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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 29, 2016 7:00am-8:58am MST

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> mama.chs@ r saling ththe spsp the`ecarsrs well,'m het e ade dserwinoshe iteeos chohce > facing divsitybackcksh heon ou'r dnhtood's st >> l lnanao dicacaioly eaea thr win. io tak tononht f f ted. aty a ow-spping p rfmancnc hap to o happpp you peso t moenugevyotheiei. >>a rstararecepor ld trururu>> wow, iss amazg.g. commandnd a massiverowd inamam facing fire fmmllidesfter fag tomn kkk.>>otot only ishat wrong, it makes him unectable. >> but can anying stop the front-ruer's surge on the campaign's biggest day yet? and isillary clinton on the rge of locking dn the
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nominaon? and we are taking you behind ththcene off hollywood's biggest night likee onlygma" n f the red carpet to backstage. you won a oscar,brie. you won an oscac- >> i really can believe it. we're onn-one exclusively wi the big winners. their first interview,econds afr taking home t gold. all th unforgettable moments. >>'s get this money. the "gma" oscarar after-party star right now. >> good morninin >> good momoing.
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[ cheersnd applae ] >>an we e"ke you home wi us? we love to walk o ut every morning witit you here with u. >>ood rning, america. good mororng from llywood.d& ch and applae ] >>eavee a very special show cong uphis rning. we're roth legda catata theaterererern l.a. a juike theoscaasou n see w%wha alivelive auauceh rs a appla] >> thankou aha energy this morning andow abo all ergyt nit? shining momen f leo d loinggpisir oar and made thth most of itit ther he comes r rht ther i have t t say i ias so glad se ttt "spght" whe be picturur fave vi greture washe te behindspott." weave pictu o themm
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celeinllles. chececthth oink they'@excite jtititere. sig e red ca.ra, micel b b i weree !e. was s airind.s, hesay. tha >>wa y arenewb b y@u ed leveran. >> i wasrvs. e micropne was shaking little. >> micha strahan says goo have the n nves before a big game. people were a little nervous wanting to know howowhrisock would do and the one thing people are talking about makin so many adlines, oscar host chris rock's m monologue on diveity, the comian ting thth issue hea on r rhtht from the top of thehownd what he sai ged t t way lotf people may be thinking about race here in erica. abc's chris cocoel is he with more o o that. good morning, chris. good morning, es, indeed for chris rock iad to be anll eyes on me moment. much anticipipion in the dolby theatre around theworld, deep flings and then he took on this controversysy with nuance, perspective and no one got a
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frfr pasas >> well, i'm here at thedemy ard s s oerwise kno ashe white ople's choice awarards. >> reporter: hosthris rock, his comicic dazzle and daring on fulldisplay. >>ou realize ifhe nominated hosts, i wouldn't even get this job. >> rter: taking t t oscs so white controversy head o and no one w safe. >> you got to figure hat it happened in the '50s, ie the '60s and black peoplplid not protesy? becaus we ha rl thingsoo prott at the ti yoknkn rte eve calngut rin-am osc . >ilasas nnomid. itit n. u're righdh it aootr thal paid20ilonor "wilil rte dinhe hamr hite hoywood' hypocri sadgingtsrogressi
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mr. present,ou see a a the writers a a pcersrs actors? they d't't hirir bckck peoplpl a a theye theheh nicest whi people on ear.h they're liberals. eese. atri >eporisis a aly spngngruth toowoment rninheter gnion.olwoodcist you'reamight holwo iss raci. hollood is sority racist. it's like, we l you, rhonda, but you're not a kappa. that's how holly is. >> reporter: the st better roles and moref them >> we want opportunity. we want black actors toet the sa opporni and that's it. >> reporter: a cedic touid
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having his moment takgome best actor and using it as a platform for global change. max. mad ma" mamax.>>dor the fall." >> reporte "mad x" bringing homemeix oscars. e night full of big performances. if i canisisitll >>eporte smith performing "ngn " w wni sonnd
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acpt sp>> snd here tonights a d gayan i hop wean alltand tethe as equals one day.y. thank you. >> reporr:prising manyn beating out l ly gaga.. h hpens to@ou happensnso you happens to you how could you >v that wasas emotionana >> an a azing ment. weeee to get intnto a little more on ga later in the show. >> yes,lso one of the biggestt moment o o the nighght, leo, people are wonderineo dicaprioi his first oscar win be aor for "e revenant." sih o oar nomination.( turnssut t f sixth time was ined a charm a got a chance to talk to himm along w with two other big wint moments after they won. >> and the oscaroess t onardo dicaprio.
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dicrio,threventntned t fir o a a ptio befitng the kinof thwo t you. thank u. the singwe vague, thatt esn't hapn all ttime leo. you knowthat. what did that meano you, yr peerer >> i w - i was ver move leo, you've worked on m ne fifms over theyears. what was it about this one and the way you s so passionate passionately aboutit? >> literally rehearsed for two weeks justt f the o o oning seqeen of this movie. it w w so uniququ in i ipproach but more than that, it was being able to havecononrsatns off reen abo w thi movie mean and s sinit whn ey. >> repepr:the ntnt ao nn caorestrector aninri tho ward f@rd time a row.w.
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>> >>alkingng befefe the s swe ewpp in thef shadiws of hehe. >>e d. he did and he talked abo how s parents wouldake him on audidions and r rlly eouragedd him andnde was a l ltle quirky and ty just supported him a he has worked s sardd b that -- thatponteous standingng ovationon really got to him. meant lot to@ him. >> from arpes. weavav a lot more coming up fromomhe oscars. we tutuohe wte ghtyour voioie, you vote,"us oneneay away from the critical super t tsday contntt. thisise'll cast the ballots.s could make hillary clinton and donald trump stoppa alsosoave a brand-new pollut momemes agotwsruruit s biggest lead yet a nearly 50% across he couny. abc's tlamas has all the latest od morning. . . >> reporter: good morning to you as we just saw polls sw donald trump mayayave a a big nht torrow bututow he' dealing with problem involvingngng thehekkk and the oth candidate arell ingn it. wow. >>wo thihis isamazing.
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>> reporter: overnight, donal trp speakinin t t aassi crowd i alabama, a super tuesesy state,e, but not mentntning ayllablblbl about the controve invnvving the ku uxuxn and t tir formeme grand wizard david duke. wow say y you conondemn themnd don't wttheirir pporor >> well, i have to look at the group. i mean i don't know what group you're talking abou i'm'm justalking about david duke and the k ku k ux klan here. . >> i d't -- i don't k kw david ke. i don't b believe i've ev met him i'mresurere i never met him. loading on him by his rivals.s >>e cannotte a partyty that nominates someo whoefuses too cocoemn whitete s sremacists a a thee ku kux klan. tru later tweeting about david duke, i disavovo and sending thislip from frapap >> i didt even kw he endorsededf. d duke endorsedd. i disavow. >> this as trump'p' oth rival natored cruz hamammeimim
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for not releaeing his tax returns as he and senator r rioio have. there h he been multiple media repeptsts aboutpt ld's busine dealingngh thehe mo with the pfaff yaya maybe hisisax res showt tho businessdealgs a a lotor exnsiviv >> bususessealingsith the fi we don't kn. >>nd trump n t the o@nlyy o feeling t heheat. governorhris christie who endorsed dmp struggled to defend some of the billioioire's policieses >> are y sayayg now you endorse thean on havg n noncitizenuslili -- >, tt's not what i'm saying. that's'snly one piece of an curi. >> but you disagree with it. >> i saidhat very plnly. listen, gegege he's the chs. reptend overght,t, gs c ctctcnuedoetugly.respon t trump duin m - - tl marco. >ubio mking trump forhang sma hands. you know w tyaybout mennith sllllds - [ chee andndpplause ] >> c't trust them. uanrustthem. >> the s theheepbcan race
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in a very strangege st right nono george. >> it sure is. tom. is crowd knono wt isheheayabouou small hand i guess. we jusus heh it.. i wto bri t ts to jononarl and, jon, lookingo tomorrow night, , g contest. give p pple senenen ofhaha rco rubio andded cruz nneedo do to kind of slow down donald trum well, george, they've got to keep himim from running a ay from it.r ted cr,veverything is at stakak bececse look at this s home statate votes@s on s ser tueuday. he's goto w winin there. ifife can get 50% oofff t the vot erere gway witit the lion's share of theeleleles@s bubu heeas tooo more all these southern states, that ishere ted cruz has banked hisisis@s ai. he's got to find a way to win th asasoror m mco rubio,t' uarar where e can win. hf's been targrting minia, virginia, arkansas, h can keep geing delatesesy coming in a clos sececec or thirir but he's got t findd place to think 2020% is his biggest number, 20 inexas if he gets
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less than thattan ghut out of@ll of te[g dedegatete >> t thave to build up enoughh dedegates to try to blo trump evenf they c c't get the themsesees. on the democtiide hilry clininn c cinin out of thaha big@g wi saay in south lili. s like she's ready to roll thugh the soutut >> tt's right a bere sas has to fd a a wayoin memeer where we don't eectt himmto s home state votes,e can win ththe. probably massachusetts n nt door but he's got to fd a to g gdeed@d again in t sosoh. >> okay, jka,hanks very much. w wre going to b b out force on super tuesday. i' b b with our who political teamor a prime tiemme shoho nighth weweher to the plains. whe are you, b?b? >> grt-log rowdwdown stage. happy oscars monday. we do haveeverweatherbeed toto talk about not onl today but in through supup day.
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tomorrow night. good mororngng. 's 7:24 amam monday yruruy 29rh. i'm abbyne. today: it's going be a mild and eezy day in southern cololodo with ghs s tting into the e s and d0 it will be cldier and gusty at times. fire danger will be elevated for soso, with redag wararngs going intotoffec nn to 6p.m. for southerer el paso,`p`pblo o d fremont counti. clouds will continually thickeupupo the afooooas an u u lev sysyem slilis across sououerer lorara. spottyain showerfor the lower elevations with spotty sn in the high country ll b b possible through the afternn.raininill turv t t t snow tonight, but won lasfofo veryongn thehe showers wili be e scatteted and ould end u being raththth light, however patchyhyreas whe a duing of s sw may ver thads or evevea few sluohy s sts a a noout of thehe question b b tuday y morning. pueb city- cotyealth dedertment is holding a public meetg to
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the pueblo city- > c cing up, wve eactitn tois roro oscar show. t t t lala. the water. or per sources. it's the e ople american workers. theyuildldlcss pros. and d atuildcommits.s and a a tter futur alofs.causmakikietng ierica means mh, to so ma weathertec dly ya i iamerica. we brought you here today to gour r nest opipionabout this n carar toeep thingsgsnbiased,d, weweemovov all the los. feels likeke b b. remindme a little ""t of like an aud , thisar pportstsple carplay.
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ala, what'in the news? here'shes.lec baldwiwi a.d jason n hwhwtzman were seen momomorazzi. baldwin threw a shoe at ptographers.... i did itin.. gogo morng. . 7:24 am, monday febebeb . m abbb acone. today: it's going to be a mild and bree day i sohern colora with ghs getting into the 50s and 60s. it wilbe clououer and guy at times. fi danger wiwibelevated for so, withed flag warnings going into effect from noon to 6 p.m. for southern el paso, pueblo and fremont counties. clouds@3 continually thicken np into thafteoon as upper lel sysysy slides acacss serer corado. spottyain showers for the lower elevations with spotty snow in the high untrtrwill be possiblelehrough the afternoon. rainill l rnrnrn snonight, bubu won't last for very long. the showers will b scattered anan
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shldnd up being rather light, however patchy areas where a dusting snow y cover the roads ven n few slususpots are not out of t t queson by y tuesesy morninin we hava titisaver trfic alert t tell about if you'reeading to d dver th rninin i-25 neaeathe
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timesar traffic alerto tell you abouo if u' heading to denver this rninin crews are seeingngajor@
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delays on i-25 ne the south platte river because of a truck dangling f f`e road crs arar p wowoing to clean up the accidene rigig now. e pueblo city-couy healal depart is holding a pu meg to discus cnges to bart lations un. thmeetg wi be at 1atat alth dertmeme-sadarte on stin st. . oplelean ide putothw change wl tter protoric health. friends and family o&oa man shsh and kilild arin mourning. ahead at seven-56 whah theheity's district toeys planng to do about the number shootings in the
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so, i i nt you to reach into ur milliononre pockets andnd nt you to buy some of my dahtht'sirl out coies. look at my b bies u there...yog deny my pr sokoks? makehat motinaey, ze then, yes, matt -- yesokay, you get hi you get him. leo, yououade 30 m mli. come on. [ cheers a appuae ] >> welcomeack to "gma." chris rock doing it for ththgirl scouts and hisaughter la everybody havg fun ying t okokokd eating the cooooes.. >e had morgan freeman.. chael keaton was doing it. you were with veryrspe guestsith a eafothth audience. . >>aka ok at t oop 15 - withs this morninini off the oscars, lalaes, come on. we're ingmng our audiencme
7:28 am
and their trooleader. >> troop leader. > and this auauen has enenen best. tho girls. inow. >> the samgirl scout tro at was on the show -- are they ever going to geany rest? >> they'rereelling a lot. theyaiaed ovov $60,000. >> likth aududnce needs a sugar rush, okay. >> they nt it. >> i know. they do. they do. ook.( isisg ththr haha hort mints ovever herf shshmints. yes. yes. are celebng witour g oscars aer-par a morning ng >ard to compete witcookies,s, bin. >> they' like,hre somethg. wel l one-on-one with somomom the biggest stars bringigi you behind t t snes of the mosos poweweul moments. lady gaga, oh, thawas inedib, it was a aemotional perfrfmanctting huge reaction r rht a we have that cing up. we going to have th
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coming up.p. how abouououat littlest star. >> jacob. jacob tremblay fromroom,"," yeyes ol hehe h ving fun with brie on last night,t, couple ofo selfieieright there and as you might know he is a huge "star wars" fan ananhaa great mont. >> evebody shared that moment but he was--kept walking around with his handin his ckets. >> i g to inrview h)m. most wilgive you yes and no answer he wagoing on a soliloquy. as so much psonanaty. brillit. >> in that film,es. reaction to chris rock's no holdldbarred osc sw taking on t lack@of dsity athis year's academywards s d at pheheaiaihas so manpeopop weighing ifrom oprah totamy humer, abc's nikk wawa had`a chanan to o tch with h ris right aftetethe show go morning, nick. >> goomornin robin. wellllthis wasne of the e st anticited monologues in decades ananhistory d here and now ready to jptock onow heheandledhe oscarhite and the verdt n nn.n.
7:30 am
ro. >> from the moment he walked on stage.& >> t ts is theildest, craziest oscarsrso ever host cacae e haveve this cocoroversrs no black nominees. >epororr: chris rock commmmded d at stage and t t t twitter sphere went into overdrive. that waseally incredible, elle welp, chririrockurdered #oscs, flow w median amy schumer. thumbs up from o oah, now you eathe. >> he de it not st a a a year, bututvery yea >> 88th acady awards, which ananthththholeleo blk nominees%thihi has happened at ast 71 other times. >> rter:r:fter the show w caug uwi h athe governors ballll how are u doin man? >> gat, i think. we'l'lsetomoow. r rorter: thereere prests
7:31 am
vererel sharpton l%ading an oscars tune out rally. >> peoe are like, chris, y you should boyoytt. >> repepter: s ske lee boboottingr wore what looked like a tuxknic game ininead. >>his is theonar in a row where thererhaha been lpuop of colowho t nomimition in the acng tegory so th's why we'reot there. >> reporter:k at thehehow w &saw blacacactors tracy morn, "snl'sleslieones. and whoiinserting sosos oscar nominated movies. >> sayometng. maybe one day \ eymake a movie about skininhite l ly who innted a mop. ack girl would havavav discover the cure to cancer t.t. fore they giv her a tmovi >> r rorter:r:evininarardidndn..& >>e love breakg ground d d it andheseroblbls s theay will e entndlly becomeroblbls of the old. let it not beat us. >> i've be calling o hollywood r itlack of versity. >> reporter: "straight o@utta mpto lararly overlooked rock wentotoompt. >>#= s s "spsplight"? >> no.( >> nope. >> no.
7:32 am
>> "bridge of spie" >> where a youetng tse movies from? >> did yououee " "raig outtatacoton"? "straight outta comomonon i did sesethat. >> i lovov it. oh, yes. >h, hell l aha>> reportete theheveheleing g g online verdict on ck, , nailed it. >> i want to invite ybody here to the t.7ards th mmer. black k ves maer. >> reporr: now, a couplelef tete accdio ter. e ke with ththree asian n dsstagfell flad he'ealng about divererty h should h h htalk about latinin and asn-amamicanan some did d lk abobobo when youk k k t diversity u have t tbe a inclusive b eralaleveryone w w saying that what he`did was well recei overall. >> theheeaction in tht roooo the retion online, yes. we'll see. he was in n tospot. heeally was. george we turn to another big story th morning, "dancing with the star host erininndrews pected to take the s snd today in her emomoonally c crged
7:33 am
trial. she i# suing a hotel for $ $ million after a stker cacaht her undressing in her room. eva pipipim has the sty. >> reporter: while shehe used toto being front and ceer reporting from theheidelel of sports' ggesevents his morninin andrews is expected to be e ont annter in courtaking the stutd fighng for herse. >>he kept screaming, i'm on e inteeteti'm on the internet. i'm naked. >> hi. inndrews. >> reporr: the 37-year-old reporter anddancininwith the starar`ro-host is suininmichael dadad barrett who i i 010 0 0 plplted o stalking filmlmg her naked thrkh the door of hehehetel room andndhe owne of this marriott for r 5 llion claiming t hotel made it easf#r him to film her in the e dede >>f shtells e epry how is affectcher, that she was embabaasseseby it, that shshwas sickened by it, thatathe ntinues to be emotioionally
7:34 am
seouit, i just can't imagine at it's going to be difficult t r this jury to connect@with her and ts jury to fininin her favor. >orter: the h hel says barrett is a ariminal w o trtrd em into gainininaccess to arews but andrews' laers say the hodid nothing to prevent barretfrom finding her room number and failed to notice had remed and aered t t peeple on her do >> standthe for 4 1/2 nutes anvideos her. >> repter:r:r:rett posted his video on the iernet it wentir. experts s y millions watched i i been n ght yeararsince thth cidene and deste her bes efforts to remove thvivio, i is still online. and d r dadasays his daughgh stist thme. she's n t gire ed to ow >> repr:e are expected to hee stalker d erin's
7:35 am
moerefore e apngp e witi en anews rs theigst m ment t the ial. eva, t tnks ryh. >>ththhohoppperfrfnce fromgaga. whwh a perful, emotionon
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h i f fl how i feel till it happepe to you don't know how i f%fl hamo.x e he m mpoweul at th oscars, lady gaga perfrfming e soso "tiit happens to you." shshing a light on aerer important issue and her performance inging the crowd to itseet. abc's ynynwhitworth is herwithor good morning to u, kayna. good morninto youound not on was the crowd broughto its feet but they so began to cry.y.
7:40 am
ashose survivors of sexual violence joined lady gaga on stage. now, gaga saying she i surviv and wanted to use her oscar perfrfmance to sd powewe message till hapns to you won'n' know how i fee >>eporter: ly gaga transcenng the oscartage. ill it@happens to yoyoyon'n' knowow i fee >> reporte acacapanied b dodo osususus s sexual vien, the scars writjtnton their ar. you w'tnohohoi el reporter: theong il i i ppens toou" earning her ryirst o oar nation, cumentary "theting ground" which chrorocles alleded sexual violce on college campuses. >> s sdes went froroseal assaulviims s survqvorsnd w acacvis. - >> reporr: vice president joe biden therto promote t white
7:41 am
introducing gaga >> takakthe pledge, a pledgege thththays i i i intervene in situations wheneconsent has not or cnot be giv. let's chananhe culture. [ apause ]@ >> reporter:r:ara eaking with hiwife jl and daughter ashley backstage. >> i thi it's rely going to bebe powerful ssp>> one in women saulted on cpus and d`ly 1 actually report ititch needs to change. you wonon know it won't be real >> reporter: social media owininup with thth#itsonusnd willintervene. kesha tweeting, y y, it hit ve c cse to my heartrtor viwus reaeons.s. >> i am m \e a survor. very grateto the academy for giving us this wld stage >>ow. >> n, lady gaga sending t a tweet ovnight. it w v vy powerf thanking g l of tho womom and men for
7:42 am
joininher on stage saying sties, such h siliencece@ she also thankedveryone r alng them to hear hestory about her survivor - -important to notyou hearthe vice esident say th he really wanted everybody to get online d sign t t t petetetn for their cause. >> absbsutely. >> it was a moment. agree. i would say it was the moment of the night. a couple oher tweets to lk ababt. jessicchastain wrote compmptely crying. so muclove for tho brave rvors.s. jesse ler rgonaying lady y`grformance, incrcrib powerl. tpanyou so muchl kayny. ming up on "good morning america," the other man of the hour, i don't if he's a m-n.n. e will be. >v behe enes of jacob tremblay big n nht. emblay'sig takeare of t t pple o tter mos so w wyour tax refefarrives, ke it go aittle fuhehe atal
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you a most get used to it. phe voe:in menu presenve. reprtatiti. tive. : which hybeing purst... we gothis vo: ...takes s ttg g to. johe nion. atioioididis on urur reesentative. erin: dear fresht, when i first got max, my main goalalas to feed him a quity diet. i deded totoive freshpet a tryry dextxt: the's real chunknk of vegetables and icicn in it. raul: and, if food is ininthe frfrge, you know it s to be fresh.
7:45 am
if you n nd advice for yoyo business,s, legagam has your back.
7:46 am
wewere back now with one o thars who stole evyone's heat the oars, you jacac trtrblay whotarred in "room" withththt actress brie larso - it was a big night forhe star and d n nrly stole the showow he's thbuing stf f ososr nomited blocococter "room." >>n scared. >> repepter: i wasasucky enough to share apeci moment th
7:47 am
e award se. how does that feel? ? >> it feels prtyool. orter: ait tnsut tremblay ia huge "star wars" fan. >> these mlennm falcons and darth vader socks. i'm presenting best t t action shsht bebeuse m sht.t. reportete thehe-year-old ng the show ashis year's nt-size presenter onof thehe youngest ever in oscar's history. briearson cheeeeng himn. even giving tremblay a special shoutout when she snagd best actress stat jacob t tmby partnene thrgrgthis in evevy way poible he s a a g rere >> hwawawaaming e ole timeme muore of oar afy livevfm hollood.iss is he wi uv%.d. dj kiss is here with us new car. to kp thin unbiase we removed all the logos. feels like a bmw. re a little ofe an audi. so, this car supports apppp cararay. siri, open maps. she gege
7:48 am
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7:53 am
uthern coloradodoith highttttg the 505 d 60s. it wilbe cldier and gusty at tes. fire dangnr will be eleleted foro , wiedflfl wnis going toffec fr noo 6 p.m. f f serer el p' blo and fremont t countiei. ouds willllontitially thicken upupo thehafternoon as an uerel systemlides acro sthern colorado. spotty rain n owers for the lowor elelatioio with spotty ow in t t h hh couny will be popoyole through the afrnoon. rain will turn t ow tonht, but it won't last r veryong. the showerwille scattered and should e u being ther ght, howev patchy areas whera dustinin of snow may ver the roads or en a few slusus spots are not out of the estion by tuesday morng. @ eblo police are of snomay ver the road or even a a w slushy spo not out of the questionony tuy rning. p pulo police e inveigatatg... tetea n was shot a a killed this weekend police s 26- year-old devin clark was shsh outside e a b on eigh and d maine inblo sunda
7:54 am
th're still lookokg for the shooter.. a a t broke out near the bar and that's when shots were fired. friends of cpararsathey'r'r the eye tired, e tired d the hu andired of t t paythe pulolo unty-a j jf chostner is now w isininto brina babaot asururto the coun garding public fety, sang in a letter to council - que - th must co to an end ananneour heyourrimary duty is to public safetyty thatrely being tested right now. a memomomo service is now set for the park county sheriff's deputy, ot andkilledhi serving eviction notice. the ueue for corporor nate carrigan. schedur moaymamah . wl beat 11n the morning.. at the faith bible chapel ord roadn arvada. . coor rrignd two other office were sl whihi servg g evictionotice e dailey.. a a r rce acady cadet will face a court martl toy. we'll have the latestn the charges agait chary chchb.
7:55 am
7:57 am
hehe we'relmost ready y y go. i'm on thone with them. he george, i'm hth lara and d come o o e e e u? thiss s nlyo you gogoto getere. fwhere e u?u%u% osos'll l rig e. o ono s s u walklng r rnd like it's a fufural not so serious girl those feet cold we just gti sed don't u tiptoe tiptoto h waste time with a erpiece don'n'e time with a masrpiuce h ou should d r r rng with me yoyoshe rog wi m you'ra real life fantasy you're a real life fantasysy but you're movingo refull let'start living dangerous
7:58 am
indds swt swt crg oa7 etose our migo azy crazy a aya ya ya ya i keep on hoping we'll eat cake by the ocean talk e baby i'm going i'll beb diddyou be naom letet le oumindndan azy crcr" h yaa ya ya i ke on ping we'll eatake the ocean >> hd i make it? yeah,h,ou just madet. let's go ready. c start now. re two -- talk toe 'm going d from this sweet t eet avinoa let's losououmiango azy crazy h ya ya ya i keep on n hoping we'llllatake t ocn
7:59 am
let loseur minds and g/ azy craz that'ht i i keep hopin we'll eat cake byhe ocean [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: live froroththth capitaeatein hollywood, this"gd rng america's" oscars afterarty. cheend appuse ] >> who [ eersndndpplalae >>aponday momoing.[ eers a alaus >> hello. >>ey, bin. >>ey.goododorning, america. goorning, , llywood. oh, welcto hollylyod. w,w,w,t an eveni we are e cecebrbrbrg. wee ver had anntrance like that.
8:00 am
>>e wewe wriedboutou. hoverboa? thk you to lavid moo for chorhing thancnc >> good job,uys. >> that was great. [ cheers and applause ]6 >> and`de sure to loor t tt video again later r see if you n spot all the bbest picture nominees in that video. >> ^hat a night last night. binit in holwy.what aight l lnardo io. on hisix t he gets thehe oscar. weill he show him backstage. there he is getting it engrad d this morning anoth sis going to be here live. >> oh, yes, inde. d dj kisisin house. joe zeze [ cheersrspplause dmos. all of t o with the stars last night.roron and i got to speak to some those srs bkstata. >ki, you dia grgrt job at tover's'sall l st ninit. thanknkou, ank yo >>j mos.
8:01 am
>> whahaa job alalyou u ysysid theheedarpe nht. looked%butiful. so p pd. much fun to see you all.e had a grgrt, g g time and wokok- >h, w. there y go. >> v vnice. >obinilurs was s stunning. >>eorge was helping me eit d-d-s s lection. whwhs not hoverboarding he's ssted red. i went with bl we a aroveve think i'm arg sothing. soononisrying to communicate wiwipp is that michae guys, guy can youea? heo. ishis thininon? >> o t's s , strahan. hopeouuyare aring i'm a little tied uput he in ace. wh, t here by lflf iononhih i'moioi to get ththe today. i wish`hould work magic george dido t ba. riy, i tnk i aut a million s away, it loo that f or maybi'across the streeti don't ow. ha a gre shshs
8:02 am
>> and the ademy goes s -- >> no, no nt is safe t say ffs areinour jojo >> n for thecting gi we'll leavato e stars. and theeree so many g gat momentntfromomhe oscar, so manmomentbackstage. i had d e great poity to et t first-te winners, ia vikander,arrynce, thatas a hugugrprise moment and i t e an to chat withhem.m. tata a look. >> alicia vikander, "the danish gi." >> i sou jnostarg atit. what do -- >> it looks ken oscar. >h,elve it is acaciy. my m hank youor mthhat . ything can hpepe your moisn acs. y >> wt a moments st be for r r she's extraranary.y she wawawae one who from a you agstntroroced meo o e worlheatat acting, so i i poappy to have herere. >>i, kate. >> are you so happy?
8:03 am
>>hat's cate blanchett. i'm like the bgege fan of growinup. pretty cool. a goioioinside thnds`of ide t"irecr pepe ct and pducer jojos rivera. the scroll js meant to be a list of tnk-ys. you put a message to your daught. >> i , a right, kids, ye l l'set aog d they aly come ttalk to you? >> it cocod be. i really havenad a chance.e. i'm erwhel >> you can takit bk now. >> a ltle inside scoopro mindy kaling w w plays the vce of disgustn e w ca award winning animated film. you,u, tnk, hathplum pt. >> it'fun play a characbcr who o n barelylylylyate ananha.` mk rylance, "brbr spies." >o, wld you be a a od>p i t t t t might i might t >> maybeou a a. what dodi i i ? o, i'm n s s you're very conviviing in th movie. >> see, i don't find myself nvivng w wi watch it. th's the fny thing. >> well,ere' whoho says yo were very convinng. >>hi yououhoulhave thisj i thk --
8:04 am
h, for jusa brief moment. >> no, actuauay lelelly can't dodwhat. ll be susu a'lbe put i ison. but the best supporngctor did lelemeave a lile his gf statue litttte e versal thu fo momomt. congrio >haha y/ythanyou. acemy,'m not really y eping it he was ovely. hs such a brillnt actor. >e e and rson n ke hd bebe good s y,y,e said actors andndpies have lot in commecau you he to sort disappear. e does t. saw himimn brdway l lt ar and d daparro a woman i i"twelfth nig liki wouot believ >> i ireal honor to talk to them.. 'll find sewhere in ththththto givushe newew hpo,my. >> grning,gain, guys >> we are geing our first look at t t amecan college ststenen tataedn nonoh rea for tw ntnt. camerarain p pngyang todayayay the university of virginia raratearlly apoged for ying to o pocaca baer fm a tel. it is unclear whether that coessi was coeed.
8:05 am
he is charged with committing a hostile act. > llanany staff seea assiedo the e ntagon i chargede shooting a roielice offfffr iviviinia. ey gwakilled while ansnering a domestic calal ititas her fir daypatrol. thsuspecronald hamilton allegedly killed hisisife before police arrived. well, donald trump is at the nter of new controversy one e y before t t super tuesday primaries.s. he's undirfor his reful ay to denounn n enrsrst om formeku klu an leader t vid du. meanwnile, trump a marar rubio exchanging n n iultsts rubio w mocking trump for ving s hands. popos showing trp p ing mostststuesday stateexcept for ted uz's home state of texas. > well, airline passengers could d t more space if one senator geis way.. under his amendmenento a fdini ll, chuck schumeproposing thfaa reire seats to be 18 of course, we willlleep you
8:06 am
uise ship "anthem of the sess" was battered by y -foooowas thisisontn. ip psengerare now deing with a norovirus outbreaand d another storm has forced the ship to return to port earar d d nally, pro golfefegary woodland dididt t re that the world wawawatching because, yeah, , took s pants off and dedehis tricic shoat t t t%% honda a assisiin h u uerwear. apparently, he didn't want to get his white4nts dirty, so he ved par on theole,e,e, he e saia it was s s worth it. >> we weweatchininyou.we c cldldseit. >> trust me, h he had some they w wen't tighty whies. th were tighty blulus. >> ooh. okay. wellho is everybody dog? yeah h is evevyby? i tt?w w thaara? >> o oy.y. tes what else is cingnup i will, indeeee i am ithe oth wi dj mos d with dj kiss.. and yous arar
8:07 am
this is the "rning nu" r rs" yle.
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8:12 am
why are you t tching meme not touchg you.u. ah. >> t tt waa a menenen "j ellast nigig. bebe buddies, matt damonben afflecrit there. a running b b b matt nevegeon the sho >> he hato sneak o >> snen like that. >> one way to do ot. >> w wked. >> ayou knowowweweren e dst ur big oscar after-part we were, o ocourseseright on the red ca forll the excitement aent one-onne with the srsnd havthe hottest looks the htest ght in holod. brilliant colohining bright at the 8 8h annual acamy awds sunday ninit where gorg gow were center stage ononheheed carpet. bebe actress winbrie lson lookinregal ininoy blu gucci.charlize t tron rocking a plgingedhrisan d dr number while "brooklyn's" sasarse ronan glimmered in green ving a nod t/t/tr hoho cououry of ireland >> calvln klein made it for @ and it wasasomething tt, you
8:13 am
about what i w wring to the ca before i got nominad bebee i'd be v supetiou >>eptete "otlighs" rarael m mdams alsgoing greeee wearing a g g bauguststetty who s shehe sier picd d r her. >> she's stylish and doesn't mince words. >> reporr: best supporting tress nn avikakaer stunning in cust louis vuittonn did you feel perfect? >> wn i put it on toy, i s li a 5-yeaolalicic wa to ellelen "beauty y d the bet." >> k ke winslet. >>hat dss is so cool, kat >> repter:r:nd clalack on trend, kate winslet wearing a custom ralph lauren while jenfifer garner s a a shshstopopr a one-sder versace, and jiannmoore e loloing eflelelyc in custom chahal. u lookolutelbeautiful. you whispered in my r it's anel. . >>yes, it's s anel. >> rorter: whihi also wowed, lady gagmixing it up weaeang a a
8:14 am
jumpsuit with a a ll trtin and olivia wilde lking ethereal in valentnto whileics" priyankahopra ha a zuhujr r r mud goorget e o loloedhi inclung hart. uho are u weininin right n this is dolcean and m m ing. lo at it. [ eers andndndlause pe wawa d g now tbreak down the best l lksksre g gmmy ard wiwiinperstar kelly rowlan eeee andpplause d d have jozeeditn chief of yah style and co-host of "the fablifen"n't you love this s dience? they a tremendouou okok.. all right.t.t. gigi us s ur t favorore lolos from last t gh kelel. >kay, o wld definity haveo be priyanka chop i thoughshe look stunning.there wbjust- everything was just so in place. e even looked coortabl this drere c cnot possibly be comfortable. she made it look so o fortless s s and chch and sheheust -- ah, goesesow historyry fore now and alalia- >> v vananr.r.
8:15 am
yesshe's amaz >> you know, h dress was s te, sesehow wx's a lililiit orter in the fro, , nger in the back. she sa it t so she couldld boogie. e's stl l ncing w. >he is yog. joe zee eni i rerealking abothat backstage. she lolog d fresh and she didngt he to com tre lookin youw-ustt ttle more mature. >> gave it a youthl look what a you?>> i loved charlrle, thought she`e`so stunninin tred stomior go but was so weaeang $4 million woh h harry nston jewe. that necklace with that dress s amazg. >> it really caught your eye. >>o betiful. i also rere love e e ronanaand ow you talked to % her on the cpe l la.shshs so g gat i i"bokn" and su a departure fm th coste an itas s grownp for hernthat cusm calvlv kle d dss ani s waneaea grn fofoireland bubu whatat rllyl led were the mismatched e erings great. >> i liked what sofia rga wore
8:16 am
st xutti itiout ththe. hey,e'rewant to play a lililee? we're gointo p py a me, sn judgapudgment,o i'i' gog -- i have stence and u' gng to compte it for , ay. ayif allllant to hop in and soththg,eefr to do that. oh, boyoy >> within reasas. >> within reas. within reason. whenen saw lady gaga lasninit, i i ought -- >> snatched. e looked amazing. everything aut herike her shouers, t waist, her face. >> thets. >>he h >> theants. >> e eryththg. shshwajust snatcd to perfection>> it's tr i say she wasik gracely in 20161616 if grace kelly hatats. >> betwewe the snatched d the tats,`i n't knoww. >> all rht. here'snoth sppp jujument. okay, , rgot robbibilooked so good, blank mumu be hesecret weapon. gold. that gold dress at had on, wps that lther? >> no, it wawatoford, so i i was rlly y ld but it t s moldld to her body.
8:17 am
shoked lika stststtte. >> she did. >> all right. what your snapudgmgmt? >> i w w woioi tsay tarzrz like s s's h h hg a realal goooo ti. >> i a aee- >> rlly? >p i#m#mhinknkg shs juju walking, gmeme >> y y sozozeal d shlooked beaif s s s s >> adid kerry washshgt and snap jt with thi rry washington inspis meme toto- >> be arican gladra >>es. that look. yes. . >> dinitelela gladiator. ani love the fact t at she put thatateg o there oh,h,es. i also relylylyed her potail.. i thought that`rllllllde -soso uthfhf. >> lovall thal hair on the carpet. >> okay. if i could borrow rachel ams' red cart lookokor just wne hour,r,ould -- >> sam it out. i had thisonversatioiowith kelly. >>hoa. oh.h.>>'m n being -- she @ lookedtunn stutuing, stunning. i loved dt t es >> love that dss. i love thatress. was going s i would diand go taven.
8:18 am
>> it's just that fabrice'rere ying i iso hard to sit for a ng perioof tim >> she's snninshe can make a b b bk k >> s s gorgeoes. >>8she was right there at the and aircrce and i i s st sting her. . . shei loooed so beautifif. >> you w'the only >> she looked eous. movie sta > at fr the audnc o diu like? >>ho was your vorite? >> pyanknk >>riyanknk >> i thought she was cute. shoutouto the guys liked common was wearing a little bit of bling. >>e loed great. >>d leighthtewels. >o d e e e k k g go >>iked let he did it really w wl totoin a didierenenwa i l le the d -- >> yeah. >> equ time like that. bo got -- and thwhite -- >> whiteas the colornd i'm in a gold sawich. >> feelsreatato haveou on e rerecaet.. >>at to there lis good, joe zee. grere to ve youere. anotr chu ofhe wtherth rob. >> heyrobibi i thought the ree of y u w we ntasc on the red carpetet
8:19 am
thes we standing outujn thth middle off the nig get into the el capitan theater and it wasn't raining. ththoscaca he been plagued with rain overerhe pt cocole of yea a a built up the d carpet jt in case e of t t tbut not thisear. it was set and we haind adsoriesry w wther. roh surf, , g wave ouou thernd rord his ininm springngand in las vegas and pattern changegeit rain memeininto discus changes toodart gugus in un. the 50and s.s. wl be cldi and gustat tes. . fire danger`wi be elevated fo me, wi reded flag warnings going into eect frfr noon n 6 p.m.m.or southern el paso, puebl and fremont counties. clouou will ctinually thicken u into the aftetntnn n an upperevel stem slilis across souththn colorado. otty rain n owers for the wer elevations with spotty snsn in the high country will b possible through the afternoon. rain will turn to o snow tonigbut wo last for r very long. owers will b scatted and ould end up ing ra light, however patchy areasas where a duing g snow may coveroads or even n w slushy spo are
8:20 am
gi it t for so-caweather. we love it. enjoy the st o othe week. y,y,k uvu on stata. to much, b. h he e spia"pews" for u alalbratinthmoment at popped d the o o os b) @ kandinouououownxnxds. 'rcallg em the popscars. yououike it?>>ka >> i was up late. withoufurther ado h h 's our jirst category. we b bin wititthe st candid phpho captured last nighand ththnominees are ylor swift andordedeoofing f on the red cpet at the "van fair" pty focused on rde the ststst h h t tgue out. mited leleand his co-otar totohaong g th his wife chlotte ririy stopping for little s sfieion t t red carpet andnwe love thokmonts. here charlize thon, another nonee,uying girlcout cookies from the stars of our showas well, and as said earlier, or 0,000 raised ing that for a greatatause. but our winner for the first popscais brie larson h hdi d her oscar in hd maki
8:21 am
oom" for a burger. >> i l le it. with her sneaker that's eat. >> i love it, yeah. our nextxtopscar award ifo the cutestou on the cpet.t. our nomineeare kinney. >> yes. >>the pantsuit. that we were checking out. >> even the audience, whoo. >> olivia munn and aaron rodgers wewe also f fantastic and`d lot of ntalk to o the carpetet we'll show y thtm d s s o wthto cha n cohen is e a loime but ys seem to be havavg a a od te. yes,heyydo. >> ourinner is leonardo d d drio and kate winslet, we know, we knono they're not really couple but -- >> check. >> wewgot "titanic" casesese nostalgia. loloing the last night. >> but the way ty ve suorted ea oer over th years. >> absolutely, especially this yeye. the rely been there. >> through all tir suppopo. >> they've bn there for one anothe
8:22 am
>> finallyere to a aept a speciaiapscar is not- i mean i'm t ing, ttaof " " revenant," come o out! [ eeeendpp] > leonanao dipbio n aible thethththtar . tp is a y who play the bear, glenn ennini hi. >> g gnnnnthe movi you own at momoe. >>hat might be an atentl ig theye all u et and sappnted. >ow d it feeletting vy upuplose a personal wiwi leo? >>t waose and persosal. it was gd. it wasasike e`d wring for ree days. mit beery entertainini. >> howowo yoget in character r a bear? >> y y wat videoof bears attacking ople. wow. and tn yogemoody and gogo roh a a mpstatatome age. u'rererett much there. al metho actor, aren't you? >> y yh, sure. yououernoabab -- >> there a weaeang y yr suit.
8:23 am
you ner really were inn a bear rf bear. >e^er rehearsed with leo. >> no, yea we di we h h a few ds. heado arthe secebeehere a lot of stuff f inon. >>o was itll green scrn. at was yoyactual -- >>t wawaactutuly in rere life wasset bui s in blue and --
8:24 am
[ cheers andppppuse it 8:27 am monday feby 29th i'i'i'by aco. goin totoe a a eeay sosorn cololodoith highghtting into the 50s and 60s. w)wl be clouernd sty ates. fire danger will be elevated for some, with red flag wararngs goinintoffec noon to p.m. f southern el po, puebl and frememt countiesesclou will continually icken up into aften as an upper levev stem slilis acrossouerfr cololndo. sp rain showerfor the lower elelatns with s stty snsn theheigh country will be e ssible through the afternoo ra wl turnrno snow t#tight, but w't last fo ve the shshers s be scattered and should end u u being rather light, however patchy areas where a dusting of s sw may covethe road or even a a w slhy spots arere not out of the
8:25 am
aiforce emy cadet is scheduled to start today. chery y ubb is facinin charges or rape and usiviv sexual contact. academy officials e e e charges stem from aincident thatas rererted in octoof 20-1414 the triawas origininlyli scheduled for september, but was contind byby my judg itit crunch time f f the presidential
8:26 am
caidates. susur tuesdaisisomorroro ererere dozeze of places r r lolodo mscrats to t ca. many siteseses atchool bubudings in southern lorado.. ucuses stt at seven lock...but ple befo l stts.
8:27 am
check your tk e e e look ate ba going crazyrazy goi crazy crazy aa ya i keep o hing we' eat cake bthocean tal to baby ile ddy you be naomimi et le our minds and gogoy ya ya y y at it every night ah ya ya yaa ya i keep on hoping we'll eat cake by the ocean >> dnce ghththe.ake by t t tcece." are u awake now?
8:28 am
>h,bsolutely.y. i'up now.m m n >> t ty'ng to o coming backn st little e e" speciali performce with eeeeteinfeld nnait for . and ouauce has b bn so eal morning ng. all night long into the morning.are you hungryryare you hungry?y w aboutt brest?? got a l ltle something for l of y. yeah. >eses >> we want to anour fries at the rooseselt h hel just down the ock, the h hlywoodod roosevelt for providingng a lile brefast and a a aerer treat. this jt in, weweave unun mimiael strahan. >hat's rit jojnininus now kelly pa and michaha live from thdolby eatbt. thth are get ready for theirbig postscar show and, michael,l, we'e' so glad mad it bk frfr outer spapa jt in time. oh, yea it was an incredibib fast flhtsomehow de it band i nded h i i dn't lanananere you are but i landede so i'll do the @ shere but ckilby the
8:29 am
i'm still in n ter space. >> kelly, you were up all night. you reackstage.. te me what s se of y y favovote moments were with ststs. i ihas to be brie larsosoand ledicaprio, i meanhas to it was`seally exciting. they're bo so o o heiririns were sart felt, otional and th were really hont backstagagabout wh thehewerere fefein andnd jt was -- i was rill to be a part of it. it was really exciting. there we some beautifulul genuine ments. d i dersnd, speakingngf stars,ou h he a lot oftapoweday on your .. tete us abouit >> yeah, i mean, we veverie lalaon here today. oscacawinner. we can calher atat oscsc w wner brie larsrs. >> brie larson is he.
8:30 am
which i big thing, theirew singlelewo frororohome." d the stt t great if th's right. wee a "dancing wititthe stars" -- th'rgog to b b rformingnd andy grammer is going to bhere so it's like very big musus extravaganza. >es. >> you n ne droppers, you. strahan, i s you r rning by. >> listen -- go ahead. >> yeah, saw you right af-- bottom of t t stairir you oked incredie and i had to run by to get backstage and mied you but madsure to xt u d say i'll ner run by you again, , y. u looked wonderful.. >> i wasn'fishing for a complili t tre aall. i was going g g ay you were a busy mananasnit. you got a busy morning. 're excid so how about a toas let'ise -- thanks, george. let's raisisour glglses. evevyono here wishes you both a great show this moing. great shoko >> gre shoho guy >> make sure to tch, eone,% coming up. check yo local stations. >> thas a lot. >heers. >> ;heereruys. >> you know what - - >> cheers,ellymichael. >> lt yea wasn outthis y y cmpag. >> ued o o game justor. ank u.u.
8:31 am
m smsmh ving us ills as e osca with his peornce ofof "witi's's.#e wa" fr thmebond mie. took ho t tsc bes originin song and, boy,`i had d chanceceo spend a little timim with him backstage.. take a look. for y >>s n wi thehede voicthhe uimat ize e theheovie ictually cabrthe ght w. >>epor v shock and almo itears aftetehearing his name for b bororinal son the now academy award winninin singer dedicatedis a tot thlgbt community. >> i hope we c all sta ther as e1ua one d d.. >v repter:r:ettinghihiawawd tonighmes so much us because we didn't sidond go we're going to wre a . >> i i know u yo didn' t t r 000. thth's p py cool. >> is r first song we didn't write from my perspective. >> reporter: the oscar winner took to the stagto perform "witing's he wal if i can ri i iall
8:32 am
you used the potty wd abou w nervous yowere. >>o. >> yes, you did. >> t t twas -- the pererrmrm was onof the worstoments of my l)le, i iwear. i swear. what do you mean? >> i d dt get any enjoyment out of it. i wasso, so scared. it's the h. >> why? >> my legs were e aking and i cocod ha pd mymylflf was scared. heriting's on the wa >> he waervous abo that` performance but you could t tell one iota. >> n at all. oy, rob, you gospia guest? wdo in n s s 3ninbu first wewt tta about whatappepe weatherwise.. gotot sere threrereayaynd torrow w g a b vo day tom looking fofolarge hailnd heavy winds, tomorrow might see a w tornadoes acroross the midsouou including tennsee gettinup through kentucuc and sthern parts oh, as w wl. and then the cooldn behind
8:33 am
icagag mid-50s0soday to 30n p thursday, burlington, 51 today to it's 7*74 am, nd febary 29thth i'm abab acone. today: i is goininin to be a mild and breezy day in southern cocoradodoith highghgetting g to the 50s and 60s. it will b% cloudier and gusty y times. fire d dger r llll be elevated for me, , thed flag warnings going in efft fr nn toto p.or southern elas pueblo and fremont countiti. clouds ll c ctinually thicken up into the afafrnoon as anpper level syem s sdes across s sther colodo. spot raiai showers for thth lower elevatioio th stty snsn in the high country will be possible thrgh >> tomrow is the firststayf meteorololical sprin todais february 29.that means it'a a ap yr, a that ges us an extra 24 hours do good for scialalple.e. r sponsor chevlel%l% creang a movemt called #dayitfoard that inspires s people to do good for others. and we heard aut one man -string to be a role model for his chililen or ththchililen in s community, and they surpsed m wi an perice of lifet ta l for 3232ear-old nick richehe ving back starts witbeinina role model a aoming from a
8:34 am
placof yes. >> ihinknk nick it's just soso impopoant to kind of tell,kidsds at nototngngnd nononcan n op u frfr y yr dreams. >> reporter: the seenwriter works regurlwiwi organizaons ke camp tlc socal hear to mentor undederivileged and foster chilen. >v they see hihias an olr brher, a figure that they can lookokp to >> reporter: he even producece videososor t charities. >=re go. >>orter: so "g-g" and chevrolet teamed up with nick's fe ali to day forward to hi >> what is hpening here right now? >> reporter: with a special behihi-t-t-scenes car exence.. b bkle up, you're headididio the red cacaet. well, i fl very humumeded i dodot even know -- thank you, everody. >> reporter: nicicfirst op our ma" l.a. setor some advice from the`pros >> y y're e g to be thehe rehearls. >>ep. >> whereree acacally practice e the show.. yes. >> so you're going t t weariri placard.d. which actor do you wt to be? >> il be leo.
8:35 am
i i nt to interview you.u( t's ght.- reporter: then on to the red cacaet fororhe oscar preshow rehearsals where nick ands in as holly oththeadi mananbest actor nomion. >> hahe you ever seen somebedy with betterehair? look at his hair. oh, whoo! i`toucucd m m damon -- ah. . >> i got to see the magic behind what goes behind m ming the acadady awawds hapn, andnd's prey specececlar. you can'n'help but want to be a part of isis it's pretty magicala oh, yeah. oh, yeye. we are he with nick d his s wife a. nick, thanks so mu forll t t goodhat you dodoor you community. t to a y y, w washe voritetet ofofofr weekend?>>titiou g m mng bin. i know, i k"ow i'm k)ksing up but it waway a wowgerful expeence and`getetng to talk k out an organization n like camp tlc and cal hearts, something that'ss dear to my heart andhe women
8:36 am
ing so jt brgingng evengs t thaha means a l to me. e right, r rin he h a hananane head oirir >>utou know wh, , ck, yoa.l oughso much h ts ekend d r us. meanthth is s at is s uly all i out. ye it't'grgrt, the oscs and all that, butpwhatatouave done your hrt and to e how y -- you should have seenhese -- well, , u saw part of it. you yu werreally havg a good time you u de us ha a gool te e tnk you thank u for pang it forward. thank yo ththou s smuch for ving us. >> we chahlenge you,p,ake 24 hours, you got an extra day this year to day it forward and do mething g ecial for thpeople aroundndou.
8:37 am
8:39 am
dadatt2wkfd* bt@qzj "a"a"ad tt2w`t`td*d*d*@q4w`t`t`td*" dztq =$h tt`tkfd*" entq m ( tt4w`tkfd*" t& p tttt4w`tkf" t& < tt4w`td*" iz .@d tt4w`td*d*jntq > tha yououor having me. it was sfun. >> i i amy right aft we wrapped the prprhow and s was
8:40 am
, you didn't$tell l . it was like everyone is cong at you, they're thring cardrdat me. ve to knowowverything ababt everer. it is a loloof hard worko mymy hats off to o oyou. > yomuststst whiash h when youe ononhat red rpet. >> you do. you try not t be red carpet roadkill. >> you were in that suv -- that -- what is that lane,e,hat hoholane. >he diamond lan >> like an e-zpa. ere' a l t gs on hihihe scenethouou't se takeke lk. ust danc >> this isretty cool. we're here. >> robin. hollywood's biggeststight stts for us at rehearsals fofo the big@red d rpet show.w. >> oh, my go we'r at the oscacars. >> is@ itt a a little toobvious that wee dream i in gold? life gold. welcome to the oscars.s. who cld asksjor anying more ans. eorddicaprs here looks like he came straighghoff the set of "the rerenant," beard and all.l. oks gogo on you. u'vevgvgwn. >> lara with a se throat
8:41 am
oducer asked a quest >> lasasyear you were here as s winnnn. >> it's time for me to get red carpet ready but i don't know how ready i am. . >> reporter: then@timemeor caca amy even dng a story xor "world news" while her gm team e lock for thehbest actor reporter: micicel suited up in beautul blulutux.x. lararatudidi with her crew and i had a special guest, my dear sisterorotot. aagh! nonobad two girls from missisisppi. whoo-hoo. . this is the quiet bere the stor titi to get essed ananhihithe cabpet..0 it takes a villagend i'm so happy with my village. >> wow, w, w, wow,w,ow. . ;] goto admit somemes s didn't even feel like work andnd amy mde it through hej firit rerpet with us. cheeburr? cheese burgers. cheers and appuse e >> amy, you mama it. i was just telling rob this, you know, mymyister was here. e was soxcited to se
8:42 am
everybody. u know the oneneson she was disippoioied sheidn't w w to meet??? b.& romarcianono i'n t kidding you. we w we atathe partytynd almosos had to turn back aroundndndsee e u. >> v vy sweet.t. >> w way bond country chic. >> you know too much, geor. you kwoo mumu. but what a gre time wead. greqhavingorothy here. comi up, d dkiss, dj m a tting is party started dncand haee sinfeld perfrfmflive, so come on bacac baby i'm wortit
8:43 am
8:44 am
baby m wortit [ cheers andpplause ] let's g thisarty going. our big oscsc performan now fofoer oscar nomimee hailee einfelel with usor h fist live tvv apaparance.
8:45 am
platumcd"hazaz and jonini rightowdnce whose cd "s too theirrt singsgs their brand-newsingle. it's called "rock bottom." applause ] whahaare fighting for r s likekee do it just for fun in this stupid war we play hard with our plasc guns 7reathe deep bole i iup s until it'all@we don't spepe jt use yo touch n't eak before we y too much you hate me n n and i feel the sa way youove me now and i feel the same way e scream and we shout and make uthe sa day same day e're of the e ght t def rockckcktoanho that we keepalng
8:46 am
karaa 'cause we keepn cing bpckor more e wreren@the right de of roroottoa d to y y i just t keep crawlwlg ou're best kind of b d something 'c'cse wkeepn comingack fofomorere you get under my skin more an anyone's evev been but whewe lay in bed you hold me e rder till i fofoet that you hate me now andnd f%fl the same way yououove me now and i feel the same w w we scream and we shout and make up thsame dayayame y oh we're the righthtide rock bottoand i hope tt we keep falli we're on ththgoodidof bad karma 'cause we kp on coming back for r we'ren thright t de rk bottom and to u just keep p crawlingngou're the best kind of
8:47 am
'cause we keep ononoming back more keep on coming backor more 'we keep on cominck for r re w wt are we fighting for seems like we do it just f fun in this, ispid war we play hard with our plastic guns 7 ro bottom and i hope that we d keep falling q we' on e good sof b karma 'cause we keep ocong ck for more 7e're on the right si of f rock bottom and totoou i just craraing you'r'rthe best kinof bad
8:48 am
coming back for more kp on cominback f@r more 'cae we keep on coming g baba fororore keep ononong ck for moreuswewep coming g
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8:51 am
[ chrs and applaus good mning amemeca" is ght to you by visit calafornia. california, drm big. [ cheersnd appuse ] tnk you all, great he with h h hailee einfelelelnd can b ea . is i ictctctllyprn. what wasit, f fve years a a a y y were nominatat foror an oar her anan nou'r out here rforming. how does it feel. >> it iso crazy. nevev thought it would come full circleee thisway.( incredibleo be he. look, that's so crazy. >> cue. >> thank yoyou. >> joe, first of alal ian't believe you stole my jacket.
8:52 am
>> this collaboration works.s. >> hailee a a frienen o of us and incredible tistst glglglglglpa fffhis songng% >> thank you f bringinint to us. >>o bee fair tohe audience -- >> tmbs up? [ cheers and appppuse ] >> thehehere going to r rt if you didn't come backut. >> thank you, thank you, t tnk you, allnd thank you to thihi woerfufu audnce and dj kiss and dj mos. going all night ng. thank yu. hey, ao want to give a a ththghtouto t t girl scouts. thank k u girls for s sng , for selling yo cookies. go lo girlscoutcookies.o.oo support t >>sreat way totart th week orat? >> yeah. [ [ eers and applause ] >> bbae, mvmvybody. see yoyoback in new york. >>h, yes. ohoh
8:53 am
oh baby baby keep on eating cake by the ocean [ cheers andpplause ] it 8:56 am, monday fefruary 29th. m abby acone. today: it's going ba mild a breezy dadn utrn coloradoit highs getting to e 50s d 6060 it will be clou and guat times.
8:54 am
be e evated for somewith r r ag warnings ing into effect omomn n 6 p.m. f f fouthern el paso, pueblo and fremont untiesclds wiwi continually ththn up intnt the afternoon as anpp l l syem slides ross souern radododo spot rain showererfor the lower elevevions with spottttsnow in theheigh country wjll be possible thrhrghghgh the afternoon. rain will turn to snow tonight, but it won't last for very long. the showers will be scattered and should end up being ther ght, howevev patchy areas where a dustinin snow mamaver the roads even a few slhy spsts are not out of the question by tuesday momoing. colorado
8:55 am
e lookinfor threrememeth sabbed store e e . d ararnd:00.0. in n e e 0 ock ofofof fillre seet.popoce say n weaponwere mentntned or sese in th& cident. if youave any informion... you're asked to call springs lice at 444-7070. pueblo county farms say they're worried
8:56 am
8:57 am
t's "lili! with kelly y miael" "afr-oscar alls rinow. totoe cacap with all the big stars including best actress wi, brie rson. ananan check out ourxcsive rpet a`d b cksksgenter pl, fih h rmononer andurur fashion p pel picks the n-n-t-s beressed. . aptionongmade possibibiby di-abc d destic c leleleonon [cers and applause] >>ow, give it up for the cast " "ncininth the stsrsrsndnd rammmm hehehed plplpl] i t tnk i iee fally found my
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