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tv   Journal  PBS  July 27, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>> welcome to the journal on dw- tv in berlin. the headlines at this hour -- the ceo of bp will step down with a replacement promising to change companies attitude toward safety. -- to change the company's attitude toward safety. and it extreme heat and smog it leaves russians gasping for air.
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the new man chosen to head the oil giant bp says his top priority will be to seal the ruptured oil well in the gulf of mexico. the american bob dubberly will take over for tony hayward on october 1. -- bob dubberly will take over for tony hayward on october 1. >> and tony hayward has become -- come under increasing criticism. now he is under attack from investors. ?in the last quarter, bp lost about 13 billion euros, one of the biggest losses in corporate history. >> the new ceo has a gigantic job ahead of him. bp's first american boss takes a heavy rains. -- takes a hold of the reins. >> i will look at what we're doing of the gulf coast and our
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relationships in washington. >> bp will also be busy cleaning up the company's image, which has been dealt a major blow. the world catastrophe has forced bp to put aside almost 25 billion euros to cut -- to cover cleanup costs and liabilities. the troubled firm says that is what hasn't weighed so heavily on earnings. a year ago -- that is what has weighed so heavily on earnings. a year ago, they had done well and even last quarter they /exceeded 4.5 billion. but now they are plummeted into the red by 13 billion euros. tony hayward has been under fire for some time over his handling of the crisis and his apparent lack of sensitivity for the victims. and it looks like he is being sent to siberia and getting a
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year's salary for compensation. >> forex -- fresh accusations have emerged ahead of warnings of the fatal crash at the fire brigade. police and fire officials said they have warned of the venues in ability to handle the festival. city officials are also accused of putting commercial interests ahead of safety. >> more and more experts are leveling criticism at the event promoter. he is accused of having exerted major pressure to get the go- ahead for the parade in duisburg. 4:>> the media were brought on board. the capital of culture 2010 was used as a pretense, and pressure
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was put on local politicians. in the end, they could not do anything but say yes to the event. >> investigations are focusing on one area in particular, the entrance to the tunnel. it is where most of the victims died. some allege that the promoter don want independent monitors -- did not want independent monitors checking the area. >> he did not want any third parties as witnesses on the festival grounds. >> a fight has broken out between the thumb of -- the promoter and police. he is accused of reopening numerous states that have been closed due to overcrowding in the tunnel. but after all 16 gates were opened, people flooded into the tunnel from the west. the orcrowding was not due to too many peopl actually on the grounds.
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we can prove this from the video footage. >> regional politicians have reacted by saying that in the future, the state government will take a greater role in overseeing mass events like the love parade. >> for us and the government, it is clear that we cannot leave these decisions to municipalities alone, especially those that have no experience with the mass events like this. we will not leave them alone in the future. >> a duisburg residents are -- planning a memorial for those residents who died. >> the european union remains divided over turkey's possible membership. but shortly before leaving for istanbul on tuesday, the german and foreign minister indicated that turkey was far from joining
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the eu. meanwhe, the british foreign minister has come out strongly in favor of turkey joining the union. cameron said turkey would bring greater economic and political stability to the block. turkey first applied in 2005, but little progress has been made since then. the bosnian wartime leader who was wanted in sir leon war crimes charges was arrested at the london acher airport in march on charges of alleged murderer. -- the london tea h. rowe airport in march on charges of alleged murderer. he is wanted to forge row over
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the deaths of soldiers in 1992 at the beginning of the bosnian war. the current conflict in afghanistan indicates a secret unit w being used to hunt taliban leaders. it was called to task force 373 and under a policy of kill or capture. it showed several innocent civilians were also killed during these operations. the unit was active in areas of afghanistan under german command. >> these german soldiers are training for their upcoming mission in afghanistan. in four months, they will be stationed north of the country. german defence minister has voiced concern about the release of documents on the mission in afghanistan. he warned that it could be -- the documents could put lives at
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risk. >> if it adds to the realistic picture on the ground, then it is okay. but if releasing these documents least two a security risk for our soldiers, aid workers and the afghanistan population, then we have to analyze the situation. >> the released documents show that u.s. commanders, task force 373, carried out counterinsurgency missions in the german area of afghanistan. it is unclear what role german forces played. >> these are three things that are normally classified, but are made to all parties. if you want information about task force 373, then you will have to ask another country. >> but opposition lawmakers want to know if all necessary information on the afghan mission was released to parliament before it was voted to extend the mission.
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>> on the upside, germany's deutsche bank and the swiss banks are up in the last quarter of 2010. but the economic crisis has not left germany's biggest bank unscathed. here's a look at where the downturn has left this month. >> the lion's share of deutsche bank's profit normally comes in the investment division. in the past, this has accounted for as much as 90% of the gains. but in the second quarter, it was just half of that. instead, the bank's performance was buoyed by the fact edit had to said -- by the fact that it had to set aside profits to keep the bank afloat. ubs of switzerland did even
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better. their second quarter profits were 4.7 billion euros, and this after it was into the red last year. analysts say that ubs was one of the banks hardest hit by the financial crisis and had to write off enormous losses in investment banking. now ubs indicates it is recovering. >> a company who provides dialysis for seniors rates its outlook much highered. it has had a gain of more than 20% compared to the same time one year ago. the new product launch anstrom remand in north america contributed to growth. -- in new product launch anna a
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stronger growth in north america conibut to its growth. >> the confidence of american consumers remains weak and has been stretched to the euro to its highest level in many week. -- in many weeks. apart from this, the mood on the trading floor was a rather upbeat. the dax earnings report kicked off very well, but the question now is, how long will this last? not all sectors are as confident. >> here is looking at several markets in this is in it more
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detail. -- but several market indices in more detail. across the of planted, the dow jones industrial almost a staying flat at 10537 and deerow is gaining pace here trading against the u.s. -- of the euro is gaining tasered tregoning it's the u.s. dollar. -- gaining pace of trading against the u.s. dollar. united and continental airlines together have a fleet of some 700 aircraft and carry about 144 million passengers annually. their merger should take place before the end of the year and will be called continental
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united holdings. -- united continental holdings. are we in the grip of a heat wave? >> absolutely, monica. temperatures have reached degrees celsius, and that is the highest. the scorching temperatures have scored -- started forest fires and these, in turn, have left the capital covered in smog. >> the russian capital is shrouded in a thick blanket of smog. muscovites have been advised to stay in south -- to stay indoors or wear a mask. >> it has been tough to breathe. i have had to wear a scarf over my mouth. it is tough to breathe. >> i have heart disease and it has made it even worse. i can hardly walk.
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>> outside moscow, firefighters are tackling the problem. moscow last several conditions like these eight years ago. but environmentalists say compared to then, carbon monoxide levels far higher this year. >> habré monoxide levels have gone beyond -- carbon monoxide levels have gone beyond previous years. there is concern the locals are more at risk than evennnnntnths. -- experts are warning that the smog could take two months to >> in portugal, dozensj of foret fires are raging inw9y the nortn and central regions. more tn 1000 firefighters are
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battling the blazes to bring them under control. many areas are also under the affected areas have gone weeks without rain and temperatures have soared to more than 40 degrees celsius. [w9o%the european statistics ag, eurostat, says the asian population has passed the% half billion mark, but that mainly comes from immigration. birthrates on the continent continue to be low. in the long run, that could have serious consequences for some countries like germany. >> western europe came out on top among parts of the continent with the youngest populations. in ireland, 16.8 births were registered for every 1000 people. britain came in second at 12.8, and france was third with 12.7 births per thousand people. germany has invested heavily in encouraging a higher birthrate.
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the child care is among the best in europe. but despite all of that in these investments, birthrates are on the decline and are now among the lowest in europe. in portugal, they are only 9.4 per 1000 people. austria registers 9.1. in germany, just 7.9 births per 1000 inhabitants. last year, the birth rate dropped by double the eu average. if this continues, germany will lose its status one day as the most populous country in the eu. >> in barcelona, mo ferrell took the gold in the men's. it and the first gold of the event went to a russian teenager. the 19-year-old won the 20 kilometer walk.
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>> in our series march -- marking german reunification, we have been looking at how the former east germany has changed, for better and for worse. today's focus is on agriculture, an area that has undergone radical transformation. large-scale collective farms were once the cornerstone of communism, but after reunification that left them having to adapt. that left many people without an impact -- witho employment. one such collective farm was hailed in the communist era as a
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model to emulate, but it is considered unproductive by capitalist standards. they have managed to survive the transition, but the loss of jobs has had a profound affect on village life. people have been forced to find new places of work and professions. >> it is harvest time here in claiborne -- clebourne, but there's hardly anything in the field. during communist time, 50 workers were needed to do the same amount of work with the equipment that they had. dieter has been on the job for almost 50 years. he worked on the farm and stayed on when it became a business. >> back in 1978 i started and i have been doing it every year since. it is fun. a lot of things have become
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easier. there is air conditioning, and the machinery does not break down as much. i have seen a lot of improvements. >> what also makes the job a lot easier for the driver is that the work is not weighed down by the ideological balance of social agriculture. -- ideological battle lasballasl agriculture pyridoxin. collective farms like this were once low on productivity, the machinery was out of date and the work force was too big. 500 people used to work on this land. the business that emerged from
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the communist farm employs just 40 people and produces just as muchchood. the manager started working here in 1988. in the mid-1990s his efforts to stave to the -- save the business from bankruptcy. he then became a part owner. but a lot of jobs were lost in the process. of >> the main product we had was carrots. 10 tons were peeled here every day, first mechanically, and then finally by hand. then they were taken to a factory for baby food. that market disappeared overnight, leaving us with a surplus of 30 people. we also had a nursery garden, but the same thing happened there. >> the cowshed stayed in business. milk is now the most important
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product on the farm, along with greens and potatoes. the farmers here how to overcome massive challenges when they started out on the path of free- market economics. if there were no more price guarantees, of course, and they are still paying back the loan on the modernize building plans. -- modernized milking plant. i recall luttrell engineers -- agricultural engineers like abitha have been running the engineering side for several years. >> we produce about 10,000 liters per pound. but the profit margin is much smaller these days. paying for the new machinery has been a struggle. it is very frustrating after all of that hard work to operate on
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a loss. >> but despite the challenges of the dairy business, the farm is doing well, considering it is coming of away from bank -- bankruptcy. it now has an annual turnover of 7 million euros. >> we can now walk through the village with our heads held high and say hello without being ashamed. we have done the best we could end are convinced that no one else could have done better. >> everyone in the village has been keeping a close eye on the development of the enterprise. but with a touch of distrust. the collective farm back then was held in high esteem. the tv report from east germany goes on to hail the productivity of the sma -- model village, it's beautiful surroundings, and the people who breathe life into the village. the collective farm build
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apartments for its staff and also ran the cultural center, the school, the kindergarten, and a sales outlet. today, most of the apartment blocks are empty. since 1990, the population is almost half to 75. the cultural center a the school have closed. just a couple of old style houses have been refurbished. there are not even any shops here anymore. there is just a grocery truck that stopped off in the village from time to time. along with the old collective, beautiful, bustling clebourne is a thing of the past. the mayor used to work in the village's cultural center. these days, she commutes to the nearest town, like most people.
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>> you drive into the village and there's hardly anyone around. we do not get back here until the evening. it is sad, really. >> is small comfort, the kindergarten is now -- is still here, but now private the uly r, too. several of the neighboring villages send their children to school here as well. it is part of the mecklenborg lake district and is an escape for people living in berlin and homburg -- hamburg. they are welcome visitors for rose marie and abitha. there are two of the local
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workers lost their jobs in the 1990's. they went through retraining and education to get back on their feet. since then, they have a holiday apartment and a boat rental service. >> we do not have any job security anymore. we have got to do everything ourselves. for example, there is no one to say to do things a certain way or not. you have just got to figure how to get it all done on your own. it was difficult at first, but we have managed after all this time and we will keep pushing on. >> an entirely new livelihood, and complete with water views, not bad. the couple says they would not swap it for working in the field, and maybe that is what the future holds for this village. instead of agriculture, tourism.
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>> and that was our in-depth lo at the transformation of this village in eastern germany in our series marking 20 years since reunification. thanks for joining us. captioned by the national captioning institute >> here is the forecast for germany. it will be mostly cloudy across the country with showers in the west. daytime highs will be about 20 degrees celsius. there will be more rain on thursday with clearer skies and warmer temperatures on friday and saturday. turning tohe rt of europ, sunny and hot along the mediterranean coast, mostly cloudy along the central part of the continent with occasional rain. now here is the forecast for locations around the world.
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