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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 5  ABC  January 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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sth o lethe 41of cent ulard.. af oo anyoneit cal poli at 70 lawmer eb tow f e leure is nator rcesdanesg ld aowll meinatdo liary. eyayheir key als ar ep t ste oor'ofce inueo,egalraatecti re piters be s top thds in pi'ho t pu rin y rht wet p, suar e pa c stic ste laerso dised re moansucomi blo. inobeg measur hoursntilrs decide o tas
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thusital rtrao st e ca set to bhis ming. blicantrunners donald trump and ted cr blows against "han a baby. is a y at h ik rehi anile rc hilcltook s afcry mails. d candidat bernieanrss gging vote ages to co ond vote. ea pty tuouheuses er brs coraorheinthpeirto wnoer amip thteam's rlrs we at arto todain po st pe packe the e toet grhs atake pho the cheen s iwas anmai ldim w ure wi bronco
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ething r mo pewl0 willapnextnday as broncos on the rsn nt cool itto suppor thisg l nito carr oter b lucawho to sim shaying ge to e pariooti ti ag the imb. adovto oursifo infon w ig rehacats scou allatg iskedes ei annu"for faon sdi. deetchce t tsy mpto w baoueven ze e evscts can ri cam t alsoulkedo, h gh horwed.i we mostn
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tspa o an llnties. ti'sng yoet usranc if you't up in- fine gettg a dangerous virus continues to sps. rtfopr n,
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shpersho misshe ddle andot alif an exptn, c ceev- crsing bwhfithtas xt spng ere ne 3ol ed w woat. ore w te tl affected areas in south americaheirus. zikale sfor eways stcreatengerous n for known as ephaly cases ictorwe d e women iro babies sfehe condit il firwere ked ate babi werg bornth higamountmicroc y cial br wowicitizeo he airef uior y won sewithsere
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ad this: ldfronll mugt brinr ottyrs inold one nd aty y tes.ght: r chanover to snowtenigh stat bshld beigerbe coer thast not by st wwille nser ou s. e f , ngntrie . thto wl ghempes intod ugea weis he snegnd nht lainugmo antrl tst movaswedny. i unctainty inact trachis m eas the amf owwel end - bu odunt ofsnlily iry. more than ang amwero the totalover the next4 urs. it's imcts are expectedning ndayg ug
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o'the rew? yes y!fiy meouh cregse bonnd an enh muffin wh realutteld's all dayast me. 'simtortrein so res paful todisce la pebowldenver w i- bui inthe arleonto be leaedrom it.. nber one - n't apballyton nning's he he firof t gam... number 2 manning tualupimself this os gary kuthe teamicedwiro e thisk manni sution ...main twago e s se
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ofmoto t..e t g r firss lkth e i n,isd venea arta y wer3-ne iwague s th thein years, try emd that so thait for preparation in deer t broncos wi head to santa clmorrow ... ife terestn ng farell voya t buwiea coh-at :4p-m unin t... and ifou driving -470 arnd ttime yo probabl the ss d-a ... turday hooacti ... in fon trona tth tetrs junn wn
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on.. thadneale .. 3.) ng to ttck.. bu d s 58 coegba acon..kihep noh toamie . 1. cooys ge the sc d ... t on ma drivinfinig . 2.) he oer y . jeremi page ... widopen for three ... he drops it.. 3 spder gorski.. the sw. es at.. wee jun hesi o hati . r e - lors of 7 raig - playg am they i state ... and the streak will contie y guys falalifor . si lg .. anoheyed l scers th offhe s'en - helsd un ... t's ur. erthe bundga..
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lcneig."th inow da , ndidaty isss mpin anck>>ruz, who wonhe he rur prt? ary clin case to inute vo gh quest abo the to-m o aifollinr mpai. r amig he t ou > aneaew ed. ree ngs ves his.g o tha > heeay oochs er at a e en
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