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tv   Good Morning Colorado  ABC  January 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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ng good morrado..
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aving e to le wo d.. ne de in stt' still ing rancher forw wh join the agnst th e back to good morning colora.
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flood rope..pein fnd a es the ques um thahundpe yestday. oup ed oldi patrol citiein fin... claihe fugethat cietld be ng t e can turn on their tap .a drit buanho ornt u wi help. st athe nek
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no pkg script pridedet :0dr. gege: :3 ouwn. for more deadyoca safe te com
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outside this morn thanks for us on see us fromce..amazi nge and ksor sending this in carol. and we wee howwakep .. se y upado atdo d. caal twee to usor posem to our fa t kr wake up
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