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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  March 1, 2016 10:35pm-11:37pm MST

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t>> dicky: from hwoodod jimmkimmive"e"e" ght, wrlrl " "e walkinde,"s!!!!! and d s cc from mii !!!! th cleto a t et.anddnonow, h hon jimmy !! [ cheers and applause ] ch a a appus] *immy:ha for comomg t.t. i'm **z. i'i'he hos of e showw tpk yo f hing. tpankso allyoyo forcoming.&.his super tuya
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this years yokn super esy, this yeonly,ilbe owowyfifiesesy. [ laer ] thereas votingoday i 1 statit hundreds delegas at take. i ttasp inrestg.jeb sh spent h super tuesdayou kn, he'sotunning now. he spepeuperr tuesday at home ining and reiron his tommy bahah irtstsughtht ] y cable n newewew chahael cered evevyyysel o o of eththg f f f f momoing nightoday,y,ndndnd eny thinghehe ction-s eleleioioio iss ststl 2 2 day'u' thihihi t ted cararar cocorara f f fhehehehe is.. ananananannnou see this i mean, it goes on and on on... donanananananana-- h hs s s selflflf fafailililediaia an fmr ku la d besetatio a ddd e epiecec ayfe sddhahairpi i' not .
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a-kinim00 so t mddeoeo sphppoulcasa vevy ppnlylyl a quqstio t tt iispp azy heh eve h t asp >> so a yourerered i'ht now@we clearndunuucal` statemt renouncin the support ofll white supracists? of coursee am. i me, t@herers nobody that's done s smuch f equality as i have. uakak a look at palm beac florora.i built the mila ub y openoo erybody. [ ught ] j:hat'he example. marala so a priva club. it iopen to everyby as long as you can afford the dues whicic are 00 ab.[ lahter ] by openovebodo meaea open to aost bo. he actuay said the rd "the nobody don smuchch equys ha an,he'sot one rsrs ght? rosaaray off tf my n np mandela althou none hoe maro toeverody. laughter anen hentahead on
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bernie sanders won his home ate ofvermt, clinton and umum w w everything el. th primary campaign so f h been very entertbining b b also ryryry stbing,spiayor detereblicans. natotor john mcc who a marell ran frent in s heeill ctighe h enam cnt e of momo rty'scaidesinsmbengng rae.e middlst inn cos thanks to this fecs orgn licy of faile leadersp of barack obama. d what are wealking about? we're tal about the size off ople'sars and throwing water arouououtage a talng out the sizee of ople ha ot-tt american deserer a lottter.>> thi -- becse i dododo think w do. [ laught ] i fee le w be getting exacac what wedededesee. evenf or wn t does einine' goi to hisk c o fcoing ew
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er e eeptmtm releleed theheast batchf ththth e-il froillaryryclinton'ss private e-mailerver whe s etoftaab90ma m pu nehem s what khe wexcngeret a man whohotrba billt event h fa circuededin denf another e-, ar atdeor t nian feignni's ne onthaide a w w nic nley, , rreee%hero erororofiot. is lat hihiarba, tt's t d, since usehe t w nausongigin n rrt inrmat hilry cone
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lyan't'tfforoew uevght? eendnde ] month aikee 52,000 il later t onlyhing we end up learninomom these mailweweke ithlly ininmumuore np tn anyoneneworkedt sony. la di pce of am a to n? the rsin91 e p going from 4 cts7 c wh inew iul hinveed ay sings in mn fertamp laughthtthericengdodo ththffbeed cgres to let t tm m ere i th estimate,ost t @ sasa, ththce dece will $2illi a yea and 'r nhreat inhe fplac bu cs isti
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itit wei how c loves the ee post offe. th we' goi tkeep mm er tinrereg, lelelet t w . trs omin. reres a- the's a s paicdamedookietter ts beeeettraraing of atten becitit ueueet familiaiaiaiaape. no this is it. [ htit aie fo$1. shevee intfd s ckie ug ]geit d t frfrf ri mbipthesarekiha kes. doknf 's wishing us happy st. patrick'da a sadonon but -- [ laughter ] how didhat make it past the initl pnning phas nody stopped and went hey, what's going on with these? [ laughter ] pepele love e though.. it has four s s s on amazon. but this ia one-star review.
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itit fromubaru man, who wrote, "ruined the ch cial.ks [ au poorubu n.i can'ito see suba versrsatru ma [ ug georgekey,heator ededwawa ay as an car nnhoho die on o nday. us tribute. but he had a very successful care. was known for "cool hand luke." w in n irportt" "nad@ g"" movies.he was a great a bututhihi is h hnn chose to remember him. rgrgkennnny, beefyfy character actoroea a at laug hooooos h. youw,n eath they expect y tbe thin. [ laughter ] this is prettygood. dogs -- yon trainogs o do a a t of thingsgs but ts isi somemeing i've not see bore.
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teteis mates. >> four shelter dogs s scued from slu a a abaoned l ar ball ds s r azurnant thr b, to rereievevealls thth went out of boundsdsds >> jimmyhe hey. even nf heheoes g t the e bait'sngbe very obberyserve. lalahter ] thths meing i'm orly erly eited about but ltt ek oe shomentnedn app ed masquede it's ms my kidhowe ime. what i idoes iits y- t try d tsropey. it ls yopuk k er .ou see fht n iook like- kd ofe leon- ateonardo pr. [ hter thersnoogg. shoutaik this. i wond if i can get i n troubub for doing this? let's see. there's -- you know, all l rts of face the joke and then - and they made onon of me.
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[ cheers and appuse ] tpen there's a nkey. not lyin one ofmemeut ev betety de o o o.comeere,gulermrm forseco. appusus] stdhhis side. we'll do this. okay. [ hter and n i'mng m headnd' appuse yo shihwt wou sa t isay somet say. >>'m soy,t n, ologize. we ran out ofn laughter ] >> jimmy: it's okay. [ laug ] so thank you, , squeradeguys, fo doing that. we appreciate it. i figured we'd wind up onat bo so i very gratul.. ave to take a break. when we coco back, the l. clippers have a new mascot and
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editionf liewitss news thatt will lishehete yoyou. sotiti around. 'll be rightack. gira. . . exex owow [ mumuc playin] ] yeah, we rocking g ght nono steppin' in ahythmmto a funun flow. w nee to ink when your feet ju g iotcha, i iotcha, i gotcha, i gotcha! who needs to think when ur feet just go
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playayayay ncnctototototot t t timememe theheeao o o o o d d oututut tchahahanananawhwhwhwhyou u t ououtta a a a a soso f natutul l l
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[ cheers and appuse ] >> jimmy: welcome ba. will forte, rossarqud and music from miike snow isn the y. but first the cliers last night unveed new mascot. ey haven't had a mascot since 1919 they had a character named sam dunk which -- that's sam dunk. [ laughter ] just an old whiteuy in t pas. looks le one of the old guys on the ppets. but sam was retired wn the te moved to l.a., i guess. and now they have a new aracter to enttain the kiddies.
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>> come on, clipper nation! >> jimmy: that's chuckhe cafornia conr. for real. >> what is going on he? immy: whats goin here indeed. [ ughter ] and just like that, t lakers are ck on to [ cheers and alause ] let's look at chuck. i guess they figured we could sit around and design something or we could put a big blue nose on penis and go to lunch. [ laughter ] good choice with the name, too. nothinbad rhymes with chuck. you won't have any problem there. personally, i think thi should have beee cers' new mascot everyone loved her. oh, was just me? okay. [ laughter ] back toolitics. today as you know is super tuesday.
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seem like you're infoed, like you're partitipating wn it comes to politics whether you are or not. so ts afternoon we wen outn the stree here in hollyod to ask people ifhey voted toda the thing is while there were contests i 13 states today california wasn't one o them. california primary doe happen until june. so there's no way tt anyone here cou have cast a ballot in peon. t did that stop them from claiming they did? let's f out. in this super tuesday edition of "lie witness news." he day in california. it's supertuesday. o did you vote for this >> hillary inn. >> how was itt the polling place? >> pretty craz pretty crazy. but yeah, just feeling good so -- >> super tuesday today. did you te? >> oh, yes. i voted for trump. californ >> yes. like? who was there? >> oh, yeah. w at theity hall in norwalk, down in norwalk, and i was just voting rightthere. a lot op@ople. you ow, it was kind ofpacked.
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nice little tuou >> huge morning in's super@ tuesda who y votehi rning? >> hillar >ndnd whatr png placlike ss crowded? >> croed0 yeah. howere the lines at your polling pla thi morning when you voted?d >> the lines definitely were long. it was aed suppters. defininily there for ie. definitely there -- some pepele for trp. but i definitely saw a l of out-tu f 4i8ryr >> big morning in californqaqa r tuda y. i actually had toreregister as aemocrat out of t green party iorder for to get him inin ow w w youw polling p pce this m orni when you voted? >> ohitasn't too@ba it was just the bu, t exeent.thererer -- there's actuay a of people outvoti, which w t t d youote this morng on super tuesy? i dd. tho dd you vote for? >> donald tr>> was that eience like for yovonwhi monning? >> it retty smoo, yah. >> didouaveo y a ltle bit?
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ittle bibit. >>haere u chged, 5 or 10. 10, b morning in los anges. who did you vote for y y polling place?e? popowas t t lllng ple? t t sod.. u knkv, fulul off st r r rngngt ouou you knkn,eetitagrtiti.&&&&an o ocoayin w w weeee ngngo fofofo >bvbvyerininin ouoo aittle swaghi yrrr popopopoacac. atatat you get?>> i gototot a aat coffee mug tha pret mucuuaiaiainknk fororo v vtoday. >> wxxxx the wer givingooes a a a a auicece is y y y yttlingng ace?e?e?e?e? yes.juicwould ta i didn't take t t cookies.s. what fla didid e? >> there w w cholate chip, i believe. >> dididid l l like that new hologram voting stem >> it'sinteresting.t i w wpticalbout what can goro wheyou'r' intrododidg sysys l le thatat i'm alwayayf lili skeptitil when n ces tome of at i'm just anld soul. >> w wt t d d d thinkbout t he w votinin systete t t t t year, where you could vote by blinking yo eyes?
10:54 pm
iii't't -- in' t t fd of it. iielt lili, you know that systeman be manipulated. i mean, reallyws h at works a a who's i crge and howhe voteseses get tallied? but i me, whatatev.. ititithe a a of chnology, righ o you think daldmp is an h honenttuy whoan getethe job done? >> i thinknk he couould. i t hee has gd vie on what his plansare. >> areou an hones y? >>'m prett host. w wldld likee an "i voted" icker? >> yeah, iwould.d.d. thaha u.u. [ laughter >> i hope@ so. >> did you get an"i vote stickcr?r? >> i did not. thth ran t.t. >> wou yoy like oneow?? >>&i wld lovovone.e. >> great did you votehiss morningn super r r y?y?y? >> did. and what washe polllngng placeelike?? s it busysy , it wasd o ofrmal.pi was surpririd. >> wt surprised you most about vong this morning?>> the weoplpl wer just talkingbout sof the
10:55 pm
i'm going t tbe st yowant me to be really honest? >> yeah. >>dodold. >> okaythank k u smuch for your honesty. >> of course. of course. [ cheers and applause ] >>im: : : :d iotot tttttt o o o. hava grere show.w. music c omiike ssnow. from "the walking dead" ross marquand is here and we'llll righththtk with will for. sosotick a aunun [ chrs and applause ] >>icky: ptitis of "jimmy
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ee and applause ] >> ^welcome backck toni froe qnde" on amc, rs mqnd is hereth bebe eatelty impressions. 's gngoo some for us later tonight. then, their new album comes out frid. it's called "reen miike snow from e samsung stagtonini [ chehrs and applause tomoow night mgafreeman will be with , marth plimpton will be with us, and we'll have music from charles kel and on friday,8f8f tse who mied it, we have an encore aingf our "live after t oscars" special, with beafeck,h*hris rh tracy morgan, nathan l matthew broderick, hen cavill, sse eisenberg,g,
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aliciaikikde and sadly, tt don slithers his wain here. and applae e & that will ired again on friday night at oursualtimeme fifst gst tights a em-n-ninatedctor andnd wri th one of the nnst shows on casee hihiwaergh a ststndpulanana ininthe laststan orbh,"""t sunday nightsfox. pleaea welme will f f e& [ cheefe applause e what a beautiful -- youroht someaks. where did you get these? [ laughterer > uhuan i i ok matters --- >nyn'n'n'ow we h an o on b thisn' that unlilile.would you likononon@ >vovee ono.o.
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start from th [ laughter ] g'inin tota from the boboom.. mm.. actually,ot very good. you so . w wtt to thrheest othth ere,@,,e'e'e'ishho privately later. [ lalaer ] mpmpddo s s syo an i i g/g/g t t s w w littlelcit w wried aboutou because iaw some pictures of you-- well, i havavavav pvre th@aw f yvhahahaha gotot@ m ncerned at t ics' cicee chasn ary. [ [ ught ] ] ] ]thisiispot- i could tell immediaty that this was not a a a kethis isss snhd wiwranythihi le that.>> nf.f. >> jim: thatal, >> s.s(s(s(s( unfortunely,t iseal thing that i- yes. >im: that you didid.dn>>.
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you with ttandsome [ cheeee and applala]xxxuee you treat jen to th hairyy'dn got the bald .xnxn w w is a half jesus. ug ]lelelulu.s.s.] lalahterer thisiss s s s opeoror d d d dth it t`olutulylylo t@ shcw. t lly ay w wee dododo it f f f sw, but it figures in there me j j j: how much couldtt --ondeis.. that's$jajan's( so. an h%h h h h heenn -n f fl eeeee m mikik.anah i i i k k k k k y seseseim && [ ughter ] >> jimmy: how long -- >> it will take someoodpantg. immy::owid youave ththth>>rek >and whahaisime y'rnglp s s s s s se thth >> is not od..laught ] anananeoplpl trereatede y y gh w en n n d tht ard.
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ouououc n tel t tt anytng'g'going on. sosof p p p lolkiki - - - ththt thehe aiaiai. eoereee lking at m mee omtrtt o overr herer it juststststks le a a nmalgly beard. but tn if i would tyrnt all this way, it'sust like this monster coming at you.[ laugerer was aeeesngadadntureeor autut ah.h.h.>>im:ould i imagaged driving wld b b birir yeahah i sehow was a aeee tovovo ps.. )jmy d d youououeeee to goo anythingngmportata and bike that? t t w - -th wor thi waad tgogo too my ddy's das memorial. it's very respectctct lobubuthere'sothihi i c dothey wepe t me.[laer but iriedo stay in theack behind s sfowerer laugerer >> jimmy: well, it was n neef yo t tn that ndion.
11:05 pm
>> jmy: that't' p pttyy c c bz t t t tjust want to say saw thehepith owhi p ynoit i fantastic. lalahtht >> t t tnk you. >> jimmyyouoarar theas man on earth yore n even innhatshow..& >> ah. >> jimmymy but it's so funy. 's so good. thahaha vermumuch.. >immy:now is you show. soltimely youeeesponsible r it>> nono this o we hdedehe ins ovov t j jonsusuikis. >> jim: he did great job. >> hs aminini'i'i'ited foreopl t s he's - - i i don't@ant toayananhi`gut . >>immy: you'rey y crcriv >> a. laughter ] for the mt part. i've got problems. >> jimmy: howoe thatpanifest thesesproblems >> iave pretty -- i d't knknow i wouayikeevere ocd butike clo t severer - - i dot know. it's lili a mediu dobablyny but itike a lotot of checking
11:06 pm
jimiy: oh,real`??>> b bometing t and -- ah >> j j j: : y rept t tngs overndndnd erer&& do y y c c -- >>o--heckngng in orrs..inehow i i isunding s s- y.y.y. --and wiwi t tt pture i is like painting ts very, verir b b --i' a aood gu laughthr ] you , i'm'mormal n som but that't't'- >immy:0wete evods normal innomeewa yiu etffututf thee & owright?t? u don't evevythingng inhe show. [ laughter >>h nynenee arar aututut areredddivivwiththth youc-- &&>>obod is ---& [ apppau ] j: ishathy nobodyy lives wityou? >> i haven't ared thattt- & >>immy do youua t lay down o o o coucm@m a a a a ae n talala- i'll talkou hryryry sideandnn'lll tatk totououu
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aan withtotogeththth 'miceeerson. elyou, i'm'm a aoo@ purson imim::o seeeeeeike nice persrs. u uedf up in any way. and thatas ab a act ti had to tl yus s bt i mesd i'i'i'oioing [ ugugugug >>my a . e g t t-- w 'te ((ke break,e'e'll get spspht- >> c c i ietetet somwatata im:e'll get you somomom tete in @a va and wel be right back with will
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tt2wd*d*bt@qzjt 2w`tkfd* "a@qd tt`tkfd* bm@qamamtt4wkf" " tq =$h tt4w`tkfd*" tq m tt4w`tkfkfd*" gzt& tt`tkfd*hnt& < < 4w`tkfd*" " d 4wkf" jnjn4wd*lzlz ee andppuse >> jimmy:: we'e' back with wil fortr and just want to ge audiencece little bit of insisight because people d d sometimes ask whatata u gs t lk about in e thing we were tking aut ow gat you show is. but t en theheast le the music came bck, we cam back fm coercial, he sa "i havenf th baelhiar." >>'ve been ser busy. eas he surid mey briing farmer chri out.& >> jimmy: yeah.
11:14 pm
he wld liv with youu somebo. laughtou ow,'m gngo kp inny own path@wh happs.but idoat everythi. i'go the a a o o to ready to .. >> jimmy::o on thow if you have't't seeit@ you're n/n/n techcally the last man on rth but we think you are a th begennghen theies starts but y go a ovevethe country andou just live in whateverouse you feel like ving in papa of thth s s akes place en malibu. but you shoot that -- do you oott in malibu? wehoot -- i mean,re are$so bnene ttre imali, the --ll t -- chs s sposey libu in atth anddisnctswoh. >> j: fororhoseho don't kn, ppl w livee in l.a.a. chatswor. s. >>my: jusus give l ltle bit of f description o&w- >> people kw it. eyust don't know they know it. it's a major p pn hub. [ lauger >> jimmy it's number on >> yeah. we are two bckss fromla dildo fpctory callede dreams. >> jmy: made in the usa.
11:15 pm
bacay - -- thother side of it is the porr rch metha leak. ughtht ] so we've really g i coming from bothsibe : aeautiful oftrtrtrtr itlly isis acally, treome veryarther u get un theilndou ys, go tochatsworth. [ ughter ] jimmy: are you wried a aut being aowedac intntn chatsworth? >> what' that? >> jimmy: pipe dreams ie place? oh, i want to ask you about -- speaking of photographs. not great photo. but there's youu and predent inton. when was thisshohograph taken?n? >> i actlly w wtt u2coert aong t te ago with jason sudeikis, and somow he -- c can remembe which o sosohoho sebody kwomodod whas u ua b wit esideniln.n. w s lik-heheed nt p. so w id ah.
11:16 pm
andomehownvited to is post-dinner whe we like got intnt the clintnttorcade. w we notn the withm. away from him. >> jimmy: he didn'n'n'iveou a ride? >> he did.. ininrectly give us a a ride. jimmy: oh you jumped in one -- i see. into their cars. >anyway, this g vy ial. ciuseee to tsdi hut tef nde amallr pa like there arebe like0 ople. i think sean penn was therere and 0 like u2 s showed .. should not h hen there. uger ] but whe get t actl e, i had tpe i and s sehsint intoto h to at the se ti like he walks in front-- lili in frontnt off me. and i'm right behind him. i kind of end up at heame time - there o urin,nd mether are ing behind b both k theneee goe. erer
11:17 pm
fishing uppeeieing. d lik therehioment whereee and t t o oer guy lk atachher li,, who gets the no? [ laug ] dhiser gu the most gentlemanly featev, h jusus dded atme. like go forit >> jimmy: wow. >> soo i got to pee ater the president. >> jim wow. [ chrs a alaus]if werer adodo woue dn amazingy. >> onle e've ep u to andnd taken pretty mor whif [ lalahter ] >imimsooueothaha oc >> i promiseddyselfouldn't getolical tonight.t i'm sorry. [ laughter ] >>immy: will forteeverybody. "the lasas mann earth" sundada nights a :30 on fox. we'll right back with ross marquand.
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11:22 pm
chndndndnd ] >> jimim: s s s s s s scome, m om miikenonoououne is a vevevevetatanted actcte ofofhehehe
11:23 pm
deadad a as suigigs ononon...plpl welelelelelelmamamamamamamamamama chchrs andndnde e e e cacai ofofrrou a a cookokieieie i i looksery y y y y y nice...bububu i t t tnk'm'm'm a aririghghgh j j jw w e you doing? i heard d d is your firststalkk showow >>isis well,,, d d d do a a spanish-language talk sw recentlylyiiasas o speakingng spanishshsh ] ] ananan t t tllermo ththe o. >> jim: : hahahaee with e own? >>yeah. jimmy: how dididou w wd upn that? >> you k kw. yoyo kno the right opop. jimmy: do you hablo espanol? >> [ speaking spanish ]. >> jimmy: soundeddrettyy od. >>mas o memenos. >> jimmy: we've haquite a few cast memrs frome walking dead" on t show. u look very nice. a suit and not covered with filth andblood.
11:24 pm
do tend to find ourselves in tuations where we're stuff. >> jmy: and off the setets well i imagine bececse y y go home and you can't really wash and what'he point o washing it off? da >> is true. tu w wre doing the mid-ason premiere overy birthday over the summer and i to attend.. and we werehooting all night long for two nights in a w, an right nd 7:00 in the morng i lood a t clo and i'm like oh, my god, i hav an 8:15 flight and i'm still just drencd in this stuff, i don't kn if i'm going to mak the flight. an on the ltake our rector looked at us gregg cote and he saidgo i ranthe va tore off my clothes as fast as i could and drove in my street clothes up to e aport sti just covered in blood. ri [ laughter ] d i g toughtsa surprisingly easy which fou aittle disturbing.. [ laughter ] thatas kind of odd. >>immy: nobody stoed you? >> nobody stopped me at ts they were like yep,ooks like he ccks out. that's fine. go ahead. [ lauger ] but when i got to th gate they were shutting the gate. d said oh, no, no, no,
11:25 pm
the flig. 's my buddy'swedding. i was incompreheible. i'd been up for days. i said you've g g throat me ight if i miss the flight i'm going to mis mbud yis wedding please let men the flight. and they said sir, are you okay? are you all right? ani said no it's not my blood. whoa that came out g. it's -- and finly she said i'm going thave to call my supervisor. sought so the supervisor comes from the other end of the terminal five minutes. and i'm just praying, you just closed the door. lete on the flight. she comes over and says si are you ok? yeah. it's not my blood. it's f fe blood. i'm onv show. ist okay if iet on the flight she's like okay, what show are you on? "thealking dead." oh. doou minin if we do a seie? [ laughter ] and i'm li, if i take t selfie lwill you let m on the flight? she's like, yes. >> jimmy: there you go. the selfie paid off. >> th selfie paidoff. [ apause ] >> jimmy: i will tell you that i saw you -- you made annline video. what did you make thatnle video
11:26 pm
>> jimmy: for "vanity fair." and it so unbelievably good >> thank you. >> jim: you do all these different impersonations. mo than any -- i think anyon i've evereen do. and they're so excellent. and i was thinking it would be n fun fun, the academy awards were sunday night. i'll give you aame and you give a quick acceptae speech fo each pern that i name. it's a challenge. buyo fl up to it? >> sure. >> jimmy: i don't wt to put you in a difficu posion. [ cheers and applause ] wee got a thing othere. we he a list. ross rquand. congratulations, ross. the oar goes to matthew mcconaughey. >> ll, i tell you what. i mean, this isust -- this is something else. this is stellar. this is, uh --his is
11:27 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: john c. illy. wow. this is - this is -- this is kind of special. extra special. i an, this is le superup extra special with sauce [ cheers and applause ] >>immy: nobody does that one. antonio banderas.p >> okay. ss in boots was a lar of love. [ laught ] >>immy: this is a classic. everyone has their version of this one. christopher walken. >> oh, christopher -- hello. oscar. you're beautiful. the way you glisten makes me aroused. [ cheers and applause ] >> jmy: he's a guyho does a lot of impssions himself. kevin spacey. >>oh,h k kevin spey. surev suru.i w i cld say that i as rprised by this but ce on.
11:28 pm
[ cheers a alaus] jmy: do you donyf matt damon? >> matmo i don'to his voice b b i d o like aicro@ imprsion 'sust always trying o rerain a smi@ee it seemss like. he's always -- he's doinghe -- you kn, he's just li -- [ applause ] >> jimmy: yeah. iov it. it's specif. jimmy:t's te@r@rle,e rightk it terrirle. he's trrible. he'e t tst. uger >> jimmy: justin timberlake. >> i was like totally in the bathjm. [ applause i' sorry. did win this for besest aorr@ st song? i actually don'tw. eersnd applause ] jimimjmalalt. gary sese@ > ok pineapples. qu.. gojiereres.. floating aroununin space. [ applause
11:29 pm
lveste allone >> ah..i ,, didjdtwin, you al? ght thias supposod to be t comeback story of the year. i mean, i gotcked out byy markylcece i?veve evenea of the gu n.[ eers and`dpplausus jmy: cain caine(oh, sure.. wher areynonono .i think i must ve left them in the rolls-royce. j j j::momore. stian n lelelele > chrtile...... ay. stst, t tre a a sna peopleethat'd leothank. first -- aryoutag o ayusic? inin m m me e my speeee, te?? e you [ bleep ] joking, mate?are e u u riouou ,, no,o,ono, no you and, we'e' dononon& professiallylymatete solututye.e. n't believe it. [ [ [ applausus] >> jijijij ros marqua. watch him on "the walking dead"
11:30 pm a a appppuse ] > a ancer: the "jimmkimmel live" concert seriri is prested by samsung. . the battle of the bururrs, one madede " "claratioioof decious"s" ..ack. he set for, ard withtillery no one saw coming.
11:31 pm
ananamerera ate ititp. true story. we'rmaki eveve burger bebeer, likehe n double jack.
11:32 pm
announcnc: the jimmy kimmel lioncert series is presented s ssungng >> jimmy: our ks to o ll fortrt ththks to rosos uand. ologies to matt damon. wewewe out oftime. "threeeeee it comes outn friday. here with thng"genghgh khan," miike snow! [ cheers andpplause ] i know there's no fm
11:33 pm
to this thing keep and dip in when we need a a ion't he ththright to ask where you g gat nigig to think sosoone's in youbed i get a lite bit genghis khan i don't want you to get it on with nobody else t me ooh with nobody else but me i getite bit genghis khan don't want you to get it on with nobody else e t me oo with nobody else but me e and the lights theyw like just lost the world war and the scene slips away to the
11:34 pm
free 'cae i'm selfish - i'm obscene i get a little bit genghis khan don't want you toget itn with nobody else but me ooh with nobody else but me i get a little bit nghikhan don't want you t get it on with body elsbut me ooh with nobody else but me ooh i wanna make up my min but i don't know melf i don't know myself ooh i wanna make up my mind but i dot know myself ooh
11:35 pm
but i don't know myself i d't know myself get a little bit genghis khan n't t you to get it on with body elsbut me ooh with nobody else but me i get a little bit genghis khandon'want you to get it on with nobody else but me h with nody else but me d, doo, doo, doo do doo,oodoo, d, doo, doo
11:36 pm
[ cheers and applause ] [ [ eeeeeend applalae ] >> annncer: this is a special edition of "nightline," "super esday.y. >> tonight,he super tuesday showdown. hiarar clinton and donald t trump
11:37 pm
now on a liky clisionourseininheovemberelecons. >> getim out of here plse. >> but will theepublican party unite bind theirontrersial front-runner, or is it a fight l the way to a a contested cocoention? senato bernie sanders holding strong on his home turf. >> it is good to bhome! >p> but i is this d degate t tmimimi foro h h hlalalant enoughhh keep sanders down? >> if you don't want to see donald tmp - > andnd cruz lach anor to keep trump from the nomination >> this special editionon of "nightline,"uper t taywill


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