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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 22, 2016 12:37am-4:00am MST

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so, u owatn, hiteisiwould eundeat hiy an iumout buanas hrmroubleal on. mseix gesnd hasrorctiulbelaic m and r tgo e> e nslso offng thrgh the sngnd bue fll >>i saiearrathlet>> 20ea o malete no>>yn sthngr omfter an aecfico the a der higprhe rya rorr:he makghiy. ffal b tweet revoluonarybi.eakihryn she
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rol ace fe fnf coh.the wch start as an intern for t n york jetsn 20spding 12 seasons withhe team, working h way u toe aisnt theadoachex ry s smi w wies s khr smith is going an outsndinjob, badnge and commme. m citend pudhitu. is at ie world. justt hends binhe re sa allfi p gup >> rhes in thir y ha thest t lgue's ncreblgratul, obviously,or the organization. >>eporter: a f kathryn ith, football and female fan
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korrdoayhis ist and t'utghen w d in tnfl, des j atch m qu coba ho
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you domiss>>nc: "wor newno and al j ve t lotri o se citainingve int. t wt you maelho hen oldesn wo en houf newynd he' bjoinooli earbeons co t ve c an r ssmy ncli >>rs don tmei dot rely st --eep going.
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nips cli aar hice td f at yoio dahd 2eoingo brate? >>e w epd and eyesshismilewidesdstillfe jo er r:t'is w a ticutsinor ativesny purpos aachiea watg is azd toelie he's s in 'snte shahan >> repor hdyeeco stath guies b w reas d'sldt barb yorks at . , livesne still chi o hair >> iut it lastht hot? >>eaul!>>epter:orore 90
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ds h.henlldhe crab repor t s toolse our, chnt's sileemnsim woing,ou you i yg. r 7,ne>> a a sto hod po n wis. ay butng20s ncgreacoidgeasirst lady? fim.. it eas cause look atr. aw we ustragel eances by's natural moisre so i canetnto the swint bit icke d i ke'feliha itakes m le eth.. ennjoys it eoy it even more. and i eny .
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ou olde g fwo ssingen>>pneiss a rp w de ni in "dir gran" trick dri hgra,ve fpr brea in fiance pkinioper y tneedhe t win ghatnt ladyro ue get >> y'reaytona be re driroug she'ot
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>> loofu treed r trai elllsn'seborvhanhairfe csokdougnof bl itorrliny. at d ythk? w otou ee lovund. himowod now" of >> wrecn theouththas cot b hvy ll thsacancedwe he aerive wh e te> hilry tinan in earlstat pos and gngigter democric ril.
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des trimary re heats . shocking scene freewa a ddlerunng down the ddle of the road. the partsesrately sechin and st-a detywont in time makglay for snowy.thnt png onev atn pr t b ol adnirators. pl why this weekend plenty o peopleill be busy in moray th e. thatn blizzard editi of "t on fda nu. aer:m abc ws, th i"wldews now."'mceedut i o w? tee ty. you've de opare lforve bnng tohe gce ry d forhe fo'llmeaner ie. hopha seamless will be able toiv duringhe heighofhe snow. th reay toughonrn ou'r se in the.
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e y reall to prar forhiike . mostln thou ngouuswipe t trit. >>haw ar n t le at al >>us tis. s lot of pple w cod.t he d.c.. it g airsthe gev weaha s ofhe c cceed outhis morng. >>assive storm moving throu the soh. contis aea caed tee trafficatalities inth carina as well as essee. chl btholin ne aed m to's tna a rnerin louisiana, mssippi that have utheer really worri. >> right now, you mentioned the southerner the storms siing overhe soh, as today ogresses it will mov toward the coast, bringing heavy snow across appalachians and mid-atntic regi
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nnia te orgencl ca ia m nnl ts th stes. snow liky t sown ghwa am wl beng o di sched fhe w ys.whou're talkhe areth 00 fligh toy. th fedaloveroffice ashingtonre stowt on. >> s pe g re for t b orm. stocng uand alady erinowan 's >>te mil ics prg a to of ic pro to iesap, in fim t am o sw splies eac erould theraseeoweowasth whr oorr:his.c.rade joe'rmyin h? oti
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e' about a potell palyzing orm. repter: iis mes thesonatparent i h ouft aschool bus filled withtudes near slid into a r. luil o wasinjurted gng side way downhehill i ofeame a littlemy hrt a ltle i ms, mepr: inaon i wt' ic tstm,ery's velyornowfl csed majo accike e anit jushew rester arectg e possibili ocal h iti'sl,nis tffic to a complestdsti lana zzws wash. it' g, big ern.
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mtiinnoat ,hedkyf et 2 . that' aot baut shudohar rn >>sotsnn rul onainy.e cie m ise down f 48 hour is eced a l o people hoping t . >>. weno o of prorsthe w bur elng he uteo ook mngik ur >>ahurine massive ch snotormyhad. you know, one good thing, there's a little silver lining, talking about the districto l these storm ouds, for the fit time in decadesleddin is agaowed o cap ll. >>oh, i didn't know you weren't allowed to do is that. >>yeah. apparently it was again the law. >> did they send someo out to regulate that >> the capitol police. >> that'righ >> now theve been toldot to enrc.
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happen in washiton, d.? >> there yougo. >> change has ppened. >> itid take an act o ngress, lerally -- >> to allow that. tonstructions to the police force to look the otheray,re includedn appropriateions bill. >> that's hirious. at's gre. democrats an republicans working together. heret be ptthed that.somettort in ddle ofni yourobabl the atil er leainit afrstate and lal alsorir handling of the crisis.real epirtor meanmeofficis in michigan s they're still
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legionnair cases the oupation of a nat life r ogo memi ton thm's has dhe f a way toresolve the ndoff. n b sayherol t n you , we>>p trace.beieeiin alfowucters.clnveit orlisorho str acleing tay,uld l iow n hae,uts >> noter g down. it'sthupand i c yong
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dyoucapedy elect t of the un stesup vo ar peopspth cce t, journas d>> r sands, coence. >> i weo we , my frie w lki ofupto of ephemo sen ins , s annkel k to ng"ame and sandersowe gingingin at, qucnt'sea or ta wpaspag. rehigabc ne,vinton iowa>> to g swe
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sign ris pr mts esees , about0ints.s m aveth eeanen s it wlonlicy e te llor trd st ek. arageor r ften s 3. otr mtg wer aoer. ecg se saythbestobetteis o ills>>um i which hashingwidivery it m woer>> tthli
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jona occ tsdber e j i>> y fusn mathscie so,ast, rock llplay didtake eist. ou knohat ee ma t list? >> jourst yea didn't. tteapr>> w t? crts.>omg up --e're getti geed upor bzzdright here iour studio.obody w me on ow>> y d'ttoisparently bufi tthidf eetheld gotthere, w t poce are ung the incid to driv >> lates on mor thogntwo ka v cthe xpard watcr. >>reerousn bonf andtwitte@wnnfa.
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>>owould tet - >>, 's entor ni ook on my ah didav of thos isu u themrp eyer good leeei t you can uan >>an of carsts e bng ralled becausef a saty hard. ax is recng more an 1,000 infan careats because hdles caneak.the b-sa35ravelme ben oer 24 ly st ll dlsnwebsite,
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altveik vi s targeopten a la shobe i gwing ll we w gl hots. ow ay fr. va pilgrim hashe late >>orte tew w about rous ing to a fluy of cce ents. >> monday w got aut phocal ep ldsey avelo,ne he she 2 weeks egef cdc rn telng pgnt wometotay. feel t jt gngve pskep t toms fospe fe rash jnt pain, are a whout incint. the conrn f an peing mom, hrteningrain damage ie by. >> the rults bmily so atereei sfu
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atus infeiooheesit virus symevlg s frenor man pareandnydytr it mdnd o csto one i fiveop. o o thos feaaven preg ttcod wrli nt sinhiir cau a sur condioleeo erettanome, rcing o onlisupport. sus ndio n nex
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td o biobertsbouthyvi ie.>rsnpd action levelmyme stowh as ng"wew">>oo at yed s itme?hat on do aticse rol rts? >> comediaeedn ahum used of eang io i otepororst teildiccus ling fro othun
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n at >> repr: or ts skitrom scmer' comyalho d tynof ur ror ctkalegan'nd youpa standouofou b iut roroldev akomusio oftema treself-pingof communy artists and your jos e you. epter:chersfeselithortot.
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e, bauouldev .>> rr: s vo a ps hsulyepd thiffhr, tne mit. d wright news, new
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to thetation thathe wd school canceled. etending to be officials from milton county, saying there's nochool moow. th id, , ha nice tr apparently, y don't know the password. and thenso, ds, don be us preten you a s school officisanling sool closg. 're not that dumb. in, hcotyoolscl. thewo i b"a" for fort >> and t won ithe e. > sothers0%ha o liarnd bmang blrd. many of the popularwebses tind ss dingnder
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een crsen ipgh>>wieigfou arbabi.ip to theeff >> nt'se polk f war alerll t score tthorews rohe w and y st e sksip sheetorldka t' latet nde weing ma p o grabrws andvedyceeyun al eve o theldews p gouaolhas t ges usgica portex por r ol w o sugyult theldt to asalt
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seu mo > ornin s " movin teef snot to on the m-ac regi and major fldig t coastli hool close officttow
1:22 am
> annew thf flnglenk. >> aaspit esaflandg at a area apo.nvicn mean 5yein pn. the ryaiea d pparentl fici mirulireeder tinbrk ts.thdetas raig ahead "t skinn"it2n nnouer: frombcs, aady. te shoppi.
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shel gd e' heoms on ater on.heiocapi reg from dnni owm., itscitynmt ere prg do cleatr but wod l.stitot g run tentirekefedel offiwill close at nn.ty e y pl 0 of roaring e nitaarenalplacg plow icrespnerk s iexpeere unmorrpeop aio ut'sre that to peows llnew allyecget snown w mdi b ero. ueehi
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ore unews habudip dutokefe stem a pounheouthh andth en e oave.gog e a midara'lt more osunsami. rtoone in efrengthtcheos teisand misssippi.>> t tea he. thfirsis chancofsevere weather >> reporter: othe roads, people are getting hurt. north carola, seval ambues rnd tis acdeslpe h past hoal. wht wtw ered in crass. ithe werngulmoedor parts are s riou thatools wer
1:25 am
de nrl rive s . >> it kd s gng i s eart atle iny kneemy >> reporr: ttos aladrcg rlscfle od.atul0, haurver aioworasngs. aasothr te a fus f calas are la abc neatntoue rlinngwer is tean r de >> wit'smu of an , 've to dit >>s w exac
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gd sem ths resttingt. crned bout sweher and avy in b lat on th afte on th en it starts to eep up e cot. d.c.richmondwe'rw d t heav cials we getd the latt hf the d asou s on ow map, king 1 to 2 feet agn, thicoulbe sys r'9rivaerto in
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thane ct aeek.w,t,y. aa orsystbengffhelytltis bis omto.c.ou nd ifomebec ow re at gocwns.>>has leer rteyolin nex ho rerk there'ys a jyingt e eah. saying don'>>in wnow? ittle y es sentroantu be,ouw, t sea tchdr t gout e pldot. do at artt tt's kou t hal
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ohe sal ent tt he tualutpo you u ity sedsn, w,atr ume.boy,'re akite doha t hut a ofdsbe twoeno, rump aed cruz.itra mast >> mee'wntestp, show inriwntingeo epnohap'ri s qfi t
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mmr inhiineaofliviyiyst shocn oxp ceal naal eer dng atcear ou s>> onor dt me sy manges to the wair ra cckownneuans four s iran, syria. dee nerus,opo tinships onof tho courihave
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viarasn on bl and oered back court next month cording to court duments, he was raomted for drugs and cohol when he landed in orange couy. h r fm e crgd arciy a beirneugng tkes mostaponoad.ts ms a20%ea overprevas w art st w d>>ow> and re eve gi'sar re the first. mo t is boys thg l kitore yo. u nd
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ye on oatakesd ex o sge. at ed g >>hoarnggo. s ke idfi i fw! l ckson onwa >> ahen fa >> oh! >> ie ka>> muc orri t ociaat v ll bth yes ery bills. >>mingp, polou fla are on tt for --ah. ca o el w ty uggean rd two th met at thear. miny," the rs have been cfirm.'s bon betwe c
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it prette?py a: lds no atheou ol.wolis. nees tayar cls feeleefath's why t woe darks. re har ients keing da clothes lki like newsh ylo far never s. a. 'ro 85 i impdoen thtoou abo yorit aatlo
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move free night. the first and onlyslp pp e t trbl tmyown. opteunnk rieisdeso you cane ssboy er fiomh bl iida releurnce y saug aned.the su a the met b a went back tone of victim' homes.
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wow. >well ane morolst gwingfcricsak a whatyacialian isr'asar mictl itsado ur o robts sa hwilloris ws oroyco y ady dssey s.orilit kfongre urd ake . a iath s adseacry >>eptesit te the t'tbo g ubro ion ft, hobinobts nial didn't kn s p
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u ow,hiborereoweemse epteite acngee for podtcus hore vpelecohe madeor w lmgr>> t pns t xtto s seall ism. ns dav>>in bod well e moe that's cg t a n" by le leov cti m
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suhe htte e strge newhhave v id i i posoup morow,yw les thisol amityn e leaspp ebs white.u al is l e y,a loofce dhe heir ony,hymaeshi r wd get to that leveevhoeyth le pusth toer
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when wome m andff > wa sloorki loy. "tnn is next>>noues thour c kiy snn mi u "thin inouadlines thmornindik weeks ospeculio rurs henrmed.miley cyrud sworth ollnged. the co e gony wett toth as sthe
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t eemghatshe in that face,houg >>y call off their gant back ineptemb o 2013 afterating since early 2009. a sour tel e! on miley ner t over liam hopes anhtheeyofweh em. gemddbe ball b arerbeinsc faytnche edbiiackbeut inheenme ighsn nd 3 r tef pi>> heeti fabouey fir metmovipremieren. tarage
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the first and only-in- ghough [couhine o manyple to dfoertiug deasvanc time r fatgh 1r ng liq. gh esr ve el a diroiit relve it ourma th special nditningret, sos arpetthse. r so you kno cs and fresns. itlssoft solve. a carpet tha weomesou
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reed ino poiso r i mhin hversrca w g w wefrayitn weinhuds ilon s endedre fli first me st rfeel tamer. coe.hewado 'mor. mo o letowyorve has d wi he g ns mel ve t he hasei,0om ch notrue apol>> cfrlt
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ha dyn ng nobodyim yeap umy r who lri tndk p t cinetja bcade ard inde okeur venc is c iss thbe day i soant my i mh.d i owo ghhe r besidmy ont ro.i at to omed o, wit g tot,orou go ro ill 'tet n fro d giv n l the n h noo a cofnts cop y,ext re
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>> be ucou p ooncala o. ab r >>.alday. mhuh. d'ttes. a: i
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fog iacsns >>go mni.i'm kendisn. areome of top heli wre flo on "world ns no >> of eas c ee wastondork ci f m ow fooofno exed is,ll hh n.
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nmen of al shabab tan iga dtorm trebeiean chargaheailryll h tis swdu ayealt s o t refrer nas in ayh itr, epo, whe anguer atwouliclearonare someorid, y afrbc n this is "world ns now. > or.weeg f t bliarof . shonyo omishe cwill ttemkeeps han thdid gh say
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ch o th isn a.c. ere. as tre n f ows cted. >>n gt bod a slsect ind tires ofoon ciysten'sa a t er t>>hile yrathst minge lff trthade st aecor. t tmieye . me'c' teh joar e tts
1:51 am
ca amari ttch thisanys be lots ing is car poweess comes ind ngt cet t to et osnnd at f sw was noecte lvernmentdireatanof e s. our cal stn t k.lly shee iown th the. , vehicles pbadn that jt ass all ov >>orter:dsnd enoughcr
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r n reathiser, blizrd, quine ntze reg whalbeinedl and 's. e ieteorologat o atn ileliasa ts ulstordhes,s w the urne il-hnd reg cst rdoucoit>>lment mo crti arithassubo ps?>>orr:is hanes fols altare t has gho inhaak orr:esor wat t st wa be monsviey, >> muc aeril ishaioy in her at
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y a ou cn day oucrou far nohwe 73-hou gus moentlrted peolshnoanead eteport,lso mix wh e toward chlott it's jus a matrfime re we ar toee t b impas around d t owllun wetam totaous of 1o feeof sn t thhave ttalk a imcts cne again,aves. ristrge. th wl rival thimctfelt fr san. have you tthink the ecipitation anthe ain, thist cer lot te. auw jvior weppreci.thh. tl s,ow ch ft ofty ouck>> i
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cr cked ne wha s youveta zz cingtvirg w uitraf this is altof >> a brey l yoed. lkread. i would sagg some gs you co ench you ca grilled cese. slyi' s fphadia wbe t e ie f'rngleuym and'v erngryay
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to kw, tek talrocelluse r er it' tngstessruig uld y i f edmeelinforme grcrd ofs in hef em our.tandheththadel tesut in conednian sntced n-ye pent m fore d teope hie. 's g s as peoe haie painng bts ts off o gr isl.
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1:57 am
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1:58 am
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1:59 am
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2:00 am
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2:01 am
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2:02 am
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2:03 am
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2:04 am
ach. thnew h teas a fhe n yts i 2003spenseasons the am, rking her upo be istanto heoach rex ryan an sendi sth his wl say khryns goin d outstan, seon hnowlgest ctmt. i'm exd anr trtith heatest woman esthe . boundies byg ever sar th field. >>our puyour ror theinhustde4 y remmle t the leagus hior jusl,viouy,or the oatn. >> reptes fokath
2:05 am
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2:06 am
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2:07 am
e snclo'thge t a fewks he'll turn 105. wh ang to oth your bi, march how aryou celrate >> comork.orter: h mind and eyes stilsharp, hismile s hindst. >>alob'steba tewo nttic w r thesnyac -yd ng o>>t's amazin 'sd toie h he'sbe spehaorr:e'y be in bof bay l rk fiveays iv, ald ts it ight. hois it?ul rorr:th 9s anst honhas.rees
2:08 am
ets n ortes an raofe, ve cbut an grace remaiimes epu yo i yng. epsoha a r whry shod poons usitreth b,ousn cng s t 192 sinc g coodge wars... it's easmeauooat .. e e k-y ultrag enhce bods natural mo so can getntthesw it t quke d e'ke tha m mike 'rebo... enhe eoy, we eoy it even me. d eny it
2:09 am
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2:10 am
muu r 95 mcaowfo yourpet e elou a dir? dot lve . our rmula wi aal iongdien softenur it's res y k its d hens. but it also softens. e. a cat lcomes you and anesse
2:11 am
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2:12 am
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2:13 am
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2:14 am
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2:15 am
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2:16 am
. >>ngne on frddler runndown middlethad redesperat arthst-actdeputy swot im kifor sn d.stenhi o athaenbe hoinatpl wkendntley e wa thanne that's ia iz edition o "theix" onhifrid, nuary 22nd. annnc: from abc new this is "worldews now."ncerneabout u, hao sa >>hy >>inguheity.on to yoorhi evr tellan
2:17 am
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2:18 am
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2:19 am
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2:20 am
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2:21 am
. antheyaie an hasn't happedshgt >> there youo. cnge has haen. idid tan ac ss, lirally -- >>o low that. to inruions tthe police rcthotwa a incl in anppropriaons bill >> that's hirious. that's great. democratand public workg ge tre mt be pork ch totin lelv y're obab r epwille mpthe r blas steocliis.gipatowh ovt gn. oiciall su wther t ctad r isd auddeinnumbonnaesases
2:22 am
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2:23 am
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2:24 am
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2:25 am
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2:26 am
ter@w. (ugh.) esetve feelgh dirtydod it,reit r rmula wi a special it ingret, soenyourar's rolveso you kno cs and fr t alsen resolve. a carphat welcomou. cleanet mses, try solve pet rt. letgo bue elmu m'serence. these i-sytom. ll sare th th os x streng and fights mucthat one d't.uh.t f yoped meing. puac on thelf. new from m fast ma the only cold and flu liquid gel that's max-sengt
2:27 am
reef die .is eryoov feel in dark cthes. keethosdas from there'ite das. free harsh ingdi keepinrklo loong liew f 3washes your lovearclhelle. olitdark e'vi...mong mlt. te-onpo foyonts, cartage d bos.anke the b teo-bi flex pills, it's all in one tiny pill. move free ultra. get ur move on. 'sasy me as it isor him.. efor me cause lather. aw.. souse k-agel itnhanmy bods l is i gnto the swing it a biquker. and ennow e'feinlit, akelikwee both.
2:28 am
and i joy it.el theiffethel humacoronavirus. c ru erara t diffent kindof y ger. bual dinftiip... arapovll th numbe them. lyl pe e pred to kill more types germs than cloro n'ck ju aip y th o! this cold d flu season lyth.
2:29 am
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2:30 am
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2:31 am
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2:32 am
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2:36 am
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2:37 am
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2:38 am
>>wo oys mi u. ow did trk? s helpirnovorldanaleeosfobut sotime ion tirwn otwo nd neathcothrl t teen harmfwall kundry pacs an froildren brought to you by tide ghin drupteryone's l t'seldv lplecoughs r hourall day today you can do everyg
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2:41 am
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2:42 am
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2:43 am
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2:44 am
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2:45 am
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2:46 am
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2:47 am
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2:48 am
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2:49 am
coti outh sls w't ft al fiedwi i irt gthe . d screamea ttle myeaas atliny feeepe foing rlfls are nc.co2, 000 ssen mof jorlinreers.ltwisengto chke f free ri lagh, ws, you re ainghe tsola tmuf an pae ho gw pllets.athe
2:50 am
ous m ar to nver areonce t shortermutevere r and heavrain buter on this afternoon,atern this evg, it starts to crp up coasrimond, e neouavy sn cily as welatt hhe d. on e welkineeag ts com al tupat lean aass. ite sewellmoe doeseem lse ng at or ngin he it the'ser
2:51 am
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2:52 am
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2:53 am
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2:54 am
urne mo accordintoou duments, was randly tested for drugs and alcohol when he ed in cy.icn ularbehis. y a reco nofirline ercaasye to g pwes e an00 fon a e overprev coved .and re'sngry beincian'sen can o, rc eig ths
2:55 am
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2:56 am
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2:57 am
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2:58 am
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2:59 am
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3:00 am
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3:01 am
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3:02 am
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3:03 am
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3:05 am
coming "skinny."ppg ouhelimornngy am. eef speculatrs he en cfi.lecyam thpottedher anrubeweg e engant rshe -dbackn thatug>> t o t bteer o aftersi ceeley never t over lanpes th can pk up rig where th loff. weisem luc oolu> ckg e ing maiehag a iryte ng wr. arhegagent rweign 5 caunng been dat mmo ie in.thilarboth
3:06 am
gok. >>er l kke heel >> beepring nth lalld no ansorforolar-sturoinclj.d eayo or i y u're blind ng 0,tae n heess. an additna75,000s e deces thentun
3:07 am
>loike may fanon fan o. g fo$2 rehelatiheff gto ks y.hey reirou one "htler" exetive says th would ht three rts thma ff wher ye in wda yog.ok mexheetof i i.heacos pi l2 od dwaits. i was a bi-taet that sttsast, and keep not 4, not 6, but 12 fl hours.
3:08 am
t's end is. ns r asor.. 's easr meseoo aw so we use k-ultr enh bs natu i cthicker. and wh knos ha akesfeike e wh s enjs , enj it or and i enjoy it. eleloo fe a s iple-an ppr js, caage bone in one tiny pill. move free ula. get yo move on. and now tr mo free night. th1joeep oughin[c
3:09 am
th e elm r longti li.ym h ancedea fthat helpsghr ll th theeal .. or all day (ugh et ndirdoitreit r formula with aalnditiongngret, yo ct wi eve u itol, yw itleans d freshens. but soften resolva tt welcomes y.
3:10 am
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3:11 am
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3:12 am
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3:13 am
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3:14 am
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3:15 am
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3:16 am
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3:17 am
po one. bunoo 2 et o a indi hoursy.atisit w l govern'tre many thouiogok.ctuandn owheat prosoclrothat t's just heal p. >> roads and enou snocrews rk adinton emmar. we arve f r rotinis eggla, zardklmipe to pa teg is adaberethe st
3:18 am
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3:19 am
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3:20 am
li. l ugar aerin . , oso ght thinrlin aistefi ibad. storm t now. l tpho. ire photo-- >> oh! mi a bre, 's ru lkad me eggs.ome . you cen t,
3:21 am
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3:22 am
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3:23 am
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3:24 am
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3:25 am
, izthey had sqttl ld r andur tna bi>>oc lo, ay hel a heance a. >> iving bim st pps n or wl saas aidenflll my le. lf stuf enlo i k yomame fd ve s>>s.>>ni oe men ther coming up, the who fie grs ce>>s >>hior lefl. is s ado ?
3:26 am
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3:27 am
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