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tv   BBC World News  PBS  November 4, 2010 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." >> time to work together. president obama says he will listen to the republican opposition following the democrat's dramatic losses in the election. >> as i reflect on the results, it underscores for me that i have to do a better job, just like everybody else in washington does. >> more hope for the flagging u.s. economy. the central bank says it will pump another $600 billion into the system. a tropical storm is heading for haiti. it could have a dramatic effect on the countries cholera outbreaks. welcome to bbc news. coming up later for you, fresh
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eruptions force more people to flee their homes. and the miracle of the bouncing baby. an 18 month old boy pulled from a window and survive without a scratch. president obama says he is determined it to work with political co opponents. democrats lost control of the house of representatives in the midterm elections, and no republicans can obstruct mr. obama's policies. the president says he is eager to sit down and talk. arkansas north america editor reports from washington occurred
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>> that president known deep -- down deep knows. there's a bounce in his step. not much in his voice. >> people are deeply frustrated with the pace of our economic recovery and the opportunities that they hope for their children and their grandchildren. >> he promised to work with the newly elected republicans, but in front of the cameras, if he was asked about being out of touch, he became introspective. it became more like a therapy session. >> there is a inherent danger in being in the white house and being in the bubble. and folks did not
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by adoring crowds. this was how he spent it last night -- making calls to defeated candidates and the comments he has to work with. the republican leader will all become speaker, the man in charge, and his party will be able to stop long as they do not like. >> i spent my whole life chasing
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the american dream -- day, he saidight of he wanted to work with the president on his own terms. >> the president was kind enough to call me. we discussed working together on portis -- cutting spending, creating jobs. we hope he will continue to work with us on those parties. >> but the republicans wish list is almost the reverse of the president's priorities and. they will try to gut the health care legislation. the president has admitted his climate change bill is dead. the plan to close guantanamo bay is probably no longer possible. america has voted for a house vegasd, bu tit in las they are used to risk.
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>> people are voting their displeasure. it is the american way. >> they need to listen to the people. >> the president, contrite, chastened, says he will listen. talking to the opposition will be tougher. >> america's central bank, the federal reserve, is to pump another $600 billion into the economy in an effort to boost the recovery. it is the second round of quantitative easing. the aim is to encourage lending and continue spending in the world's largest economy. this excessive which will be keenly watched run the world -- around the world. >> policy makers have thrown hundreds of billions of dollars at the u.s. economy since the financial crisis hit. it was not enough to save the president last night and it has not been enough to create a strong recovery. growth has slipped back since the spring.
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unemployment is mere 10%, and house prices are going down again. with a record deficit, congress cannot afford to throw a lot more money at a problem even if the parties could agree on how to spend it. so the future of the recovery comes down to this man -- ben bernanke, the chairman of the federal reserve. so what is the fed's plan? like the bank of england, they cannot cut short-term rates went . so they are trying to lower the cost of borrowing by buying government bonds with money they have created out of thin air -- $600 billion on top of the 1.75 trillion they have spent since the crisis began. they have spent over $2.30 trillion, slightly more than britons and tired national output -- entire national output. >> there is a variety of views
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on whether this is the right thing for the fed to be doing. there are many that are concerned that it will lead to higher inflation over time. many think the fed needs to do more. >> for the rest of the world, with all the talk of currency wars, the impact on the dollar matters as well. >> there could be positive spillover is of that on economic growth. the negatives are downward pressures on the dollar, and it could put pressure on asset price bottles and other parts of the world. >> tomorrow, the bank of england will decide whether to pursue more quantitative easy. the bank will be unhappy if the pound it starts to go up and british goods look more expensive abroad. the other g-20 leaders will be complaining about america's cheap money policy when they meet next week in korea.
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but for the president and the fed, america comes first. he needs a strong u.s. economy if he wants to get reelected. it is crucial to britain's recovery hopes as well. >> tropical storm tomas is on course to reach ok'd at the weekend. the capital could bear the brunt of the storm -- it is on course to reach haiti at the weekend. they are still living in temporary camps. our correspondent has this. >> about 300 miles south- southwest of haiti. it had been weakening to a tropical depression, but it is now gathering strength again. it could even be hurricane strength, if it does indeed hit haiti in the early part of friday. 1.3 million people are still
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living in tents, survivors of the earthquake, in cramped and crowded conditions occurr. those tents are not expected to withstand heavy winds and rain, so some are being evacuated. but the other problem is the cholera epidemic, which is spreading across haiti. one fear is that heavy rains will further spread the disease. on wednesday, there was a spike in new cases of cholera, it increase by 40%. political instability over the years, natural disasters, and tell the nation is bracing itself for a tropical storm -- now the nation is bracing itself for tropical storm tomas. >> a second round of voting is to take place in ivory coast.
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it is the first since the countries civil war. the incumbent president is ahead of his main rival, the former prime minister appear. he has not won enough votes for or runoff election later this month. the corridor is looking into the deaths of the july 7 deaths in london. the lady justice has said that she does not have the ability to examine it alone. german police have arrested 23 people suspected of indulging in an illegal internet radio station. about 270 officers took place in more than 20 -- took part in more than 20 ratids. the u.s. secretary of state
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hillary clinton or arrived in new zealand. during her three day visit, she is due to meet new zealand's prime minister abbas. . she also visit christ church, was -- which was hit by earthquakes in september. there has been more eruptions in the volcano in indonesia. the safety zone has been extended from 10 to 15 kilometers. the president has visited the area to meet rescue teams. >> scientists warn that indonesias most dangerous volcano could be erupting for months. early morning. it threw out a fury of ash. more than 70,000 people have
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been moved to a string of shelters and told that no one knows when they can return home. the president visited with the reassurance that they would be well looked after and compensated for loss of property. more eruptions are expected. >> you need to stay here in the shelters. and i hope you can go back to your home as soon. >> the volcano is more dangerous than previous times. that is why you needed to handle it with greater care. >> the volanologist explains why per se >> these latest eruptions happened around 745 our time. ash spred as far as four kilometers. >> several people are suffering
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from eye infections because of the sulfuric ash. despite warnings, several people are returning to their homes. this archipelago is used to natural disasters. it sits on the belt of the pacific ring of fire. 1,300 kilometers to the west, relief efforts continue for victims of a tsunami that swept away entire villages last month off the sumatra coast. bad weather is hampering efforts to distribute aid to this remote area. >>you are watching "bbc news." a weak after the octopus, a german aquarian on veils as replacements. a british student has been
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arrested for trying to kill a local member of parliament. bbed 1 year-old sta stephen timms at a constituency meeting in west london. >> a brilliant student from a family that is not religious. but it became her dream to die as a martyr, defending the muslim faith. this is her armed with a kitchen knife, set to stab stephen timms at a community center. she told police that she was prepared to be killed. >> i realized when she pushed her hand into my tummy, i realized i had suffered a blow, i do not think i actually saw the knife entered >> dealing heard for life, the justice told
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her that -- jailing her for life, the justice told that she would remain there for the foreseeable future. >> you intended it to strike at those in government. during her trial, she refused to recognize the jurisdiction of the court and would not leave her prison cell to attend. in today's a video link, she stared ahead, but when the judge reminded her that she said she would ruin her life and thought it was worth it, she broke into a broad smile. this evening, u2 has begun removing videos -- youtube has begun removing videos, the creature they believe was responsible for radicalizing her. now she is beginning her life sentence. >> you are watching abc news.
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the headlines. president obama says that he expects that the u.s. citizens are frustrated with the u.s. economy. the u.s. central bank, the federal reserve, has announced a $600 billion plan to boost the flagging economy. the progress of tropical storm haiti.eadaining to how strong is this tropical storm? >> the maximum winds are 45 miles per hour, but we expected to grow during the day tomorrow. >> how much will it grow? >> we expected to be a hurricane by the time it impacts the western portion of haiti. >> it is on the track to strike the haitian capital? >> in that area will be subject
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to heavy rain and high wind. >> how much damage we do expect it to cause? >> because there are so many people living in very difficult living conditions, it could be extremely damaging. we are expecting widespread flooding and possible mudslides. it is going to be a damaging storm. >> people in the region, how will they prepare for the storm? >> there is a hurricane warning. we hope that preparations to protect life, to find a high ground away from the really serious flooding and mudslides, to take as much shelter as possible. >> how quickly is the storm moving over the region? >> we expect it to move at about 10 miles per hour towards the area, start inspecting haiti late tomorrow -- start impacting
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haiti lake tomorrow. hopefully, the effects will be over by saturday. >> police and witnesses are saying that a national airliner was flying over western indonesia appeared media reports are saying that a qantas 383 made an emergency landing in singapore. as we get more news on that, we will bring it to you. there is extra security around churches and other christian institutions in the rock in response to threats from militant -- in iraq in response to threats. the group says that all christians are legitimate targets. -- it left 60 people dead.
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explosions across the capitol have killed another 64 and injured 300. >> after the bloodbath in the christian church on sunday, now it was the turn of muslims to bear the brunt of the violence appeared most of the bombs went off in crowded areas, heavily populated by shiites. once again, they find themselves the victims of random explosions aimed at causing heavy casualties. it is the sectarian provocation that worked in 2006, triggering a cycle of carnage between that put and sunnis the country to the brink of civil war. a day after the christians buried their dead, now the shiites are doing the same with the same grief and anger.
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another flood of injured, around 300. among thmem, a man in his father's car when they were hit by the explosions. >> of large piece of shrapnel tore off the skull. they did an emergency operation to save his life. they told me i should take him abroad and have a bone graft. >> the violence comes at a critical time in iraq to politics. it is politicized. he is blamed by his rivals for not controlling the violence. his circle accuses them of encouraging it to block the new government he wants to head. the political struggle should be resolved by monday. that is when parliament holds its first full session since the march 0 elections. people are keeping their fingers crossed that the climaxing of political tensions will
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numbering more scenes like this -- will not bring more scenes like this. >> for the first time since 1945, germany will ordain a female rabbi. >> after much study, she becomes the first female rabbi in germany since 1935. the one before her was murdered in auschwitz. a moment for women and a moment for jews in germany. >> i am most proud because i am the most -- the first female rabbi after the war. i had this opportunity. before the war, we had a big jewish community in that germany. i think that now we are continuing this tradition. >> this is where rabbinical
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students do most of their learning. if you want to know -- look at all the remains of this building from 1938. >> but since the fall of the soviet union, many jews have migrated to germany. >> for them, it was the land of milk and honey. they had opportunities more here than israel. more russians immigrated to germany than to the state of israel. >> which means that germany needs more rabbis, putting the focus on the quiet, new one who makes history. >> a baby has had a more reckless escape in paris. it was playing in the seventh floor apartment when he fell
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over the edge, but he survived without a scratch. >> from the spot in a, it is a 50 foot drop to the pavement below -- from this spot on this balcony, it is a 50 foot drop to the pavement below. he fell into the grateful arms of a stranger. the man who saved and is a doctor. imagine the pressure of making this catch. >> at that moment, you do not have time to think. i it is had enough time to check i was in the right position, but it was more or reflex than anything. >> in fact, the story is more remarkable than it first appears. not only was the doctor in the right position, but ordinarily, this all and would have been folded away. it was bank holiday monday. the cafe was close. just the day before, the
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mechanism had jammed. >> the child parents had left the baby alone with is three year-old sister. it was the quick intervention of this neighbor that prevented the little girl from falling after him repaired >> i talked to her through the door and tell my brother clambered over the company to savor. you can imagine the families horros. >> that parents have been detained on suspicion of child neglect. the boy is in perfect health in every sense of the word, a bouncing baby boy. >> lucky young man. to some, he will never be able to fill the shoes or the tentacles of his predecessor. a replacement for the psychic octopus has been unveiled in germany. >> they have been keeping a lid ii has beenpualaul
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introduced to the crowds. picking the winning team eight times was what the previous octopus did. >> we do not know yet if he has the gift of forecasting, but we are keeping the option open. >> this was the crowning glory of the original mollusk, picking spain to beat netherlands in the world cup final. as ever, accusing it something from the box with the victorious country's flag on it. will these new tentacles reach out in an equally telepathic direction? the next world cup, 2014 in brazil, may prove agonizing wait
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