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tv   Today  NBC  January 4, 2016 10:00am-11:00am PST

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lee enjoys a little extra vacation. we hope you have had a good brd this is "lush life" by sara larson. >> i like i i can't wait to hear about the bush/hagarer family christmas and firse the "desperate housewife" e eva longoria is here, and she is starring in "telenovela", and," and she has a little lucy ball ge i starring in a spanish show and she doesn't speak spanish. we will talk to her about the new show. resolution is to lose weight, and what about this for motivation, a couple who lost more than 350 pounds combined. they will share their secrets. >> and look at who sis in the dressing room? al roker. his lovely wife deborah and he is
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it is a jpeg. >> there has to be another news site. >> deborah works for abc. it is fine. i'm sure. and we have one of the catching up with the stars and rob shoe ta it sis -- it is a big day for miranda lambert. >> yes, she has a new man. >> and what about the sites that you have. >> yes, the instagram, and we went texas, and that not texas, but that is okay. we went to texas first and then to florida. >> by the way, is that a selfie? >> yes, it is selfie. and your husband took it? >> yes, because my husband has really long arm, and he is 6'4". >> and even is looking right on. >> and we have a tradition that we started together to go on a sunrise golf cart rise or the hike or whatever to watch the
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>> everybody get up quickly or no? >> i, myself, was not up the quicke on christmas eve, and we did a little service by our ranch in texas where henry and i got married, and my dad and we sang christmas songs and it is so hilarious, because mela is not used to the traditional songs, and she was yelling rudolph. >> like which ones? >>" is lent night." >> and do you go all out? >> no, and mela did get an easel so she could learn how to paint. >> and do you dress them up? >> yes, because they are doll babies. >> and mela kept saying, poppy, what do you want for chris pas? and -- christmas. and they have a little video.
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you be poppy. >> okay. >> what do you want for christmas, poppy? what do you want, baby? >> is that what she did to your granddad? >> no, to the baby. so it was great. and yours? >> i went to my mom and my sister to the bahamas, because nothing sa chr le the bahamas. and we had a great time, and you know who we saw there? sh >> i know from the instagram. >> magic johnson! and we kept tweeting, ho, ho, ho it is magic! like, get it >> yes, i get it. >> he is there with my mom and my sister who wants the to keep the picture. forever forever. and he is so nice an a great, great time. and so we did that, and al and i did the rose parade. >> ewe were watching you. >> flora and fauna were all over, and it was a great -- and al is such fun.
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deborah had a new year's eve at 9:00 at the -- >> i love that. >> and we had a great time t i in the hotel room before we left. >> he is so cute. right? >> and somebody said, he looks like he should be on a coin. which i loved. >> u you see, that is is a gold coin. >> yes, a gold coin. okay. it is new year's resolution time. >> and one of my favorite things is that have you kept your new year's resolution? >> since i can't remember them, so i didn't. most of them are the same ones like get organized and stop beine c say that you vhave not kept that. >> and that is thr. what did you have? >> and i went to texas over the holidays and my favorite thing is to go through the childhood bedroom and find my old love let letters. >> and you have all oft was taken there. and so one of the stuff that i
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that she found it four years before and this diary is like t first year of 1991 it looks like. so i was 10 years old, and the first thing and i know you can't read it. dear diary, happeny new year. the first thing i wanted to dos four pound ss, and by the way i spelled it l-o-e-s, so i needed to take up spelling. >> how old? >> 10 or 11. >> and you wanted four pounds. >> yes, and it broke md why four? who thought that four was a good number, but that it had been on the since i was 10 years old. i have have a mom that is not doesn't talk about diets or anythi where where did you get that some. >> i don't know. >> m friends. >> or subconsciously, and so i real iz d realized that tt is not going to be on my list and it has been on in some form or another in my list for 25 years.
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list, because i took a cycle, soul cycle with jenna, and i was not interested, but look at this. nt little bit. >> that is missy elliott singing. that is from the soul cycle on 54th and you go into the class and crank up the music to loud that you can't hear, and turn down the lights so you can't see. it is perfect. you are like al al and one of the things of the study of how music motivates and soul cycle is so awesome, but if you don't have one, turn the lights out in crank up the music and dance around with the kids. and if the your husb you, but mine is like, what? >> he doesn't? >> well, last night i made him. >>ug that today was going to be at the gym and today
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>> it doesmbe resolution is losing weight and 25% hoping to lose 40 or more. >> and the common ones are to save more money, and shop less and eat more in home instead of go going out for meals, and making sense. so if you are in the dating world, and they said that last night single people were signing on like never before, and it must be the super bowl of dating. >> yes. and you reset ta that this is the year thayo meet somebody. >> somebody said that you is have to visualize and i know it is funny, because i remember when i was looking to meet somebody. >> single. >> and they said to write down the three traits that you are looking for in someone. i remember i wrote them down whatever they were and i folded them up, and i smushed then a little box, and they are still in the box. >> and does joel meet all three of those? >> i don't remember what i wrote down at the time, but it is one of t i will open it up and see that everything is
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sometimes you say, i want to meet someone nice or cute. but f t a lot of details about the height and the weight and that junk. >> and you can't get too in my opinion the details of the first meeting. first of all, henry and i'm in love with him and we have been together for 11 years, but if i had met him a year earlier, i would have thought that i didn't want it a year ago, but he is for a lifelong partner and smart and solid. i also think that knowing it is i alw told my friends that are single, know it is going to happen, and visualize it. >> i toteally will agree with you. this is nicknat date of matching of all year. and so, the there were major
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dating signs. >> and yosuf -- has he found somebody? >> well, no, but girls were clicking and clacking on to the site. a the time to meet somebody. >> that is because they have broke broken up over to the holidays. look at that! it is eva. >> and who is cooking something? >> we watched it last night and you were so funny in this thing. >> it is my fellow, texan. >> yes, i love this girl. >> we are cousins, right, sonia. >> who is your cousin? >> her friend worked in the white house. >> and yes, she knew my mom. >> and so we rare all cousins there. >> and teresa giudice. >> has it changed? >> well, she was released from
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photo that she toohe e does, -- kiddos, and they wished for all of the followers a happy new year, and her husband joe is supposed to be going to prison soon. and on that note. and lee na -- leena dunham posted this selfie and said not her natural habitat, but she is trying her darnedest. >> she always talks about the positive body image. and she said my relationship with my body is konconstantly evolving, and you to mova little to be looking like the person you want to b. and so she does not have to be perfect or trying to happy with who she is, because i will tell you. >> and when there is a confidence lat it. and kids, don't miss the favorite things, because they r are coming up later. >> and it is all catch u
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she is the award winning actress and producer and has skyrocket ed skyroc"d housewives." >> and she is now going to make her return to primetime in the new show "telenovela" and she plays a soap star. >> you is have to understand that it is the first day since your divorce. >> it you are not nervous. >> and if it were a date, i would be nervous, but james should be nervous, because he has to deal with all of this. okay okay. maybe not all of th. the reviews
10:14 am
fu us about the character in this. >> it is so fun. i play anna sophia who is a spanish soap star who doesn't speak spanish. >> of course, why wouldn't she? >> and that is the story of my life, i grew up in texas not speaking spanish, and being a fish out of water in my own culture. t she is trying to navigate the world of the workplace comedy and the ex-huzsbandband comes back, and her best friend is on the edge, and it is very lucy and ethyl. >> you are so slapstick. i didn't know that was in you. >> were you like the class clown that made everybody laugh? >> yes, because i was the ugly duckling. i blos somd verysomed very late. and my family used to call me the ugly black one, and my
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green eye, and i was like, hey? so i was always funny. okay, i won't be pretty, so i the funny one and then i got to do it, and the chance to do both. >> yes. >> hello. >> with the "telenovela" where they do this thing with the wind machine. and let's see it first. >> more wind. >> every -- >> it sis very beyonce. >> yes, yes. >> and so we brought a turbo fan. >> okay. it is on you first. >> show us how. >> and you have it. >> and you is have to move the hair and push it fuller, and there you go. >> more wind, more wind. okay. you try it. >> pointing it over to us. >> my hair does not move. >>irsn a convertible. [ laughter ]
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>> now why would we do that at t the beginning, you guys? >> i know. e the one who -- i am sorry. can we talk about the engagement? >> yes, i am engaged. >> that picture is divine. >> yes, this ring. >> and look at that. >> yes. >> my word! >> thank y wow. yes. >> you are in love. >> yes, and in love and great and he is amazing. >> and you said that these are words not mine. >> what did i say? >> you said when you met him once, and then you re-met him, it was like the cliche of the angels singing and the birds singing. >> was it like this? >> yes, a little bit like that. >> and not so dramatic of the music, but, yes. >> and what was the music? >> in my head, it was like, ah! and so i did meet him in mexico at one moment, and then about
10:17 am
and my friend said, that is the meet six months ago. so, yeah. >> and that picture was so romantic in dubai. >> you could not, not take a romantic photo in the lighting and the dubai air. >> and his hair. >> and i like the long hair on a man. >> it is curly and very italian there. >> and so we are so excited for you. >> we could talk all day. >> and "telenovela" premiers tonight at 8:30 a 7:30 central. >> you know what we will be doin and also, al roekker is going to be candid about hi and e mistakes that he has made. >> he doesn't make mistakes. >> and we are going to be the flu virus hits big. with aches, chills, and fever, there's no such thing as a little flu. and it needs a big solution: an antiviral. so when the flu hits, call your doctor right away
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spin the globe, and today it is land ing landing in mont bella, new york. >> and that is where moreen and her daughter deidre is joining us. hi, guys. >> happeny new year. >> it is so exciting. right. moreen, tell everyone why you were chosen. two years ago, her husband passed away and for 27 years she and her husband l travel and explore new places. >> she is the proud mom of two daughters and the favorite segmentsw and ambush makeover, and she loves the watch the show with fiona and she los and admires kathie lee's strength, and she tries to emulate it. >> okay. moreen, i love that, and let's make it a great new year for you, and let's put the fandom trivia to you. and you have one minute to m gues are ready? >>er all right. gang, almost every week we honor our viewers with this "fan of
10:21 am
"fan of the week" happen on mondays only or mondays and wednesdays or monda and friday? i know it is not easy, but we don't like to do it too often >> not too often. >> mondays only. >> yes! >> you have won the fabulous resort vacation where you and a e guest will go to san antonio, texas, and stay at a butteeautiful hotel. >> you will take ari and airfare and trip is included. >> are you taking the sweet da yes. >> awesome. thank you, moreen and deidre, and thank you for watching. >> happy new year. >> thank you. big news from miranda lambert, and a couple of celebrity engage mentments to tell you about man who has been
10:22 am
>> and look at him. >> and he is sharing interesting stories, aren't you shgs, al? >> yes, i am. >> and it ft mmmm mmmmm mmmm (laughter) mmmm, mmm, mmm mmmm, mmm mmm, mmm!
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it is funday monday and jenna bush hagar is in for kathie lee and making appearance in our hour is weatherman al ro that is because you lock ded the door. >> and he has be to deb bororah roberts, and they have wri a very revealing book about their life and marriage and they are holding nothing back. >> it is called "been there,
10:25 am
of marriage, they don't agree on everything, and especially when it comes to the kids. take a look. >> moms tend to be more helicopter. they are hovering. >> if my daughter is having a problem with a friend at to ju in and help sort it out. >> and i think that you have to have a dad's hands off approach. >> i want to have cupcakes and talk it over, pu al's approach is to let it be, and it will be fine. >> let them take chances and risk s risks. >> soym a more involve a lot more standoffish when it comes to metdaling in their lives. >> somehow her's sounds more positive. >> hello, al. and we get to watch you parent in real time when i had dinner with you, and i know you have
10:26 am
a ton of patience when it come comes to the kids. >> yes, and yo let them do what they need to. >> and why do you call her a helicopter? >> and not generalizing e here, but moms do that and they nt to make s that everyth is okay, and make it work and make sure it is done, and the dads are like, eh. >> and moms worry more. i feel like i worry more. also in the marriage, you have a t wo thinking about marriage as well, right? she wants you to text, and you'd like to talk. >> i like to talk. k up the phone and have a convo. >> my dad growing up, and this is before cell phones, and between the runs he would call home and call isabel and say, how are you? and deborah is like, i'm working. leave me alone. text me. i don't like text inging. >> it was never better t calls was, i guess shown more than with your
10:27 am
what happened with that. >> the poor thing. >> poor courtney. >> well, s is in a committed relationship with a young man, and very nice young man, and i got a tex thet from him, this guy, saying that he wanted to talk to me about them moving in together. >> and in the text, it said -- >> can we move in together. >> and he said, mr. roker, and he is very respectable about courtney and i moving into each other, and i texted back, dude, that is a phone call. call me. >> and did he call you immediately? courtney, and asked if he was a dead man and what is going on here a lovely young man and they are not together, and not living together right now. >> but they may. >> may. >> and are you stricter when it comes tha wh the dating world. >> i am a little bit
10:28 am
hand, there are other things that i'm more free about. like, lee la schools, and from middle school to high school and she had the private school, and she wanted to go to the public school in new york city. deborah was against it, and i was for it, and if you are happy and get what you need, then i say go for it. >> and we should point out that each chapter is written from your perspective and one from deb bor rand the same thing, and how differently you see the world. >> yes, it is the mars and venus type of thing, and different points of view, but at the end of the day, we come to the same conclusion, but we get there differently. one of my favorite lines of parents was from roseanne barr, at the end of the day, if they are fed and asleep and no internal bleeding, i have done my job. >> i like it. it works. >> and al, we want to wish you the best of oluck with this y readi it
10:29 am
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which motivates these bikers to pedal faster, and inspires ted to land that front-side ollie. which delights everyone, including pepper's twins with jimmy dean delights, good mornings lead to great days. shine on. if you missed all of the hollywood headlines over to the break, we will get you caught up in today's buzz. >> and here to get you up to speed with all of the scoop the that you need, and i was a poe et and didn't know it. >> editor of the hollywood gossip column rob shuta. >> and so manda lambert. >> yes, and we all felt bad for her, and s
10:33 am
stefani, and finally now she has put out a picture with anderson east, and she put this out, and the caption said that the snug is real. i like this, because i think that a lot of people would think that she might be doing this to get back or to get pubot nashville. >> and so cute. >> and on the first ever solo headline tour, and he is on the way up, and i listened to some of the music, and he is the real thing. >> and so she doesn't seem like the type that would pose. yes, and we would like to make more of this than there is. >> he is her boyfriend. >> and loving and a they are putting it out so no more papa raurazzi chasing them. >> and a couple engagements, an hoda was not one of them. and we did look at the ring finger wow. >> what happened?
10:34 am
all right. so we heard that there were some auk awk engagement ss. >> yes, from "pitch perfect "" and they put out a fantastic picture, and it is that time of the year when everybody is gettin hoda. >> and speaking of the engage engagements, the newest voice jordasmith. i love this guy. and this guy, he lets us into his life on med much so that over the holidays he propose edd to the girlfriend and there t a picture with the ring, and now at lot of people think that when you win the voice or become a big star, you find new friends and new girlfriends, and
10:35 am
he has been with her for three years, and they are now engaged. >> and he has such a beautiful face. v for him. forget it! >> and that duet. >> forget it? and justin bieber was spotted having a little makeout session with haley baldwin. >> and not only spotted, but he wanted to see us spot him, because he posted it on the instagram with haley, and many people think it is alec baldwin's daugthter, but it is not. it is his niece, and it sis in st. bart's canoodling away. and he put no caption there. >> and he did a video where they gave each other a wet willie, and you know, when you put the fing
10:36 am
>> and how about kendall jenner and st. bart's. >> yes, and she is there with harry, and yes, there is ellen and porsche who came to visit on the private yacht, and these have not confirmed to put any picture s ton pictures on the social together. bart t year. >> and pip papa middleton was there. >> and with who? >> and with her brother. and kate was with the queen. and look at pippa, the front one, and the brother with the long beard. and kigood. >> she always looks beautiful. >> and the car with the roof that comes off, and it looks lovely. >> we are so crazy. >> and the husband and the wife made a pact to get fit. >> and now they are running marath dropped more than to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day,
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are you feeling a a little bit slug hgish after that holiday overindulgence? >> i am a. so if you need inspiration to get moving and lose weight, we are going to meet a couple in the joy fit club. >> and yes, they put it in action and together they lost over 380 pound, and here to shar the story is the leader of the joy fit club, joy bauer. >> this is the total inspiration, and this is a total power couple, and almost 400 pounds down. >> how is that possible? tell us about them. >> angela gillis is 34 years old. and the thing with her, she never thought about her weight, and ate all of the huge foods in quantities, and by the time it came to her wedding day, she was 350 pounds. and the flip side, this is
10:41 am
about what he put into his mouth weit climbed exponentially and on their wedding day, he weighed just under 500 pounds. here is the heartwarming part of the story. the couple the eve before the first anniversary, they made a get fit pact, and they decided together to they were going to change their future. they went to the gym together. at first, it was five minutes on the treadmill and started to google healthy are recipes and fueled each other's success. and so what i want to do, because they are really into i want to tell you, that you stay offthere, and we made a -- they do a lot of marathons, and so we have created a fake marathons. and marathons and ultra marathon, and you cannot imagine how fit this uple is. >> all right. are you ready out to meet them? what! >> wow! >> amazing!
10:42 am
you are looking amazing. >> wait a minute. how many marathons have you run, an gel la? >> h 31. >> she is going for 50 mar 50 states. >> yeah, i'm on this quest to run all 50 state, and i was going to do in three year, and then i got a little less motivated about it, but then this years, i ran with teen hope and kids in the chicago marathon, and that reenergized me, so i am looking forward to a good year. >> a lot of people get up this morning, and they want to start losing weight, but they cannot st day. think back to the year anniversary when you thought that it was a mountain that you could not climb. wh you motivate each other? >> we took small steps. >> what was the first step? >> track the food. >> track your food? >> yes. >> you wrote it down? >> everything. it, we tracked it. >> so you wrote it down, and
10:43 am
>> making an appointment to go to the gym everyday. >> i tell them about also, here is a huge step that you took, because this is huge. they were drinking collectively each day eight liters of soda, and that is the equivalent of 18 glazed doughnuts. and tell us how you nixed that? >> it is the first thing to go. and it is ve har to drink my calories because of that, and so i don't do it. >> what has it done for y'all's marriage, and i have heard that it is good for couples to workout together we have grown closer, because we are the biggest support system, and good days or bad days, we had each other, because we understood what is going on, and us to a -- it has grown the friendship, and let's just saythat. and congratulation, and everything with that. and we have to congratulate another young lady who is turning 21 today. joy bauer's daughter who happens
10:44 am
>> she is looking like a chip off of the old block. >> how can i have a 21-year-old. >> enjoy swi overer here. >> yes. >> and thank you, hon. if you need some inspiration to lose some weight, go to to get some tips from our joy fit club members who have lost collectively 3,000
10:45 am
>> and we will be right back, >> it is time to share our favorite things. jenna, what do you have? >> this is a product and i just move and two little kids, and this is called chateau spill. >> is it for stains? >> yes. >> and jenna has more spills than i do. >> and it works with red wine, and you know i am too nervous to pour it.
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forming on clothes and rugs and everything else. >> you spray it on it and then clean it up? >> yes. chateau spill. >> and you know my little girl leah still, and she was diagnosed with cancer in 2014 and the very last treatment is coming up on the 8th wanted to show the picture, because she said to me wh i spoke to her, and she said, hoda, it is almost time fo no more cancer. and this is it, and we want to give leeah a big, big kiss >> right at the finish line. >> right there. and this is the last en the ter to be-- to enter to be a guest on my sirius xm show, and go to >> can i enter? >> yes, but you won't win, but
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and tomorrow, we will have kirstie alley. >> and we will also have something cooking up for you. and cheyenne jackson is going
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and we will see >> judge judy: oh, so you got beat up pretty severely. >> announcer: anatomy of a bar brawl. >> i could tell that he was, you know, belligerent. when he gets on the whiskey, i've always avoided him. >> announcer: was he too loaded to know better? >> and i said, "travis, we all love you here, but please quit." he made a fist and -- and cocked back. and when he did, i just hit him out of, you know, out of instinct. >> judge judy: the co-owner of the bar... >> yes. >> judge judy: --said that you got what was coming to you. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of
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