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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  February 16, 2016 10:35pm-11:37pm MST

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mobl rfornce, tk h fi ar. yl sftonhrrays clgone,lbum o thar eersnd ae ] th shoitse ran 1ou lo. sootveon stayed forhe entitythe ogm. mosttay, icube e ce w preseer lt gh b as se won estie t spct adios. >> of'allhought i win totayhr that wle e-ho [ bep ]ou outat d. m ban th bit. [ eers andlause >>: out youratty ass. that's a one. i w nilia witermbatt 'm goi u it. as howre youing ther >> d grt.[ rs and alause jim thi thingat ha. thisappened aft the my is wasn'tndeo, t t iou h beeved. bu taiga,raerho's
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big tear atlu i ywood las night. a cullsp rr taylorwks,rumm fmoghte bk tinger from, a sir pmartney, formey othe atles. so tyw uporhe pad e domashey'ot hest. d tnshe ay lookt is. h v do wotot? ty't y in? >>eeed ath t, gu. ndnoer workn it. >>t year. xt ar. >> sk. th t and o othere. th a went backnthear and went t anoer rty. ygaamsoalmea,nde h ee a it.ote, "ion ctr t or. ad n knowled s p was us a ft.
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w,bvyga sn't ae doeepingpl w've en knig froetti in. t ited toeto th tt ereow tar thiup el tyho stga? eers appe y, the lem? tre m? jimm ty w't me ith grem. >> myodss llhe youen e le yo m ithbele yo kno tatle rit? jmy: sti i dn' rk h? the guyreer--y,t entnit? are yoor o j auy mein >> kinf l u- [ uger aer o ttsndik keitasrettra. jim:o y dotno th thi was hain>>ad knlei eidrfming d iish wld h he outside. i wld h w outre w th miou know,rougiminrfd. :ea te ha was tne t'telse me in.
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tweetme uger ] immy'd t fire codes dn't a tbethere'nly twofhem , righ laughter ly, wase ty bh up. [ ught [ ch andpplaus] inkis stin tyga yavf let inv te rty? i allot pd to gond rf illik dn'tave no knowdg ofhat woi jusho up,ou owan >>myave yed o aucc tog me ihiut i do thi heeen mtw[ laer i a sominup oingur. ve at the theate, e wat ts i' lovyouome -- >> he'sng tall for t n. [ ] nall tyyohi ulilet w>>g.the game
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ve cision.and paseet tthe green if he wan all ri nd applaus wee a greathow for night. luminwen i re witus. [ andlause we heugewd out gaed oundamsung ag ns heeenedp sce lat. ime be tim be gn w h s ced up t scading onste. highs thatscaffog? abou0 feet in theaiif g fire mal'd aul mey rightin. er ] regd ty wtsoevealso wite starspresidentobamscabinet, y of state john kerrys here. the reason he's here is h caed town to negotiate peaceetaylor swift and kanye ] uknow jdeerat tryingo be
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jeb needs a stron rul primary this weend. he nightoinedis a y. tougho anndsement fr thes most hedogpa was i f supporroth inng dow hou l>> t tbeot o naoing on want tomi wha dad me tilals aorcans [ laughter j: you can see, i good onldid george shi st t appeared han lasnight where he proved s ayak.'m notn in a l thingsyowledgeabl about w o president.e ione.
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's ba, folks. illightg that warbus er wch jeb ggether becaut' hard i george isr jt screwing wh his brotilheouro tumulou 's wt i bie ianeedowdo wh wovr oetate offlorid >> ye, i knowou cano . [ laughter ] >> jim:re you go. en auleating yyou b inr bigot i problyre g wen las nndon fm n rkheogsh, thiss winer gsh. the winner g ae ribn llhe op heat. 's rll f for tdo wi i donnowi agith thf a dog sh.
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padese amals aund jug tm o theirs.hese ds l they're bea pag contesta's really -- [ ughter ] therseady beee ntroveyurding yenner, b nam ss p. wieroday k saide that bitch famous. [ applasating d s wrs aghougf shat's noe kd tration fous.i wonderi wt l i graphically ves fro dog t oer wou be ou wit nhith le
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ein dog[ er 'srdght?[ chnd applause i what f a cplf hour 'tw iyoo azieith e dsitho them. we have to tak a break. en w com back,llermo hasapecial rorrom the at the grait - o'se?who'd you nyde. -- w se >> alex cooper.[ lauger ] >>my nevermind.
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yurallin,star a choo favoritto oplus unlimited sal thlyhe onereat arden. c ys c t ma?
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af hp y thmogeldarlac!d erarn about e dapaat urlbbl m m, aot stod iss rrle t ror so! andadotf lo taltast
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r e anb soa h to ma fr aansochrsnde jmyome cko e . gwfani andecta o
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butir you kw trays we last night. fesvies all weendn l.a 's a big deal.ited an entmusica hoioice o saay it great nizaonthai $7mi d beses tt t ent itses a lotf fun. [ applit'simil tohahe d durammroad lastni eynved a bun o muans singioneichi so sonefho ciansize stevder he're to sing "t times a." d et tntcem. whh yknow,s a b deal. so i'minre wi wit o musbooker, a namcoo. 'ree se aganre aidying o th bign whihe sstevie they'reringinut s cha a his iumenndf. no i'm out, ion't know 20:00ar fmhere se de can seeim ae' excite thentee kin of waved s hi a like and ott gs, y, tnk h justwad er ]
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kig.d hewa't. and said, ion't tnk d. i don't tnkav an thencoocdimlfn trunk hisar ande ve himinceay applause 's00%ue. last night before therammys gottarthetaed on thed car auimo w eithis opho wit aal loflo tuila andit listf best questions anycorresnden has eve askeree is gui on ed rpammy >>t'mele i'm hthemy a tko l celeits. he. >> hi. howre yo fo jmy re you doing? dngod.
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ch is >>id yheariv yo fvalee?>>idgsp i somngor okca y didhi.>>ha y so mu. y're om youch pe ty givwo inicheyive f . thk u vy mu hi how are u?>> what'sp? amiad cnty5 at gr we tst. may whaelou ing? >>'m we d , finest fabric shot trell mystylist. this fa's cut from a special clh, ftclher cou sig m tster hat'i. the rthoi t you.
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he sy babng ouan'tonourself er >>hath hl aou ing? 'meari s wh >>. arul we birds. aes ine. ila. >> >>ohah >> wtre weoingochee? >> che t- t ns. tolesbians. ught n ay gag anady anbell d in wwi >>ad gaga. questi. shdic evybs as ot yourey ony gaga. how much ney? hium.w muchey p a 2 o.>> he wilela fo m k hoollaug >> erythod>> [speangpash].
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>> sakg spanish ]. d't sak ssh. [ er ] >> wud ho>>onna su. send her. ive yoncrihanna send t ove hereo. >>hat thehe? howyou? wh youwearg? . dazz. >> da. iove yay that. >>dale? . esto >>ike your hair. ou'v beendrking. ? ah. a at yoitogh ounknho >> ah. noi' drun>> hiare you doing?>> i knou. d wan peanuut d jly in ? >>nututly ca it w this ? ye
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re we., god. >> you kno at n'tat . it pbablymths what i' intte now -go actual breadndnut . do ant p? o i a pi . do u here isthisd comfrh, god. re we go. b ou no.>> ter. tony nynnt. ho a yin r? ni meengyo[ laht ] itas n mti t guy.keri.y, kendrick, "jimmellive w ayoho areou doin
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t amos a are guys ver. ceo see ready to play. >> guy prmin toght? yes. yeah wh.>>s tt? >>wiaryo. d you ar a >> do yout a ? >>real. >>. pedeg allyave a date >> i'm aggs anymous. i doly - >> yim ks >>'ll gehekisso,ouo kissmy forme >> i'lmy for u. >> i'llisyou. d tn y kissy. >>hank youery e u. on. "jimmiv"heowreu? >>anoskquesony liteul>>oh,y god. y d. at great guy. is t btnterew i'v
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[ >> jim: gcias guillermo. i'lle ttis lar. [ rs and appus] tonigh oth ow, secreta ofte johnerryshe w rig sfaso arod. ouer:tions are b to byndy'home deffensi leanipto keep thin unbiad, all t. feelke s a ltleani. this csupporle c. riens.e ahaeniverecn rao se aioits 16 c lsor? tarts atntve. i wh alth technolog th a gamchr. where'e beef methff
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but y'believthe st ham e from frhbeef raid... lande o sl 'ub is iwileloa orlet'th roanye i grwlm t nr caoom no i!rolkg a wo vfo
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jimmy ba nisty stey g aewn hulu owhteganbe re frgothenc from gray hris apleton. onhuday,m ndal rry ingt f rones," er-waldau, and fron inthchee estoght isne tost taedust generapealing pe e isr w le"ts e trs li." h
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plse hello to gwen sfa. chrs alae [ chrs a ause he wairstl,hank yo comin secondly, thaas evable at you dast night dg egrs. thayo>> jmy:hat'ever bee defo rit? >> can'tieve that happened. that was a trip. my: for t missed youidfout- crcial lmuc u ped t wle thing om bnio live. jimmyhicheant tre a grea poslity o sebody wipurng t
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thereundreds of pthere. dernayorked o ob sdaaybe t jimx ime, 7 i mni toe n rng. >> j lip foeopl whoid sit is wt ia pt oit. th is yound ye r skating. skater, the way.hank >> j d y torn rolr ste f tev auayss sor of know how akid. ierka >> at aou ll skatinight th is this ae ye gng in >>t revk a target the end whe you look down it it a target le. >> j that- >> thatas when t h. >>my:yea w n yot? no.evybodhink thaas methat w stuuble. thatnpose soplwould oh,y it's live anshe fell. jimmy: we did think n a the back in nt. c- lehe ewofyo i pole>> .en i ghe pe
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i' sging to e pia andth putkate on me a i g throh. w a dr wtn icho tak beforehat i almost ed thedoor. ientthugh. feet wenupnd landnmyheadnk t ck into[ ]tualft wa r goodt ow. jusy. jimmyou h aeong thataid was bla livyr bleifn?er orhaps don maybe anotr -- yet w- don' ow. th denc ion why they put th at w weir jmy tha sg abl>> it is, tuye immy: sou likt is >>ldmhat songs outha guy,ah. >> jmy: gathat you n takethiou li aou cctuae some o of it' creaexpres >>ow wozy i
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til.this albumeallybo ng to takhing that awful ast, ion't kn healim ithen turn into someth bel. >> jmy: ts t great tng abtour job. beusomebyhatorks tar in they can'tthat ey g through sth gghatever can'tordutf it.hey can lhis anate t andet suutit >>im:. m this i your fir at grmy -hat wth? >> i don'tmemb>> j:g tago. >> tha wasschool>> jimt areeang er go >>immy: , iyo kn,eryjapase. >>ret. yohaodend le ba those , l i have stts. did not he makparst no i i drove the doou kwhat meathro corns lat night. was in aith a guysnd
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to amy ye nod. so we fba. wr probly re y and hstigeaneonnouarndthe my hairrokeoff. i had -- rem i a andik what am going to wear someb s thatdo & bba. it oe timesdesier wasou can w w li, okay dot t? ha laught didn' hav somne t lik ttn m ythi i j like -- : you'v c very long y, haven't you>> i have. rsnd ause :ou lin wh yo ng wh pants. . my reahink dayb t dth nbtas - tve ke o aew si. oh. >> jim hope this is nhe fitou'r hearingbo . [ ught ] i
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ant tondthey wan in aunkba. not n ub: , n no ub t thesm ubtoing a newband >>my: i e. okay.>> to do new c. donw whyhe positioned i le it was t mmy hagav lee roththing. uldn i behi i t t s hague tee u? >>hey should done immy theual s oy,ha sout, mkin, a y bk w doubt? tt tonndskhi at. ty ve dd h t actu- >> i thi there probably wou be voteyeah >> j:w. who'sngo dveheanf yore hat'str uger im:hrgh t cor fi and ytngi meanreallywe w gng tak a eak. wh wome cke ha someg i hop you'ljoy. i l >> jmy: iant t s you someth s tallic hele'veot diert op ohesepl i person ou pa ou - ll ing totly from you pa t --
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>>: - wom bac we'r gngoeeyocan gu out. gwenfas we'l rigac [ ch and appuse ] ann a cover idy good. yxpts f sufoce g cditi goyear. moreven. pianc. i'glouinal dad you to expece tcity 'st you always say.
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oh heyevin enthy thn tronmo. beaifuln't ? seba ext ?ne! ne. book princes .your world ma. on aiceless. gon ave some wfun? funtul fuow he w bfrie, ngie sthmlo dsinyo go? hatchaenyogehe ave some nara ba st por ofnerg
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y coerleft s a crt staycren we applyl and >>right twix has t eyavg peeat o rightx?
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ngunt.go mni nig.goodning nhiniight. good morni hunger. od good m pst left bar odorni odorningoo good morniorning.whwillar s
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eyls you or 's rht f, sas tle clckly,ves whh save dt, which sas,s moy. o aui s y sa, vetho d me iuran foe dernorldured by cl calscreaming ][ tires screec] ahhh! [ rn hng ] [ pant] i d on beingpad. [ sp ]i saved yoby brng you here. knew thiuld co[ alsong it n s
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sothg's coming.[ erusic ] cheers appuse wereackit gn anthser it'salle ist th tr fke."it's t to plarom thst." heree we've g people wall. onehese pene o these is fromst.d you can a and pick somebo
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rsonm you pa. i theare, ttrs r nqus.?okay imoo a t reen aeaere use'tze soy me my: it'sok. ook at tface lo athefaces. >>i rea h t choe ulsay nber6. >>im:umr mber 6 areou t pern frn sti'sst >>mka ck imnobui'm the dbuness >>my he nroourpast t'so bac to wall. oh,ygosh jimmy: look around again. stly,eel sic rightnow.ught becaus c't >> j: tt'st wtfr o ok. th sai it m ea lo to.m gng tgobe4. >>my:ber are you the pe frogwpa >>m the perso fm gw's pa.
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>> jmyah gw, rni t >>ave e wot mery , my gh. am goingo horrible rightnow?>> jimmy: i don't know. i don't know iu are. ie n. don'tou tell u y fst name? my firstac >>im:cy ting a be [ uger y. j:gw,antosk yo o >>, comho wldemembe that sooueromam fox, which wn i in sev gde methinimmy: s grade? >> was it sevth grad t's rit. >> went cam - >> jhat'ac ye, tt'sraamp fox.heo. hter >>: mbeou lpen.whato embe fro you timeh? , o fir o cp werthame c ther theoy rs oan gde bau w
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, myd, ilaughter ] oh, my d! j:ff. ffooe f inru 'soi her so trac iha you? tha y's nay. he triedo - >>my wha did h do?>>erwa went - went on aate. i canarelymb like t ive-in wike i'veotho likewa d. and nked n. ug j lls blast frje'sast o.>> a yrids wh jeff no i'm no immyhe iriends th -e mad je ff, on laer ll,ha u,ac wh areatonhawa [ ausethyou,tracef
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eersnd applaus >>immy:he n a c ou march8it chi ut fli gwente. l r bacwithohy. ee andpp] nner aerl cagprov byearre by exper permn challenging con goodyearmore drichecis, brwh t bheim ited tgeoanmorereavgsn inrae?ye b-fr, me. lien ian re wto o- atotllbrin icmoyclean insceo.ohthat a lor ohea autrey osel
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e ssogue er pfoce oftillelivnogea er m lea on the 2016 niue ew des aasws maedogheultacoiethk ey tte dad sh peco. ird.bade fm dayo h sibeg a ielct btolen.ats becrim anit atsacanevy onofmicrcreated digital nittoight cer-cme we therosoloudiocaacdownhecrins.
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d ve ao a ai life s, iea lle woe stl dot thki'ot b?yothre'snoh?lluphen in get tou? n't wanthatkindf brn? gree is . u' gonnae like but if you ha a bin.
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eatis bvingtomit ng. eers appla jimwelcck er tas tee y xtue hoost80 co lge mth amillfreque fer hes e adf the s. ste dertnt pleael secreryf athn ker [ chrs a appuse wellhankor cong. c you youonor or wha he pro way to ass t
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>> hi. jimmy: thaee simpl enough. >>hat' qui adehat ing. he evorthndleto yoeeike'rer s gstefan thatrue? [ ught[ rs ause howe you bee of state for now? >>'ve beenecretary of e sinceebruary13. jimmy: iw ai you lihe do you lik tjo i theobmy l theb. ie tes j er>>my:al lille the job. o?uillermo over >> i'llell this.o has more i do : hero d be w bngpp the wor s er>> they s d y l thhappen >> jmy: w d you thappento
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o bee to t a to t to m a trer to mak our country stronger is a ivileg :t' s a har ou y'reea w -ou d easee aeensyriver wed.and -- ve an agreement to makeork overhe of the ek t evebo bieves goio takittl lo thanatbutls did wan t rt say,'sav cefinhrkswe doe you' pushss as har aoucan. an tryo save lives. and so w process. cause saiweek,e' get d srha wld veweidt in tee or teeks jmydo y er elike it lessik there's reasinwithhi gro of ople thatro of opdy'teni to d thereothing i can whm ire why amot home d?>> allow t lie? [ uger jf .
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[ apause ] nooue.bu tther whoret [ uger well - if pocsw.>> j: a youl lire outli isit t oth untries- i do. >>immy:eopl whoay wha go onh tson ump, is he rlly ban tslimromgo the un your ahattu om ? i hrbouter. >>my: y? do. jimmy: wo >> and i think nexill be sending o asistmasrd >> nals he'sngo sut only christcas. er wl beoap hay l. ol wilt b hap anymore. [ ause ] you gne cn thddlee ghs n ws,t? , islways shing you -ah. you getcall.
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t talso you, whher oue ake in ght? i a ecical? >>e wog ur sev iete rtment ld on w iwas,ether it wld t et it wouldo te secretary o or whether o dectly to the white hoe.>>my: a timre you it toakthpresid - ha hado dat. i --e h wither theie off the white use or tationacuri ser i'ure. >> jmy:f you and we frs,ould cl yn th mied othig a the me[ ughter and ouldelike, [ nt ] res tndhab ughter ]>> thawhy iyou p sc s peofrom my p in't u. hter ] >>my:he youavel
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trieou'veeosi yed u probly wouddorf weeretin you own peal travs.alheri in r --ikif thisameisk wo w eadry else. [ laugulann ydo >> looks like a gy to me. iike >> jimmy: do you pkoesomeeack for you? amyself. >> jimmy: areou always packed i auaav bha rarelys comnpac>>im doaveinternionalingan? >>.s, i i . ibsut . im day t op way --ho d't kha hpether cotrs i into thiscotr i sayeohat t nouch t fore po. hi we do ime this w so onneed eryth ith e dent
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life bet ic prting hertho. me,e all wtapned berndi. haapne k what th o d is if won dur jobo the of ourbi all the time we're letting ame dnd i ent obama me c th top padon i to amersa d w doieryt ssib jim youb tht job anyo could ere me at would y d -yoha saylo sft aan stwn, ouldou - i actua t tt'shyiasre.laught >> jim could tha up.[ plse well, i areciate youaking time totop >>n sure best etary of sta a re betweimmy: we m on will t on the llhank youmu coming. pleasure.
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nkerr evwe'll b rht bac gwen stefanefani.[ ee and app] dkye immyimme
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prested samng.nd hou . e in oadion bemeslavy,avy csing theugve se y. thadct, thipot, esn't care aut odelseutse
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doheesers,d e abilittoeeagai atla ircontt4wat dicky: the "jmel veseries is presenng. jimmy: keo thank cretary john apologizatt damo out of time. "nigline" is next, but first mes out marc he with thng "ma me u," gwni [ ee a appla] ah ah ah ahah was fbefore ioui was broke was lost certain ne ie before i ms brut free alonea clear bunoyo
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noouan dth t aefair ey wa minuyo on e jelry but i'm ca o w'dave toand li y yeahis a fm t o o'd yave go an me like y soadt you usnoyo got msi y ah ahhh ah now've t is you s could gsed i get used s getting to leavet your llips wn't believe w go i didn wve but noyou e l e
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it a mehethat notair eyainute le lrly bui'm o w'dou hd ma yeahs iseeling i'm t uso oh w'd y have go ankee ke m so madt 'causnow ugome msingou why'doue go mliou yeahs fee m used why youave anke y m soad ayo e w yo t issi y oh dthgoat i und u h cae now u me m you oh thank go i found 'm so mad at you
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[ ee andppus ha god ththat fod n you gote mig u ooh why'd you have go anma ah this ng i'o o w'd y he kee li youm adt yo 'causnou gomesi you o w'douav d ma me you thi a fnot t oh whye ke mli m at yo godank go und yoh go cause you me
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i d u i smad ou cae noyou t me ssyo [ rs a appe > i." tonit,smkd tai cin ue>> sget he tl an sin a hiecn wym e s bse of pemusy withfollou sld,
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tis pro wrelingife ting in the ringplus,cide tewhoesen town i eartleaveat fivee natnaerage? ald a y six we ts comoingto pre ano tr a sryenhoeet. b. hiheth th 00anescoetin in
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