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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 5  ABC  February 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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joining f krdo newschannel 13 at 5. i'm jame jarmrm and i'm heher old. we start toninit at five with the t tn n bail in shock. lod pa county sriro's depupu nate caan shot and killed by martin wirth whililserving an iction notice. wirth also was sh to death. two o her detiesesere invoed. master patrol dedety k kby mamain is coveringngrom gunshot wounds his legs. a lletet grazaz captain rkrkancock in the ear. th confrontation yesterday ndnd ranch who were cse to c criga one hoho him the night bereree died. do scototharrison is live en bailey, 's'seen n ere all day getting reaction from carrig best. scot they're amaz at how he balanceceall
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he community. despspe being a full-time d%putyty he stillad timim to coach basesell at platte county local acacvivies and eventsts mercrcnts in totn sayir ores were stores were e bubu with people whwhjust wanted to be together, totoemember tata about what thought of day,hey waed being sad. a former co- worker and a friendndbout carrigan. . "irove with nana and t tn i drove him in hool, , ok h h many sports occasions.s. drove with m m r, ielve, it wawawawa one year. justhe night bore, wast t r kiki' basketballllame and histepson, sam,
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level with my dahterhe's at every game a a he's everywhere witthe kids." ellis says carrigan liv with his rlfriend and her kids. he considered d mself f fami man,n,ndndhe entiri commuty consideredim part of their family. thththayayosing hihiwill be hard toivewith . comingngp six, we'll hebr hohocarrangv death reminds many of the active shooter cident, and the loss of another coity me, that ppenededen years agagagis fall. live in bailei--scsct harrisos, krdo newschanl 13. we'r'rarning more about martin wirth tononot. in 1994 a ry found him no ty of seco degreeurder r inheotinin deaeh h h is 24 yeararld nenehbor. the t o t into a fightn rt clinsns over a chess me. rtaimed the man ovoked him anlunged f/r his gun. rth then shot him twiwi in the chest. rors were quoted as saying they were conflicted about
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website & where you can send yo ndolento corporal nate - rrig famimi. you'll find d in the top news seceio weontinue follow efforts to fight a grassss re i i northeheteelpaso county. re$s live lolo thee in t area of chroad, calhane el paso cou wildldnd fire e e team wasallel% o help f fht e fire. cr have made progess since krdo newschannel first arrived on scsce. there is no wordrdet on what stted the fire. crews e wowoing on a ass s re@penrnre out in emont county. eyeyey the re is c cek bed nene valley ive on@the north east side of the cit lley is s ededlolo with olsenoad. no structures are threatatat. . fire fights were a ae to quicy put out a car anangrass fire thihimorning g& in pueueo. this i i i picture of thehe scene s nt to us from viewer jason ahrens. it started
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e fire chief on scene gas s ed o of the f fl line and onto the gss, andhen the man trieto stararthr, it backfired and sent the fuel on re ne wasrt, thcar r r r anrt oth fence in the yard were destrtred. eblo popice are on the lookokt for two young children.. ncncncd about their r safety. this comes aftea ma assaulted a woman outsideda liquor storere this hpene ap about 12-30 thih afternoon on the 900 block of west fourth street. witnesses say the man crashed his red dodge ram truck into the liquor ore. he then dragged the wowoouofo& the trtrk. polili s he thth drove off. offi are now sechininin for r m m cae they're concernene about th welfare ofofofdren. police did not provid descrcption of thman.. a a license plate numbmb. the air force academy is bk to normal operations tetetebomb scare last night. the north gate entrance w shut down after a mitary dog alerted security to a aotential threat. the spspifics
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released, but the bombmbquad wacalled in to investigate. the all clear s g g n arou 11-30 last night, and the te was reopenenenhis momoing. turning to weather now ... and a sunny but ol day.. here's a lile lo at chief meteororogist ael plath tracking t t othe e nighs foreca. it's goingngo be another coolnd dry night in sosohern lorado. mostly ear skies are pepeed with light wind. . tomomoow will be wawa than it was today,y, ay will be evevarmer...
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showers next cong up. school district q saturdrd will be ev6armem+.. t also wininer. i'llllalk out t&wheh we'll see spowers next comini up. school districtc21 schoho distct 11 nfirms, , ey fifid a security guard,ed ofofavina seseal relationship with a teenager. tyler hamilt rked at coronana high school. he's accusus ofofaving a sexual with a 16-year- old. acrding to urt rererds, the two met on a website lled$&$& hisper".. which h alal users to stay anonymous. hahalton will be i icourt at t.e enenof march.
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arvada elementary scol has been arsted for seseal ploitation of a ililil lucas yoyog is cing three counts for the alleged saults. he works for sierra elememtaryand has been p on administraveavav the e strict youngng been a t tcher in jefferv counun sinin 199595 duringhghe pipite's been ught on cara in cocorado rings. a viewer posted this video to our facacook page his ppeillance cameras caured these thieves stealing fotainin jet wing area.a. it happened ound noon n yesterday. he's hopopg g someone will recognize the vehie or peop involved. you have e y formiocallllll rings poce crime stoppers new w information tonight.. on t rockslididthat's closed a aortion of i-70.0.near glenod springs. dot's reopeped a lane r th easas and west bound traffic. a pilot car will stillead drivererthrough the area. delays of upupo
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expected, as well as periodic closures over the next momth, as repairs continue. boululrs the ze o&o&ors ce wn on the interetate lt week republican presidenenalal ndid takak the age a nab% tonit,ef super tuesday. in five days, voters in eleven spatesudinin colorado w w igh in on n e republican race. frort runnerer dona tru is on a aoll, with thbig winsn a w. s rivals are ear to stop hihi ted uz is hoping tn in texas and other uthehe states s after finiing g behind trump and marco rubio insouth carolina rday meanwhile rubio is trying g gaga grod s home sta florida, whererrerent polls show trump ahead by16-p-pnts. colorada cauaus in five days with ababt a dozen otheh%states. voters will gather in cal school gyms and homes to discucu their partrt eseseval nominees. and as krdo newschannel 1313 eric fink exexexex.... democrats and
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participate in very diffefent ways on cauc night. the countdown is on to supe tuesy. the only opportunity coloradaave influluce the presidential nomination. but the state parties have different caucus rule g-o-pvoters will not vovo for a erwe're not t`ting f any candndates, we'rvoting for - delegatewh ultititely down the will be voti for candidides. . the democrats will hold d binding efererce poll. atmes either llary inton or rnieie sanders s ll wiwiwiwi momoaticcaucuses tithen, uc- s wi push to persuade their ighbors. you'll see my neighbor dowow the street is fofo thperson i'm not f/r, i'm going to go talk to
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voting for hillary. it's really trying totoet pplplto gohange thr mimi. both llararclinton d bernie sandnds camapi in dedfer earlier thth m mthtptp esesent ininn coege ebawing g le, but no repupuican h campaigned in thcalendar yearararading g some gop vorsrso o k fofo chchge. this one never stops ringngg, it calls from pepele asking we cananake e change to a pure primary. at least this decratat says she efers a ucus. there's a wonderl conversati andnd therers passioio it's excxcing. mend cousing for mama ... colorado will soon n plpl itstsart in the np in spspngs, eric fififik-r-o channe l 13. we h h informabout caustis onur website r-o
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lo f fm m cauco o prwowowowo ree a a te i i st gislat a signatate fr thvernor. w information tonight.on the uber dvewho wen a d d d ootingngngeehis mily now susug a utatememt.. that's comg next. se weweher causin a loof damage on the et coast. we'll l ow some of the rsof it.
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more t the company admitting today thatt sent a rker t infiltrate an animalalights grou pe says the sea world spy tried to oncite violenen during a peulul protest last summer. the e e-o of a world says
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noongnr use such@practctes spy on opponents. sea world was recently i. the spotlight for imam abuse issues ith documentary "blalafish". new details on the michigan man accuseofof going on a shshtiti s see. throroh thr lawyer, jaso daon's wife d parents are pressing not only shock, bu symphyo o e ctims. dalton is accused killing six people and d juring two others. his motive remains a mysterer eveveto his family. his wife ss, she seed a gen hi in the days bof thattack. we known in the community. ll led. ther nothing to inte that somethg li this would occur." " "he seemed dedeessed and d w which was not his nonmal c crarara." ththfamily also denies they were havivi financial troublbl at the time of the shootings. m-llllns of americans s e cleanino up p day, aerdeadly storm hammered t ononrom e dwdwt to the& east coast. atigigpeopleav inininec&storms. e natial guard was on the grou in
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after a killer tornrno tore rough neighborhoods. in pennlvania, barns and buildings s re ripped a art. and the wiwis wewe so intense, a coguard boatvertrtned ininew york, whe on i way rescue a a blblisisng . chief george healy/fdny :34 - :39 betwn the conditio and chanicalal ises, they end long powean bebeg pued up ontnt shore. ininin mididst, blizza le conditions left hu mess on the roads, leaving zef driverstuck in r cars it w wl be warmer but windieby & this weeee, , , i'm tracki the potential l r firere danger and
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up lolololoa deputy... killed ile serving an iction notice. tonight at 6... how the mounininowow of bailey is coping gith a new loss1010 years after a horrific)school shoooong. plpl... a mumps ououreak in denverer we'll let you know wow t t stay heaeahy....
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for most. tomorrow will end up warmer, with higign e s a&d 60fo the lo ationsnsit will be mostlylsususu d dry. your cololodo springs 7day forecast shows highs geing into the 60s on sasarday, then coolern sundnd and tuesday. your eblo 7day forerere shows temperatures warainintohe 70s on saturday, with 60s on n suay ah nday. ur cacan city 7day recast shows temperataresn the 50s d d s for the next seven days. your teller county 7day - forecast shows a a slight chance fofo
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moay and tuesday. a a g daatathe puebloirport.. an old carrier is nowack in rvic pueblo
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a big day at the pueblo airport.. an old carrier is now back in service in eblo. at's next. the e my set up s s sat a uthern colorado
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the pueblo airport welcomed back great lakes on today. great lakes served pueblo for severara years, but left wh skywewe ststted proving g service.. grgrt lalas now has a daily flight fm m pueblo to nvnv .. and pls to add re flighghgh once they hire more pilots. the airport's interim didictor saya theoal is leteteople in the mmunit owowbo the conveniee of the aiorlr "you know, not st f f out o pueb, but pueblo hasn asset,t,nd it's the pupulo aiaiort a so we're trying to neral, jus mome use of the aiaiort." flew in th morning and s weomed w wh the ceremonono fire truckckpray down. ents and ctors s francis gogoa a treat toy.y. the u-s army's dedeoyable rapid sembly shelter... or r "drash"... made a st at the hospital. the "drash" is sed out of rt k kx, kentntky. it showcas ththtechnology
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carere prpressions. the go is to helpeceuiu civians intotohe ar resesves, to help take re of f f iers in t500 e biest vavae e getting th soldier r ck into e fighgh taking care of e soldrs, getting themedically fit to be effective e mbers of the army team 510 the display travels throughout t u-s...nd is on the road 30000ays s a yeye. a gogo day on ll s seet, as ocks ris thanks to high oil prices. the dow is up over 200 points, the nasdaq is up 40. the s and d is 22 poinin. a new study out ofof tomorr on n good m qningng lorastentstst a l ghhoho are lettinthr hairn foa gogo c, we'll exexain. i'll have yoyo complete recast staininin at 4:3:3a.m. morrrr o gmgm a aormeme ututut
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new study t of ananantica has penguins working out on a treadmill researchers are trng to get a better derstain of howowhear birds waddle .. penguins are greaimme, bubuwhen it comes walking,g, so much. scientists wanted to find out how wheir body fat impacts movement, d hohothey are able g g awawa
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p > > king new we'r'rhe s, thadlylyly rnrnonoure. at lea eigead, inclulung g 2-year-old. more than 30 twisterfrom t tas to p p pylylnia. homes destroyed. th truck blown over on the gw brididn new york. the coast guard trying to save this boat. the showdo tonight. is this the last chance fofothe ototr candidates to try y`d take down donald trump beforeuper tuesday? and the e-opoping newoll % tonight from marcorubio's owow state of florida. is trump utopp, even there? just 2hours after our exclusivivwithpple's c, tim coco, the fiery moments on pitol hill today. and just in tonight, applele answers the judge. new w popoing tonight after


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