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tv   BBC World News Outside Source  PBS  March 30, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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viewers like you. thank you. ♪ >> welcome to "outside source" on the bbc news. we are covering the very latest coronarus development here in britain and globally. ship.s. navy hospital which is heading to dock in new york, the state's governor saysf the scal coronavirus deathser is already stag. this conference center in london has been transformed into a hospital in just one week and will eventually accommodatup to 4000 patients,ec ed to be of all ages. >> we have been surprised by how
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many you people we are seeing and people who do not cve other healditions. and i think -- >> in madrid, spain becomes a thirdhe nation in t world to confirm or virus cases than china. live in brazil as president bolsonaro continues to play down the crisis and flout sial distancing. a warm welcome toed thiion of "outside source." we will bring you-d up-e with the latest coronavirus a developmenund the world. globally, more than 766,000 people confirmed -- confirmed cases of this virus. more than 36, lost their lives to it. 160,000 have recovered.
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the.s. is a count with the most cases now. 153,000 peopct hbeen in. over 2500 people have died, and over 1000 just in new york state. more than 5000 people have recovered. italy remains the worst affecte coun europe. the number of infected is now more than 100,000. more tn1,000 people have died. in spain, a memorial has been held for the victims of covid-19 . in the country, ther isve died now more than 7300,p uy more than 800 in just the past 24 hours. spain has recorded 812 deaths in the past when he for hours. more cases than china. 16,000 people have recovered from this virus. welcome to the progrn. we startedhe united states where there are more than 150,000 confd coronavirus
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cases, and the death toll has paed 2800. new york state alo, which isin now considered a global center for this pandemic. this is how the city is dealing with this crisis. thiss a field hospital which has been set up in central park to help take some of thetrn. hospital ships that is being called on to deliver humanitarian aid -- this is onet navy's hospital ships. it sailed past the statue of liberty and is carrying medical personnel and vital medical supplies. here is bill de blasio, mayor of new yorkity. mayor de blasio: coming here to save the livesf new yorkers in r time of need. we have all been through a lot these last few weeksand we needed this boost. we needed this hope. >> let's get an update from our
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world affairs correspondent. reporter: with america's city streets increasingly deserted, the prospects of a ift return to normality are fading. officials are now warning as many as 200,000 american fatalities. down, as we are saying, tod that 100,000 -- 200,000, a horrib number, it may be even less, 100 thousand, soetween 100000 and 200,000, we altoa ther have done ry good job. >> let's get a comparison on that. the u.k. is trying to keep its death toll below 20,000, and china's death toll is currently 3300. presidentrump says he expects the u.s. death toll to rise significantly as the u.s. infection te is tipped to peak in just two weeks. the president has tended social distancing restrictions until the end of april after initially saying he hoped eoamerica could rpen for business at easter. let's get more from washington.
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sireporter: the pnt does not describe it as a new turn, but he has absolutely changed hist tune in the ne he for hours, no question about that -- in the last 24 hours. he was talking about reopening things in time for easter so the pewes in -- pews in the church is wouldbe full come easteray suhat seems to have happened is the scientist on that task force, the well-known faces n same to have gotten to the president and have fokid a way of t to him so that he understands the scale of it. we're told that they warned him distancing for a proper length of time, more than 2 million americans could die. more than 2 million america d could, even with the measures in place. the w scientists arning that the deh toll could be over 100,000 and perhaps as much as 200,000. so the scale of these things i k has now been taken on
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board to some degree by the president. he is talking about at least the end of april for all the measures currently in ple, possibly to the beginning of june. i thinkpot thit in time, we have no idea how long these measurre going to be in place. >> new york governor andrew cuomo says new york i is the canathe coal mine. the situatiol there w plicated across the country. >>he idea that central park is an over spill for the whole health care system and that you have tooor a 1000 bed boat off of manhattan itself also the system can cope in the most developed countryven the world you an idea of the scale, the challenge they are facing, orparticularly in new which has one quarter of all the country's cases. and they are not, by any means, at the worst point yet. certainly the officials there are expecting things over t t next two wee continue to rise, deaths continue to rise,
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they are bracing themselves, and they are giving direng war that they civilly do not have the equipment available to keep pele alive and that people will be dying because there is not engh ventilators, enough protective equipment for the health care workers tose to keep themselves safe and to keep other people safe. >> extraordinary images there of central park. went into lockdown just ahead of its new year holiday. it would have been a time when millions of people would be traveling around the country, and it is a move credited with helping to limit a widerea s of the virus outside the worst affected areas. in the u.s. now, authoritieso climbingake similar measures before the spring break holiday. and this is why it matters. a company called tech tonics ge maps location of mobile devices
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on the bea lauderdale. fort that is the image in blue. this is where all of those people then ended up. they are spread across the east coast and central u.s. that is the impact gathering at just one beach -- that is one beh -- could have on the spread of the virus throughout the give reaction on this is donna, a former secretary of health in the clinton administration. the democratic congresswoman for the city of miami now. hecongresswoman, it comes to the measures the united states have brought in place, is it toa little, to? >> too little, tooe, l but we're going to catch up. we just do not have universal health care system. we see the gaps in that system. more imply, we have some of the greatest scientific not allowed to do job.hat were now they are playingch cp. they have convinced the president that this is serious
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and that it is not short-term, it is long-term. we do not have t hospital country has, becau we have ar high-tech conch -- hospital system that uses outpatient the number of hospital s per person is very low here. and accounting for that, for people that really have to be hospitalized, is one of the great challenges. in addition to all of the equipment that we need. so while we have the scientific expertise, we did not have the distribution systems or the producti systems to catch up with this virus, and we started late. will have the discipline to starve this virus. >> when you say you started late, why was the president -- talking to the president and getting their opinion across? >> well, we have a president that has strong views on science. rfo years, he has been cutting
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th budget of the scientific agencies. and i think he simply resisted c because es so much about the economy and sees his reelection tied to the economy. but that is in the past now. it is important for us here in this country to look rward, to do what we need to do, whether it is washing our hands or social distancing or staying at home, even though we do not have strong leadership necesrily from our national government. many of our governors are stepping up.h i w my governor in florida was doing more than simplyg isolatrts of the state. but we will get there, because, at t end of the day, those of us that have some influence keep repeating pay attention to the eopublic healthe, pay attention to the scientist's and medical people in our communityy and they areg the same thing. so starving this virus isel
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extrimportant over the short run, and then we have to have a number of public health stems put in place so that we can follow up on each case and ske se this is never recurring at thile. we are alws going to have some virus. the next one i do not what its name is, but we better be prepared, not only inco this try but around the world, and that includes rethinking how we are organized and making sure we have leaders that foscow the nce. >> congresswomanf miami, thank you so much for your time at this verbusy time. i want to take a look at what european countries, how their coping with this crisis. take a look at hungary as the parliament voted to give the prime minister sweeping new powerso rule by dree come
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along the prime minister to bypass parliament. supporters say they will help him to deal with this coronavirus outbreak, but the law is usually controversial. it contains no time limit. and the passing of the anti-coronavirus defense law means tha fro immediate effects, the hungarian perlman has suspended self -- with no time limit e fctions. and jill terms, -- jail ter of five years for anyone spreading falsehoo about the coronavirus. critics have said it could lead to the imprisonment of journalists to criticize the government. according to a poll by pro-government polling ageary in hu 72% of the public to support the bill. ou correspondent reports. >> theseow emergencys seem to go further than in peaps any other country of europe. in the opposition human rights
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groups and some international organizations have raised their concerns. theact that the powers are forer an indefinite [rtopf/ -- indefinite period. the prime minister himself will decide when the emergency is over. human rights groups wanted more controls, checks, and balances. those are now seen as being far too wea also worrying for journalistsy,n hung independent or critical journalists in hungary, is a change to the criminascode within t new emergency power of the government under whichil those found of spreading misleading or false information could be jailed for up to five years. that could have a chilling effect on the work of t independent media here in hungary. >> spain's iection rate in6400 new cases confirmed just today. thisws graph shat spain is now the third nation to overtake
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china in terms of t number of individuals infected by covid-19. in italy and the u.s., there are more cases. both spain and italy have no more coronavirus-related deaths than china. these are images from barcelona, usually btling streets now completely deserted, near total ckdown across the whole spain. it has become even moreevere. the nation's prime minister announcing a lockdown of all 47 millionpaniards. let's more from madrid. >> as of today, as you said, non-essential workers are not allowed to travel to thr strkplace. they also have t home, as well. that ishe the main novelty, government has done that because it says it wants to really make sure that there is nore rgence, no increase in the spread of the virus. it believeshat, although the latest figures to make for rather harrowing readingwe had
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ov 800 people who died over use of t 24 hours be virus, despite those figures, the government says that the virus has come to the end of its curve, that the figur are starting to flatten out. >> the situation they're in spain. do sth us here on "outside source." lots more to come. we will be live in brazil as president bolsonaro continues to played on this csis. there has been a sharp increase in the number of deaths from the virus in france. authorities say more than 3000 have no died in hospital. it comes as the crisis is emgin care homes as >> this home hn par lost 16 residents to coronavirus, more than 8more infected. those delivering the coffins here told a waiting journalist
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it was nonstop. 21 people have died at this home , but while hostal deaths recorded in the daily toll of coronavirus, deaths in care homes are not. >> there was a cluster of about 50 peoe with fever over five da followed by symptoms of severe pneumonia, so we had to use oxygen. at the height of the epidemic eehere, there must've 25 [no audio]n oxygen. ♪ >> welcome back. you are watching "outside source." a u.s. navy hospit ship has docked in new york as the city's mayor calls for more help tack the coronavirus. and here in the u.k., the number of deaths has fallen for the second day running. 180 people died over just the
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past day, bringing the total death toll here in britain to more than 1400. the number of confirmed cases stands at just over our health correspondent reports. >>hais interesting is if you look at back this time last week, the number of deaths com in daily deaths, were doubling every two days. over the last three days, we have seen 260 deaths announced on saturday, 209 on sunday, and then of course 180 today. so it is anarly encouraging sign that maybe things are going you let the right direction. a but i wou, in italy, they have seen the most deaths acrosh world, and they saw the numbers jump around a little bit before theytarted to plateau. >> prime minister boris johnson is still in self-isolation after testing sitive peer to his closest advisor is also in self-isolation after experiencing symptoms. but the pri minister is continuing to hold meetings via
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videoconference. thiss a tweet of his a little bit earlier on today in which he says he has been working from home and continuing to lead the responseo this virus. stay at home, he adds, protect the nhs come andave lives, the message clear. looks like people are generally listening to this message. the u.k. is in its secon week herein here is the chiefions scientific advisor of the government. >> t actually,s has been successful in terms of the behavior changes your it i want to thank everybody for the way in which everyone is adhering to the measures we put in place. >> also during today's daily iefing, the government produced figures which show just standstill here in the u.k. have a look at the graph that shows the change in transport moves over the past month. a huge drop-o in the number of trips taken since the end of february. that dark blue line at the top shows the use of all motor
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vehicles down by around two thirds. travel ononhen underground, the tube, seein an even bigger fall. the aquamarine at the very bottom, it is down by 95% compared ta month ago. >> so the measures are in place. th are making a difference. they are decreasing the ctact, which is so important to spread the disea, and we're doing a goodow job at cuttthat another reason that is imp is because, of course, and then prevents the number of cases, to reduce the number of cases. >> the government says despite the reduction in contact, it still expects to see a spike in hospital admissions ov next two to three weeks. 20,000 formestaff members have now returned to the national health service, ands london' biggest convention center has been transformed into a temporary hospital. let's get more >> just a week ago it giant conference hall with room
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for a dozen football pictures. now it is a hospital with intensive care beds and ventilators and ready in a few daytime to save the first patients per the capacity eventually will be 4000, and if those beds are used, and will be the biggest hospital in the world. simontevens, head of nhs england, toward the te at london's xl center today and met some of those who are making things happen. >> today there are over 9000 positive coronavirus patients ip als across england,nd we know that number is only going to increase. that is why what you see here is a mass mobilization, taking place right acrot the country so at these new nightingale hospitals. this has been a extraordinary team effort on the part of therapists pharmacists across london but also volunteers and paramedics and people returning thelp. >> the first staff were applauded in today. volunteers from other hospitals
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and recently retired doctors and nurses will be carrying here for seriously ill covid- patients of what is now called theit nightingale ho. >> lt tuesday i re, now we have fully ready to take patients. but huge progress about building a hospital in london, nightingale, london, in less than two weeks. it is unbelievable. >> it is in the heart of london's busess area with hotels all aund, and the fact that they transformed this conference enter into a giant hospital so quickly shows how serious they think the pressure on the nhs could be. >> birmingham's national exhilou a ningbite h ctitarl,en so too the central convention center in manchester. in glasgow, there will be a temporar hospitalo in eks with space for up to 1000 patients.
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the principality stadium will be used as an nhs field hospital northern ireland is creating dedicated facilities f coronavirus patients. the u., as countries around the world are closing their lan and air borders contain the spread of coronavirus, there are thousands ofeople who were stuck out at sea on cruise ships as vessels are being denied permission to dock. ethis cru ship has been carryi more than 1800 people and is off the coast of panama. hit begin moving healthy passengers onto another ship after four people died and two others were tested positive. the owners, holland ameca, said more than 130 people on board reported suffering from those flulike symptoms and also woying about respiratory issues. two fghts bringing british tourists home from peru arrived back in the u.k. the british government has chartered a further threeay british airws flights to
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rescue those still stuck in the country's lockdown. arounhernonascews roworld, in brazil, presidt bolsonaro has been doing his best to play down the suation. he was visiting a supermarket on sunday on e outskirts of brasilia, ignoring those social distancing measures w been hearing about of at least two meters. then in a televised address last week, helamed the media for c eating hysteria and panier covid-19. he has been campaigning to ban lockdown measures, saying th s economy cannp. >> if thitotal isolation goes on like this, we will have a serious problem with a brutal amount of unemployment. it will take years to resolve. >> it jus was discussing things like this. a couple of tweets in which he questioned quarantine measures had to then be removed for violating the social network's rules on twitter.
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let's go to our south america respondent who joins us from sao paulo. start with these tweets that have since been removed from twitter. what did they say? >> he put up a series of tweets on sunday, showing him completely flouting the rules, the r gdelineslly, the world guidelines about how to interact at the moment with distance. he seemste to be comp ignoring this. certain tweets were pulled down that when he gets the rules of twitter, thought to be -- obviously, the rules are on public health at the moment because of coronavirus. this is a president who calls coronavirus theniles and he goes on tv telling peoe that if he was to get it, he would really not be affected and it would not impact him at all. it is really the older generation that will bimpacted and need to be protected, but everybody else effectively should get back
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economy should start running again. that is really his message, the, b matters -- the economy matters. >> when itomes to the economy, of course he is concerned about it, but ishe message getting across? what are the measures like in azil at the moment? >> it is a face-off between the federal government, bolsonaro, and the state governors, pretty much all of the state governors have got together with virtual meetings and have written a letterre to thedent saying we need to have backing for isolation measures. in sao paulo come a sao paulo state is responsible for about 30% of brazil's wealth. all the shops a shut, school shut, public spaces. businesses have been told to stop work. so it is incredibly quiet, a very different world here in brazil. t of course, bolsonaro wants to try and stop this, wants things to reopen. >> absolutely. as always, thank you so much. we have much more on our website.
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