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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  January 29, 2016 10:35pm-11:37pm MST

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>>immyanu. i'm y,'m the hostthe show. th for watchinthank you tollorvit us here. in beaif hollood, ia,re a is the acamywardsn' uilnext mth but tre is major yr fothe condr in a ale ngs ite. me othreerwh like- so of them le unforgivably white.and jadpinketh de ao coining abth, eete cebook evenw snoop dot.
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[ bl]ings.noy atcht p r. itin't g no [ blee] nal the t eestli fr us,leouee] jim: doe't meaus. heea t u kn? he didn g nomatior so anyhe'sf actors? is it hollsaultot giving them enoughes rrtorecon? or is itmon's fault?ught ] kink so oit -- chee and ala -- is to get a sense of what's on with all this we have academy of motion piure arts and sciees pr director swart oom with us alout the contrsy via sae. , e, srt t ll, k u fo issue r yo someinyotake vy risl
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wh aion wi ita and acons ting? w po keis right. ju in the future, w. jmy:owl y dot w we'odif many thoscaminatefilms re ilusiimat dthat mog? >>l, for insnce, "e orominated picte iseingnged "teg shouty." >> j ink y m shrigh >> sha yes it tg inaw >>myah. is that le b-w at ili bow-wow. >> that little bow-wo yes is. >> j: w aryointo add tt bowowthmoviitse? tou cgijiy. you thg.>>im: l gh
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aedoma to jd?>>e fil oom"tarrinrie larsonndobtremay bom "crib."arngueifah. ankeviha. im: isdeul m"t me.>> "om" not a comedy, reorre, bu"cri i and 's hario. >> jmyay. >>in his gd as 5--oldid. he c wins on immy tha? whlse aryou in? s hexten i no, nweave "tevant," at i ing b"t revent al pt." [ laht ] eers andppus yoknow, mmy,isaiis li tcae ckedy a velws ndthat s o athmaecom "tarn." jmy: i ke tt. ok. >> aid y see movie teobs"
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nsideration thill no callstevharvey.">>my: . cch e ou>>eln e w ioaccident aes t ip 5adf the ipne theas to bk d apoge. >>im: l right.that's even mo f ia y. [ uger ch a alae staru ink es chgewiol tprle h,im, se i int,e e chg r owsht' #gtijiggywit. jimre. tuank u,tei pr teomhing n prco u wi aut sotowaorhat. chrs appla] hey, ynohe governor of new jerseyhr cistie was in
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anhe did tha holding a etin a restaure aear- bod the gobout lun. whau goto do thnches, because , fe mrsbush wae rst dy but nha s. oma ithe firsla they'v dn. d teaall th ncs,is and sqreiz. glene uff. >> jimmytht ing is w ven -yeaolo ys -s ho lunesere be wa w the firsladyhich theush' left oicven yes ago ich ould hen, be secenari yearsforarsake, let's assume tomeind of geniho got iin wh he was 2 andas fond mories of crispis and square piz he used toat when
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in with tt -- how dos christied foth m unhees >> ts busineved in it ok an, al shhao buss bng invo in t g thgont to ndheint of wh peoe shld bting every da ne of business. jusisn'so wanpeople teat re ali'm o mo healthy lld tryg o ths, li ua o, al thstf buinhe end's your chce. jimmy: ifids had a choice they would eat nothing but sk all day. [ er ]they would havskes for t and slur for kin positio this? byhe w- why the w ulhrisiseven
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just fropure pandpoi, chriristndin for pis likeng an adr lunesta.akes no sense. audienceoaning [ plause oh, ank you. ou thince you haverubb band rgic tie nd yr stomach mae yo ulshy from subjt li to me sepr cris chie ihekeot et [ er ] donamp gotaj endorsemtoday from none other than sarin. she agreed to endorse him and he agreed to r shoot that y animalff of head tr cled pal a igh-itpers," wch i impoant,ou w onef thloality apeo o kronkutight afthe an eesngou 'sar pio ewrsgo >>t inthll fnawhe ch
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s oienries, e aah ng jihaach otheads ever lifore, let them do you let allah sort it ou >> jimmy: is she still talng? [ appl ] bye n't , squirmh is what pprels go to wa it cd a sq [ laer ] [ apse ] ss t -- i hope i prouin his name ght. but th world' oldest mae' not ymore. heasayheas12i guspt e suse woo. t tyurhe then dd. heaie t sts to his longifwas , qu erdo it. and don't know, ist living to 1inof the definition
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along 2" he ma he madit [ applause ] ittersweet, i kn teon histo made ekend. "sesamreet" h has be ai on pbs publ televn fofree for pas years, on saturdaoffici madthe move thbo. new episodes wl r rst o d re p aer tt. ofoue "sesame street" is faly show anhbo s ve ulauen. didetngo lphe sfy auens ll age we combined thaudifrom "gir,"the o show, with the o fr "semeeet"nd relt iody ns wdi hto fhiel sol qck befe you star iolso i stantoet that out thwa >> youidt ll mso. begoupardon >>ouidt lle . >> iry
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a moseal. h, bou thiyone homos mpeop you tol barack a was ga>>e s "b applau jimmyl righ like i he to te a brk. wh we come back e wot onli passwords othe ar ve bn ance yos n li and a slpoth rb wch wl arafr is, so sti aun [ a ae ]
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atk, ikinderpr sat'ss sclarad ma[ anner ing r,coyost ade? comon u i a
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urs? righ--e meoupre seoe li oiotofith. [ anr rblingcr skewod ckwnag rht ] , he e t toaihasome chucwait -o 'olga's ne kelir re e merr spsaampied atengarli and w!pial ly at ive t, wait, wait! y ilike that. it first.-on fredo.baked-on? it's negonn s? trust your dishwasher with cascade platinuh...yo n sh. sc be ght ba be good. textom. ysave beenrely gd da se. les t h owce pne
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brad cldse nebise. [smeag u ci. eyyo kwhe guteinan it h it w him keep yfamily connecte
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our housewe'ralways dnfomore.. can uranraedivg chr.ungry more. ju be hungry.wirepe a realdit po >> jimmy: o the ow zachal fa knack d, aub
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wnbut -- thou" gazihi h isineince 1will no lcoue in int. foe who we to g emembeagazes wee r vensthe inrn et instd clriur bwsisto you d theunyour tt. "pthou" mazineilill bevaille online,ame al asplayboy" w is ing to st priing soon thereery dieren magas. "penouseu cldn've prd y rea it fo the es."pen" was re of anatomleon. they'vboeen sho thdwideweb whi foe bec iuesseansmy "dr forumette isoing to gepuisd.itieit erwas a twitter outage this morning. a global twitter for six hours which is scary because, you know, e sl media outlets we had forixours w bookutub s nstaam, and vine. i thou something very clever this ing.s forc te it with my wife.
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apausei tu tnktu thk oowh ttt goow ici init wou bgr a ci miaendo araom tis a urevy up ds sto remi people tre aor, like real o wreasage unsignthway d tend themo be is good. apause ] rontptorbeat orl acial ge t pl loon. as the t ts gemarco rosenlondon. beforee hetime out cruh mbers.>> i'm tryintok out of re 1 -- 1-3. 1-3 >>llmyam 1- u knowhat an o,on't ouyeo s you d on thame-- ee games. ut youd 3. >>wein-
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>> 1 3 1or >>hat's w imeant. >>scby [ ch a applaus] jmy: those twgu are a show. i have some pot atiorerdg yo cer cuty. e nu lt ari's passwos onin torords of yre , assw" doeshat?these mue sameeopl who ve chin na their y beareddy, t? is yeasomeords inspir by "swars" de t list iluding so, priess, an"star wars tar rsich i guess it mas sewh you tnk aut ithewhst "starars" movie is abo a sto pawo. rte yino e t wd"passw in yr ssrdand fitely doot
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if you can rememr yo pawordt's good.[ laht speakingf onnefreaki, is isomeing --ay iave that? i meneis. is ithe o ie ths a fm . cct wfi uay inwi you ki r ychild'icin realme ses vewii to t clo aanofomso of arficial intelgee server ne aesponse wur ki sin ets acanok bbaielihis. heo, wajungrod ert iryl. cayohe m o the rft r toy? >> tnkheneouavis fi. >>ha youo ch i wa le yo lk. hodo you tnk should wear my hr day? >>immyanay i--mas meer enoyes to li becse aoy c tfeou dot kn if u'oio t li buzlighyearchuc yno
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hello ie ahe iacts t sheeraca bess. minde toyoartomoow mng. wt's meg u d y oua >>imabt ina at>>elma is al teif gl. yaybe shefu jmyid rle nde t te youcainn rng. >> heyyoowha les etth tre a ck pupnd wl ou teriri's .re de ae pu wg.his is d up and usso.rongm, besveri
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rian aista?t a .ut. im sw up're vet otigff so it i veryone wanring u eit n't y ou'rt e ye the py tim l your dre he sg imr ngce cream omorw ominick d it herbere k let hr orhe sh eomeeo oof [ lahter [ cheersnd alause ] >> jim: we he aood sw night. ht bacwi
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[rhawe'rg ou32lldoa thound dt a . a thsaeoplwiethsandolla y le d.inthis rseas
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dn. char by design. eyeaw effisew ph .it remi hgier nfo s onghkitcn ea..d thri yr.....unr, l the wk... in the e... ity ege...
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counyoelworkllpe as credits degre lear at ph chee a ae >>im: ren the sh,
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isere., eiw lfitd bu cesut sf-tiedutnown as hehi aum wfrom e msg tdr ste. u n see ez le our wi p athscal su moowhtsek will be , hus ll jn anve musifrom.and thuday,ac efr, man, ausicrom n harp and tnnoc als. pl j for ahat. rstonigh veryented comedia t northolina. he hreat new sw call kets" premiers fx onthursday nht at 10:00. pl welcomeh lifianak [ rs applae ] 'sy odo seyou.
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>> is be aew yrsincei'eehereji >>im: oa lo you d a by sce t eai -- eers a applae ] have aear-ol i foet his nambu yh,fuikol >> jimmy: he doe >> yeah. this is one ofhe j do for him. do you mind if i- noat all, no, go ahead. >>t'a usua-- >> jimmyea kn >> jimmythere?didn't know ifspeakingot
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t's a polijo. ock. jimmy: e?>>en netaa -->> jimnjaminanyahu?[ cheend app] >> jhe likes hat's -- l like you'reooer? >> yeah, i le it'sf n. jimmy: what's thepa about being >> just getting up and making breakft to get him b triaht now >>: you are? ho do that? t force it'swa >> yh. jimmy's the wart eing a you? gettin the iathloole th 's tou it's immy: ca -- real rry. n't want ty ything.your eyebrows -- laughter ] they sm the last time you we here. ey he m lfreek so that's probably it. >> jimmy: yeah yeah, b rlly, ms like they i don't
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>> jimmy: i'u. gotpular, and i was trying to mypa.and myst -list and rowid me tha ught >> jmyowis >>ave browantheya team theyold meo, you know,et row t. d s newk 's - at'sngbe sine . >>myour . and thit le ea ta an eyrow ow ds it ?>>ave four pe foch br. >> jimyou [ hter ]i was ng a t in alsnes wholthknow it was going tohoup i'm a little embrass >> jim: it does read on ra. you -- he me it wasn't go read.'s a side effe for
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that's wheou don't like certparts ofr body >> wel i thi'm short >>immy: younk ye shor>> y i thortrealife. kn'm n ineal i like 5" b isdion i have th i'sht ani ts ci cle ian't rember the ne t. >>immy: yocat remb thenaf e meci? >> tt'otr onhe deff. jmyt re? omory >>eah,s emy. haausas. snds ciou >> row sft. jim: you ve row sht? i'm sory i dn't - canss oe peni >> jimmyoh, osh. you wt toyb shouake a eak bee i likve tled itorouldha we'llet all out doworr galnaki her
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[ chee and applae ] is styl hood ju a ltlbi inw ea, alm un) on on atllar dr c meba sttsck. mmmmmm mm m mmm
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mokelot qu lendeup n now i th ctc thquteede chgy hes evthur skell d.nts e asti.'s w i
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y ouean u ck a6:?..) m rei'here op) o tes ne f fe teh! movet. ye in. yoow wt, dadm go) bquiley, subawill bg fom. heongestsiin i c.ix subaru legacy ot just a n.
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it tak just thright amount of roasting, r tir hands. ofeners n,ast u.
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can iakeyour oer >> wangeri >>neanse we do have . >> tote the. jb . no. no.
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>>e ve c>>ha.clas or >>okscs en >> did you say -- scyes.>> you'rre , e.>>ch. >> iho i heard tple. oy. say i >> >> zach galiisbrand new alle"baskets" and prth fxt threenercopy of the shas intending ne so i what wn before n. and tched fivethe ailashow>> a the fivof t jim: ere e o ye. u'ren l heto >>ow. >>immyit vfu ifwaanwi m
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and lfcaup. t's rangshowi ha halued t eyes.ere i - [ laughter ] >>ea fm othepart laughter ]plause ] >> j looks - ot an applause jimmy: itu're some sort of raation w. >> sors bett?>> jim: look lu should b the ntar trek ut -whate we tking t?, tv s j: show>>s ouwed --t'a irshowbodecln o uds eo inrae d veck to kefid bome roo cln.
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ders, thme, be n pes fr h maon tebty how h." heabo t yeahi didn that. >> jimmyas greatat. ah,ah. : he pla 8 mother plays iry he's, you know, a woman throughout the whole show. >> y and we -o t it. >> jim louis heprucer t, i justp h e i. itated te. los cs said, ynoe loui anrson's ice? d said, s. sd,hod alhi i ides. at's howe t ca in the show so, 'rckto he jim: thie rst ow u wke witlouick thfirsoju'on th yes i , w s o loe -- don'knf wou membbu cle toos cnt withi ans g. buthat- nerot aun dt. so nowe' jt >>imstd u're
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e' doinghiinea >>: o tt s fstt th er namistha y an she's e woimprovctrei'vever se in ife. ug >>immythink e's fantastic in t sho>> seay, rlly go i sh she'fr of ne. wesed enes toern ery. i st-hrou theears'valwa wte tory t uer in shi, alys w y but thinshe id y to isbeuse was vingith r pas inorra laug ] that kof mated h >> j: solion. ,eah. lucky t hveky.>>y do you t impr>> becau i w an imprually yuppose toraditionou t th is maha d say ne and sould l,um a tt wld erroofel
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thngn. she's thvoice of aie >>im: seh iwos ouwe. youndoue own ch otr holo? >>ell, mn,e --e s ndf esblhemean w wn ti e -- te wrg theavidtean ow a i w seeim and nd t tears wosehid heald me tothis aidn't ny ce in and i stilve any confidenc the se i but itst rl luckd ppy t'justwed hat, i'm ki o epid if people wl like i not. 's weirdh thateo winkt's inre o thinit'sresting. with mainstreait's not going to t but i thougwas unbelievablyny. anks jimmery ch. : csume it l rainet >>hankim jimnot just f the movieither.
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wt arraisetesoliss?theyave ocate t immyhedoe ocol erm. yodon't ow r knee caforniasins yeago. >> j: the di s. >>to hang th them.immy: no, .the guys are totallyguys. had ug problems.: it'sery good to see you. i'm so sorry ahealth obms.>> thank you thank you forstandin thanu guys funrsg. [ andlaus] jim: zacala fa k dis. tchishow lets it priershuy ghat0:00
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ot youitlaott urloesromstng, an h dofane..and itel cthes fmage of shso yrite cloyyo fclothedownoner wash [eronic souns] acyose. e rst ev gs re. a 4 horower ngin.. rqecto dia anbremra texpres f ornce,rom xus. isll abo izg poit sogo tth port gf pt i wanna to je d check ouotsy elli'rtfoo, to you? m scottish mas
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you'reo n m . do opportunityseize laus.. ye! h...ahh... . ab say i a million tiy. ahh... ahh! cel say "ahh". cigna medical plved t of youinua chku america,
11:17 pm t. chee a aus] >> jmy: stil tcomeusic omweez.ourext gue is t anr fu. are slessedonight may from n ses ons anc."star fridau can e he doings to robertiro d with efron i"dir grandpa." se helloo
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[ chpplause ] immyh, w that's ce. hoe you g? iood. jim: at's ry nice o za he's g rainbow s. itd for to kind oth t ectati tright. jwh hd to te my a pla basklld sgery d m coring. an >>mye opleicero u w youava ca? heveympay ando eactn a tiay >>h.think they fl wed, lihe i'tw. dot kn. . >>im: u n'kn. >>o. >>im: u brout a photogph weren --his a sio th yoa wheeir f ile. yea>> jimw longyou wh was only asically
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tpu iwhha d ounevene aine tain achyou shoury it. >> j: seemke the to do it >> yeah,cause you don'know o stan so yout -- jimmywhy i ask e dresasta c? e'asantalaus rst a, wteto go tome ande rpsehian tm jt ckng itanfliplo b w tulyoohiupor wre itasy d enpaed ath ca witjust sta costin and 's he to w all end. immyreal we werhe was wme around.anpeople were very aaid of our grou >> jim: k they , yeah. >>stayed away frs.yeah >>my: he wyou're ve funnyn thisew m. >> "dirtgrana."
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immyhowoulyodebe -yo iit yoreraedo rorte ni. has rit. >> j: rt deniro bve b is jimi'm rry, i diavwith him film >> welid, so. er ] my: and de that perice well,ou k theie is- myhara onore -r t'a ve sry we'rsoulates, u . i'm g toing brk with ends and e niro'ser li a says he's a prossor d my n with hsex a prsor. soo inn m d m ing [leep youhe kei'm into [ ble ] yo t. en we . jmysplealt. t,ea hat s the qu? j: i think, youno i thinit was -- well, 's cra
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tuiokehis eryore re sayg veveth tm.eah well kind of like u it's kine met his th mhe's a dirrandpa and y girl. imyounlady. eah.>> j: sexne th h e ye it f >>immywas un yea jmy: ople as it's t t it w? r youn? was itim as wellan't spe for how, we -it w y.eyllotan entirfor it jimmy: ey d, re ke h man >> ioulday autine, lini, ybn.and there s loof tereinstufth wen
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direor w'sritida mahoawome i vem,e ouno i s ltl bfike we didn totly pn outhe sce. we didt howt goin go so the werets would ernde, in e, y t suckn his nis, t be like,t me -n ro de niro an he ah, nippi anddo i i try to gthere suck on hiles. hee battg and dis like in character or not beca ver -- jimmy yeae. aheey t cam d cald bacan he le, ds noke his pple aa patten to. so d., great.wellnks that i nt to do that and s a lot of rn moments like . >> jim fee you hpect a
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all-me g>>on , w i ow? t i -- d a le with h mean, the firshalfess d om mt - whspoks agenatwas timate ared thinkauseu kn in mov i'm png a 21-yead and got l all like bronzed up i'ti like a drunk sl m noallye th you kninea. ani inevy time ias ou himt s t fo we staed shootg so w all erim rlly eake out. a co of momes wi he there'e erup and i the first take i threwp and then i like trd to kiss him li get away from me.
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tt d ro . appus>>my: th's youan real dreamf as an r is making robt thea that the y om fear" would be sre i nntoo. >> am rrifng.>> ju gethe cane? hospitalsue?>> ,aclyister ss m forri tht tut t tok isn . >>im: coulde ur new ing. >> yh. dot kn. i don'tnow.thtern jimmy: good eeou you'ery nnhe m it's cirtyra pens frida eyht weer.
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prented amsu. i waing ho juked us up breakfastoissantsou when ear atta wi swipeoured onof thents. thack pd cof b i ul. d at wt edo urbreaascrssant. and s? ved.
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eaasssants fucks.: the "jimmy live" conct series is immy: tho zach lifianaubrza, d olog mt dan wean ou te. "niglineist.
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album cosut ast.hereit ton "tnk gfogirl" ez! chrsndppus] king cnoliorou ttake onouhikiriin t od wh yourros thou'v own e se graouy codrffians a bcaed upon to e your testoin a battlfor supremacaccess tmaleued tov an if are ioou ive ut d pe nd wl irbaid and tiptinennd tend ling ss our ab wnd andmee e wie e itg foyo a fire in heryes nd fanno to e yr moand th's wou thank go ls holla jes
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for rls oyoecniay ttowown she so b's so she energeti thank thank for gls gis thgoforls tnkod f gls'm s ad g a gl tnkf even th e n'mine tnk abo herllheayanthnighitug has e ss i erat pas shal had hea attack truththat'm ju as sced i d't know ho actis i c get to now er bting inlife w the illusion to sh
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ee s on e knee le derwear pa ocatalo when i w i'mg lit turnrong wayuni' f a bed of pulled down d fos hosu chrifromnesseela haorirur ony u tt bow do a pray s'sbi he s he'so ergec in eavellthgo hank god for glsor girls k d fogithk go for s go ribadam roenifug
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and cloves wait on the popcor setting wh like wo woo hurts gngff ed lighting mirest fires stealosprey messingthe beeser ying tinat hia und imami y wh loneliss d break urea itwand ad waniled
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cheend ause his in" to aon i ar m 5 >> now aois -lerilfed a the otnacebrat wi t f nme >> p isherock>> g o the c er>>he ver.j sison. ad mr h d,he c ispght.>> it devastg
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