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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 4, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MST

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ro bumonhe campaigaiyeomut0 et>> hisvate jor ergenc shvie afr rertoblems.e dn y weitbong thfaa is iestitingbu ump d nageo ketontn ttock, arns, minan en ai, tr aus rlicaivshf tew energy wi bcaaigng day ewampsre heas aowllti d t town weld t hs pio avanhemot happened tuesdr.esid loter re edin niol ierts uny k tbuf eange acul. pleap. h,ye, sai wer vgoin sy.
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an dre the npraries th tuayc, 'lbe modaty r ow dad mu a mthz. ne wnnnc teto theek'sere srm syem iw rchi through gea. itwned tordonigh at lmeer ts suis ado renslearean e igho th ter lail t rmn utasrneoia wknt d clnduiin w mad. el ol, is cd day. are reportsjuries. ke a look radar rm system long the eastseabhe norida w glanthhestain wille t h f fg sealssltagll imo fo d t outhe cagaedd he
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yst fyhe d te toe r e > ea on esiimg e esntd ghting well o ie ye war has taken i h shows blbloc toon t t hs has ffighben e twde v p thietohe krefr fwangw, aeeti'sas dig zaigow degrd ach pring y fo taook at twoho w hou were tat h t't hefoghee use. >>llill mor maunctn athe i aecti x turn d at. gorn snde
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of proteifoienotlherewhls janve th y c w a ftflexrom t & arn on ec rkedacks ght t. el enj tllleasee gheitfwo n, flong a bb that. thatashonedn b rce to, qu getng jce fen is liede stenaver trds s othflix doctaaker ugoslant. noicund. well, cef ore gris kee his mouhut. martrelans tead fiften he ars
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shkrhas o s ab jaing ptiru jto m t.but c hng secues fud yrdays netorn saithe 32r-ol no nger bgivingntervi posn soia. realirob ty to a weapons chbeenn cu laeaju cumeseriasing. it dd nkto sal mus. inesteay drsrethntpps the , coclr itn toal ceharg for mr rmri lln't therryin fiour tas thisorningthe irx procngompu sy a hardwe e and e-file s is offntilleaster toda e tax encys it doesn expe major disptio i
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oc refdsbu y le aerce ah e old t nts y . >>ann, wi f ne tu br itu.we sbe i f mousfo wilbe $ sayhikeom tics anys costs have gone upince the $ footlong dedin ould alw go with inch. you c, yod, onesuchto i ou jinthat h uh-hu > whenme back,e d atandoff. a man homan host
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and on the rf, r end up like this? gi eget extra. nd o stfith.noattewhobacle out ilng bonn thau
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bee yomewhatfeik to hon wh youeep opehearg inapth wthen kewelsisll autrit w,sa up 2 onelect openearts jewelratay epouheart op..nde wilwfi its w in. enskay. i'y,qu wti deci takch shuybodel out me qsmokinwaing to givry,t i dieay w to happe r one of chan ew i qui g wiupport antienline pro to hpeopuit inchtelyperedu my ge t soeohachanor, ki or odstitio prsenddathghr tis whe kingr afte opnghaix me szus il ki cnt e of st calur do rwa teoubony y menta pro h ulrse or seiz take cyou've rious alle
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r doct i ha loodlems, ev o ms mehelp r away if yavtoms crealcle c.whri orrang mhirymostomsiecis naea ina atask yourocr chaix rht y. hi i n avahencolodo's juanaiwa ienonly seto evt accidt la th aa i pul wit oursn wometes geavalchesthisonledvalanche m su rd stays oads ihethern and c areely toe snow cover morning. ivet roads in st and a n sepossibly e flooe south. little slipper from near n greatlake i you
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lates the zioutbak theernoloda has ared aeamerg fo count becau of the eain cas of -bssd oes ppl coed tea and sint bra ss vero anigre a rea thre agast t bralian op. >>ere sin thah threat iraul anfheymcs.onal eis ss i e iespoib forazilot sme g iddl ancy. th.sic cmittc news kping a closesi now to that fri on boa jliner
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dt fa if ias gas clerrili stanff out i irvites. ll c oamer -yeaold onchriophe w ting ob achec intobbfema pleend ter hd a po aedhescen herio ho r. at picrekillg on esp hi htage wanulot rt > we,oh pkis, no,has n bausere ha t fin butnheos le arexed up o thef a on theroad ave this ho on sai he had n ain liks .both t carsefferensigerasres we nd lly o hiidentpo. ci fla,wo strs tee polic tectesulead o c
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ad b hiter eldeiver 77d w sen hicar careening into tt pond. als whaconstion say is thly nil jua i t u.s. clim je an t s o ar heeeaivin tre overhrye teser bl ti we costhu jt $3. >> but t nhili ood te" sta ve c o f th nou autavo se >>w. okooisidat irethk cl is,satindunghe ga. sth rrweor36inheir hf!
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25he fstte 51 forhe g this w game,great gamee thrtharrior-4. 'rrtai.>> o thaou upage is, russell westbrook, his thir trie doun as fif in ha car hig 1 ds. 24 points and 14s, heid it all exc thevin durantook of wi, m t bt t gi oahomacity, 117-4. 37 ra inclinge. >> y gotheatname forhosetw >> thuerud li.ah>>'tt gr >>nd hs me. ck t >>hund y, tha u.
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pue,ut qbs. anmpor nstud quarks me >>pl, p ogroow this got this all to herself.
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4:20 am selease to 12 hours. cassreorgettable fgrance12 hours. elme forthe" a st w a bunou ob wee tngbol, the, ques theyy bestn thewell, phe tracveuys grow quterback because it's otball's highestrole tion. a study in b f gnalalle leuthe thkspa t t herositn s. g tho pitns fnd haveetrki
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>> wo love a good quarack. yeah ty get all ation. of a tho ooking dight t hey vetwagger. why. >> you wingthis. swag, apositi swatou ->> don't l nfiden >>nce i the go a ydstons ofat > b weaer me fhe rernro tolral period aigmare t wk for ns o taninese, otwomaasse oked on earli fght a found theysenger l oa a. t at. >>righ had t eire o hers and t f ion. thhina sernirs fl crew sd sheeltf ro wen't eugh they didn't en he tayor h flht becse her cpanyd fo >> o a workri irwherhesa
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theytillhrhe curin o her. sorry, r areul. hohe g some extra peat orniza somng? thestssealt le glasf chpagn >> c onl hope>d tawheou neeoi i and ientts s wom scbl cgi tha sese aeicnd thhere not afraw inf pickeawe time men, ey onl dido othe ti. on'tnow i agree withth. >> s y s seone sendwn absolutely. m t tryg id .ju a>> b thaou th>>ness t o a and-ntermeme >>llrted o w reddit user who p he pos arange d caug falli apn j thest dki an
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ed t pho and sted it ot i not cool. >> ser dt th it snyos t reddit it d te lonor evereopl ove at t ad oish ms.turut higtastt aph y e rht is g mayet tnthe xt intersthatep get o the job. re news esns looklousm everane.and r hicolltion kayel.. he ds the act. sa. in ye an iq mbjee myolleiovinte spir...thwi lin tt ev a e timelsn causwantry w eel ke ar. everegins th k
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p $0 snd . mee l bbn. now, offer endsoo anisrmsetoe ebiesofec th tot s wie shefity.osed bell'so eatwithnice red de for r my temdic cuddbetthan us doe .. ts juetweyoand it rlly olo e toats t ro fanressm, amics numberneteured rair da at hilhire fpices thespicof lif
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hille rmcae 's woh gh atilrear the's re o sw tetueye sh coafr rv wlyl evy e,doub t. the results are methrm. beit h doght. cing o tsties, e hts o iewhampshe. hiary clinn andernie sandser dre vwsat le nhtown halr whsor pve a dona t aus t cruzflleg cn tak owaha count t. bill cottneysay theyill appeal a judge's decion texual assaul against go forwar
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to aimt anrmase i gi tdun car andmaduildgstt.wa niepo >>oot y'sathe moderatershe es hiurfhe and iern cafonow i the midea ast c ng welleaf lst gh atbo get mar atco sit. p t i efiame a up w ve m pldg nt wng juecdsft mng e fstme. bc'setiauare h the or rorter: tsouplet argon stra itt uasriy t -fd en h anarrie remoe>> tak becau is rth epter: it starrualerest o p ontagram page rrrom ma aan w mesdther
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tsheyoo e offl>> i sd cme i cp . llkeha first t th a e eand veoh, gue agm. 'redou ca w eh oer t y ha toigee ioach herinut aut >>orten tee dun exc on striends ggted ey getrrd.oppetion>>ndid,wehid the ab anupa >> toomknd i yon said luddereg.
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hy d seter giedo hakrieegd tha. we' t itwhev it but i knone l ter:bc ssne >> iaken ns a hiin ow oweiy ntia et we'l . lle a lo yoast progressivo lis to get
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yingo ovotinw hashir m co 'sthfe 4. i'm jokaol. m iv t. ad tabaton 1 y: i be ni sunfor rst hat day, icwip fueame of thand sn dsn sout colorado. ouds will thg afternoo at spt sns ghntry ghhe


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