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tv   BBC World News Outside Source  PBS  March 19, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> hello. th is "outside source." italy's coronavirus death toll has overtaken china's is more than 400 people die and one day. president trump orders the fast tracking of an aimalarial trope to treat covid-19. there are some indications it helps coronavirus, but the president claims it could be a game changer. >> we are working on scaling these to allow many me americans to access different drugs that have shown really good promise. >> a curfew and a ban on international sites. india becomes the latest country to announce strict new measures. iran has reported its biggest jump in coronavirus deaths. 149 people have died in the past
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24 hours. ♪ the number of people who have diedco fronavirus in italy has now overtaken the figure in china. in the past hours, the italy death toll has jumped byore than 400, taking it to just over 3400. while across europe, it has been anher day of grim statistics and images as the virus spreads. according to the afpews agency, more than 100,000 people are affected across the continent. we are goingo star now in france. been brought in on day three of the lockdown. cycling is now banne any outdoor activity is e'eoom'plesthal ini5 day lockdos
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been extended. 372 people have now died in france. let's go to madrid in spain. the center of spain'outbreak, really. someotels are being used as makeshift hospitals to free up space. now let's move to poland. these amazing pictures. this is the border th germany. you can see huge traffic jams, this one stretching about 50 kilometers. tbut plus side, we had seen posivity, of sorts, solidarity at least. this is verona in italy. they are singing and playing fruit and market.t an empty let's state in italy -- stay in italy, because they nationwide lockdown has been extended ere. northern italy is worst hit by the outbreak. some footage from one affected town.
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this video was posted on social media. it shows military trucks carrying coffins of coronavirus victims to other provinces because localrematoriums are struggling to cope. steno thseni pvee eo doctor.d >> we are in full emergency with this coronavirus. our health personnel, nurses, and physicians are working around the clock, countless hours, to fight this incredible situation. we do not know how long ts pandemic will last. i havees twoges. the first one is for the general population. please stay-at-home. the second message is for whoever wants to help us. we are in desperate need of both nurses and physicians, together
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with ventilators, and dispositives for protection. anchor: another grim warning from a nurse working in a hospital from milan. this is her assessment. we are all working in a state of v.y high stress and tensi psychological tension has gone through the roof. unfortunately, we can't contain the situation. there's a high lel of contagion, and we are not even counting the dead anymore. anchor: italy has been under severe nationwide lockdown for 10 days now. the prime minister giuseppe conte has warned life will not reimmediatelrn to normal when the worst is over. reporter: italy lucked out as 'he model being sadopted elsewhere. public transport is still running but people are only going out in urgent need. suarasplelo id f orenecu e the fruit and vegetables are
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stopped as normal. very little sense of panic buying here. and with the rolls, some brands are down, but with this level of outbreak, italians are behaving on the whole, prescient. anchor: let's- rationally. e chor: the eu chie negotiator has tested positr coronavirus. he posted this on twitter. >> hello, and thank you for payingtttion to this very personal and exctional message. in ts very deep coronavirus virus -- crisis, i want to tell you i have tested positive for covid-19. anchor: face-toace talks on the future relationship between the eu and u.k. after brexit have all been stopped. some of hisow team members are also in isolation. across belgium, there are nearly 1800 cases.h tock down measures are being -- lockdown measures are being enforced. reporter: police patrols are on
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the streets. it seems to be largely observed but there have been instances and parks where people are congregating in big numbers to pl football or have a picnic, and they had been dispersed by the police. the warning is you will get t warnings. first you'll get the initial warning, and iyou are seen again, there is a full 1000 euro ne. you should call police if you see groups of people out in the house. anchor: in maco, prince albert has tested positive for the virus and is now working home. the pandemic is causing a huge around the world.on everyone people are exhausted. this was the dutch parliament on wednesday. just keep an eye on the top of the picture, here. the minister for medical care fainted. the 56-year-old says he was exhausted from weeks of intense work on coronavirus. t
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morehan 2000eople in the netherlands are infected. right. let's move from brussels and head to germany, where the death rate from coronavirus is much lower than in other countries. there are more than 14,000 cases nationwide. we have some of the answers from berlin. reporter: there are a number of theories as to why the death rate in germany is comparatively low. the first is the experts say germany is in the relatively early stages of the epidemic. secondly, it has a well resourced and rather robust health system. thirdly, and perhaps crucially, the experts say it is about the way testing has been carried out here. authorities have tested very widely, and they have tested very quickly. that,n theory, means people are being caught in thy stages of infection. and in theory, there are fewer
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undetected cases. it's worth o noting that a lot the people who have been tested and confirmed positive so far have been relatively long -- young. ving said that, they expect the death rate to rise. anor:earby countries have reported much higher dea tolls. in spain into any for hours the number of fatalities jumped from 200 to 803. that's the number of cases, 17,000 across the country infected. reporter: here in the madd region we are seeing around 40% of all cases, which puts at tremendous amo of pressure on local health care services. the government has tried to take measures to alleviate that, not just here in madrid, but elsewhere across the country. for exale, by nationalizing but it seems to be a big pem here in madrid in in particular. we have also seen the number of
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akoutbof coronavirus in retirement homes. elderly could be contrary to into that relatively high death rate. in addition there has been criticism of spain when it comes to its testing for coronavirus, that the testing has not bn done soon enough, it has not been rigorous enough, and therefore whenpl pare being hospitalized, it is that much save their lives.anchor: the tos istill in doubt, t in greece the tic flame was formally handed over -- olympic flame was formally handed over to japan. the ceremony was being held behind closed doors. tokyo 2020 organizers insisting the summer games will go ahead. the torch arrives in japanid on fray for aimplified relay scheduled to start in fukushima. this of course is an economic crisis, too. we have had a big development from the european centralank. let's take a look. it's pledged $820 billion
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package to ease the impact. christine lagarde has been tweeting, extraordinary times required, exaordinary action. there are no limits to our commitment to the euro. we are determined to use the full potential of our tools within our mandate. so, what exactly is being promised? reporter: echoes here of what happened there in the financial is, when her pre-to sesser -- her predecessor talke about doing whatever it takes to support and to save the euro. the idea being thacentral banks, this central bank in particular, might bend, flex, change its own rules to do whatever is necessary to make sure marketsre stabilized. ck then it brought some relief to markets. today, would relief the was on the stock markets was they are fallinggain. there is always this open
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question when it com to market interventions, things like quantitative easing, which is e are talking about her money printing. the thing -- the idea that you can throw bucks of water on a very, very big fire. maybe never, we might not unrstand how much wor it had been had the efforts not been made in the first place. anchor: f the first time china has reported no new homegrown cases of the conavirus. rather good news, i suppose. that includes wuhan, the city where the outbreak began, which two months.ockdown for nearly the quarantine rules has been -- have been slightly relaxed in wuhan. it is still designated a high risk are people are now being allowed to walk around their compounds and exercise outdoors. chinese media are claiming if no new cases are reported for 14 consecutive days, the restrictions could be reduced further. well, singapore and south korea, let's head over there, because
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they are both having some success battling the virus at home. singapore reported 47 new cases, in which 33 were actually imported. soanh korea has recently been able to limit the outbreak there, but had a suddenump in new cases, 152, 74 of those coming from a nursing home. japan has only reported three new cases. a qda -- they are lifng their state of emergency, which has been in place since late february. given the recent success, a growing concern in asia is people bringing the virus back from abroad, despite having no new cases domestically, china reported 34 new infections among people coming into the country from abroad. reporter: 34 new cases. most of those are in beijing, in fact. d lot of these are chinese people returning home from north
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america and europe, believing that this is now, this is the safe place to be. anfor that reason, the beijing government even iued a sort of statement, saying that all these chinese students stuttering -- studying overseas, unless you do not have a good reason to, you should not come back. they haveold people to not flood back into the country because things are now kind of under ctrol. there have been cases of people have boarded planes.oms who so it seems like they are all right. they arrived in beijing, somebody gives them a proper test, and they have the coronavirus. now, again, you could be infecting everyone on that flight. infections.irport, more that is why in big chinese cities, there e still these big quarantine rules. anchor: 149 new fatalities have been confirmed in the past 24 hours. the death toll is now nearly
5:15 pm had beemore than 18,000 confirmed cases. it is the worst affected country in the middle east. on top of that, experts believe the number of cases may be underreported because testing i being restricted to severe cases. reporter: in is a very vast country with more than 80 million people. reports from many cities and smaller towns say they do not test all the people who arele to passing away. interestingly, one of the spokespeople for the health ministry said that every hour, 50 iranians are being infected by the coronavirus and every 1 minutes, one person is dying. this is already a very high number. esand if we believe numbers are true, it seems the measures theut iranianrities have introduced are not enough. anchor: here is a situation it.
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the middle e these are the five most affected countries in the region. israel, nearly 530 cases and the government there says it will impose a curfew for the next seven days.ta over 450 cases. bahrain, one death and nearly 280 cases. saudi arabia has almost 240 cases. but iran is the epicenter of the region's outbreak. e government has been criticized for responding to slowly. this week it closed a shia -- closed shia muslim shrines. but people still went outside of the shrines to prey. right- to pray. right. do steel -- still stay with us on "outside source." still to come. we will hear what resilience spent two nights to protest against theirresident. wide resilience spent two
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nights -- why brazilians spent two nightst to protest agai the president. washing your hands may sound like an easy thing to do, but there is definitely a right way and a wrong way to do it. a doctor from the university of westminster shows us how to do it properly. >> take my hands. take some soap. create a lather. in between your fingers. the en of your fingersd, your thumb. on top of your han again. rinse. water. turn off the tap with a tissue to prevent cross-contamination. a -- you discard the tissue into a bin.
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♪ ♪ anchor: this is "outside source" live from the bbc news room. r lead story is the number of people who have died from coronavirus in italy has overtaken china. italys extended ittionwide lockdown as the number of deaths there rose above 3400. here are some of e other stories from around the world. scientists say emissions have fallen in countries like china following the outbreak of coronavirus. northern italy and parts of europe have seen similar reductions in pollutants after travel and indtry declined as a result of the pandemic. in the u.s. there are more 11,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus, more than 150 people have died.
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washington state is the worst affected, with 68 deaths. president trump has asked regulators to roll out ps ential therap debt treating the viru >> clinical trials are underweight forany new erapies and we are working on scaling these to allow many more americans to access different drugs that have shown rselly good pro really good promise. anchor:redent trump named two drugs that the fda is currently looking at. the first is remdesivir. this man is the company's boss. he was at the white house earlier meeting with the skpresident and the orce there. the secondruis a common antimalarial called
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hydroxychloroquine. >> we need to make sure this sea dosage to the righle atthe right the right time. we might have the right drug but not on the right dosage form now, and that may do more harm than good. those of the things that that is our job to look at and that is why it is important we have these dedicated professionals looking at these aspects of thapeutic develop. anchor: speaking from palo alto now, on what these about.rugs are >> we know that reesivir, one of the drugs being trialed now in the u.s., has been shown to have broad antiviral activity against numerous viruses so, hopefully those studies which have been underway now for few weeks, also here and i china, we will have some information coming forth soon. the other drug that president hydroxychloroquine, a drug we
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have used to treat malt.ia in the p there was promising information that came out the laow few days g patients who used hydroxychloroquineay rapidly clear their viral mode from quickly. edi to caution this is a very small study, and this is why we need to do a larger clinical trial or study to find out more information. anchor: we are going to look at what is going on in other parts of the world now. in india, which has more than 170 confirmed cases and four desk, prim minister -- four deaths, the prime minister has ordered aocown of staggering -- reporter:r the prime minis on sunday the 22nd of march from 7:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. will a test of the country's resolve and unity.
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all except those involved in the central services have been urg to observe this curfew. the prime minister used this opportunity to perhaps prepare citizens in case india has to observe a formal lockdown in the near future. anchor: africa has 640onrmed cases across more than 30 let's take a look at this image, which really shows the spread. the dark red areas where there the continent has been warned to prepare and a big -- for a big jump in cases. the head of the w.h.o. is from ethiopia. let's take a look at what he said. he said africa should wake up. my continent should wake up. well, the coronavirus has so far multiplied more slowly in africa than in asia or arab. there has been speculation that is because of the higher
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chapters there. -- temperatures there. let's take a look at that. our correspondent says there is no evidencehe spread of the --invirus isg uc r to gher mperatures. other studies have been going on, but all viruses are different, and this is new virus. one factor that has been highlighted is the role of religion on the continent. reporter: people congregate friday for the muslims, and over the weekend for christian and across the continent there -- cals for religious leaders to stop big meetings. there was a meeting toda in south africa to urge them to do this. in kenya there was a similar call from president kenyatta over the weekend. we have seen thevaelicals had heed that call.
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resome of them ing their services on monday -- sunday. muslimul have said people s not go to mosques. this is unprecedented. anchor: brazil gloated -- closing its land border for 15 days. many of you will have seen this picture. which i will hopefully be able to sho you. it's a statue of real dinero christ the redeemer, lit up with those grappling with the pandemic. you may have also seen and heard this. fore two -- for twos, nig people have been banging pots and protest. they are angry at president also narrow's and -- president bolsanaro's handling of the pandemic. he previously called it a fantasy. what are these protests all about? reporter: these protests are just the anger feel about the way bolsonaro handled the crisis
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so far. you may have heard if you days ago, there wereuge marches in pport o hf bolsonaro and against congress. they were planned for a while. he said we need to call them off because of the hlth of brazil. but people still cameut. he came out, shook hands, took selfies. he has been giving press conferences, updating people about the severity of coronavirus in brazil. he has tried tjustify exactly y he went out, saying it was for the people ofop brazil, and needed to stop the hysteria. that is a word they keep coming back to, the hysteria people have. not the message the health ministry is giving out. seems to be much more professional, leading the cotry in a time where people here are very nervous. anchor: what about the restrictions and measures and things could be coming down the line there? porter: as you mentioned, the
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land borders have enclosed. in sao paulo where we have seen the highest number of cases, shopping centers are being closed unt april. supermarkets and pharmacies are allowed to stay ope there are livery services for restaurants. u uld not sit in a restaurant easily. the roads are very quiet, in a city, one of the biggest cities, 20 million pple. the streets are clear, and that is never seen in the bigities. so certainly people are taking notice, trying to stay indoors as much as they can. anor: thank you very much for keeping us up-to-date. appreciate that. right. thank you very much for your company here. the death toll in italy officially overtook that in china. plenty else going on. baouts in europe, ting to stave off the worst economic problems of this crisis. thanks very much for your company. is "outside source."
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