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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  February 27, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm MST

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does iguodo. igdala putt up. nohi and afoulfoululscalled. ig woinib for o eeowwith cha e it. tpey'll also l at t t clock shehe's anynye mainininud i dononhi so. >> jeff: ihe straty o wris not t fou d dant immedielelut to trap. durant or o o of e o oklahoma city players suld ve called a timeout. >> mike: first thompson wh the deececon and then green@n with a greaea sasep. iguodala is openen the foul clearly came b b before the buzzer. that's the first thing stt foster will check and the they'll check to see if they put
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mar i'm'm'mcked. you're okc y got to call a timeout inthat situion. iguouola is not known to o a ttree thrhr ooter. mike: he'e' 61%rom te thisason. these a a his first attempts of the night. there's 7/10 remaing, soven if he hitshese two, the thunder can cl tiout and advance the ball and get off a ququity sh. you can catch and shoot, even catch and turn with 7/10 of a second. righght now the key for golden state, two huge free throws. one wn.
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year's finals mvp. that is two clutch free thrs right there from a veteran. andrdr iguodala ties the game. now okc u uses theirinal timeout and will advance the ball to try and n it at the buzzer. >> mark: i'd rhe have a gu that could careless abohe percussiononof misng than free throw shooting the e two big freethrows. look, it's all right.. y to han-wise -- business. >>eff: i'd rather havee a g great free throw shooter. >> mark: i know some that wld be scad in thatuation. >> mike: they have time to get offf a quality shot here. what doou expect and look for?
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durant. >>ike:esok wilnbnd any pututnnhe bo th not hl to give roonomesac in the ame. thnlyadou guy o ere,e,ib d dt, waite also o t. >>eff: don't be s%rprise if they use durant itially as a scscecer toryry topen up somebody and force a & miscommunication. >> mike: inside durant putst . overtime. get five moree minutes of - is. what a comeback from golden state d down 12 here in the fourth quarter. andre iguodala hits two clutch free thws, ande'lle a extra ss >> mark: ts is gd defense by draymond green, the contest, makeable shot. you got to le with it. >> mime: this preentationf nba saturday primememe continues
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of d bthpson. drnd genithh a terfic ve, di andndre iguodala who was fouled on his jum shshot, hi both free throws to the game and here whave an overti. one of the key things a lot of teamsp@n ttittion would just foul kevinurants opposeddooithhe clock winding downwn preciou seconds tpckawaw, they don't foull the th tryndce t turnover whh thehe obvioio hid. >> mark: thas sethingou talk about in e ddle everyby is aicatg a oul in t tt tuation. eat executio >p jeff: absolutely. good read byy klay thompsono gain the defction and then the pursuit by green. >>ike: again, it doesn't g g much betterhan thihi in terms of nba action and we get five re minutes on the clock >> >eff:`: i'm ierested in the mind-set of oklahoma city in that you can be playinin backwardrdright now instete o forwards thinkingbout the opportunity you let maybe slip
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at hand. they've e t to gher themselv. >> mk: a tgh task for okc is now tht fruststtion in havingo wiwiwihe game two mes. u aeaea wtnd i back. vehe warors cr kedura n hiv peonalou. e: ny ls has iguafour. rant's played e inutes at 40.0. amd eell jp center u sho t pn overmen t fourtheam fo. ch tm now withh two timeouts and 1:20. ook fouled and d ne. explodes t t thebasket. the thunder draw first blood in the o.t.t. >ark: y see d dble high screen put adamsnd duranan in the picknd roll action.
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baet jndamstaed erti ghe tip a didiutut shat the de cananandownsize and@l the w wor icknes wh draymd gen at e five. >> mikik by e wa gre's foul, his fourur. bersuag curr netsit, dris mimiss rebobod16 rebouserga. rant finds iba curry y cked up by durant. curryo the basket. layuyuhighff the glass. he got knockeddown. >> mark: isn durant. >> mike: durant has fouled out.
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durant and hs fouled out with 4: remaini i over. rst me hs(uled outhi on. mark: f hlf on h cucuns he erer conctct e ivespushn ck. ef i a thi ais y wote people an tr foul when tho o ovti oantsso sur t, besisitevend t warriors. >> mk: ion'tee wit that. >> jeff: of courur not. you're like mike, you guys love foul trouble. >> mark: no, , . >> jeff: you love it. free throws and foul troue. >> mark: if i'mhe opposition d kevin durant has sixoulss d steph curry miss a free throw, i don't want him to ha the luxuryf staying in the ballgame. >>ike: durant hast foud
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mark: westbrook, continunu o that high pk a r rloake pl er frsf o guys bebeer.>^ m wesro tacks, goes n,ries tet i side flecyndhon i p een's' mehu denen pls. cuy fothten tpors o-ck gesithen threes andnd h t tie h n coor mt t tee se. jh durant, okokhoit mayavo gotrensivelayerininead ofbers>>ike: wtbokckeddo. hoasa ed cueagua.a s e reund.thdime t searr hi ten three in a me again, sond stig idt thursdayyight in lando. he's 10 for 13onight. brbrtaking sho@ing stepn cuy.
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buy one e t one free oour most pulul smartphones. and right wl g up to $650 in creditstper line thelp you swytch to at&t. >> me: steph c with 25 gas t g h tieisecd t lt yr mt tees in a sin seseseon her nday h0f 28 three inrsheheast two mes. ab idibl all that , goln e il tr.oo coun' pick it u the. wh four tt. iters driveses mper, can't get it to fall.
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>> jeff: agn, golden state giving robsonhe tonyy a allen treaentf jusbsolutelyy ignoring him, and you'r'rplaying four ofive. >> mikik curry fine, w wt pass to greeeen,n,ut`@ he misses thehe yup. e tititan bybaka.. 18 rebounds fofoibaka. >> mark: coach is right. they cannot allow roberson to note defended. mike: ibaka finishes at the other end. curry, anothere thtne. oh, it good! e curry eruption n ntins. a tie me. >> m mk: wow. >> mike: and a rord brokennny curry once again, his own. 11 three pointete. hehene shy of aingle game record.
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rorson getsstk and banks . jeff:f:ood actctityy by robeon after theot the swch they wanted. mike: curry in and out. that wne almost went down. n n recoror f most threes is 12. curry has a 11 hrhr gam koberyryt andn done yell marshal have the rerd. thed is four.
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what a ge here in okc.[a] lastea dt h&r blo t yr,an gtopa wh pd my o guy. u ca to o ocpayhaoo pri is a tterricewhenou thiut ol, , to hk. [r] swch tocanan mike:yerla he i over
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's s butut ok inback andr robsoho ha made b ayesfyenve un l webrooindiibak keke dtoud o.c c adbyr,till pl oti left. gree sets theh screen rry on singler. steps back,, two inter. in and out. f the mark. rebound green. gree finds thompson, his three-pointer, it's goododbacko one. 29 for thompson. a hugeffensive rebebnd for draymond green. westbrook attacks. layup p sses. ibaka anotherebound, hi20th
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it's still thunder ball. >> mark: westbrook upse feeling like there was conct on that shot. >> mike: s sge ibak points, 20rebounds, the rebounds a season highn stbrook k sets. westbroo pulls back, drives again. off balance, banker,on't go but a fofo. thompson callefor the personal. that's going t tbe h his third and russell westststk will head to e line. >> jeff: trying to use curry's man as ascreener, didn' forcece the swsw. westoooo drives it. that's pretty g fense by kl thompson,utrook
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>> me: wtbro anellent fr thr shter. bo tea veed aumber of free ain,n,wo clre throwndre % iguolaith7/10ec inance t.t. westbrooanerer ckree. ngler up on cry. drdres,, lalayupppwaedy but he g hit in theead a whistle and . ngler callehel,is ththd. k: okc swihinghe p and roll, leaving sigler on rry. gets into the seamam the question is a a little bit of contact by sinoner before the block of ibaka so certaiy the rreccall.
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row shooter who has missed two tonight.durant can onl watch after fouling out. curry is second in e nba in percentaget 91%. a chance totcut i to one. 51 pointsn thursy night. 42 more tonight. more three poiers tonight. mark: they' putting stephph curry iacon, trngo get himn russellwestbroo mtbveve p de roberson. roberson layup is good. timeout, golden state. defense. robeononith ten points andnd h three. marar you have to have an
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ability of wesbrook. puts roberson in position as he slashes to the cup. the on point delivery. big-time lay . okc upo three,e,e'e' back mike: rsell westbrook 13 moressists to go with his 26 points a three point lead. you see theimeoutut remaining, wno one left.
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give, once ain. >> jeff: w wn curryry inbounds, yocannot losos dciciine or sight ofofour responsibiliny >> mike: green back do, thompson reverse layup, banks it& in and a fofoul. thompson got hit in the head and he can tie the game a the free-throw line. >> mark: it's a quickitter s eyeyveve the score and the have plentyy of time to have anothe opporty. bad defen by okc overreactingnd not trususng their callll celllltt@xecution by t waio. >> me: westbrook's fourth . thththith 31 pois himself. n gss dn a t they
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billy donon calls timeout.grn in scott fosgrn a a aka,ba sved then rippeded rson. ti gamer ortime. thundell whe rururfes spesesis gat. peleovemer hf and en tswitit tprressiviv soso dbling in new vtures. it w w b b-gamghthe d l l iblelayer. go papepeeses doness,s.irl gotheheiscocots that nee ci bui got toive e lewh thewa - moreox.y wos for the crits? whatan i say?ittiesonna neg. apauthwhat [ [ ughs ] .
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here by golden state. th trapped durant. thompson able too se it greenen ab save it. iguodala's' jumpe doesn't goo but he's fououd by durant. with 10 in regulatie makes twowouge free throws to tie the game and for time. rantp k o hail mary thatt didn't go and here we are in o.t. with 29.5 seconds remaining. no kevin dant. heouled outn the first minute of overtime. okc will have thballn eir frfrt cot. boms s he a meou leftft nilesut thehe with waiters,ibaka, wesrook and rororsononon 5p5 dieren betent clock@and game cck
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luxury of playing w whreat ayer, he can get a )e open shot b cau ty're not gng to defendhhimi >> mike: singler finds wewebrook. ompson on him. westbrook, back out siler, shsh clock atseven. brbrdrivli ay. won't go. rebod taken by iguodala. theyo have atimeout. decide not to use it. curry way downtown, bang, bang! oh, what a shot from curr thsoso10 3f a second remaini!! the brillllnt shooting of stephan curry continues! d he ties the nba record with
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game.>>eff: westbrook getstoff g decent look. the bankfr and you've got toress up. bersonusus a le late b b that's j-- m thasbo35 f t, w bond the foo mark. an now i 6/10f secd remaining, it's a threpoin lead.. obviouy okloma c has to go for three, b not enough time for goldestate to fouou and t te a ch. >> jeff: you can't really fofo. they're turning to shoot right ay. g butn the ball.l. >> mike: ty're calling it a 32-footerr thaha curry nails. >> mk: warriors doinghe rit thing plang abovevehe three-point line. >> mik wesrooka ododk. n't anddestat hiscun coinues with sturein
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stephan curry, breathtaking once again. ties` an nba record with 1 12 threes, 46 po,nd the iors 53-5. what a game from bothtes. one of the most compelling regulala season gamesouill ever see.e" >> mark: just say sorry, big o. just say sorry.>> mike:et cheith sahe blliaia sph rry. >>a:no did you gs ha>> lot of heart on that tete. we neverquit. en o manall year. obvisl a laso our way down the retch. some shotsoi in. i d enough daylighthto gett in.
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at what point did you know you were goioi to launch it? >> coa saidd if we got a clean bound, wcan push dreot to me.e. ey werehuffling trying to load up in transition. >> lisa:'m ghey mse pe yrs you'reine.e. they were shuffli in pick-up. i had it rolling prett muchh all ght. isa: are you od?>>'m . is sphi hee exosion in e lkero at halftimeme at happened?? >> wee wan to win a everybody wants to play welllnd w expect greatness and inn a competitive environment le that o over the ursef thea y goingo ve some emotioion. that the way i c expl . theeay ofea wweea theoc we'
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and compete and i think i litit a re undersge. lou tied co for theosee in gamemeyoha idn thdnshe lat one went in. gethe w andnd go homen this long road trip.. it's crazy. >> lisa: congratulations, steph. mike? >> mike: elerifying performance from steph rr therisor a o seconds. when t t final buzzer sounds in overtime, they get yet anothth viory and finh this road trtr 5-1 after the all-star break, 6-1 overall. tonigh "sportscenter" with steve levy and n nicole briscoe. they'l h foverem e a of sehiamplus colle baskekel and the l combine. "sportscenter" at nig currtly airinin on espn. what a most incredibl regular seas b an iivl a a
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n in overmemefoeff vguy,ar jacksoso lisa salters, our producer airector and our wonderful espn crew, mikereen saying thas so much r


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