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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  January 19, 2016 10:35pm-11:37pm MST

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doggie dentus. available e m, y'rdding rit?e meentaix. the dog treat that clinically en rtarldup icg a olla aa ti plwin eevery si. geth 'sund
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dolmma cwiy r yrch i stfi tthin bf st o arcilincrs gete w yr kidssayiitetackndpon iso, bel.i usyi adh eres he p t peecneor t tneou hes ne tnk s l yok you day? >> j: ay.
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?mehed attitess.remieoakarmo ha y bo id? j a aat tric go. haou been hein make yca y, y kw atste there'ssipy a we y teriansistanokay. oh,.ct ahat retering tud jt ng w vetemy:has h y f we my ansi i aboung ant. >>immy:
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don'torry n eetthen to livurream s anil orngceam touickit's he y ksrtorheet i meorwo myon swe vewe br pwe r gifs. one.ese! es re noatle ra ovywre
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w bec 'v tle iy l ] everedla butulest up t n. elta i d tax onne wock for 9. na ? lomy' phnaletatenlfor federal is free.
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eov cractf is -- itoeou kno i'ng bakanracter andsssan c an obithitn a i'm s i go [ u, o. n>> bu>>quon? ji thinouow, i th it --l, crazy r dro atio likerey t hr, .it k he' tch 'sra art
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>> j: pes sayt' unyou it f hll an'tyouknwagda eyte e rit. jim anrs iounea so ,d lintegffen ng ptilaaswh d maweme i d youwaitf le ohwet scwe ht g gowheree c mke, auhy't yk le.l y we toro? anne ni ryt
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ev.myrit, rendhen t ckndhe, doeotppden .oat ikegrll,ed dha is l o ryen le at.elikou rnctorcae' i d'tow hou iknow? -pl fthhos fy th-d agtimscf bec yow inheovng dike bed uan ae.i' n r lat, eafeanev i wou it rorwehootg a edt. but cen thiken ie tn ers te iew u th k d -elleadreti he skeuhliyme nnyra ket s veodedtou towup immy y cremaertronc wihe guy b s o irrimhe yetnee a
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