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tv   BBC World News  PBS  February 13, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>> and now "bbc world news." >> hello and welcome. i am in singapore. >> i am in london. the headlines. fresh doubts over your's economic outlook. several countries have their credit ratings downgraded. a leading member of al qaeda is released from prison in the u.k. chief un's human rights accuses syria of launching indiscriminate attacks. china puzzle next leader begins a five-day trip to the united states. it is 10:00 here in singapore. >> podcasting to view is in america and around the world. -- broadcasting to viewers in america and around the world.
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welcome to newsday. one of the major international credit ratings agencies, moody's, has placed the united kingdom, france, and austria on negative outlooks. italy, portugal, and spain had their ratings downgraded. certainty over the resources that will be made available to tackle the debt crisis. >> if you needed a reminder of the impact of the turbulent and events in europe, this was it. economic uncertainty, not only in greece, but across the whole continent. moody's has said it might in the months to come. it has downgraded the outlook in
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all three to-. it has downgraded the ratings of italy, portugal, spain, slovakia, and slovenia. spain is a country with the highest unemployment rate. it was downgraded two notches. responding to the rate things -- ratings, george osborn said -- the opposition party was quick to blame the government. the shadow finance minister said -- both sides are all too aware of the potential cost of a downgrade. those in france and austria, last month they were stripped of their coat -- aaa status by standard and poor's. this means there is extra pressure on countries to find
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ways to ensure sustainable growth. in times of cuts in pensions, it is the hardest part of all. >> our economic editor gave this assessment of the implications to the u.k. economy from moody's announcement. >> it shows you you can have a shadow hanging over your triple a rating even if you are committed to cutting the deficit if your economy is not growing fast enough. that is one thing moody's has highlighted. it is not a downgrade. they have not put us on that- watch -- on negative watch, which would be if there was a better than 50% chance. there is a one in three chance of losing the race came in the next three months. france has had the same treatment, nine countries that
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moody's has reassessed in terms of their sovereign credit rating. three of them, austria, the u.k., and france, a triple a. other countries have been downgraded. we have not been singled out. it is interesting we have been included. in the past, when other ratings agencies have taken a look, they have not included us. >> our economics editor there. giving assessment of the moody's announcement and the implication to the u.k. economy. how asian stocks are reacting to this. but in not looking too good? >> not looking so good after two hours of trading. asian stocks are a-stored. investors were caught off guard -- a negative story.
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investors were caught off guard. investors seem to be very cautious about greece and whether or not they will deliver on their promise on reform after proving tough austerity measures. japan, hong kong, and south korea, all in the red at the moment. also weaker against the u.s. dollar after the ratings downgrade. >> it is interesting, they have almost they did the obvious. perhaps the contagion of vero crisis is betting. -- of the hero crisis is spreading. >> -- euro crisis is spreading. >> absolutely. these countries were downgraded by moody's they have to get their economic house in order. they have to institute fiscal and structural reform,
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improvement of economic prospects, implement the domestic austerity programs. if these are put in place and we see improving economic numbers, we may see moody's, standard, and fitch upgrading their ratings going forward. >> we know you will have the asia business report later on. >> a man accused by british officials of being a leader of all had a has been released from prison on bail. -- been a leader of al qaeda has been released from prison on bail. he faces terrorism charges. the move has been blocked. >> described by a senior british man as a dangerous individual at the center of al qaeda's terrorism.
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the government has been obliged to release the man from his prison cell. shortly after 9:00 tonight, he was driven from jail. many believe he poses a significant threat to u.k. national security. >> the in credulity of the public and media is justified. it is extraordinary he should remain in the united kingdom. we have to find a way of making him leave. there are rule of law ways of achieving that. it was not done before. >> he leaves britain subject to strict bail conditions. he must obey a 22 hour curfew. he is a lead out of his home one hour for twice a day. -- allowed out of his home one hour for twice a day. he is not allowed a mobile phone or access to the internet.
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despite banks to allocate that terrorists, the government has been unable -- despite links to al qaeda terrorist, the government has been unable to gather evidence. he has argued his return would preach human rights legislation. there is evidence that could might be used at his trial. >> it cannot be read -- right, he cannot be allowed to stay in this country. what about the human rights of all our citizens? >> in 2008, the appeals court in london said he could not be deported because of human rights law. the next year, the ruling was overruled. last month, the european court said he could not. >> he should not be sent back to jordan. jordan passes torture.
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if we send him back, we are being complacent with that. >> the current government finds itself frustrated by the affair. they will take whatever measures necessary to protect the public. they stressed that the government remains determined to the port the man and will look at all options to do so. one option not being ruled out is the british government might be put him. -- deport him. they are hoping to get assurances that will satisfy the human rights judges. >> a plane carrying the body of whitney houston has left los angeles for new jersey. the singer died on saturday after being found unconscious. she is expected to be laid to rest in her hometown of newark, new jersey. there are no official funeral
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plans. earlier, california police give more details about her death. they said they found her unconscious when she was found. the investigation is still underway. >> on saturday at approximately 3:00 p.m., a miss huston was discovered in her bathtub by a member of her staff. this was information that was relayed to the first responders. prior to the fire department personnel and security arriving on scene, her body was pulled from the bathtub and win first responders arrived, she was unconscious and unresponsive. first aid and cpr measures were performed. they were unsuccessful. at 3: 55 she was pronounced dead at the beverly hilton hotel.
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>> there have been strong words at the united nations over the situation in syria. it has been an interesting day in terms of what has been said. >> that is right. the human rights chief has accused the security council of the emboldening the syrian government. they said the recent failure of the security council to pass a resolution on syria had encouraged authorities to attack a city. of a middle east editor reports from cairo. >> -- our middle east editor reports from cairo. >> more evidence of the chilean. the greater the anger among those who want to stop it and cannot. the regime continues to exist. at the u.n. in new york, a
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diplomacy stalled in the security council after russia and china vetoed a resolution by the arab league asking assad to step down. >> the failure of the security council appears to have emboldened the ceiling government to launch an all-out assault in an effort -- the seeming government to launch an all-out assault in an effort to crush the opposition. >> we are said for those losses. >> here in cairo, the arab league asked the security council to send a peacekeeping mission to syria.
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they do not seem to have thought the proposal third. the russians will most likely veto it. britain post of foreign secretary gave it a cautious welcome. for western countries who want regime change, arab pressure matters. >> i do not see the way forward. it has been western boots on the ground. i think it would need to come from other countries. if such a concept can be made viable, we will work in the usual ways. >> in cairo, egyptians have been left to their own business. the diplomatic caravan has left town. there is a friend of syria group that aims to build up the opposition. stop in syria's slide into civil war is the biggest challenge facing international diplomacy today.
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there have been a lot of words but little in the way of results. the longer that goes on, the more likely it is that syria's feature will be settled by men with guns. bbc news, cairo. >> iran has denied involvement in two bomb attacks. an israeli official, her driver, and two passers-by were injured. israeli officials -- the foreign minister's spokesman said the allegations by israel were aimed at harming his country's reputation. talks with north to realpolitik this month about the nuclear weapons program. the talks in beijing will be the first direct contact since the death of kim jong il in december. two similar meetings were held last year. you are watching newsday.
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still to come, washington. what do we know about the man who is likely to be china's next leader? >> mayhem in mexico. how the war on drugs is topping the agenda in an election year. let's have a look at some of the stories that are making headlines around the world. here in the u.k., the daily telegraph business front page. moody's announced the downgrade of six european countries. greece is reportedly facing more hurdles and delays before it can receive the second bailout package. there was an austerity bill passed to make way for the funds. germany wants more insight on how the budget cuts will work. the front page looks of the conflicts in syria, all the arab
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league has been calling for peacekeeping, the report says others have been aiding the rebels. forget chocolates and flowers, the south china morning post says chinese are going for gold. -- says many are going for gold. >> this is newsday. >> the headlines. one of the main credit agencies have downgraded its ratings of six european companies. -- countries. >> the -- a radical muslim cleric has been released from a bettis prison after serving six and a half years. -- a british prison after serving six and a half years. the man who is going to become
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ted a puzzle next leader has arrived in washington. there is focused -- become china's next leader has arrived in washington. there is a focus on trade. we have more on the man in the spotlight. >> they are the men in black. all-powerful in china. soon, they are expected to elevate one man to the top of the communist party. he is a princeling, son of the revolutionary leader. that makes him communist loyalty. he spent his formative years out here, china's pour interior, where he was sent to labor as a teenager. villagers stop us from an outside his former home, digging too deep into the past of the man who might be president.
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the time he spent out here matters for his image. the communist party wants to paint him as someone who has experienced the life of china's poorest. the hardships he faced here have given him the will pellet to take on any challenge. -- the will power to take on any challenge. one of the toughest will be taking on inequality. one family still lives in a cave house. what they think of him matters. >> he lived here. he knew this place. if he becomes leader, it will be good for us. >> living in a cave may have hardened him. this is one of the only and gutted comments he has ever made. -- unguarded comments he has made. >> some foreigners have pointed
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finger at us. we do not cause trouble. what else do you want? >> what the communist party wants is to keep the economy growing. this is tschida's most business minded place. he made his career running these coastal cities, overseeing the economic engine. exports and growth are slowing. finding ways to give new impetus to the country may be his biggest challenge. >> he knows the flaws in our economy. i think he will make more economic reforms, but the political ones as well, to build a strong and prosperous china. >> this is his temple for safeguarding the nation. his coming trip to america will test if he is ready to represent china on the world stage. he will convince his people to keep faith with the communist
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communist party and its role. -- communist party and its rule. >> i am joined by eight china -- a china consultant. how relevant is this visit to the west? >> it is relevant to all of us. it is relevant because the chinese in government will be looking at their new leader, a leader-to-be, and seeing how he handles himself and how he is received by american. it is important to the united states because, not only is our president involved in the highest diplomacy with china, but because we have so many issues with china. the popular uneasiness about china is very strong. >> what a they likely to talk about with barack obama and other american leaders? >> let's start with what he is going to say in public.
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it is likely he will of the size the tremendous number of positive aspects -- he will emphasize the tremendous number of positive aspects of the relationship. we have come a long way. he will stress that. behind closed doors, there will be some curiousbout the so-called mistrust that both sides have towards each other. did it -- it is difficult for either side to take the other at this study. the two sides need to chip away at it and hopefully president obama and the vice-president will be able to begin that process. >> the strategic buildup of the united states in asia will be at the top of the agenda.
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what about their trade practices and the one -- fair trade practices and the yuan? >> they will be discussed. it becomes almost a dialogue of the deaf. i would like to hope that the two sides would be able to begin a process of trust rebuilding and look at it small agenda of ways in which the two sides can work cooperative lee, more constructively, and more demonstrably on improving this relationship. if they just call up the currency, that will be the end of it. >> we will have to leave it there. news about mexico. >> five years ago, the
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government launched a war against drug cartels. the result has been catastrophic. killings -- security is mexico pose the biggest concern. our mexico correspondent reports. [gunfire] >> the mexican army has been fighting drug gangs for five years. the mexican people are paying the price. 50,000 have been killed in the government's war against the cartels. many mexicans are asking if the price is too high. in 2007, less than 3000 were killed. since the president launched his assaults on the gangs, the numbers have spiked. the violence is betting. from to additional troublespots -- from traditional troublespots and around the country.
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the tale is all too real. she was handed up by the drug gangs. she wrote a journalist the drug cartel did not like. there was said to kill her and her children. -- they were sent to kill her and her children. mexico is one of the most dangerous places in the world for journalists. ordinary people caught up in the fighting through no fault of their own. is it time for a new approach? i ask the man responsible for the security strategy. what do you think this would mean for the families of the people who have lost lives? >> the only way in which the violence will come down, the only way in which people will
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feel safe and free, in those areas where the level of violence have gone up, is when we make sure that every criminal who commits a crime is being tried fairly in a court and is paying for his crimes. that is when the levels of violence will go down. that is when the levels of safety and freedom will be significantly enhanced. >> this is an important election year in mexico with voters due to choose a new president in july. there are fears the country pose a powerful drug organizations may try to influence -- the country's powerful drug organizations may try to influence the vote. the challenge ahead for the three candidates is to persuade ordinary people that they can get this violence under control. bbc news, mexico city.
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