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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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the jewel thief who allegedly stole millions was finally captured. much more, including the world's biggest jackpot. "early today" starts right now. good morning, everyone. we start with breaking news on this monday. legendary musician david bowie died at the age of 69. the news confirmed by his business manager. bowie had been battling cancer for the past year and a half. his most recent album, the 47th of his historic career, called "black star" was released on his birthday this past friday. he was among the innovators and show men of rock and roll. he'd like to come and meet us but thinks he'd blow our minds >> he was an artist as much as a musician, with character
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under that persona, bowie released a smash album "young americans," which gave him his first u.s. number one hit "fame." overnight, his son posted this photo to facebook. adding, very sorry and sad to say it's true. i'll be offline for a while. love to all. british prime minister david cameron tweeted, i grew up listening to and watching the pop genius, david bowie. he was the master of reinvention who kept getting it right. huge loss. david bowie, dead at 69. it was the golden night at the beverly hilton, and here on nbc, as the stars of tv and film turned out for the 73rd annual golden globes. on the red carpet, jennifer lopez sparkled in 200 carats of diamonds diamonds. inside, host ricky gervais kept everyone on toes. even sharing a bleep-filled chat with mel gibson.
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to beverly hills. >> "the revenant." >> reporter: the revenge epic was a revelation at the golden globes. three major wins, including best drama, best director and best actor for leonardo dicaprio. >> this film was about survival. it was about adaptation. >> reporter: honors for best actress went to brie larson. >> i can't believe this. >> reporter: for the hostage drama, "room." martian." best musical and comedy and best actor for matt damon. >> i know how lucky i am. >> reporter: jennifer lawrence spoke to her frequent detectiver, david o. russell, after winning for their collaboration "joy." >> i want to work again together. i do. >> reporter: henson passed out
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best actress for "empire." jon hamm took home best actor. "mr. robot" got best drama. "mozart in the jungle," best comedy and best actor. >> this is a surprise. >> reporter: rachel bloom was surprised, too, winning for crazy ex-girlfriend. the night's highlights included a standing ovation for sylvester stallone's first globe. best supporting actor for "creed." >> i want to thank my imaginary friend rocky balboa for being the best friend i ever had. >> reporter: a golden moment on a golden night. nbc news, beverly hills. >> long overdue for sly. mexico has formally begun the process of extraditing drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman to the u.s.
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a bizarre hollywood script. gabe gutierrez explains. >> reporter: the mexican law enforcement official tells nbc news that mexican authorities want to speak with sean penn and mexican soap opera star kate del castillo about their secret trip to meet drug boss guzman. it's believed to be his first interview in decades. the article published by "rolling stone" magazine overnight. guzman admitted that drugs destroy, but said that unfortunately, where he grew up, there was no other way to survive. asked if he was prone to violence, guzman said, all he does is defend himself. guzman only agreed to take the questions, penn writes, after a previous seven hour, face-to-face meeting, days before a failed october raid. according to penn, this picture authenticates that meeting. in the rest of the interview conducted by blackberry
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saying, i supply more heroin,methamphetamine than anyone else in the world. on friday, the attorney general said guzman's desire to make a movie about himself and interaction with producers and actors eventually led to his arrest. another mexican authority confirms investigators were able to learn details about el chapo's whereabouts from intercepted phone calls from del castillo and penn. >> the mexican authorities want to identify as many people closely associated with el chapo as they can. >> reporter: trusted source tells npbc news that authorities were aware that penn and castillo was aware they were in to meet el chapo. when the raid took place, el chapo and his security team escaped. it wasn't until three months later that the mexican navy
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bloody shoot out sinaloa. this was the tunnel where guzman made a last-ditch effort to try to escape. we reached out to castillo and penn. many want them to face charges for not alerting authorities about their meeting, with one of the most wanted criminals in the world. >> that was gabe gutierrez reporting. the iowa caucuses are three weeks from today. candidates are making their final pitches in the early voting states. it is tight. the top pair of republicans are in a statistical dead heat in the hawkeye state, while their counterparts are neck and neck themselves. edward lawrence is in washington for us. edward, with so much on the line here, what can we expect from this week's republican debate? >> you can expect some republican candidates to take some shock s some shots, try to get noticed. as you showed, the new poll shows both the democratic and republican front runners are in a dead heat.
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the presidential race for the white house. hillary clinton picked up a key endorsement from former congresswoman g grielle giffords and her astronaut husband. they say she's the only one who can stand up to the gun laws. >> it's the only laws we've given, do whatever you want to do with no fear of legal consequences. >> reporter: bernie sanders says he can be tough on gun manufacturers. >> when gun manufacturers, for example, are selling guns into an area and know those guns are going into the hands of criminals, absolutely, those gun manufacturers should be held accountable. >> reporter: a new nbc news/wall street journal -- mari arksjournal/marist poll. clinton slightly needs sanders. cruz has a lead over donald trump. trump took aim at cruz's eligibility to be president
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>> from ted's standpoint and the party's standpoint, he has to solve this problem. the democrats will sue him if he's the nominee. >> reporter: cruz believes the matter is settled. >> ted cruz was born to an american mother in canada, and that's the reason he thinks that he is constitutionally eligible to be president. reporting in washington, back to you. >> edward, thank you. one woman's alleged nine-month, multi-million dollar crime spree has come to an end. the fbi arrested 24-year-old abigail lee kemp, seen here in this mug shot from 2012. she was wanted in connection with at least six jewelry store heists in the southeast. most recently, last monday in north carolina. she made little attempt to hide her identity. surveillance footage shows her wearing gloves but no other disguise. in total, kemp is accused of stealing $4 million worth of jewelry. she's expected to make her first court appearance later today.
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didn't win saturday's powerball drawing. no one did. it is now the largest jackpot in world history. the prize is now at an unbelievable $1.3 billion and growing, after being rolled over a whopping 20 times since november 4th. the jackpot is now more than twice as large as the previous record holder for biggest u.s. lotto prize. if you thought a prize would reach $1 billion, well, they're not equipped to show out a payout that big. the next drawing is on wednesday, 11:00 p.m. eastern. parts of ohio are under various levels of a snow emergency after getting their first major snowfall of 2016. the weather is causing slippery road conditions and has forced officials to delay openings at several schools. bill karins, i thought we were
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i did buy one ticket. >> do you normally? >> i don't normally. >> you wanted to be part of the conversation? >> well, to win. i'd like to win. hello. >> you weren't doing it to be part of the game? >> you've got to pick one up. >> we'll see. let's talk about these temperatures. it has been cold and snowy in the great lakes. it continues this morning. wind chill in indianapolis is at 19. that's the big weather story across the country now. there's a good deal of snow coming off of lake erie and lake ontario, too. the snowfall, two to three feet possible in the higher elevations. the east side, the wind will be west to east. we're getting a break on the west coast and california. we'll see light precipitation today, especially as we go up into the costal areas in the northwest. as we go through the end of the week, that's when it'll get active. typical january pattern, pretty quiet. midweek, we watch the storm moving on shore, more rain.
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significant rainfall, especially costal areas of california. we'll get a couple snow areas around salt lake city. more snow in the great lakes. temperature wise, we're below average in the eastern half of the country. we're seasonal in the west. that's your national weather. here's a closer look at your day ahead. today, it's been a rainy winter so far in many areas of arizona. today is a break from that. lots of sunshine. cool by phoenix standard highs, only the low 60s. shour showers in northern california, but primearily, a dry day. the next significant storm for california will be the end of the week. >> as bad as last week? >> no. >> thank you so much. you have a threat score police may be monitoring. plus, tonya couch prepares to face a texas judge today. details next.
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tonya couch, the mom of the so-called affluenza teen, will face a texas court today. she's charged with hindering apprehension of a felon by helping her son ethan escape to mexico after missing a meeting with his probation officer. she had reportedly withdrawn $30,000 and told her husband that he would never see their son ever again. mitch mcconnell said he had no plans to call on a vote to give president obama new war powers to fight isis. >> authorization for the use of military force ties the president's hands behind his back. it's not something i would want to do to a new president who is going to have to clean up this mess. >> president obama proposed a three-year authorization to expand the fight against isis beyond u.s. borders. the "washington post" is reporting there is a new way
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by calculating their threat score. similar to how banks run credit reports, police departments are taking data, including arrests and social media come up with a threat level, green, yellow and red. ahead, the nfl season started with 32 teams. this morning, just 8 remain. sorry, vikings fans, this wasn't a nightmare. it actually happened. the moment certain victory
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all right, we're going to get to sports. heartbreak for the home team. first in minnesota, minus 6 degrees, but check out 88-year-old bud graham, the former vikings head coach. headed out of the coin toss wearing short sleeves in what's believed to be the third coldest nfl game on record. it was grinded out football. blair walsh providing all the scoring for minnesota. hitting a 47 yarder, putting minnesota up, 9-0, in the fourth quarter. seahawks battle back with this pass from russell wilson to doug wauld win baldwin, first points of the day for seattle. with the season on the line.
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and the kick is no good! wow. go figure. >> unbelievable. kick no good here. seattle heads to carolina next week to take on the panthers. to maryland, where the redskins gave aaron rodgers a washington welcome in the form of a safety in the opening minutes. then kirk cousins drops back, hits jordan reed for a touchdown, and an 11 point lead. with this pitch to james stark, touchdown. good. green bay will face off against arizona on saturday. just ahead, we'll give you a glimpse at the hottest new cars at the detroit auto show. plus, the most buzz-worthy
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weekend in wide release. comedy "daddy's home" earned third place, $15 million. one of the most buzz-worthy moments of last night's golden globes. lady gaga won best actress in a limited series. on her way to the stage, she bumped into leonardo dicaprio, whose reaction has been blazing around the internet. was that a side eye, leo? eva longoria and america ferrera had fun with a gaffe at the nomination announcement, as america was identified as gina rodriguez rodriguez. >> i'm eva longoria, not evan mendez. >> i'm america ferrera, not gina rodriguez. >> well said, selma.
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we have a glimpse of what your trip may took and sound like in the not too distant future. jay gray is live at the detroit auto show. how lucky are you, jay, to be there? this is the car show to watch. >> what a sacrifice, here amongst all these vehicles. it is a terrific show. it is every year and, look,
4:55 am
from inside the new cadillac. there's a look at the interior. if it has four wheels, you'll be able to find it in detroit, from muscle cars to mini vans to compacts to concepts. this year, connected cars, as well. >> reporter: the detroit auto show opens this morning with a display of horsepower and, this year, high tech. >> all the technology in the car is the biggest buzz in our industry right now. >> reporter: from autonomous driving to electric and even connected cars. >> think of everything you know and love about your smartphone, and it integrates all that technology and efficiency into the vehicle. right in front of your eyes. >> reporter: and ears. >> changing lanes. >> reporter: a trip in a talking car may not be that far away. cameras and software being tested right now would allow a vehicle to communicate with the driver, other cars on the road, stoplights to get real time traffic information, and even smartphones of pedestrians along the route. >> the opportunity to get the
4:56 am
car is there, before anybody is put in danger, it would be incredible improvement in safety. >> reporter: while there's plenty of tech talk, make no mistake, there's a need for speed, which is why blf will unveil the force one. >> 640 horsepower corvette drive train, with six speed automatic transmission and, thus, are creating an american super sedan to rival the best of europe, but made in the detroit area. >> reporter: an area, an industry, ramped up and ready to roll. >> just about every car you can find here. i got a chance to sneak around before the doors opened, and i think i found a few things you might be interested in. there was the ferrari that's new, just over $200,000. the new turbo poorrsche and an electric mini van. i couldn't decide what would be best for you.
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>> i want to see more of the interior of the cadillac, jay. >> it's a beautiful car. >> beautiful. have fun and enjoy your day. thank you. >> thanks. keep it right here for more news, weather and sports. thanks for watching "early
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have a great monday.3 in session but pine middle school students are still out... we'll have an update coming up... 3 ((we're going to make our country safe again, we're going to kick the bleep out of isis quickly. ))(samantha)3 >> >> plus.. presidential hopeful donald trump made a stop in reno this weekend.. and news 4 was there. we
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3 (bill)>> and... the passing of


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