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tv   BBC World News  PBS  November 5, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news. >> this is bbc news. these are the headlines. hurricane tomas hits haiti. heavy rain and strong winds are moving toward the capital, port-au-prince. britain's former prime minister is stripped of his parliamentary seat after stirring up racial tensions. during friday prayers, an attack and a suicide bomber kills more than 50 people at a mosque in nest pakistan. and the queen says farewell to the royal naval flagship,
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h.m.s. park royal. >> hurricane tomas has hit haiti. the government has ordered people living in the refugee camps to leave and find better shelter, though most are refusing to go. strong rains and winds have struck the capital city and it's feared they could destroy the tent cities that are stim home to thousands of refugees. our correspondent -- correspondent is there? the presidential palace in port-au-prince, symbol of the earthquake's destruction. opposite, the camp for survivors that i went into this morning to see the aftermath of the latest challenge, hurricane tomas. after a night of heavy rainfall
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there was flooding and more. we found a family of 13 sheltering from the rain. it was a rainy, windy, frightening night, she told me. the hurricane's path took it 160 miles west of here, so the camps were spared the ferocious winds, but the pools of stagnant water from the rainfall could incubate cholera, fueling fears of an outbreak in the capital. hurricane tomas made for a miserable, rainy, windy, muddy night here in the camps and it's underlined the fact that people are still living in these crowded, cramped conditions almost a year after the yeark. >> the camp coordinator, like many here, believes the hurricane ds -- hasn't cun -- done its worst yet. we're still waiting for it, he tells me. so far there are no reports of
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mudslides in port-au-prince. the full force of the hurricane has been felt by the south of the country. >> the situation is very serious there. apparently the main road is flooding and there are still tens of thousands of families living in tents. some just like here are just held down with rocks or wooden stakes. hurricane tomas hasn't wrought the devastate of the earthquake, but all eyes are on haiti's coastal towns to see what the impact is there. >> now, here in the u.k. a specially convened election court today found the labor m.p. knowingly made false statements about an opponent during this year's general election campaign. as a result the constituency campaign must now be rerun. the court was told mr. wool is has stirred up racial tensions
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in an effort to hold on to the seat. >> i do hereby declare that the said phillip james willis is dewey -- duly elected to the constituency of the borough council. >> victory on election night by just 103 votes, but now he's no longer an m.p. two high court judges decided he'd lived -- lied about his lib-dem opponent. the court heard how he'd set out to say his opponent set out to make the white folk angry by pandering to muslims. the court decide mr. willis should be barred as an m.p. for three years, a decision he says he will fight. >> you will heard in the court this afternoon that we are applying for a judicial review of this decision and we will be
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doing that as soon as we leave this building. >> mr. willis came to prominence as immigration minister in the last government when he came up against joanna lumley in her campaign to help former ghurka soldiers to be able to settle in britain. >> we're all agreed in the formation of new guidelines? so that will be wonderful. >> he survived that humiliation but tonight whether -- mr. willis' political career appears to be over. >> it's no part of the labor part to try to win elections by saying things that aren't true. he's been suspended from the labor party. >> you play with race and religion and those things at your peril. i was pleased for politics and the rule of law that the judges were so clear in saying that's unacceptable, it was an offense and the election is void. >> now the voters will go to
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the polls again to elect a new m.p. jim buchanan, bbc news. >> the labor party leader, ed millibrand, has been speaking and says he agreed with the court's verdict >> court made a very clear jurgets a clear finding of fact about what phil willis did and that he knowingly made false statements about his opponent and i think we've taken the right decision, to suspend him from the party and 0 -- to say we're not going to fund his action. >> a muslim cleric has won his appeal of efforts to strip him of his british passport. he argued it could -- would leave him stateless because he's already been stripped of egyptian citizenship.
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just do it! >> he earned notoriety for his firebrand sermons. he was the radical preacher at london's mosque but in 2006 he was jailed for seven years for soliciting murder and inciting racial hatred. with time served his sentence will soon be over. the home office had wanted to be able to deport him at the end of his sentence. to do so they needed to strip him of his british passport. an apology. -- egyptian by birth, he became a brirk citizen after marrying a british woman in 1980. he claimed egypt had already stripped him of his egyptian nationality and losing his british passport would leave him stateless. today the special immigration commission said it was satisfied that if he was deprived of british citizenship he would then be stateless.
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but he could be moved to an american jafmente he's accused of setting up terror camps in oregon and accused in a terror plot in yemen that ended in the death of four western tourists. he says he's disappointed by the ruling and that british citizenship should be a privilege and should be removed when it's believed to be in the good. >> nigel faraj has returned as leader of the u.k. independence party. he was elected after stepping down to fight for the general election seat. today's vote followed the decision of lord pearson to resign. >> supporters yearn to turn the clock back on u.k. membership in the e.u. and today was certainly a case of back to the future. 12 months on, he saw off the
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challenge of two candidates. he -- to reclaim the leadership he previously held for three years. in an overhemmingly -- overwhelming endorsement he secured more than 60% of the vote cast. >> i therefore declare nigel faraj is duly elected leader of the u.k. independence party. >> last year he stood down to fight an ultimately unsuccessful campaign in the general election. he only narrowly escaped death in a plane crash on polling day in may. he said it changed him. >> to have survived that plane crash may 6 was nothing shorvingtd miraculous. i'm very pleased to be back. if you thought that before the accident i was bold, welling, i promise you that i'm fearless
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now. >> the two members of the house of lord and more than 900 votes in the general election was, he said, simply not enough. >> let's be under no illusions. we need to up our game the party is too small and needs to grow. my appeal is to say look, don't just agree with us, don't just lend us your vote in european elections, join us, help us, get involved in this great crusade against the entire political class in this country. >> today also saw one of the candidate from last year announce her decision to take her case to the high court, alleging discrimination against her for being gamente as his predecessor as leader, lord pearson, today hinted -- i'm sure you all agree with that event the ukip crown
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returns to its rightful owner. what sort of crown it is i leeve -- leave it to you. [laughter] >> at least 60 people have been killed by a cloud of deadly gas and burning ash in the latest er up thion of mount merapi in indonesia. around 1,000 people have been moved from the area. but it is proving difficult to keep sma way from the danger zone. >> merapi's most violent eruption came around midnight, sending deadly ash down the slopes and burning villages along the way. hours later rescuers were tasked with pulling ash-covered survivors to safety while bodies continued to be found. in the capital jack act -- jakarta, the indonesian president announced he will be monitoring the relief operation from the affected area and gave some assurance to worried
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residents. >> government will cover the cost of the livestock that will be lost in the disaster as villagers are attached to their cat. >> keeping some 100,000 people in the shelters has proved a challenge for rescue services. some people were simply too afraid to leave their farms and livestock, their sole sources of living. the rescue officials said that while the force of the eruption was unexpecteded, casualties could have been avoided if residents had stayed clear of the danger zone. they've widen the zone from 15 to 20 kilometers but scientists say lava is still build -- building up inside the volcano. >> we know that the magma supply in merapi has not stopped. as pressure builds up, merapier jects volcano materials.
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this is what is happening now. >> the people living in the crowded camps are anxious about how far -- long they have to stay. >> and there were more attacks in pakistan today. suicide bombers killed more than 55 people in a mosque in northwest p.a.c.. >> this has become a familiar throw gruesome sight in pakistan, broken remains in a mosque in the aftermath of course a suicide attack. dozens of worshippers were killed when the bombers struck here. the marks are still there, blood stains and broken sandals. the explosion was so powerful that the roof of the mosque collapsed. many worshippers were trapped under the debris. mohammed khan was among the worshipers. he described what happened.
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>> we were saying our prayers and suddenly heard the sound of an explosion and then there was fire. >> local citizens led the rescue effort as emergency workers were slow to arrive. the injured were pushed -- rushed to hospitals in peshawar, the main city in northwest pakistan. an emergency has now been declared in all nearby hospitals. the attacks continue a series of bombings on soft targets across the country. officials say they believe the taliban are responsible. a military operation had driven them from this region a year ago, but locals say the militants are now returning and targeting those believed to have helped the army. bbc news, karachi. >> not good enough. president obama's words today about the unemployment figures,
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stuck at 9.6%. haufer -- however, the headline masks a bigger than expected number of hirings over the month. business created 150,000 new jobs, offsetting a slight cutback in the number of government positions. even so, the president says more has to be done and he's open to any idea to help kick-start the economy. >> that unemployment rate is still unacceptably high and we've got a lot of work to do. this recession caused a great deal of hardship and put millions of people out of work. so in order to repair this damage, to create the jobs to meet the large need, we need to accelerate our economic growth so we are producing jobs at a faster pace. >> for more, we talk to a "forbes" manager editor. so this is modestly good news? >> yes, it's definitely a step in the direction as we like to
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see. -- say. we'd like to see several more months of these kinds of numbers strung together. >> at what point do we say that the recovery is secure and in place? >> secure. ha! the months when we were losing jobs at a much faster rate are well behind us. i would say if these kinds of 150, 180, 190,000 jobbeds per month added go on through the first quarter of 2011, i would feel much belter about saying the recovery in ssh is in full swing. >> republicans newly empowered after the midterms, you know where i'm going with this, they will say the only recipe now means there has to include tax cuts. how likely is that? >> obama did say in a speech he was willing to compromise with republicans on some measures. he didn't say exactly what but tax cuts, i'd say that's pretty much in the bag if i had to bet, that we'll see an steng
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the bush tax cuts at least for the middle income and higher taxpayers. >> is this the layout of a new battle ground between the republicans and the white house for the next two years? >> taxes, i would say so and probably the investment credit as well. you can take the energy bill probably off the table for now. those who opposed obama in the cap and trade bill, the democrats, most of them kept their seats so i don't think taxpayers or voters were looking for much activity on that front. >> when it comes to the overall state of the economy, fanny mae saying we need another $2.5 billion, that doesn't good. no. it's not surprising. fannie and freddie were always an accounting black hole and it's still pretty desolate. this quantitative easing that bernanke is about to embark is
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not going to help. usually housing should lead us out of receipt segs but this time there is no chance of that happening. >> quant i tavity -- quantitative easing drives interest rates down and they can't go any longer. so the benefit of qe2 will be what exactly? >> that's a very good question. i'd like to know the answer. if anything this could lift financial assets, stocks, comploids -- commodities, that kind of thing which doesn't help the average american gait job, it just helps the hedge fund managers and other managers. >> what does it do to consumer confidence? >> it's supposed to give us ab artificial wealth effect like in the mid-2000's when stock prices go up and people feel better but there is so much
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deleveraging going on with consumers that even if there is stock market gain there is a wea -- very weak crealings. >> thanks very much. let's recap the stop stories -- top stories for you. hurricane tomas has hit haiti. heavy rain and strong winds heading toward the capital. the former u.k. lake leader willis has been stripped of his parliamentary seat. and a controversial cleric has won his appeal after efforts to strip him of his british passport. time for the sports news with amelia harris. >> hi, peter, thank you very much. the chairman of the live poole football club is a 60-year-old new yorker who brings sporting experience to the job. he's already talked about his
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plans for liverpool, raising the prospect of playing a competitive league game broad. >> we saw an nfl game, match game played here at women m.r.i. stadium. would you like to see a competitive premiere game between liverpool and another club played abroad? >> absolutely. i think the e.p.l. is the strongest league in the world and its reach is global. it's been very impressive to me the number of people globally who watch the e.p.l. and we hope to expand that imprint. >> do you think it would make a difference rather than just playing friendly matches in a preseason to actually play a real game with points at stake? >> i think that the more important the game, the more excitement. preseason and friendlies are great, but why not have an actual match in season? >> moving on to cricket, the
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ashes is looming. it's 20 days until the start of the first test in brisbane. britain's cricketters are warming up with a three-gamer in perth, western australia. some -- 42-3 the home side declared on 242 for 8. broad finished with three wickets with one apiece for anderson, finn and collingwood. england ended on 10 for 1. and england's day got even better when they got the news from australia where sydney lost to describe lanka, leading by 29 runs. for sri lanka though it was an historic day, their first series win down under. the host couldn't get past 210 which under the duckworth lewis method meant a 29-run victory for the visitors.
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australia have just one more day before the ashes begin. and grant smith topped the score board where south africa made 294 for 6. pakistan were 244 for 8 in their reply and looks to be heading to defeat until a nine-wicket stand turned the game around. the series is now level at 2-2 with the decider taking place in dubai on monday. red bull looked to be the team to beat. at the brazilian grand prix in formula one. they dominated both practice assistings with setta and websterster finishing first and second. settle was just over a 10th of a second quicker than his
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australian teammate. weber was more than .2 quicker than the ferrari driver but it wasn't completely smooth sailing for ferrari. they had clutch problems. but the number one driver in the team recovered from a blown engine to post the third fastest time. and molinari leads at the halfway stage at the champions parliament in shanghai. he's one shot ahead of his ryder cup teammate and new number one lee westwood. it keeps him apediatric of -- ahead of players that are vying for position. tiger woods is five shots off the lead at 4 under par with phil mickelson and martin kaymer a shot back at three
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under. >> thanks very much. now, a strike by members of the national union of journalists is disrupting bbc radio and tv programs today. workers have walked out in a dispute over pensions. andrew steele has the story. >> this is bbc radio 4. because of industrial action called bit national union of journalists, we are unable to bring our scheduled program. pickets were outside all bbc buildings today as the vast majority of the corporation's journalists went on strike. programs on radio and tv were affected as well as the b.c.s. news web site. the walkout began at midnight and is scheduled to last two days in a dispute over changes to the pension scheme. while other unions have accepted president changes, the n.u.j. wants management to
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think again. >> this is our future. we're all getting old and we want a decent pension. >> n.u.j. described today's strike as incredibly solid and predicted its impact would grow over the next two says. bbc management said change has to happen. >> over the last four months we've been trying to get to a place where we can provide reasonable, fair pension to the staff. the vast majority of the staff believe that's the offer on the table and we've said that this is our final offer. >> with another 48-hour stoppage due in 10 days' time, no one is predicting an early end to the dispute. >> let's just recap the top stories for you. people are being urged to move out of temporary camps in haiti because of the tropical storm tomas. this is fear the storm could
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destroy many of the makeshift homes tens of thousands have been living in. the president had fledged to protect their lives but acknowledged the authorities didn't have enough places to move anyone. bbc news. >> get the top stories from around the globe. go to to experience the in-depth expert reporting on line. >> funding was made possible by -- the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation, and union bank.
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