocean life from the arctic to south america.
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>> we are starting to work with colleagues, we have measurement systems between south africa and brazil and argentina. we are doing the measurement to understand the problem of oxygen in the oceans. reporter: oceanic oxygen levels are falling. >> 90% of global warming has been taken up by the oceans, and ey are getting hotter. they're getting acidic. when you put carbon dioxide into the i atmospheris dissolved into the sea. and they are running out of breath. the oxygen in seawater is diminishing quickly. reporter:he project will be looking at life from plankton to come back wells in 12 key areas. this core reef has been mapped using sonar and 3-d modeling, two of the techniques the project will be sharing on both sides of the equator. >> these reefs are very important because they provide a home for many animals.
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they shelter there, they feed during. reporter: the program will involve specialists in biology, physics, artificial intelligence, and more, to show which areas are under threat and which uld be safe havens.
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in 2015, we filmed the crowds young and old turning up to pray at this four yn, this is the scene just before prayer time. inside, a few elderly men gather in silence. isn't the truth that what we have just seen is proof that china has suffocated islam in
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this region? >> it's true that a few years ago there were many more people, but nowadays the government is creating jobs. cople are busy making money. so naturally fewe to pray.nt john: until re, this place was the vibrant heart of at deeply devciety. now there is almost no one left. katty: johnudrth reporting. president trump confirming that he will meesi pnt xi at the g20 meeting. we wonder if he will raise the issue of the uyghurs. tyi am katay. ask for watching "wor news americ -- thanks for watching "world news america." announcer: funding for this presentation is made possible by... the freeman foundation; by judy and peteti blum-kovler foun,
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captioning sponsored by newshour productions, llc >> woodruff: good evening. i'm judy wooonuff. he newshour tonight: acting secretary of defensek patranahan steps down after incidents of domesticn violence wits family are exposed. then, as president trump threatens to deport millions of undocumented immigrants, nversation with the new acting director of immigration and customs enforcement. and, we are on the ground in orlando, florida, ahead of the formal launch of predent trump's 2020 reelection campaign.e plus, thseasonal flu virus kills tens of thousandof americans every year. but, the lurking threat of pandemic flu-- one that would kill millions globally-- has researchers racing to are. >> the probability of a pandemic


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