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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 20, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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is activata attersity foconnecto terndpihomas isckteontrov ke'camp prde ruaingstboteis morn ty invgabyos suor is in ffia thoke neitor sayshey i pt of io jttoupl ticl le of semesters ago abt antrto g more infoatioon him. tee esdaschool published thew wthhi ofsohas t been he br ad tt yoel b i han't been served an reporr:e nis he'sthe ismi >> everying ne
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how ey're ng t gfor yourid h y .. mom stag atly balanc..m! ..t!anks edand ycadrinth gmcf\ cesrea sm for ste thatotoo robut never wesoouan savor skning yomatrrcsu mo hey. e ers s an rheumatoitis. yourrhstmoo if x iriu. ljmail wdeve r om methoexet wol. xez can duint painwein in as litts eks,and helpp fuda.anlor yotoight
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this iteidera. 'sillag s imagine at c wiaps. tecfuse ou si e, nss infeerinitd ll stmoce cous, ee pre moreut tosibed r reps atecfira.clk to your doctor about tecfidera, anke another loo
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jae foxxng h a -l theadyis c hay nrd ctsdio aionllin >> hearenre >>eporter: rhing dow ro fd 32ol ktr ie the tck overts sidendt'n flames. r:erhedriver w hded bo wtff thendch so hdckntedssenreeugxx ya iouot ayo u syo >>epte fthst tei>> pouit s t up rtehis m
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il mkelsonprer psorirtitcaedn. ju le myode tosereheumatthris. woiedama. my dr idininm ran aofinth ors endageeril infse somesatal, even incluinctnsturc ma, ers,erus syemnd blood dders analrgeans veccd. u'veeesoerfualinom f u'o hep bvetefofaure, have persi uibleengoraless.
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he's goinac in ili medics p the sheetve bodyt scen a dth iesgationnder y. he'alngro ba fmad caef a wid l hmo26 jhl be rlregode s aneave meea me repte fru d foundious he'dn tgh mpat do gr belowro. >>wasue hcee wa li rephe corer the at pic were on scene d essential a dth instigion. >>llignseads t bieve he's dd a
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bon o the ntay or say hisrainmiraloen thong acty to tivity ene nee a big e. >> repsing a mach tt pus, and ovor oxyn to hiseart srtting iown. iever eeaf ngthis.azin et i'vevereard nd i c'tharye . repor sll his the ha. >>es utt am,kn >>ra y asked wt hn e. asnge rt a wals a llnmeiny lipped, t s. his w froso td,n ig p u t'she
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presvedssn t dydhe c y iswh ed>>fr. heocr didt ge. theyai thisibly head - a c le >> ah we c livver.ig nethabout thffi drki having s. evawth it curur st tolme enal ring awa d sounded cao , d was ke wellcayoit ac anhe elain that it wasot somethinthroac it's kind a o-timshot d yohaveo ca f it. hemeo e prel. it's gonna help prott e enam iyo tth. it allowmeo contue mee and ehi, and w al sy rnted! ot toitbally,? ths whatbe ke tha s , n. a l,erg ra
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after alst 3ks, i rlly waed give it a s ow, odlk tror va c prents.oware d' m? d wecy balaves. mom!mccaf\ cfe brew smthblend. that's not too strong, but never ak.moy'noa youavor ery sca
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va the orae moneyme s v ttg s. you knowtohow the rtce aving for e future. y'rso o aspokes pson? oa etap gaoycom. ich and clearefein, rt d 0 casstheair mu. an [ eezi i aolu t gh you t wom meexda cougng hy need kaeltzer plus day nighliqu gs. it's t cd sympm fiters prove poul relief. efhahelps u sl night andetu heur [ deeph k -seltzlus night liquid gels. also available, in stores
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ct t rng ntnds llsethugho as front appr. thont ll idthh uthern loig beroowerared to id acrota tho sout t oughtuda rnve ch i y oftionace n l mmonmost, highnt. ouul byy e ck ofsit" us, bkimodr cloly spma coloris womaac dollars y ed da paic e llpre- ial conference. heprobat cobe revoked.cot record sh eck stole6 eces of jewelry from res welers. she faces up to 12 years
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al iuirt .. 34-y e ma fi clud rgryan atves cud poli oerin cadar. afspd rypr cal o sprilithor t inf s is rn ay h - sandrtew in an pun ra ..thalnnbr enrg anrs.. he
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ias diagned wh t 20 years it w >> s's revng i n stays after wndwh s aree. >>e wall." iv fgemicel jacksos psonaault never seen untilnoee shi o opo rl ye i d't itlaler i wanheedsmusic. >> tentsic fit sprd hisoloarst j like youe vereeim . c't sto me no penng ert. a b heainboutol admissiohi rnin han 5 top sng ohange g k howou like me > all tnd kym joh
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mp inhe hoe, whi hoe, the wl be,e, yfound. tru elected ssthe oleal inis atrit. ainaming. rail b y pn nir ane,hito sptor g now cla sofnclinton' s cssn .ntig ose-mls w ed twent nd tfhimi trele e-mails to tt could shed new light water chiandlg
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hetepre sin he s b rrd. troubs o t oc. expts s tunt hece wi t stimlis pst aol eandnaloteure he c this g w fisf the pr in sem. th srk eventyke f sm. noarrwatehaseto >> og wusll of uov fesosofs locla ld's ibinghe inche covere frtwesfhote saus are available. rknd h isellnlny tc. isse isald theccco
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seg to a h alert llions of pregnt w cuse onro zed loic hearge ad e.>> it' seanfeces p bne ofseitslavno ilrd i yognan cve dn il me,0ba000.he casesnhe n f a oheasng on these 's ct wasght. they exptilnue
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wo ho re i ofnidcbo. we'ves witpemaitouonkpo br ar>> wow atrav ri omav atwon tls of those foagn, mt it' gng mildut the mpto, ve t rashin eye.if gho a you're prnantit 14ay se y they doting amoring bornatelythisntn.>>ohonhisbeuse o then br. >> oho sul t, who c g t thecaons, cae w onl i a uplef trs, peionst wi roughout. >>ch,nksmu. etvero chuestions l it>> t, thankgege. >>at cg u he "mog nus" glerowevli saswe cond ansive sneak eic
7:53 am
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7:54 am
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sk the bbea fe f15 ightatchs s an ights all-w nd s tsoc on d t umbe .lotial a mor incdi in ws for seodou'lel th new weight watchers bend sle join free nolo 1ds e,pletremokin. t's it ddreain
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on apeni up tltiditi it wasul >> rter: s k folangansow >> wnd aes . eputonso actjae-letbre dhept secyea was was yol w a rorr: sigl si rea ahe stgglehyme diswast in her legne rost ed i one o h coorkers>>n gler k tcretev tpl workit bmate cfi in becsehe tst
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it's part o w i n who im. >>te aoar her onopeak out . >>heidn'tant her son th he had to kee t stabout her asking she ghteir wte t seeif s could peoitth. rorr:ling "ppl sra ayg cwaor pditut re iannot esor. ese sig bivfe t fut.thr-oltl g wng sebaye c dra e two mar bces d.>>usriedyeewith,aufu wh aounting
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finall gedicatnnderntl a feeling h hustter,jei'. jutsk how d y--ow bveserome outel foehisel arise rhrdiingware as exam t tearhe lnessoe n defhe rson. >> l t it doesn de'till- i an actroo don'. s b alal, dge.ri a i tnkhe o manyeotrin th ony oc nd hav tth, het' iatllyg publicou, y c fatis moseb ike we't ll.
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fr blurr proble thinng,ogve es,ack o coordinio with mor , oe eveum li cf the sis os seoms thiaos ial baggiknis gd histy a physica exa and, again, it'ic i t people have toive with theirves. thgh. >>here ison forpe ereatnt is ti t kin o s th snd haraor hifltit tofuncti jt yes hxcitewsn u
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mo." rosooune neennd kemiaerina oop youet at thacam en. tou g noorr:g vwersesit tdior superd a a. iant labed si ace. >> repte musg,ull cad. nc de td0 miopdw innct namen q te arco th ftre strt sng h mis hpe he ael f mo asocal inspatf ll yne feel c. ndalause"o
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nelo s. alleh ean w ptogeth, e wema raha up a tev.>>his doctary s, knowckn'trsf rne yatth. >>eid cle ""bodo ilum,re quesbu bec m whi fndeouf irvote bth a fle, ison aoteoplk ecau stlbut
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ewiz"yia roou hechnrm in1973>> that alkingbo the ca, minateor thebora>> yous documento ntroy.ssi nrt>>t ryl.ha mahaelre tertneti, greaers,s,nc sste . thas nal.>>ou werno tul fve neutde o aen fwpeoplewhat til surpreew d't neeagrause
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pple fteopleaveto brewaah,nd i oulo nd we y --oe'thing nody ydwhy did u parr tistom abo micelso >>d s tbr pelle woed onheon wed ie wt - p ongan't toet aref at>>l' a t onlywo of blgs.ds come githin t bom nex. r gck of t.on y
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ildren see wwawrsd so gav heen t toreit .r y o h beesnto eas t >> o andha sayeng ters. y wif w goica? but it'y ,ryea ve. thhe o trec,ve yarpo aable the t year the s ipiortswhhe vgseathe? . his-0. nin
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he -t r it saakem. yanesa a dav i mn'reow at. is icjackn'ot tof >>g atsu>>"thrre ndance feh. paf d bethe ll" ut fyth. d a tma in>> ily lutdeb.y, wki ck dls on levion. gnday. e n miesotths t do in mieapolihe c ow. wash their pants anduttsidethe freezend maorzeanltures
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to wes fornetehat t e,len, kentuhrvi iis, m f lytedawioudi or t ndhohey d frpront ll idug heloigbero, peache s o thhaidtu g, t w'te mu s. a e a ch wbe onor most, -8ine cou cou w d stfeothu e lackofgnict" we trvelo yo zehan . huou dl ghba
8:10 am
egee wh lesta - >>kn s kn. butabto fouhi isoo oss. wrtith some n york i sure b o brdway, fuy lyet midler isk nfirmi aasnreat p t titlect inhesselliolly t
8:11 am
my pweool anng orina cse h ddollth onl hul iag w woll bett wtnsri yo cetl erre>>ex n d,fault.slng intoalou's s t >>t e a mgelinooo m >> supse t nge. ireal, op t bo oay tassthises ancss oh hank yy muchbu,nk b theitends thebo o w dt ha s wt a eee?ll ou at, kd n lg i pgy >>t
8:12 am
whate rse,coic. >> wboutueyes, tou h ee had auteo ryicth yer ready, rolde orak i love u! >> iov me leou!>>u!. se
8:13 am
toheormo, now hihegh wi incrsero ty as ad es frllthroloonig t, oware sle t frutim t t id esy g, this oducofto stwihiry c wd stw slothursdr e laan ow s ue'ac t
8:14 am
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8:15 am
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8:17 am
. rnew r ed b g cgns tryingackl issu end b t 50lencluhent y le ttaohasuccs fothe. ch i is ctheran cce tmo j rewar tho rter:ghe egpplioc thsadgoop>> t ie hand theross a st eth san ror tpoorse reun me ued yueionto istoome sgh that t ctho y
8:18 am
repor t ralng fo r tas aular acvitin makg se sshry sing of t d oodle o ho andes fe aputhetetrnds io abo 't seeul'than. if h a gdme. hnows tha mes. ow. cod makg.a.t.s lyews it>> honha0 o. s h and alavfe. khinkgettingntoly toutoea te htress yalutis id, i rbid to use tharase
8:19 am
t cturehetention fhe disaraf 7-yeld ma hipm is s o for stimndslema blu strom thiue of "peoe.een over yearsince e natieain atheomant the the caseak outor very rse t "peoe" gane. year-oldonn ge stehe dfthchoo r h mngunti t >> htday. eennaccor
8:20 am
nvtoanky werd. i c dnyintlav kepim thaty.omk agndaihat dtus lo hephe l li s knet.e fled seralolteutisarkyn. r aof d proiner dcc hf ahiilimch she nind fledhe state on to get a haraerofficialofcichge tspdtisy. ard sod y jmu e
8:21 am
init tan.rt stilro terabbee ortests.diishapan>> bheerg, wt ak l dit sh bac secd andidtls admd e le sh eid at g it henlty nt s sin otgh y skino sn try res her le or and ai the s o kp d axp eearci w tk osowo sside. n tasn w he from smaple i inhr the y iothhey'usat b
8:22 am
yo sakg teror yea s yg talou alkse cor.ou wtts tohenerowsnden t shated hi what does shenk hd da the lastno hi she shat theha s t f.rna hnt n wh i or h exusba >> sot ske w an t n p she bed tiuger arigh ll, ceaiy a ininus c gop.cre eeo ho f h
8:23 am
aecast b.>> here exche co ye jnv rm, theutsht irf sur t wil b as otherr rtomo.heav wtoa th acrheac rtit mft andoss n t chne iwi ba di s f, rnin . llea roday as oach. e wislidroug utrn lodo tonht hind s ar exe hetateom northo aro the wahat gh mog, ts veon pruce e waof accution trto a worstthin oury ours we ste w byrs rng'dritsi .sososo agh tem 20
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usdanc`t2n2n2n`q2n`qdztq`qd"hdtt`tamtt2n" `ttq9t4w > werh kciitthe sts" whonc her waytwot bu bthe he toav. eatrad heda yret>> io i alsoandnkser it's dt orexci,ut has soeamy ok, "8 " nber , rcesf y et. ie teal b snacks yogurt a,ivou of ot>> m e iotnoug ,s be s is color o th sultn y tkilesrikeat geblndui sohat'r
8:25 am
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8:26 am
mfiniingp pancakes>> so maerreates in okers a s f whs qck aaso do. e' als leam an fries. dotov hbuernd ldav aburg fries. setots sohe up iteadfryg and the i have tyurger and instead ofn, just vehe lettund tn isik swe cfo >>ksick. t hasca inwh'mchin ito fors m,yet oo istill saut y he at ilt. y, - hav to at becau'm gy wiceam a i he tas you. yove two mroll hiesnd lotfreatpartne bms be no
8:27 am
ow g upidn' andlyds ho pce a t ed ing eehi azino treoing al. >> k, sexpectshet th exed yo in' an learnnd etyrnow dwi5-re me. eis a . >> il sweanceizabh andriy are g elp . we g io dond ae a tarond e w ye this i leunges and en,yeah,well, now do a le caro ssa. ardiolswa aback sncwithhers" in fure oh, ye
8:28 am
vo ts - ouvote?>> i goet. s yourooty t wear ieeeinrner, rollin rli. t you, ael. >> y g ts. that'iberat acal eah. ll,kym,ha youch. thanku.isth5-6-7-8 nk yladies. "t 5ie i availab w. tec for dhe a omn yoo
8:29 am
esh cracked egg,lty cheesecaan b andinh reutna dt yeah 'sime sta break r. >>so iu ar your new ar'sesolutn w to watch
8:30 am
e "the iol wr g garcia bernal i n thein y to f tay t l.eck it.>>het ou ishe ladies ans f laes. >> o dt ll be everody's. onday. ucuns p th? increblecse he s impugn-e canet away wh athnd lik at about thecharacter. >> and theas time i saw you, justed and waedckageour golgle awdor le.itasllyceeeou ght. u re glowin wre is ? >> tnk yo where the >> yh.
8:31 am
heav it'ot vid >> , it's k o m,okaylike,ah. it' a intti way it well, cotulations. it's deserved detandus youla aes it' basepet's lsepired sto,amsonct also weake fromllhe coto pasfeou, f mro e th cenryhir - an toow a i d't know, tmnd mak eere. hifer dpsycls g aductul d wt dves y the gius and geniuses theytrol
8:32 am
witife, l it a easilynt --ike yousectio he m ac thatgo hif. a very wrd a very testgppac t lif b inic flo mpte. ieepchg nir. loat y the show. you areoco. >> thank you. >> do youave alu doiithhe k? ses flut that'he p tl he ,ysel p thng oh isin this is wkingnd t siciansre really they helplot,sweus wor with a vy pporvendheyaugh t.ich iooecau t a that's what they shlddo t ced i ble. >>t'syut sious its comedt' uik
8:33 am
ant' on azon. canhe freedom y g as anctor dng a sor a pleike amazo versusore adnal? >> solute.sredibl bec veht iea didn'knxps oere to ow ternea isd ikeery new.y w.yoeverwhat -- t. t p amdoin >>e have cplereiv do i feel complely justsen a tnd h i'm l a i tshow, they l us hatever it wants. >>t shows. it nsndll theig ways. 'sre t m yo wardy deseed
8:34 am
ason two, "rt in th le ailable now on amazonprime ae wie right backck lati thisamils asin headlines and n tomorro "duck dynasty"'s bertson family has onam annenuis tabc's " moamic>> mngrica"s ou t ymeedesenz, the best or nothg.
8:35 am
acialha t aber ofura"mi. miyousee him r the. been here f 40 he is teart and soul of the itinpartme yep. e helebrsf seryl step, orne e single. >> bbra stisand. if anntew wit mitcivesoun cyclop we'll mis his pasnd
8:36 am
s t >> aood y,dy it's 86 am, wednesy january 20th i'm abby acone. today: it will be a cloudier start to the day for , with snow expect ts morning in the gh country. winds will inease thug t daas col frt prches. e frt will slide ugh hern
8:37 am
showers ar expect to ide acro thete om ntho soh. silaro that slhrough tuesday mornin this wa won't prodch e lation a e n inchill be or , with 4" ghry. courscould stsefew tda rnindre thofsignific sn.. sti withs, wll b t morning driv rylose yo sckwiths, w be ng t moindrive very c foru! thwoaccud of stling oneion s jelrs int peed trial e r atioulbe vod.lacot nomb. cot recos that she alledly stole more than two- hundred pieces of jry frojared's welers. if concted... she faces up to years in prison. alson couirt today... 3year- d me hi t aran inourter he feralchg mde..buangr r cl ee i d of o liffinad st.. spd n
8:38 am
ta full bi for e water cr ith town ot... we'lhave ttest on is ahe krdo ws
8:39 am
>> it'"live! with ke
8:40 am
today, from e series, "thalsenasc androm w dra,y street josh dnor. plusmed ti ath edion bo all xtn iv"[cg deose ey des >> and now, herere your my award-nno-ho kly pa and mic strahan [cerd apse lly:i. hi llo. tre. hey. hi . e]
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