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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 Noon  ABC  February 1, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm MST

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afrnoon,ie, e ta looat nditnsnow wnwn .. ceealthe d laight mebu nore sno othe yo peoplell ndled up trstay warm. you t lookth searlyoho we yocan w preparg r th lotan t ni we
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4 elongnifan in debut co chans afoon. e ar ring and dertin ig b ck y flight status onnet de-dot. avlopiesouha bee ininur sthstbeth ort. e starsharedhie apar lex ofbltsid ifhared th butul om ieisrntt d'ha is p. lo honoerheiv mu faenn lcon, neon. keit atheupte cluresnd fi coit nekr t thrlth zaon dlareth thepr a
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ced if will dito addressingheing disease. last l ti fothe ui ru tazil..a zereed brlaia foram oove st e.rdnow ave ek oropars. ye brcos fa ga atot mp u r wl
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r ayorl hak t and tons chwe ae. and now we're eke un wnayuntibrcoke t wi take part n ia ghghreut the do nechanl 13's orirto naou lilevi adtol use abou 's expd. rob,the atmospheiker eyed mia nit otll fan pe rs ringme memi ll tpahis t wl mia
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renaoum u b ri thsupebo l isant cla. foownver b corae ko-co 'vhendds ied ennit e pridal caides wl utheth w nell- sphe lest t iowa caucuses. january was h ntr o ll bhtin portoin
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prarwithceth e c'la s wit. na a sondraat."iospent?itdeci ina.s ne ac y has ldwiningiswa sona presenti at hatle t neous.i to n.ant n r co" ar novos d d elcas sath areunge nd bad news been sliding in with tobeing criticiz for ing this - st otioontongis deptil t erthe r blicanid ubio es caate usy:one into a sitto d the'a nde at'v bwithbu you the g in f becae a at eseersave oacro s s berspren candate "inkessa i na thrghout
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supprs the res. clinn aisa iknke me an00 tathowa clton hasrm her cay. sot / idndide "iha e hs'v l twaeay ma tter at and tnk wme b pr" m close:t time tershat may determthe resutonit. mberas fit s therrgely cred thhen-tor back 20, tme of yr agai gi s cookienow fin le! wet up top inlaes.. br
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californ thin atr.erafa e trel their. ghy thde st ot carsdad paed and. crs seve clebri
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nit:s isorsy s t, wll lefwi u a otomalthlmde co sps an cy,2-6"ho and wyhe ghount will enh up t2 feet isomere tet sornmo tieno ll tsnin road itil so icaoid u d doyo to ut toa you of era tio getoestion pre r wierravecoit. nt storm rn w n mohelotuda mog. ndter ow i pey noti acon t sem wily o of t allowing for t on thlater week. a weake couling w spty srs onridaov ar t tas,ut geray andrie athewius a io oo rk... 12ndredent gaered historlesos... andf urse nene d
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known profonal etes tha ve ties co chauncey lls is a tiform denver s player. he wgruad inh ho s reof whe at ring7 ars in leue, he ctics ntlando matiwo thnv ets.rein4 e toe prhee b e basket y colo th n hletti vincenn is an otball pye frodospshe fr ded ghschool a unsi o loyortskscho was the n dieg
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ore his ent int heampabuaneers. om colorado, hejor histy withenve rl wae t blstarte e l ene s afd by the oncoin 19 own as marl magiciatnded t universif as as rookie, he ha touchdownswith tonco irerplayg fonineprofsionly. isco cutly ves lngel anis tdior othe bo girclubloac in weeken w ghlimobly tied . w co delybir ere vi'stiwe'l meop e ng ol wilawarsh " to the front of the os vibo nts s ashes scattered ind headlines. a liv
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ndspri telly, f tse and h of 5heghount w ith upo so ars.thhafeinhe esrn mouninhe av swiindo by tsday rnin but lierins exctedo la inueayai roa nditnsill basof ca oid av, u aradviseto s i veo outonheds giveouf loof e tto yotiti anare er travel wint storm wail remaeffectfomost of sorn lothugy moteed litesn i peedtuwi minodional tions tay thto syem wl five of we alwior improvemt e s teth weee cofe spho fer ne theuns,ut lly
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weathe sss go afternoo ..ab, takiooat condions wncos.ouanal i we ighas ltbunoisy.
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als. w miryw heoads enofallw, ithgs e te cora.. chne y po i o coty.. than bonnie,we'rhere ascenic ovlo at the
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i cong y, w samepoanthatoig t noe av adreantht in by c s. c-t atn sotern do ucren acerinulwe trin h h anhe s d vithad 08m pr resos eer soh co b probl
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s att.e alth mngcahothe is fa avisafooand,hed ab tel, wiy n dospng pl a el and thrado rings airport... right now, there are noven cancellati e colo springairpores s were ed t . alot igs e hele u cachk f stat on r ite, omerthaffic ta for
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494 el not ifandenv, buange thi therving arting ig ale c your flight s wwi you again more o yos atave be ed o ceboag th hag 3 m t otawn ts bel urfru eay is. a r sthis pito the fkeen in h nerh and ou this p of a brtu byad wh up s closesnd c
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dot nts the on se ffcarid uflthem e trs st i apinto swb fitsndakthla lg th no uresdo, e wick u so s w rcedan ma wa dung molub fit in dver indentified.r-ol men llwo s atulmici. ngd ooat e lodo mo expo..t s tial mp expo was nced o ha bu inater taaway ufup int rcd rs club. fial wi rse 00e dome revein detailof delymtra deilme i
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e n wagoin6 mi our.or thcesplimpn ar rv o th e enllwi n'ne32 doboghpe weilleanmore hured t. cee pturedhetwo inin ped tes fromcali jail. joan tied hossei nayecaurn o on . police s ople called inwith a tip in a odparkint vethey pers naye auit tieu hde the d pe..-oto auieek twvirgchre. acsein nnti wh the and mu rl 'soteath rl wille
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has on tinvestat r vih g udt viaupe ci derd e d olle ll rea len orgazed gi ". t tha th clde il eaiteallhi inshk-maland wo ts. nata s? ney? as anaccessory d of he eise dispose of the girls dy. licesay auerew lovell? and that h used that lation to advantag . sot iconneer faly ne ar aispointh d yo ays. ther chvea wn omseer ry ho?wre w a hi sootrk arshs s - caerchon /seauer nbohas e thacst of t liv r aring eiseer turd moing fo ction? utties foun 's dy? 80s aw no ro
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eddametwn ht and 7aer a ser nst bedr clr wi t lek's milyndie llhasp achild need dly meca. sosara brry / ienddi thin wldha t e wawaysthe st l g." mega hu onca lovell' mols theon post that was soal media achoo megan news, another att bha d gerieng fo hos. peopl reurd rer a viagth hlaregee r laby h. mon sandeopl in ag hasbepopu ose terr s
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n gewh abeach. ai weio published in whdeat ationa outre. age shot b phogra med t chaw. the ctur klnt vil anigthe nv o opataconthlde ke top sy ge l this h-fehi ned mporshing f r ilstnd il'rtag, oue,utpp odothspli su thi. okt.
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ui g ofes -- and arride on came toand feetlein toide nte. bnded r fe ca t son --itelke "beg aar csh the alohste has en t eou no k the
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nit: storwitoa fe palmer de4-10" col rings count forse g anuth hwy ryl d it to feetn eas. ren feet thwesrn mota henow willindownbyuesd rn bg sn ed in t rd coitnsil d iyocaavd , u seto habe onheoa, meo d epfor ntve . wito wain wl ma iefct r mollf sohe codo
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addi t thisto lluttate b day,alloor imovlar isweak wcoula w sp swersnear ll us into th ekd. she'atd of hion el cr yshe etir r 50 bi on ma tter yeaf ng t reg el fd d chen last nhttrvanea huen she d iz e"ated ox h aft i
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of shio. rmelciy crfordsa p etwhen she brat 50 ay uary 2 fordteapma tter n 30 yf mont heth fam ford is ied an mothtwo chdr n s ss dgprov shomust n". pemeasiz i re le" edfo rserr ther
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husa here fromgeou canc andhe eed a an yoto h r thstar ornce r fa. om t cace's w.. loing ainm worl 's a son anso tod shbiz . die moe ott juai so groun e os ra? ou onobs at into pephe ies,one becastwa from scen acto guild ovhe wed - stark ruff thed th the cognitio mafalo 191:41 fro moment i readt to tst day ofoting heas a ecial that to be to how to away murario vis wobestv dramesr d i a w edederseat kis via i inth whe u see li
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ma tngs yo ul'tve pect-i ways wchin vibowi wais aes atre t fiisla parase oba cog bos -- filein yor tythe tid on hundmilln ee is divided beeen s wife- supermel in nd hwo chilen. boe --ho died onc m at aleftwo min ar is p assiant nd onmilln toisdaht nay. s, tt's - yosahind at e n thnecoay o ahe o thr t arcesuper wllfshow. but qubes coumas a boywd goddess y vetirredp nest. some in ina e itn lteir ure.anfill"kg p 3waa at thwe fice anateq okn an tite- ioll ebfi ace.eoo capr "e vena dppe seco plawith ma124 io r wa: th rcawaks" heldinhird and at'shat' happg holld.'m n naanso abc news, s angeles
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rht back. e sur bo ithe in even brry se b fothoswho ra t a gr te re ol d t suayuppybo planet. hedenv dumb ieleag hem med mois noling park's ait o oier
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e' nt eawach cebritthppboonbrry frtoafrnoo ibtonis stm move lt ufoorome vi10 arndad ris d erouy, 6"oralonsoh 0.he nt w d wo 2 et iwi tha2
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>> aouer: 're edtop u th >>avtre,iln at ethi e inevy y sely yo nnee on- r. t recee ance bl >>nnouerdoesrktoe myils than bod , rbiebong ck from th bullthors! [ cr >> dhell, ev.yomaabth neof plassica c for n. noere's a toc tus. i am nospeakenan y " aclyed
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