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tv   BBC World News Outside Source  PBS  March 27, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> this is bbc news. the u.k. death toll rises by 100 $.81 yesterday, the prime minister in health secretary thests positive for coronavirus. >> i have developed mild symptoms, that is to say a temperature and persistent off did on thedvice of the chief l officer, i have taken a test that has come out positive. >> in italy, 919 people have died, the biggest daily rise so far in a country that has been lock down for almost two weeks. e united states has more confirmed cases men any other country in the world.
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ye death toll has also left in nework alone by 500. --et -- leapt in new york to over 500. ♪ >> hello and welcome to bbc news. we will be covering the latest developments in the coronavirus endemic in britain and across the globe. here minister has said he has tested positive and has mild symptoms. he will continue to lead the government by health --- by
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videoconference. aer fur81 people have died in the lt 24 hours. that means there have been 759 coronavirus steps -- deaths. italy has reported a record surge with more than 900 people dying in a single day, bringing the total to 9000. in the u.s., record 18,000 new cases today. smora stories later, but first an update on events here and in london. >> keeping their distance, like many neighbors, they stepped outside to pay tribute to staff last night and four hours later horse johnson tested positive. >> i have taken the test and
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come out positive so i am working from home andelf i -- the in no doubt that i can continue thanks to modern technology to lead the fig against the coronavirus. >>m the top ts been spending less time and cabinet was held remotel the chief scientific and medicap advisors work g further apart, but today chris witty said head symptoms anwas self isolating. mr. johnsonad his weekly audience with the queen on the phone. the health secretary developed symptoms that night and is al when self-isolation. >> i will beontinuing to do everything i can to get our care
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businesses the support they need. >>e with the pr minister unavailable, it felt to michael goveo take questions. >>ic the chief m officer is in isolation stop people will be looking in may be wondering whether you have been taking your owndvicer reacted to slowly when it came to stopping the spread of the coronavirus. >> we are all at risk and that is why it is imptant with practice social distancing measures. ministers are working remotely and atak home to sure we can follow the strict advice that all of us should beng followi they have been, his girlfriend who is pregnant,
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posted this photo saying self-isolating was not so bad. as for the prime mintater, he willin the office for seven days and meals will be left outside the door. >> johnson blake is in westminster. britain's politicians to practice what they preach. >> yes, the crisis has come the heart of government with boris johnson testingositive and the health secretary also doing so, the two leading figures hereho we in charge of the governments response fund themselves having to self-isolate and for all the technology and cooperation that is available to them, this will nevertheless be a challenge for the government and there are a difficult days ahead not just
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for the prime minister and health secretary, but for those in the -- who are tasked with dealing wh the coronavirus. chris witty showing symptoms, so he will be self-isolating. it issu not a hugrise that it has found its way into government because as we know the spread of the bars is very broad. there was little how e government is going about making sure more people don't find themselves contracting this disease beyond putting in place social distancing measures that the government has urged the public at large.
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yond i, if we were to show symptoms and leave it to that. >> still a shock when the leader of the country is diagnosed with coronavirus and inevitably he would have been in contact even if it is social distancing with a number of people the last couple of weeks. yes, it is a veryisib reminder that this virus is indiscriminate. as michael gove said, it does not discriminate and we are all at ris in the prime minister contracting the virus is a very potent reminder ofha and people asking questions aboutis wh coming into contact 10 wednesday shook hands for stood relatively close the last few days. i'm sure we will see reminders of those social distancing
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asures going around and where ny people are already working from home and following the guidance put out to the country as a whole, butna extraor to have the prime minister can find , leading the response, but not coming intot dir contact with anyone and having to do everything remotely. >> the prime mister has the tests and prince charles -- spa king of tests, aftet of criticism, health workers are goingo start being tested in some not a moment too soon. >> we learned from the chief executive officer of england at
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said in a staff -- nhs staff, he would be tested next week in identified groups thatould be test routinelyintensive care uns, staff, critical care nurses and doctorsncnd also ambuschuurs as well and as you suggest, that is something that staff have been calling for for some time with no routine testing in the u.k. beyond those withymptoms who are potentially the most severely at risk. that is my welcome news for pele working in the nhs and something that others will be calling for some time. exactly how ey will be edadminist and how many, we
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don't know yet. >> thank you jonathan blake in westminster to italy has recorded anoth surge in coronavirus with the highest daily increase since pandemic emerge -- emerged. the previous largest single poll the six days ago when 793 people died all stop the total number of confirmed cases has gone up, taking italy's total past that of chinaho and 6% of diagnosed with the disease are now in intensive care. >> it is hard for italians to take in these cases, hundreds dyingveday, but the
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infection rate is down a bit, the curve is flattening, so the national restrictions are working in that respect, but prress now is slow and an evening, 46 doctors have died here since the outbrea began. >> the united states has more confirmed cases than any other country in the world with more than 90,000 positive test. thdeath toll is more than 500 alone. on friday, the state governor announced plans to build for re hospitals in new york city. >> new york, the worst infected the and nowhe worst affected country. there was always a sense that it
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would ravage this global hub, and although there is a deceptivet calm, is behind the doors of the hospitals that the crisis is playing out. emergency calls at the highest level since the attack on september 11. thought to be three weeks away from the peaand already they are exhsted. new yorkers paying a price for being such a vibrant and international citan >> we are sod in together special, gives that new york energy, york mojo, that density also becomes the enemy in a sittion like this. >> something we have not seen since 9/11, refrigerator trucks ready to store the corpses of the dead.
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each one is capablef holding 44 bodies. s >> americaying the price for notaking the coronavirus seriously, for not wrapping up testing quickly enough when it came to these shores, for losing precious time. america is not just facing the hotel prices, but enomic emergency. america's [inaudible] >> everyday we stay out, it gs harder. >> america is led by a commander-in-chief desperate for the conflict to become -- to
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come to a speedy end>>. reaking news from los angeles and david willis has been to a briefing by the elite county -- l.a. countyvi supr and officials are going to close all of the beaches regions. the state of california has enen fied as one of the principal centers and officials have announced the immediate closure of all public parks, by parks, public parking spaces as well as beaches for the next or weeks. the l.a. county supervisor said it was essential that access to public laces was now limited. last weekend saw a lot ofoc peoe ng to hiking trails after a first order of staying home.
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a closure of all those public places in the early region. in spain, the number of cases continues to increase with 769 death -- death in 24 hours. it is putting an enormous strain on families and as we report omfr madrid. >> from his bed, he waves. he is their first patient to leave intensive care, but the medical staff are the only onesr the to see him. that is because every new patient ismmediately isolated.
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it is the awful reality she is facing. she links she may have infected both parents, both now positive oth in the hospital beyo >> you cannot hug, you cannot kiss. >> her parents are being treated here in the hospital. it is one of the coolest aspects of this outbreak. er>> this is whe parents were admitted, many hospitals that double deck capacity. what happens when a health service is swamped, spain did
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ownot bring in its lockdn quickly enough. now, people are dying in spain's hospitals surrounded by loved ones isolated and alone. >> people get sick alone, they die alone, they are buried alone, they cannot do anything. >> she has fou a way to reach r parents, her father is improving, but her mother's conditn is serious andhe as virus advances come more families are being separated. she posted this notic saying she will pass messages to those inside. >> the family tells meuc love
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you so i am here with you, something like this. >> she is a nse assistant, just 24 years old delivering comfortng to the d collects here in the u.k., there is growing concern that some hospitals may be overwhelmed by coronavirus patients as early as this weekend. our medical correspondent reports. >> i have -- >> [inaudible] >> he was scheduled to have his prostate removed, but his surgeryas been canceled. ihink it is morally and
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unethically wng. it is important that they bashed that cancer patients company forgotten victims. >> they issued a statement saying we are continuing to prioritize emergency treatment and full services will resume as soon as it is fe to do so. it is far from an isolated example. >>ve specialists should he opportunity with their patients to decide whether it is more risky for somebody to embark on thtreatment a particular timeiven that you are more vulner >> this conference center will have b live unders available for coronavirus patients next week which will rise to 4000. it is being built with the help
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from the army as well as a bigger hospital which will have up to 5000 beds. a third has been marked for manchester. equipme is being shipped out from this distribution center, but many medical staff say they are still being left at risk. >> people are rll scared because they just don't know when they go in whether or not,t ugh they are not displaying symptoms, they still have the virus. staff and family members will now be able to turn up at the disease is wrapped up. >> the u.k. government has urged people to t move.
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the move comes as banks are llfg for a full suspension the housing market. stephen jones joins us the a webcam. immensely stressful at the best of times. hein my of latest advice of the government, what are lenders going to do to help buyers and renters? >> the industrys seeking to suspend the operation of the housing market cannot be furtr from the truth. [inaudible] the government guidance has made clear -- [no audio] >> stephen, i am so sorry. we are breaking up badly. clearly a problem with the we will see what we can do.
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enbear with us for a m 715,000 people have sied up by -- to help by delivering medicines. northern irela, wales are included in that and some s say they are desperate for more volunteers. >> the nhs called, thousands rushed to respond and the volunteer workforce continues to multiply. from a kitchen, one of those logged on to offer to help. >> i have not heardth ag yet , but nothing else to do at the moment. >> thoseg reply receiving this enough warning them it is taking a little time to g it up and running will stop they are
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staggered at the amount volunteers and going through all the alley -- applications to check everyone's id. next week, they say they will begin starting to match volunt those needing the nhs scheme only covers england and northern ireland. welsh andh scottnservatives are asking for the nhs project to be extended their. there is also a clamor for support from charities which benefit from voluntary. they say they are crying out for help. >> we vosperately need nteers who are fit and well, those able to get in safely, not supporting vulnerable people who are able to help with our operation whether that he
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driving the vans, helpi the warehouse, sorting stuff out. >> thehave taken support down to the most local of levels, 150 helpers in the community. the i ideathat no one should be left without help during this crisis. >> scientists say that around the world as many as 40 million lives would have been lost without a globalesnse, but the poort countries are likely hardestt the >> all of the world, very different reactions to the virus and africa, rwanda was the first , while in senegal, the streetsi were busy.
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for this latest study, if literally nothing is done to million people could die from it will wide this year. is not likely to happen because so many governments are interesting public health meures and if they all do, the death toll should fall, still horrific. the key to this is timing. if those measures arepi adopted y, the number dying could fall toil 1.3on. it shows the critical importance of governmen acting urgently. >> refugee camp through a hinge ofeople and it is the pooresthi who will be hardest. >> even in terms of the control, it is still very likely that the health systems will become overwhelmed. many of the countries have few
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examples of intensive care beds available and hospital beds are prevalent in those settings. >> in india, there is meant to be a national lockdown, but it is hard to manage and in ouny developingries, the health care system is fragile. >> it is basicly going to make our health care system soue. the other crisis we are facing is the economic. >>any couries are now doing what they can, but to presentation of this program is provided by... man: bab dl, an online programeloped by language specialists teaching spanish, french, and more. the freeman foundation.
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