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tv   BBC World News Outside Source  PBS  March 25, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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viewers like you. thank you. anchor: hello, youa'reing outside source. a quarter of the world's population is now in lockdown as the death toll from coronavirus goes over 20,000. another dramatic rise in the number of deaths in spain. it has nowvertaken china a is second only to italy. india shuts down as a three-week lockdown begins. one .3 billion peo to stay-at-home. stteing is vital, says boris hnson. we ask my frontine doctors a nurses are still finding it so hard to establish if they have the disease or have recovered from it.ce and prharles has had ast tend it is positive for the virus.
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we will bring you up-to-date with the latest. hello andelcome to outside source. a quarter of th' worlds population is now living under some form of lockdown due to coronavirus. more than 3 billion people, 70 countries and territories have been aed tstay-at-home. ere are now more than 450 thousand recorded cases of the virus globally, but we know that ntesting readily available in many places so that number is like to be much higher. let's take a look at the situation acrosshe globe and focus on spain. it has now reported more coronavirus test than china. 738 peopledi hav in just the past day. it takes the countries death toll to more than40 close to
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50,000 people are now ill with this virus in spain. more than 2500 of them in a serious or critical sta. this report from madrid. reporter: on a dark day for spain, a soberin site. van after van caring bodies of virus victims. biggest iceid's rink. it has been requisioned to hold the dead. arriving at spanish hospitals are more and more cases, infections here leaping everyy. more than 5000 medical staff have fallen sick, too. new rapid testing centers especially for those on the front line. one nurse here has the virus. a colleague has it. the swabs are invasive and
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unpleasant, handled with extreme care in casehey have picked up the pathogen. >> 'm -- i'm really worried, especially for my family and my patients. at home i stay isolated, the spanish government has asked the e.u. for protective equipment foits medical workers. >> wer talking about 1.5 million facemask, a half-million emergency test kits, hundreds of llinsulators, and this ave to go to e.u. countries and possibly china to see what comes back. that new is going through a procurement program at the moment. there are reports that i clooks lintries combined and only provide around 1 of what is eded around that you. so that is something that may take some time. going across to italy, the figure is still the highest anywhere in terms of the death toll. in the world, 7000 deaths.
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the prime minister they're saying they will look to increase the penalties of people violating the strict lockdown there to 4000 euros. if you are in quarantine and you breach that quarantine, you are looking at a possible fi year jail sentence. that is the severity that italy is taking it now. >> this is in factn italian patient who is one of many who s been transferred to a hospital in germany becaual italian hospare simply overrun. our correspondent in rome has be tweeting the latest figures, saying that the daily increase in deaths has fallen slightly in italy. it is down to still a shocking number of 683, but it isower, so that means for a fourth straight day it is going down. a slower increase in the totalnu er of currently infected. 've also been hearing that the
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head of the civil protection in italy as a mild fever, as if italy needs more symbols of i difficult plight at the moment. the man checked it -- in charge of updating people may have been floored by the virus himself. weill keep y abreast of the situation there. that lockdown remains in place italy with authorities taking it extremely seriously, using drones to check people and france has reported more than 20,000 cases. prident macron has visited a field hospital in one eastern city. in india it is the first day of a lockdownwe there, a thre lockdown in the country that is being experienced in india. this is an image o police making people who are not --
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and're making them crouch aw circles around them to maintain a minimum social stance after these two allegedly broke the rules by gathering with more than three people. the country has seen a sharp increase in cases in recent days . here is more on this from delhi. report: a messa for all indian citizens, stay indoors and stay safe, or face not only health but legal consequences. bustling cities turned into ghost towns overnights e country observes a complete lockdown. only those doing the most essential jobs are allowed on the streets. amweacross this family who failed to get home before the lockdown. >> no one is helping us. people are scared to give us a
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ride because of the virus. athe policere also asking for our identiards. reporter: desperate and worried r their children, they are having to cycle nearly 15 miles to get home. these were the scenes in old delhi as hundreds gathered, demanding food from authorities. some fear hunger will kill them before coronavirus does. others who are out to buy medicines told us the situation wasng challen but agreed that a complete lockdown was needed to beat the virus. >> our daily needs are not getting met. i could not buyread for my people at home. >> it is good that prime minister modi has enforced a lockdown. >> these are unprecedented scenes in a country of one point
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3 billion people. unimaginable before this crisis. any observers say only a politician like modi could undertake such a drastic step. the virus is already likely to have spread in far greater number than officially rethgnized. for world's second most populous country, disaster could still be ahead. anchor:e e also getting ports at deliveries of food and medicine are being hampered by the police. ithisa tweet from the editor of the economic times which says their images oftality across and personnel are trying to deliver supplies, but there is a misunderstanding of what essential services are. the editor added this image that reportedly shows a delivery iver who has been beaten by local authorities. let's turn to china,e are seeing some of the lockdown
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measures being eased, litt glimmer of hope. in wuhan where the outbreak began, those measures are being partially liftedo in weeks time. travel restrictions and the rest of the province have beedelifted for res who are healthy. steve mcdonnell explains from beijing. steve: here in beijing west, at e train station is a highly symbolic day as travelers arrive in the chinese capital. the province where this global emergency started has lifted its lockdown as people there now are able to travel to other parts of the country. as you look around here you can see all these buses have been parked to receive passengers as they come in.that's because youo do quarantine when you get into beijing. that might seem like a hassle, but for these people who have been cooped up for months, it is another step toward normality.
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a couple more weeks of quarantine and they can go back work here. there has been a t of debate about the figures here and whether or not the official count can be trusted in ter of how many people are actually infected in china. there's a feeling that thena onal government would not be allowing travelers to arrive here in beijing where they live unss they felt that this h emergency was pretty mder control. anchor: when it comes to those figures, we've got more on our website. under that mask is vladimir putin, the president. he hasnc ann next week will be a nonworking week in russia except for key services. and vote on constitutional changes would allow him to extend his ruleis because of worsening situation. russia's total number of cases s passed 600 with a record daily rise. stevefo rosenberg is in moscow us.
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steve: in russia, according to official figures, the number of infirmed coronavirus cas relatively low. it is in the hundreds, compared with tens of thousanwh in italy, h is really surprising when t you considert russia is a massive country. they are preparingor an influx of patients. one section of the hospital has been converted to the battle of covid-19. this is the green zone, th safe zone to be i because of the pandemic, what they have done her is to repurpose one of the units for coronavirus patients. what they say here is that they have all the facilities, all the equipment they need to treat people. if we look over here, this is where the patients who have suspected covid-19 are brght
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in. yo e can seeryone is in protective gear. it took three days to set up this area. they have put in 80 beds. you can seeome of t bedhe , and they are all full. >> the situation is serious but it is not a drastic situation. reporter: why do younk thi the official figures are quite low in russia for people coronavirus? >> these are all people who havd igns of infection, aay cough, a runny nose. reporter: so the message from this hospital ateasts that everything is under control. but russia is the largest country in the world with theal -care system which for years has been underfunded and
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under enormous pressure. coronavirus is a huge challenge for everyone, incling russia. anchor: it certainly is. the united nations has launched a humanitaan response plan. the u.n. secretary general says the world is only a strong as its weakest health system and the developing world will need all support to prevent infection spiraling out of control. >> be smart, but above all, understand that only with solidarity we can defeat this disease. anchor: still lots more to come here on outside ress and the white house have agreed to the biggest bailout in history to protect the american economy from the effects of the virus. >> the two main symptoms of
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coronavirus to look for are a dry cough and fever. if you'reha sneezing a lot a runny nose or headache, but y n have probabl got coronavirus. so how high the fever is the conavirus one, and what is continuous, dry cough? it is when you cough and there is no mucus or phlegm. it's not the oddou here and there. it can beor no other reason such as clearing your throat or smoking. ll know about it.onavirus fever, technically it is a body 37.erature more than celsius or 100 degrees fahrenheit. e a thermometer, u will feel hot in your chest and back will be hot. ♪
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anchor: locum to outside source, live from the bbc news room. auarter of the world's population is now in lockdown. the death toll from coronavirus goes over 20,000. k. is under a nationwide lockdown. the fus on finding the corona -- fighting the coronavirus outbreak has shifted ting. there are now 80 confirmed cases in the u.k. there is a rapid rise in these cases, but it is widely believed that there are many more cases going unreported due to a lack of testing today at the prime ministers briefing, the two expertsgen chf the uk's response to the outbreak explain their plan to expand testing for the virus. >> initially we are using it to
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help screen people from virus countries. when that ceases to be an acceptable possible -- we have sufficient tests at hospitals. that side of testing is in pla and is working well. so if the patie gets as far as a hospital, we are comparable anchor: andhis is thescale. government guidance for doctors working for the national health service in england. it bically says the main criteria for covid-19 is testing when you are admitted to the if you are not hospitalized, in hs england doctors are not allowed to test you for the virus. another concern is the doctors themselves are not allowed to get tested either. there has been a lot of criticism r that. one mp is saying the u.k. ment ss it is aiming t
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test 25,000 people per day. the prime minister talked of testing 250,000 people per day, but the reality is there are only about 5000 tests per day. hit's important thlth workers are not stuck at home, they need to get tested so they can be sure they are ok. >> te thingould like to do next, which would certainly make a difference less to the disease but definitely for t nhs is being able to test critical workers who are self isolating who currently are not being tested because we don't have sufficientesting. it's a globa b pblemically everyone is wanting this new test. it is for disease it was not being tested for anywhere three months ago. evybody wants this, and there is a global shortage. the next priority is to get critical workers back to work or
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to say to themou have got this. anchor: the guardian reported that public health england says a 15 minute home testing kit will be released that can tell you ifou have had the disease. this will be available to health workers and also to the public. this s articles the u.k. government have already bought 3.5 million of these tests. that's find out a little bit more about thatpr from the essor again. >> there are the tests which we will want to have whic not yet absolutely evaluated but will be critical, that can tell someone whether they have had thvirus. you cannot do that in the first wee days after someone has had a fever, but after a few weeks, possibly as short as one week, that will allow us to say to nhs and other workers, you have this infection at least fourndhort
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timeossibly for quite a long time. you can go back to work and beco ident if you get another cough and fever, it will not be coronavirus. telling someone in accurately that they have had it or notad it, could lead to dangerous mistakes being made. anchor: you make seen arties like this one in the financial times. it is quoting and oxford university study which suggest that a many as 50% of people in the u.k. could have already had e virus. this is the actual study itself. this study has yet to be published, it has not yet bn scrutinized byhe peers or scientists. it contains a numberhy of thetical situaons about how for the virus has already spread. while some are hospitalized by coronavirus, any people will have mild symoms or none at
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all. here is sir patrick on the >> we simply don't know at the moment. that is why the antibody test is so important there are estimates that up to 80% or more people who -- a small percentage of the population tested positive and quite a number of th will not be symptomatic, but we don't know with the general tion, so it is so important to get this in place anchor: prince charles tested positive while in scotland. the nhs in scotland had their own criteria for testing as our correspondent nicholas explains. >> he qualified under the clinical criteria,nd he is 71 a
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he was experiencing symptoms. hehe was not on a scled flight. by then, some of the symptoms must have been evident, so he was tested or they were both tested on monday. the test results came back late lastight. his were positive, hers were negative. they are now self isolating at his hoe on the bow moral -- bow moral estate. we are told he is in good spirits and is uporng, although self isolating. anchor:et's turn to the united states, democrats have reached agreement in the white house on thstimulus worth $2 billion. a will be the largest bailout program in histo it includes sending checks of $1200 to every adult except for high earners. there are hundreds of billionsol ofrs in loans to businesses and even r state governments if they need a bailout.
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you have been across this for us, finally agreement on the stimulus package. onan finally an agreement. they have been battling over this for days and had tod ext the voting deadline several times, but it looks like we are getting clo to the final stretch here. there's a little bit of objections comom some republican senators over the size of the unemployment payouts that could be going to individuals, but i mention that will be worked out fairly soon. the senate -- then i will be passed by the house of representatives while all t embers of congress which are scattered all over the country right now, ey will have to do it by unanimous consent vote, or fly back to d.c. and vote on it. it will probably be the end of theul week before this be approvedy congress. at that point it willnd up on dona trump's desk for his signature. anchor: i want to add that all
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companies controlled by president trump and his kids are banned from receiving any loans or investments from this huge stimulus package. that's designed to make it impossible forhe president to channel any taxpayer mon trump branded resorts or hotels. there are questions if this woula b factor in him calling fothe lockdown to e after just 15 days. here hes saying that. >> easter is a verypecial day for many reasons for me, for a lot of our friends, it's a very special day. and what a great timeline this would be, easter is our timeline, what a great timeline that would be. anchor: that is despite the fact cases in the u.s. and the number of deaths almost 900. the warned that could become the next epicenter
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and new york's governor has warned that the illness is spreading faster than a bullet train. anthony, it seems the president is incredibly optimistic, given the figures coming especially from new york state. anthony: it does seem optimistic, and the administration walked back those comments a little yesterday evening. donald trump's medical advisor said that was a goal, but a flexible kind of deadline they could be looking at. you mentioned new york governor andrew cuomo, the governors are going to be the ones who have theinal say in this. so conceivably, if donald trumpi keeps p to have businesses reopen,e could be in direct conflict with governors all over this country who hede decn their judgment to keep businesses closed.ld that cut donald trump in a position of saying if there are economic consequences from these osures, he is the one trying to open things up and get
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american bndiness is booming not take as much blame as governors might. that could be a position he could conceivably campaign on. over the last year or year and a half donald trump has been talking about this greatno e as his bigger, schmidt and what makes him deserving of being elected. he needs economy bouncing back quickly if he wants to keep that kind of message goi to the general election in november. anchor: when it comes to how the mood is, what are people thinking about the way donald trump is reacting to all of this? anthony: he is seeing some of his highest approval ratings. the question is whether it will continue as these negative consequences drag on for weeks and months ahead anchor: we will speak to you soon. self isolating in washington, we have lots more on our website
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