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tv   BBC World News Outside Source  PBS  March 23, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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viewers like you. thank you. >> hello, this is "outside source with the latest headlines for viewers in the u.k. and around the world. spain records its highest daily death tolls deaths in italy have dropped for enters tougher lockdown. it the head of thegaorld health zation warns that the accelerating.andemic is rapidly >> to win, need to tackhe virus with aggressive and targeted tactics. testin every suspected case. >> in the u.s., efforts to pass a trillion dollar rescue package for the.s. econo have failed for a second straight day. senators have said a dl was
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near. after scenes like this on thee ndon just this morning, me u.k. primeinister is giving a statement shortly on the next steps. we'll be live in westminster. new containment measu is in effe australia. several states have closed their borders. welcome to the program. let's bring you up to date with the very latest on the coronavirus pandemic. the global count of confirmed cases h topped 350,000. in europe, italy and spain, it continue to suffer badly and with the spanish death toll up, topping 2,000 deaths after 462 deaths in just 24 hours' time. that's according to government sources there. in the united states, the senate
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there has failed for a second time to advance a bill with re than a tllion dollars in funding. there have been further falls o wall street and the international monetary fund is warning that the coronirus pandemic will a cause global recession in 2020 that they say could b worse tha that seen during the global fincrcial is of 2008 and 2009. meanwhile, here in the.k., the foreign secretary has advised all britons to return home while they can and the prime minister will address the nation in the next 30ut m' time. worldwide, more than one billion people have been told to stay at home because of this pandemic.s thise very latest from the world health organization. >> the pandemic is accelerating. it took7 6 days from the first reported case to reach the first 100,000 cases. 11 days for the second 100,000
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cases and just four ds for the >> here in the u.k., the british prime minister boris johnson will talk to the country in half an hour's time and we're expecting him to announce further measures to tackle the coronavirus, after having met the country's emergency planning committee, cobra the u.k. has 6,650 confirmed t seugh as only a fraction of the population has been teumed, the truer is likely to be much higher. so far, 335e peo have died from coronavirus in the u.k. let's talk to our political let's start with this address to the nation we're expecting fromm the primister. what are we expecting to hear
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from him? they're being quite tight lipped about what's coming but yesterday when boris johnson gave a press conference here, it was clear they were reviewing further, whether to bring in go tougher measures, to restrict everybody's way of life. at the moment here, some shops are still open,ot jus supermarkets and pharmacies, but others, as well. you would tnk that could be one of the first steps they take, in order to just cut down on theumber of people moving and traveling around. the u.k. government is also already advising against non-essential travel. the problem is at the weeke w thether was quite good around large parts of the country and many beaches, many national parks, many other outdoor spaces were packe with people, not going along with the advice aboutg social dista having seen that, the government
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feels it has to act. there are many politicians, ther opposition lab party and others. jeremy hunt saying we are on the same tjectory at italy, what's going on there and he is calling for ahe lockdown,ind of measures seen in other countries. the question is how far will the prime minister go tonight. he's reluctant to do it. how will they enforce new measures and can thetake the population along t comply with rules? anchor: we're expecting that address to theation in just under half an hour's time. we'll bring that to the viewers on bbc news. when it comes to emergency bill debatedy british parliamentarians, bring us up to date on whee are with that. suporter: these are extraordinary ms that the government will have. bout how longw they should last. the government wand them for two years and the opposition party saying it should be six
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months and m.p.'s shouldenew it. that is likely to happen. it is to cover all walks of life,articularly the national health service. it's about whether, for example, former cliniananseturn to work, those who are retired, can they return to the work force. about making things easier the pandemic spreads. the big fear is that the national health service with hospitals will be overwhe by the number of cases. other measures brought in today asking those who are mos risk with underlying illnesses, 1.5 mlion of them in england alone, to stay at home for 12 weeks. not to leave the house. they wil some of tm need food parcells delivered to the door, medicine delivered, as well. these measures that you could never have dreamt of but which we've seen in other countries and the call tonight from many politicians is.khat the needs to go further to try and stop this virus spreading.
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anchor: we'll wait to hear what the prime minister say vickie, for the time being, thanyou very much. vickie young outside number 10 do you downg street. i want to move to the united states, update you on an economic rescue plan which has again failed in the senate. we've heard this from reuters in the past few hours. it's a news update from the senate that they've failed a second time to advancesthat coronavi bill with more than one trillion u.s. dollars in funding. there's a major difference between the democratsic and repus over what should be included in that legislation. fros bring you up to date new york. reporter: along the lines of 49 to 46, that is far short of thev es required to get this bill done. that means for the second day in a row, essentially americans will go witho any stimulus. you've seen senators working to try and g passed a $2 trillion
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stimulus bill to address the businesses and people are onrica ofse and the economic impact that has led to some dire predictions of what it will mean in terms of recession. that's why all eyes have been on what congress can do to trynd ease some of the pain, to try to tidehreoplegh these challenging times. anchor: the u.s. has the thi highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide. 35,000 people are infected and a further 471 people havepr died. ident trump has described the crisis as a war and he is sending national guard troops into new york, into washington state and also into california where they will be distributin and delivering medical aid and setting up medical stations. w, new york state is at the epicenter of the outbreak a
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city mayor de blasio warns that deaths will spike without more ventilators this week. >> new yorkers deserve the blunt truth. april and may will be a lot worse. cases in th a third of the that's going to get worse. we're about 2/3 or more of the cases in new york ste. at's going to get worse. anchor: new yorht now accounts for around 6% of coronavirus cases worldwide and it's drastically increased its testing capacity from thousands tests per day to00 1 as of monday. governor andrew cuomo has ordered hospitals to increase their capacity by 50%. he gave this announcement a little bit earlier. state in the united statesser testg. that's more per capita than south korea whichol was the
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standard of testing. they were doing 20,000 per day on a much larger population, about double the population of new york so we're doing 16,000. anchor: however, he is warning that competition between u.s. states is driving up the the pre of equipment. >> you have manufacturers who sit there and california offers them $4 and they say, well, california offered $4, i offer $5, another state calls ind offers $6. i was speaking to a governor j.b. pritzrdr yes about this. why are we competing? anchor: rather difficult fallout with states competing against each other. while hospitals are full, the streets are empty. have a look at this. this was new york city today. usually as you imagine, a hive of activity, n a ghost town and state of emergency has been in effect for thet p 16 days.
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it's having a drastic impact evything on, even the financial center. thisk was new york st exchange a little bit earlier on. rings] anchor: for the first time in 228 years it openeut witho its trading floor to protect employees from the spread o covid-19. stock trading is continuing but it is bei done electronically. in california, officials have instructed hospitals to rtrict testing because of a shortage of medical supplies. the first military hospital ship has been dispatched in the state. this is the u.s. naval ship, mercy, with nearly 900 staff on board to help treats non-coronaviatients in order to free up space in on-shore hospitals. the ship is heading for los angeles. anothe h ship will beding to new york. let's speak to a reporter from
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the network -- "new york daily news" joining us live. brg us up to date on what is happening there. reporter: iny v short span of time, it feels like ordinary life has completely gund to a halt. itas about two weeks ago that the gnor and city ordered large venues, everything fromum mu and the famous venues on broadway to stadiums, to stop hostg large crowds. about a week ago, an order went into effect barring bars and restaurants from serving customer p on theirmises and over the weekend the latest order was for every employern the state except for ones deemed toen provide eal services to stop its employees from coming to the office. certenly if you brave enough to take a walk on to the streets, it very much has the feel of a ghost town.
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anchor: how were these orders implemented? if somne is seen out and about, what happens?po er: over the weekend, the mayor and cew yorky police commissioner said that they've had very little trouble keeping either establishments or ordering new yorkers from adhering to the orders. the orders have bee disseminated pretty much media and out of thousands of rounds that officers made to places like bars and restaurants over the wee they said they only had to write reportsor two individuals which they took to be a good sign. so they're saying so far it seems like smooth sailing. debate is whato do about new yorkers who still want to u parksnd that's something that elected officials are hashing out now in terms of how to make sure that crowding and potential spread of the virus doesn't take place there.
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anchor: we hear of the importance of testing. how easis it or is it easy to get tested? reporter: the governor has touted an increase in the number of tests that the city and state have gotten which i think came after the federal government gave the green light to buy tests from private labs,st it's l definitely not the case that anyone who wants to get tested can get one. in fact, health officials are encouraging new yorkers to wait to seek a test until about three to four days after they feel they've shown symptoms because they want to make sure that the group they describe as needing the test the most i in fact, the one receiving them. anchor: thank you so much for bringing us up to date on the situation there and do stay safe. reporter: appreciate it. anchor: much more coming up on the coronirus on "outside source."
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spain is recording its highest t daily deathl of people with the virus so far. the former first minister of scotland, alex salmon, has been cleared of all sexual assault charges against him follong a trl at the hig court in edinboro. the jury found him not guilty of 12 charges including an attempted rape. after he was clear of the charges, mr. samond gave a statement. >> over the last two years is nothing compared to the nighare every single one of us gh currently living thr people are dying. many more are going to die. what we t are doings now and i know if you've got a job to do, is not safe. i know it's your job butai it
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t safe and my strong, strong advice to you to to go home, those who can, are able to take care o your families. and god help us all. an tor: our main sto ist the world health organization has warned that the coronavirus pandemic isat accelg around the world. here in the u.k., the prime minister will address nation within the hour. one country in particular which has sn a huge increase in its death toll is spain. it has now passed 2,000, almost a quarter of those deaths happened over just the past day, the biggest daily increase there yet. overall, the number ofonrmed cases is up now to just ove
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33,000. our madrid correspondent has more on this. >> authorities have warned that this week was gng to be potentially a very tough week for spain as the number of infections and number of cases seemed to be accelerating. a lot ofhose deaths have been attributed to the fact that the coronavi as has spread to number of retirement homes, both here in the r madridion and in other parts of spain. and clearly that affects one of the most vulnerable groups, elderly people. inat's one of the main reasons why we are s this particularly high death rate at the moment in spain. anchor: spain wants to ramp up its level of testing. it's just received 641,000 test kits from china and south korea. the first people to get them will be healthcare workers, at daily riskf infection. one in 10 of all confirmed
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in spain are healthcare workers. pope francis has prais them for their efforts. >> i admire them. they teach me how to commit -- doctors, nurses, volunteers, who have to sleep oner stret and they can't go out of their homes. that is the lifehey are leading. i like to use an expression, the saints are next door. anchor: spain has been in a state of easrgency for the week. on sunday, the prime minister announced he would ask parliament to extend it until april 11. >> we are not allowed to leave our homes at all unless you have a very specific reason to do so so ifou are traveling to work, if your office is still open, you can go out. you can go out ifg you're buy food or buying medicine but if you're not able tora demon a specific reason to be on the street, you can face a stiff fine and thousds of pple have been fined already over the
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last week or so for being on the street. anchor: the military is now out on the streets helping to enforce that lockdown. soldiers are undertaking various other tasks, too. let's have a look on the strts of barcelona, building temporary shelters for the homeless, up to 1,000 homeless people will be able to isolatehemselves in hygienic conditions. police are ccking that people are sticking to the rules and some areryg to keep up their spirits while doing so. ♪ anchor: these police officers are going tough the streets of majorca singing to families who can't leave their hes and included a message for those listening. "stay strong." they're also singing on balconies in germany. this is in cologne.
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♪ anchor: putting up balcony performances and we're judging proving to be popular, keeping up spirits there. another german stayingt home is the chancellor, angela merkel, after a doctor said she tested positive onriday. ms. merkel has taken a test and the resultsave become negative. this is her finance minister. >> thenc clor is healthy right now. she's at home in domestic self isolation but she is the cab met over the phone with her today. anchor: germany has more than 28,000 confirmed cases of covid-19 but the death rate, in fact, if you compare it to othen ies, is relatively low. only 118 people hav far.d so and germany's pubc healt officials are feeling optimistic
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about this graph. if you can see the detai there. this reflects the rise in the number of infections they say that the curve may be getting a little less steep. >> we're seeing signs that the exponential growth curve is flattening slightly but i will only be ablefi to c this trend definitively on wednesday but i'm optimistic meares are already having an effect which lyis very e because they've only been in place for a week. anchor: german measures that really stand out is the ability to keep track of contacts and contacts are people who have come int contact with someone who has displayed symptoms or tested positive for this virus. the german government has announced a ban on public gatherings of more than two people. italy is bringing in even tougher measures. this is the queue at the train
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station. the government has banned travee it is urgent business or for health problems. police checking documents and temperatures. the number of one firmedca s -- confirmed cases is past 60,000. more than 6,000 have died. although the number of deaths has dropped for the second day in a row. let's hear from our correspondent. >> tightening the screw on people and the virus. two weeks into a nationwide lockdown, the measures are tohening again. italians now banned from leaving their town and traveling across e country. not since war-time curfews have these scenes played out. while limits on movements are stepped up with more police spot-checks to see if people can
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justify why they're o, polls suggest thatli most is would support tighter restrictions. there isen virtually no of rebellion or complacency he. with seets deserted, all non-essential companies will be shut down, too. italy irunning out of things to close. in asia and get the latest from there because in sout korea, the country has reported 69 new cases. that is the lowest number of new infection rates peaked there four weeks ago the country has been hailed as a model for conining this virus with pass testing liking thisar partic test, which i would like to show you now. this is arive-thru test -- drive-thru testing is taking place there. also they're using g.p.s. tracking technology. you remember that south korea was oncea' a worst outbreak outside of china. let' n go to the philippines
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i'm bouncing around this map but if we go to the philippines next, our correspondent, howard johnson, has been updating us from there. he's been tweeting that the department of heahy -- health has confirmed the highest single y increases of covid-19, 82 cases,462 isowhatd johnson is suggesting. hong kong, from midnight all non-residents will be banned from entering hong kong. let's hear from our correspondent. reporter: hong kong, a major route into mainland china and othe countries across asia and it looks like there is the beginngs of some evidence that hong kong may be experiencing the onsets of a second wave. the trend now is ticking up in terms of new cfirmed cases so what we're seeing is an even further tightening of
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restrictions on the borde. is as close as you can get to cutting hong kong off from the rest of mainland chi that remains politically acceptable to the bosses in beijing. anchor: i want to go to australia because new containment measures there have come into effect. there are threeou states, australia, western australia and the northern territory, which will b shutting their borders. queensland will follow in the xt 24 hours. all those entering these states have to isolate themselves for 14 days regardless of where they've been traveling from. australia stepped up its containment measures on sunday, after these particular pictures went viral. this is bondi beach saturday, absolutely pd, jammed, even though the government advas to keep social distance. sydney has43 confirmed
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