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tv   Today  NBC  January 11, 2016 7:00am-10:00am PST

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artist of his time. under fire, mexican authorities want to talk to sean pen about his secret meeting with el el chopo. could the oscar winning actor be in trouble? golden night. winning big at the golden globe. >> what an incredible honor. that meant a lot. when people go see movies, it's kind of rare. i've made a lot of movies people didn't go see. >> and the return of ricky. >> amazing talent, most of you. a few of you just married well. >> we have it all covered from the red carpet to the winners backstage. >> when do you think this will sink in? >> i don't know. i'm hoping you'll tell me.
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instructions. >> and the oscar party. natalie now i'm officially jealous. today, monday, january 11, 2016. >> from nbc news, this is a special edition of today at the golden globes. with mat louer and savannah guthrie. live from los angeles. >> good morning everybody. welcome to a special edition of today on this monday morning after the golden globes from los angeles angeles. matt's on assignment heading to the white house to sit down with the president and we'll do the show from the white house tomorrow. i think we all thought we would be talking about the golden globes and yet the sad news of david bowie. >> the news rushed through the room that david bowie had died. guy, we're going down the list of songs and we don't have time
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>> rebel, rebel, heroes. >> visionary. somebody who really changed the land say ofscape of music. >> absolutely. it is our top story this morning. the passing of a pioneer figure in the world of music for decades. he sur come to cancer days after releasing a new album on his birthday. fans are placing candles on bowies star. bill, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. david bowie dead at 69. hard to believe. the tribute being paid here where he was born. messages and flowers and famous face of stardem. london where he first played his first gigs in clubs.
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so much in his life and career, the death of david bowie is surprising and shocking. his facebook page announcing he died peacefully surrounded by his family after a courageous 18-month battle with cancer. his son tweeting very sorry and sad to say it's true. a hit from the year of the moon landing that started bowie's bowie's stardem. they confirmed his innovation and change. he created songs and acted for six decades moving across genre's top rock soul. fame bringing him his first u.s. number one co-written with john lenon. by then, he had the world
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surprise. embracing generations of time. >> his golden years were the 70s and 80s but he never stopped. producing 25 albums. >> i went on and on and would have to write from a unique perspective. >> david bowie showed creative artist how to live a career and how to make your life. >> he released his final album black star just last week with a haunting image of the biblical figure who rose from the dead. david bowie will live on.
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>> well, its always been said that david bowie was always changing like a cramericaamillion. he wasn't that. he never blended in. he was perhaps summed up by his song rebel, rebel. i bought this first album when i was 12. i was a huge fan. i will miss him. >> savannah. >> i feel the same way, bill. thank you so much for your story. let's turn to joe, the contributing editor at the rolling stone. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> was it well known he had this struggle with cancer? i have to say the news came as such a shock to me and so many of us. >> yes, this was not known at all. this was a private matter and it's interesting. the album that would have been reviewed so differently just last friday on his birthday when he last starred, people would have received it so differently if they would have known his
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it's a record that questions down the face of mortality. the decision to keep all this private allows to art to come out and be evaluated for itself. >> let's talk about this art. it's hard to overstate his contribution to music, fashion, culture. what did daiftd bowie do for this world? >> well, quiet simply he was one of rock's first self-conscious artist. he looked at everything he did as art, the way he dressed, lived his life, his sexuality. he pushed boundaries all the time. uniquely, he was an inspiration to people in the 70s, 80s, 90s, constantly changing. the idea of shifting and constantly being on the move and embracing all sorts of different sounds. rock and roll, dance music, we
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that. >> one measure of somebody's success impacted how young artists and new artists taken what he did and taken it further. are there people out there in music today or the last two decades who said david bowie did that first. >> yes, you're tempted to say everyone. if you look at lady gaga's first report, you look at the record where she's self-consciously mimicking david bowie's look. she herself wanted to say from the start i want to be a shake shifter. kanye west tweeted david bowie was an inspiration to him. would we have madonna, another artist, without david bowie to blaze a trail for her? probably not. >> just in the few seconds i
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this new record, that song released on his birthday. obviously, he knew the state of his health. it seemed like he was giving that to the art warld assess well. >> that's absolutely right. this is a unique moment as many, many musicians get older and face mortality, we see a lot of them think about getting ooltder and mortality abstractly but in this case specifically. someone who knew the end was coming who had for the last 18 months lived with that knowledge and decided to face it down with his art, with a record challenging and been warmly received as a david bowie record, a classic that is a fitting testament to the artist of this nature. >> he'll be missed. thank you so much for sharing this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> your last point. bowie's long time producer said this album was in fact his fair well to the world.
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of david bowie coming up a bit later. now to the reason we're here in los angeles, the golden globes. natalie has rounded up the winners and the most talked about moments of the night. >> not surprising ricky did exactly what he said what he would do. a lot walked away with hardware. >> the remembermentvenant. >> winning best picture, best actor for leonardo decaprio. topping the category for best picture and best actor. >> i made a lot of movies people didn't go see. >> it was also last call for don
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tv drama. one more round for sylvester sta stalone. >> i want to thank rocky balboa for being the best friend i ever had. >> i wanted to be an actress before i wanted to be a singer. >> as star of american horror story hotel. >> continuing the reign of empire winning the best actress for playing cookie before passing them out. >> cookies for everyone tonight. my treat. >> the night was also a break out one for newer names. like best actress, larson who won. under dogss like amazon's mozart
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drama. ricky didn't hold back in his fourth go round of hope. >> he's also the only person who ben afterfleck hasn't been unfaithful to. >> and shared the night with mel gibson. while other presenter pairs stole the show by playing a little nicer. >> i'm eva, not ava mendez. >> and hi,. >> that was such a great moment. other winners of the night, jennifer lawrence for best comedic actress. fantastic evening. >> big night for the revenant
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so many people that did the red carpet said we're rooting for stalone. >> by the way, ricky, i know he took a shot at sean pen not at the globes. this comes in the wake he met with the mexican drug lord el el chopo while he was on the run. now mexican authorities want to talk to penn about the encounter. jacob has more on the story. jacob, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. el chopo is back inside the prison behind me, mexico's most secured maximum security facility where he escaped last july. this morning, what happened between his last escape and his rechaurp that involves actor sean penn. it is proof, according to actor
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at the time the world's most favorite fugitive answering questions for his first interview in decades. the reaction on social media has been flipped. mexican authorities say penn's leading might have helped lead them to his hideout and a bloody shoot out that ended with his arrest. that and a couple of infatuations of mexican soap opera star. in a twist, she played a drug lord in a popular network facilitated the meeting. >> she is one of tvs hottest stars. >> here she is promoting her show on today last year. >> what do you do? what is your character? >> don't interrupt me. >> she also played a drug
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series weeds. her connection to the real king penn started in 2012 when in an open letter on twitter she wrote mr. chapo, wouldn't it be cool if you started trafficking with love. life is a business and the only thing that changes is the merchandise. he tried to send her flowers though she never received any. mexican authorities are looking at whether sean penn may face exposure, they're getting el el chapo extradited to the united states. they say the rolling stone article is quote a side show. willie. >> jacob, thank you so much. sean henry as former assistant director for the fbi and lisa bloom are today's legal analyst. le with you.
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photograph with sean penn shaking the hand of el chapo and wanted to know how could he get so close to a man law enforcement were not able to find. >> when i was in fbi we were looking for el chapo and i know the resources the federal government put in to locate him. there's questions about the mexican government and if there's any collaboration with them. the resources there and the ability to try and track him down, lots of questions here. i know the u.s. authorities are interested in talking to sean sean penn. >> he said he thought the d.e.a. may be tracking him. do you suspect his meeting had any relationship to the fact authorities caught up with el el chapo? >> i think that's a high likely hood. u.s. authorities are constantly looking at tracing digital media, looking at telephones,
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phones which they use for a day or two and drop them so they couldn't be trapped. there's been comments in the media and that was one of the ways they were tracking him. another issue for penn to be concerned about at this point, willie. >> lisa, a lot of the outrage was directed at sean penn saying you met with this guy. >> based on the facts we know now, i would say absolutely not. he was acting as a journalist for a magazine. journalist are allowed to meet with people and criminals and not required to report it. what he can't do is help el el chapo. if he gave him a dollar or helped him strategize or escape or hide he would be in trouble but i'm not seeing that. >> they want to extradite el el chapo to the united states. >> now to the presidential race. the iowa caucuses back.
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democratic races there tightening. nbc national correspondent peter alexander takes a look at the political headlines this morning. peter, good morning. our new nbc poll shows the republican race still up for grabs in iowa while the democrats are still duking it out in two early states. three weeks ago three races still up in the air. ted cruz and donald trump neck and neck in iowa. showing cruz's advantage four points within the margin of era as trump keeps up on the attacks of eligibility. >> he's saying this is settled. it's not a settles matter. >> even if he loses in iowa he insists he's in it for the long haul. >> i'm going all the way. >> trump's crushing the competition in new hampshire at
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one establishment candidate. rubio, christie, bush and kasich are splitting up 44% of the vote. with eyes on the general election, trump has a new warning for the election. keep calling him sexist and he'll bring up the former president's past infidelity. >> it is a threat. >> of course. >> yeah. she was saying his tendencies are towards being sex >> hillary is arguing for republicans it's a dead end. >> it's been fair game going back to the republicans for some years. they can do it again if they want to. that can be their choice on how to run in the campaign. didn't work before and won't work again. >> for a moment clinton has her hands full and her lead over bernie sanders is just three points. in new hampshire sanders is up four. our new polls also shows sanders
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does in a general election match up than both of the early states as well. clinton brushing off a new number. sanders argues he's the more electable democrat best suited in his word to keep quote some right wing extremist from winning the white house. savannah. >> peter alexander in washington, thank you. reminder, we are taking our show to the white house. matt is going to sit down with the president. we're going to catch up with biden where we show you rooms rarely seen in public. a special edition of today tomorrow. >> we'll get a check of the weather here in l.a. >> speaking of cool, we got a lot of chilly weather to talk about. frigid air coming out of canada and boy, it is bone chilly. look at the temperature drops. we're talking 60 degrees below average in new york. new york city feels like 25 degrees. feels like 18 in charlotte. here's the difference 24 hours
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24 hours ago it was 26 degrees warmer in d.c. 15 degrees warmer in new york city. 17 degrees warmer in chicago and there's another reinforcing blast of colder air coming in for today. you'll see that air making its way in from minnesota all the way to chicago. we're going to be in the cold for another 24 hours and things start to moderate. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.(all) oooh. who's had chickenpox? scoot over. and look that nasty rash can pop up anywhere and the pain can be even worse than it looks. talk to your doctor or pharmacist.
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>> that's your latest weather. savannah. >> all right, al, thanks. coming up, the world's largest jackpot. powerball story worth a $1.3 billion. how much higher will it get before wednesday's big drawing? >> buy your tickets now. and the so-called diamond diva charged in connection with a string of jewelry heists across the south makes her first court appearance today. what her friends are saying
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3 (samantha)>> an update on a 3 story we brought you last week on news 4 ... we now know the identity of the young man who died friday morning... when he fell into the lake at paradise friends tell news four his name was "saitani too-ee-hall-ah-nee-
7:25 am
up at the park last night.. ... leaving candles and flowers... to honor him. witnesses told police they saw the 19-year-old fall into the lake about 3:30 friday morning... and called 9-1-1... but he was reportedly in the water for about a half hour.
7:26 am
3 (bill) about brad and angelina see our next two adorable little presenters, they are going to want to adopt them. please welcome kevin hart and ken jong. >> oh, ricky. one of the little jabs from ricky gervais made for a memorable night including al's interviews with the winners. also have the fashion hits and misses. you guys were all out partying last night.
7:27 am
we'll cover it all. >> we'll be up to that in just a second, but first let's take a look at today's headlines. sad news from the world of music overnight. david bowie has died. changes the legendary singer who just turned 69 on friday and released a new album lost an 18-month battle with cancer. the mexican government has formally started the process of extraditing drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman to the u.s. he was recaptured on friday, six months after escaping from a mexican prison. authorities there also want to speak with sean penn who met with el chapo while he was on the run for a secret interviewed published by "rolling stone." and our new poll show the presidential races in iowa are neck in neck with three weeks to go until the caucuses. ted cruz leads donald trump by four points, while hillary clinton has just a three-point lead over bernie sanders. both of those within the margin of error. >> already. now to the jackpot that everybody is talking about this
7:28 am
wednesday's powerball drawing will be worth more than $1.3 billion and, yes, that is the largest in the world. an astonishing sum if you think go up. nbc's kerry sanders has more on the story. kerry, good morning. >> well, good morning. that's right. nobody won on saturday's draw which is surprising since about 75% of the number combinations were covered, but it also means something else. i still got a chance at this record jackpot which, as you note, is $1.3 billion, so much money the amount doesn't even fit on the billboard. we were awestruck at 500 million, in disbelief at 900 million and now gobsmack as the powerball jackpot soars to a world record $1.3 billion. a number so large it doesn't even fit on electronic signs or billboards and this wednesday everyone who forks over $2 -- >> good luck, guys. >> gets another shot at an unheard of pay day.
7:29 am
>> thank you. >> for ten weeks now people in 44 states have been lining up as the jackpot keeps rolling over. >> it's huge! >> gigantic. >> how did we get here? >> seems like it's getting that way all the time, in everything. >> reporter: wednesday's jackpot began at a mere $40 million back on november 4th. 20 drawings late we are no winner it's ballooned to more than a billion. sales this week are expected to eclipse last week's record. almost >> if i was able to hit it, i would be able to give everybody i knew $1 million apiece and it still wouldn't dent the amount of money i had left. >> reporter: last year your odds of winning the jackpot were better, 1 in 175 million, but powerball changed their rules last fall. the odds now, 1 in 292 million. that's like flipping a coin in the air and landing on heads 28 times in a row.
7:30 am
it's more money than every presidential candidate collectively spent on their campaigns last year. cash payout in dollar bills and stuffed it in 20 piles under your mattress your bed would be more than 14,000 feet in the air. come wednesday night there's only one certainty. most of us will wake up from our dreams of riches. >> the winning tickets are going -- >> reporter: and still have to go to work. is it a burden if you win? >> i don't know. you know what. i'll let you know when i win. >> reporter: if you got the cash payout here and you're the sole winner and you took all of the money in $1 bills, it would weigh more than 888 tons which is more than a 747, the space shuttle, the world's largest dump truck, and a herd of elephants combined. >> what? >> guys, that's why they
7:31 am
>> yeah, exactly. >> that's crazy. >> love us when you give us the little facts, kerry. thanks very much. >> that's a true burden. >> i know. >> we all volunteered for the burden. >> i'll carry it. >> all right. also this morning, we're learning more about the young woman suspected of pulling off a string of jewelry store robberies across the south as she heads to court for the first time. "today" national correspondent craig melvin has the latest on this one. craig, good morning. >> willie, good morning you do. the woman was taken into custody just a few hours after they started widely circulating her picture. it seems several people recognized her instantly. none of them could believe she's now an accused serial robber. it's like an action movie plot, the bombshell turned accused serial robber. the fbi says this woman stronghold into jewelry stores throughout the south, flashed a handgun and tied up workers before making off with millions of dollars worth of diamonds and watches.
7:32 am
on the run, five states, and at least six robberies, officials believe they have their woman, 24-year-old abigail lee kemp. before she was an outlaw in smyrna, georgia, her friends remember her as friendly and outgoing. >> she was a social butterfly, very upbeat. she was the life of the party, definitely a class clown. >> stephanie godfried played basketball with kemp in high school. >> i saw her playing life as a game rather than trying to do goals or achievements, and i think that's kind what have she was doing in this situation is just having fun, playing life as a game. >> reporter: federal officials say kemp would hold up the stores in broad daylight and as you can see did little to disguise herself. before they caught her friday, they estimate she stole more than $4 million worth of jewelry. >> very cool and puts everything in a big bag and is out of there in a couple of minutes. she is a very, very bold criminal. >> reporter: fbi officials believe kemp may be part of a larger jewelry ring. a second person was arrested
7:33 am
identified that person or said how or if they are connected to the robberies. again, kemp will be appearing before a federal judge in georgia later this morning. guys? >> craig, thanks a lot. >> let's take a turn now and get a check. weather from mr. roker. >> today's weather is brought to you by blue buffalo. you love your pets like family so feed them like family with blue. up until now with all the warm weather, the great lakes completely ice-free, and so we're going to start to see more lake-effect snow firing up. we've got winter weather advisories, lake-effect warnings and advisories stretching from green bay all the way to new england. way to new england. we're going to watch this snow we're going to watch this snow start to develop lake-effect snow and a little bit of a clipper. colder air moving across that warm water and then behind it a fast moving clipper will enhance the area of snow right through tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. here's what we're looking for snowfall-wise. right into wednesday morning. look at this. some areas picking up 2 to 4 inches of snow per hour.
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also up around oswego and watertown, upwards of two feet of snow possible. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of >> and that is your latest weather. >> all right. al, thank you. coming up next, much more from los angeles, including mr. roker's big night backstage. there he is hobnobbing with all
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7:39 am
>> i just won a golden globe. i won a golden globe. i know i should be more gathered for this. >> no, no, this is exciting for you. you're excited. it's nice to know that hollywood people still can be excited and thrilled. that's wonderful. >> my kids are going to be -- oh, my god, the kids. i've got to go. >> okay. can you imagine holding this thing right here? >> no, and i'm holding it. no. like whatever happened from your hands to your brain is not really happening. it's very hard for me to understand what just happened to me. >> when do you think this will sink in? >> i've never been through this before so i don't know. i'm hoping that you'll tell me. i'm hoping that this thing came with instructions as to how to process it. i do go to therapy twice a week so i'm sure that that will help. >> well, this will be something that i think you'll be able to -- a positive thing to talk about in therapy. hey, hey. >> i was just explaining that i had to go and then i got over here.
7:40 am
>> say anything, the cone of silence. >> been meaning to take this off all day. >> there you go. >> wow, that's a whole different show. you have been on this roll. are you still enjoying it? >> i love acting so much. people give me presents when i do it. it's like i never looked at it that way. this is like a present, a present. ladies and gentlemen, jennifer lawrence. can we get a quick picture, jen? >> okay. you know what my parents always say. al roker for president. >> this is truly an organic movie? >> yes it is. i mean, it -- you can't say it's organic of like it thought of on the smompt we did about a month of rehearsal just for the opening sequence for god's sake. there was a lot of meticulous thought put no this movie but, yes, it's harkening back to me to a different era in making movies. >> let me tell you two things. one, can you do things with two
7:41 am
one is fear and the other one is love. we do it with love. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> sylvester stallone. >> and stolion just won. >> congratulations. >> go figure. >> wow. >> i literally was shocked. >> i must tell you watching the love and admiration that was in that room, everybody standing ovation, applause. >> i mean, it's mystifying seriously and then to be accepted by all these incredible serious artists. oh, my god. it's like come on back, welcome home. i have not been here for 40 years, 40. when i was there before it was nine tables, ten tables the whole room because i think i was like forgotten, you know what i mean.
7:42 am
remember rocky. >> vjscongratulations, sly. so wonderful. >> one of the best moments of the night. >> and seeing everybody, standing ovation for him. 40 years later. >> rocky. >> killing me, so good. >> we talked to him on the red carpet he said 40 years identifying was walking into the oscars and i had the bad spread collar on. the fashion's a little better and i'm getting the award tonight. that's great. >> felt like the right end to "rocky" for sure. coming up on "pop star" a lot more, the unexpected place that one star got her golden globes gown. >> hand more on that sad news of david bowie's death. how fellow artists and stars are honoring the music icon this morning, but, first, these messages. you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels.
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let the fun begin. don't fence me in. get the discover it miles card. welcome back to a special edition of "today" in los angeles this morning, and we've got more on the surprising news overnight. a lot of people waking up to the death of music icon david bowie. tamron's got some reaction. hey, tamron. >> good morning, guys. celebrities and fans alike taking to twitter to share their condolences. last night's golden globe's host ricky gervais tweeted out i just lost a hero. rest in peace, david bowie and matt sharing this in writing, a rock legend is gone. thanks north music and the laughs. kanye west writing david bowie was one of my most important inspirations, so fatherless, so creative. he gave us magic for a lifetime. pharrell tweeting out david bowie was a true innovate other,
7:47 am
may he rest in peace. uk prime minister david cameron wrote this. /grew up listening to watching the pop beanus david bowie. the master of reinvention, kept getting it right and this mesmerizing git is showing helen green's drawings. many faces of david bowie throughout his incredible career and i went to his wife imam's twitter page and see what she placed out there. 11 hours ago she said the struggle is real and so is god, and on the 8th of this month she had a happy birthday to david bowie. >> thoughts with imam and their two children, his two children
7:48 am
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3 >> good morning i'm samantha boatman 3 (samantha)3 >> it turns out that in vegas, the house doesn't always win. according to cnn money... nevada's casino industry lost 662 million- dollars last year, and has been in the red consistently for six years. things hit bottom in 2009 when the industry posted staggering losses of 6 point 8 billion dollars. the gaming control board says that apparently .. the visitors are spending plenty on restaurants, booze and glitzy shows .;...but spending on actual gambling is way down. 3 (samantha)>> the good news is that the industry's losses have been narrowing every year, and insiders are optimistic that the nevada casino industry will start making money again this year. 3 3 (tim)---wx---- 3 " news 4
7:51 am
3 (bill) everybody get golden >> good morning, everybody. it's 8:00. nice to have you along with us. morning, everybody. it's 8:00. nice to have you in los angeles. we're up early. we've had our coffee, monday, january 11th, 2016. feeling good, everybody? >> i haven't slept. >> well, party girl.
7:52 am
>> stay tuned for that one. >> dark natalie will be out in force. matt on assignment. tomorrow, all two hours unprecedented access, sit down with the president, also the vice president. that's tomorrow. >> red carpet for the white house next couple of days. >> speaking of which, you've got to stay tuned for natalie's interview with harrison ford. >> natalie's interview, both of us were there. >> natalie is the one who said she'd like to make a sandwich out of him. >> not wrong. >> i believe hot tub was mentioned. >> a lot going on. >> i didn't bring that up. >> lots to talk about with the golden globes, but all of us this morning have been just talking about david bowie. >> yeah. >> thinking about his contribution to music and how much, you know, we all adored him. too many songs to mention and natalie has been following that this morning. >> yeah, that's right. we're going to get to that in just a movement but right now other news this morning. sean penn could be facing some questioning about his secret meeting with mexican drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman following his escape from
7:53 am
el chapo was recaptured on friday. nbc's jacob racescone is in mexico with more on the story. jacob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. mexican authorities want to talk to sean penn about his secret meeting in the jungle with el chapo. getting el chapo extradited to the united states is a process that will take at least six months but likely much longer. as much as many years because of legal options for the defense. this is el chapo's third time inside the prison in mexico, mexico's most secure maximum secure facility. since his elaborate escape last july, it has been rebuilt partially on the inside to see if it can be even more secure. natalie. >> all right. jacob rascon in mexico, thank you. the iowa caucuses are just three weeks away and new polls show both the republican and
7:54 am
tightening. our brand new nbc news poll shows ted cruz's advantage over donald trump now just four points, but in new hampshire trump has a sizable lead at 30%. as for the democrats, hillary clinton's lead over bernie sanders is just three points in iowa. meanwhile in, new hampshire, next door to his home of vermont, sanders is up four. well, italian police are questioning the friend of an american artist found dead in her florence apartment. 35-year-old ashley olsen of florida was found with bruises around her neck. an autopsy is scheduled for today, but the coroner said the preliminary cause of death is strangulation. police questioned her boyfriend, a local artist, but police say he's not a suspect at the moment. the mother of so-called affluenza teen ethan couch returns to court today in fort worth hoping so to have her $1 million bail reduced.
7:55 am
last month in mexico. officials believe she helped ethan flea texas fearing he had violated probation in his fatal drunk driving case. he used affluenza defense, upbringing of affluent parents. he's still in mexico. one of the most spectacular wipeouts ever recorded left surfer garrett mcnamara with a dislocated shoulder. you'll see he paddled into this towering wave in half moon bay and on the way down he fell off the board. as you see he was flown through the air and mcnamara posted a hospital picture on facebook and thanked everyone involved in his rescue and recovery and thankfully it was just the shoulder. looking at the size of that wave, it could have been a lot worse. >> glad he's okay. can you put that picture up again. we were just noticing the nurse behind him. >> up there. >> the old hang ten sign. >> i guess that means he's okay. >> it's a good sign. natalie, thank you. as you mentioned we've been talking about the passing of
7:56 am
for decades he was a towering figure in the music world, but as he got older his life took more of a private turn, and tamron's been following that part of the story. good morning. >> good morning again, guys. everyone loves a good love story and the one between bowie and his supermodel wife iman, well, it's one for the ages. >> ziggy stardust, the thin white duke, halloween jack. david bowie was a glam rock icon and took on many colorful identities throughout his career, but in the last few years, some of his most notable personas including private family man and devoted husband. when bowie first met his wife international supermodel iman on a blind date in 1990 it was love at first sight for him. two years after their first date the pair married, and for more than 20 years the power couple enjoyed separate yet successful careers. all the while they managed to keep their family life as private as possible.
7:57 am
including iman's daughter from her first marriage and duncan jones, bowie's son from his first marriage. they also had a daughter together alexandria born in 2000, but she's rarely if ever photographed in public. iman said the separation of public and private was the secret to the couple's long lasting relationship. >> and understanding the difference between the personal and the public. we never have photographs, you know, taken in our apartment. we don't do fashion shoots together. you know. it's like you do things that are separately because he's a musician and i'm -- i do my own business. >> right. >> but home is private. >> in the home iman joked with kathie lee and hoda that she was the one in charge. >> do you fight with david when you want to do a room? because he is such an artist himself. >> yes. >> i'm sure he has some input in it. >> not really. >> home is usually where women really do it. >> never says i don't like that?
7:58 am
he does. >> and for his part bowie would sometimes scoff at the idea that he would be a normal family man. >> you're a typical hard working 56-year-old now. when you look at some of the images of your past personas, the ziggy stardust. >> not typical 56-year-old. >> wait a second. >> david bowie is not a typical 56-year-old. >> but for the rock star known for writing songs about being a find a true partner and fill his life with love. >> so there's been no comment from iman yet on david bowie's passing, but on sunday she tweeted the words rise and the quote "the struggle is real, but so is god." and it's just, to think about obviously the person that we all love from mike and videos but to know he's a father and today this little child has to look at the world in a different light, a sad one. >> news is a shock to the world, and for iman and their family,
7:59 am
>> silently, privately. >> thanks, tamron. leonardo and kate winslet had a big titanic reunion at the golden globes. >> plus, better behave. the star whose seat right by the stage kept her worried all night. >> all right. and then the hottest looks from the golden globes red carpet including some bold choices from the men of hollywood, but, first, these messages. i sure had a lot on my mind when i got out of the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my family? my li'l buddy? and what if this happened again?
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unforgettable happens here. "beth" by kiss beth, i hear you calling... but i can't come home right now... me and the boys are playing... ... all night text beth, what can i do... [siri:] message. pick up milk. oh, right. milk. introducing the newly redesigned passat. from volkswagen. all right. special edition. golden globes trending. let's start this morning. we have the most-liked instagram photo of the night, okay? coming in at number three. katy perry got 400,000 likes on a picture of her table before the show began. she wrote, "help, i have to act professional all night."
8:05 am
shot. >> she was front and center, yep. >> second place, the rock. his preshow workout selfie. earned him 412,000 likes. >> okay. >> all right. >> and in first place, with 464,000 likes, come on. jennifer lopez, beautiful. the singer and actress showed off her dress before hitting the red carpet. stunning. >> that yellow jumped off the screen. so pretty. >> she was one of my favorites. she's incredible. all right so if you blinked, you might have missed this moment. there was a reunion at the globes a lot of people are excited about right now. kate winslet, leonardo dicaprio, right before commercial break. the two were seen hugging and talking and twitter just about exploded about the "titanic" reunion. one tweed read, did anyone else see leo and kate together now and feel emotional relief.
8:06 am
remembering how bae left you screaming in frigid waters. jamie foxx took to the stage to announce the winner for best original motion picture and of course she he had to slip a joke in. take a look. >> and the winner is, "straight outta compton." [ laughter ] i'm sorry, folks. i made a mistake. it's right here on the card. i take -- it's right here on the card. i take full responsibility. full responsibility. it was right here on the card. i'm sorry. i apologize to everybody in compton. >> wow. >> oh, yes. he was just referring to the old steve harvey snafu. >> to the limit. come on. enough. >> come on! >> by the way, he then got kind of sentimental, such a cute moment, when he introduced his
8:07 am
>> this young lady never asked me for money, this young lady never asks me for anything. this young lady has never been in trouble. this young lady deserves this moment. she was here when she was 10 years old, when she was in the fifth grade and she came with her father to this event. this young lady is absolutely the love of my life. this young lady is absolutely the love of my heart. she is miss golden globe. this young lady's name is miss corin corin corinne fox. >> she has got such poise. >> she does. and she has such a great lineup of uncles, including uncle leo. >> predictions and prank war that seems to keep going. >> okay, guys. first things first. last week you guys put in your predictions for the golden globes. you wrote down who would win for best motion picture in a drama category, the best television
8:08 am
so let's take a look at how we did. so for the best picture, matt and savannah, al and carson predicted the correct winner, "the revenant." and matt ranks supreme as he picked "mr. robot." he can win the lotto. in a moment, we will talk about the hottest fashions. but one dress being talked about for a different reason, actress bryce dallas howard looked stunning in this blue sequin gown. bryce's dress is from a department store. let me be clear here. store. >> pretty nice department store. >> it is an iconic store, neiman there you have it. when she was asked about her gown, bryce said, i like having lots of options for a size 6, as opposed to maybe one option. so i always go to department
8:09 am
you can buy this kind of stuff for $4800. >> a jenny packham dress. >> tried to make it an every man moment. >> dress barn. >> yeah. >> that's what we meant, a lot of designers loan these gowns that are one of a kind and many tens of thousands of dollars. but in comparison, bryce went to the iconic luxury goods store. >> are you trying to get a discount at neiman marcus? >> no, truth be told, it's a dallas-based texas store. you have to when you're a dallas kid -- >> yeah. >> things on the cheap. 5 grand. >> also, iconic tar-jay. switching gears to talk shows, last week we learned that ellen was back to her old ways. the comedian pranked matt lauer on her show. clearly indicating this prank war thing is never going to end. but now ellen has done something really dirty before matt had
8:10 am
ellen made another move on him. take a look. >> i was watching the "today" show the other day, minding my own business. and matt was challenged to answer a bunch of questions. and one of his answers really just took me by surprise. >> why can't you stop wearing brown shoes? >> they're like comfort for the feet. >> the stunned face. >> oh! >> the cavs. >> he's working out with the rock. bold play by ellen. matt was more than ready for the comeback and a surprise. here we go. take a look. [ cheers and applause ] >> wow. >> we won't do any more to each other. >> i don't believe you. >> maybe if we channel our
8:11 am
together, someone else -- >> that's a good one. >> yeah? tell everybody. >> all right. so in 2016 -- >> it was his idea. [ laughter ] >> we're going to pool our resources and go after -- >> he says jimmy fallon. [ cheers and applause ] >> so the prank war is not over. watch out, jimmy. it's been expanded in a new way. you couldn't see fully with the flowers in a way. it appeared that matt had a valentino studded stilettos from his collection, i guess. >> personal collection. he looks very comfortable wearing heels. >> he does. >> and women's dresses. >> saturday night at the lawyer house. >> you can see that whole appearance on ellen later today. check your local listings. >> this is escalating. fallon involved. >> it's on. >> by the way, it doesn't take a lot of coaxing to get matt to wear high heels.
8:12 am
>> al, let's get a check of the of the weather. >> that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> and that's your latest weather. savannah. >> all right, al. glitz, glamour, sparkle, hollywood best served up that and more at the golden globes. a breakdown of the looks in a moment but first let's recap the evening style. hole wood's host stars pulling out all the stops for the
8:13 am
>> i'm here on the red carpet. look at this. limos as far as the eye can see. >> good evening, everyone. welcome to the golden globes, the world famous red carpet. >> the a-list crowd shining like the golden globes statuette. >> are you blinging out here. >> showing some skin was definitely in. >> you look like a golden globe right now. >> i know. i feel like a golden globe. i'm feeling globe. >> tell me about your dress. >> it's valentino couture. >> not to be outdone, the men took some fashion risks of their own. >> you were just named best dressed man in the uk, second
8:14 am
>> the host color on the red carpet on this night was white. >> head to toe, the ivory by stella. >> i just love white. >> capes and sleeves kept these ladies warm on a chilly night. >> you don't like the word sexy. tough. >> you've got to put on your best face when you speak of an evening like this. >> guys, good morning. >> good morning. >> real quick, thumbs up or thumbs down on the fashion. >> thumbs up. >> i agree. >> zanna, let's start with your number one, i think we share it. >> hands down, personified
8:15 am
she is actually one of the faces of the brand. it took 200 hours to make this dress and saw her up close and beautiful. beautiful paillette. >> i saw the back of it. >> like a modern day pinnafor. >> so youthful. >> brad, who did you love? >> my favorite is jennifer lawrence. when i saw her get on the red carpet, wanted this hollywood glamour moment from jennifer lawns. she's weerg jean batista cavalli couture and she's wearing 200 carats of harry winston diamond necklaces. this is what we want from jennifer lopez. >> so hard to pull off a color like that, but when you do, it's all you can talk about. >> amazing. >> all liked jennifer lawrence, brad. >> i loved jennifer lawrence and
8:16 am
of that gown. seemed very old school dior with the modern twist of using cultouts in a different way and that show part necklace was actually the perfect accessory because it almost looks as if it's part of the gown. >> it did. >> i thought she came in yesterday looking like a movie star who is going to take home a trovy. >> it was extremely elegant, and can we talk about one of my favorites, kirsten dunst. >> valentino couture, one of these on the planet and she fit it perfectly. i loved the back as well. a lot of interesting spaghetti straps, super sweet. >> let's talk about cate blanchett. she's always beautiful. >> this was kind of a show-stopping dress, don't you think? >> she's always fashion forward. like this is a walking piece of art. it's like the art deco moment, the fringe and intricate lace bodice. she pushes fashion boundaries. >> did you like it, brad? >> i liked it.
8:17 am
don't see her in the soft colors and the work that went into all the fringe and beads sewn in by hand. >> let's do the lightning round. 30 seconds. white on the rhett carpet was big. >> movie star elegance. >> you loved amy adams. >> i loved amy adams. haven't seen her on the carpet i feel like for a really long time and she just came out bombshell, sophisticated. that dress fit like a glove. loved it.
8:18 am
we don't have3 (samantha)>> an update on a 3 story we brought you last week on news 4 ... we now know the identity of the young man who died friday morning... when he fell into the lake at paradise friends tell news four his name was "saitani too-ee-hall-ah-nee- nee"...dozens of people showed up at the park last night.. ... leaving candles and flowers... to honor him. witnesses told police they saw the 19-year-old fall into the lake about 3:30 friday morning... and called 9-1-1... but he was reportedly in the water for about a half hour.
8:19 am
3 (bill) . hello. i guess it was on last night. 38:30. natalie and al getting their drink on at the hollywood after party.
8:20 am
>> you weren't getting your drink on. >> no. >> not at all. >> natalie was. >> no, i wasn't. >> natalie, look at you. >> oh, you weren't. >> don't tell me you weren't drinking. >> hi one glass of wine. >> oh, my gosh. >> that was perfect. as you were saying, i did not. you were twerking on the dance floor. >> okay. >> absolutely. >> we'll have natalie and al's night. you saw a little of it there. more in just a minute, plus we'll hear from some of the night's biggest winners including jon hamm. >> and the golden globes a special event for our golden ticket winner allyson wilson. she went to the salon and then took to the red carpet with her dad reginald, so sweet and stopped by the photo booth to say hello to us. >> so cute. >> when she stepped out of the limo i actually thought -- i thought that's a star. how do i know her and then i'm
8:21 am
did she not look amazing. >> a million bucks. >> i honestly thought it was jill scott. >> a lot of celebrities all running up and taking pictures with her. >> oh, my gosh. >> and i said -- >> and then i went oh, oh. >> we were getting ready to interview. >> and she said, no, it's me, allyson. >> got some pictures with the likes of gina rodriguez. >> her dad was having a great time, too. >> more hon her night a little later. just couldn't happen to a nicer lady. >> and had her dad with her, wonderful. >> let's get a check of the weather. >> let's do it. we'll walk over to the big wall and show you what's happening. so we've got for today some lake-effect snow. in fact, parts of the new york state thruway, upstate new york around dunkirk closed right now because of lake-effect snow. also have heavier snow and brutally cold conditions through all the way to minnesota. few showers in the pacific northwest. beautiful day through the southeast. windy conditions in the northeast. as we move on into tomorrow,
8:22 am
that lake-effect snow continuing. in fact, parts of upstate new york, western new york and on into new england could see upwards of three feet of snow, especially lee ward side of lake ontario. look for some wet weather in the pacific northwest and sunshine continues through the gulf, and
8:23 am
in the northern plains. >> all right. before we get to natalie's dance party, we've seen your backstage interviews with the movie stars. and you sat down with a tv star, too. >> that's right. this year the hollywood foreign press honored established names and a number of newcomers, and we were right there to talk to them all, whether they wanted me or not. >> jon hamm. >> i'm going to pull my pants up. >> you go right away. >> they seem to be falling down. >> well, then, please. you're not a rapper. you're an actor. >> you're not allowed to wear a belt with a tuxedo which is a dumb rule. >> what the heck is going on? >> i was really, really surprised, genuinely, and so that's why i didn't have anything to say other than a very, very lame joke. >> i wanted to ask, because it seemed like the preparation might -- >> no. there was zero. tell lauer next time we have
8:24 am
>> excellent. we'll take him down. >> christian slater. >> it's been a long road. >> has it? >> yes, yes, yes. >> worth it? >> worth it. worth the ride, absolutely. when life -- you just start doing things a little bit differently in life, and things start happening a little differently. it's kind of remarkable. >> "mr. robot." >> how does it feel? >> it feels great. i mean, for a first-year show to get this kind of recognition, a show that's, you know, both entertaining and provocative and for people to -- to get it the way they have. >> well, congratulations. it's really exciting, especially for one of our sister networks, we love that. everybody feeling gooded? >> yeah! >> perfect. >> "mozart in the jungle." >> they asked us on friday to make our predictions, and i said best comedy "mozart in the jungle." >> i saw it. i saw it. >> we shared that. >> meant so much to me. we were actually forwarding it around to all of each other. >> oh, wow. >> i'm just happy because we
8:25 am
want people to see our show and maybe learn a little bit about music or get into music or just have fun. >> teraji p. henson. >> look it. >> wow. >> i did it. i brought it home. >> you brought it home. >> i brought it home. >> how does this feel? your first nomination and, boom. >> well, for me what it represents is how powerful art is, because this is hollywood and that means my hard work and my sweat and my tears and everything that i give to the craft veecknized beyond the borders of where i was born. >> when you started this role, did you think you would end up with one of these? >> i never thought that an ex-con that sold crack, beat her son with a broom, i never thought that she would get this kind of notoriety and then when i look further and understood what she represents i'm like
8:26 am
including mine. >> congratulations. that's so terrific. >> thank you so much is. i love you so much. >> we love you. >> wow. >> cute picture. >> fun. >> that's awesome. >> jon hamm, if he didn't win that award there was going to be a riot in that room. >> well deserved. >> and christian slart, a good buddy of ours, nice to see him get the award. >> hitting the town dead sober, natalie and al take you inside the golden globe's host after party. >> and finding the right music to fuel your workout jena and hoda go toe to toe over their go-to music. oh, my gosh. maybe they were the ones drinking before that. >> always drinking.
8:27 am
nbc. welcome back. this is a special edition of "today" out in los angeles.
8:28 am
from the golden globes in a moment, but first hoda holding down the fort in studio 1a and has some tips to help us look like celebrities. i don't know, that's a pretty tall order, hoda. >> first of all, we were not drinking, okay. we heard you in the tease and we were not drinking. savannah. >> okay. >> we'll make that decision after we see this. >> it is the week two of our start today series helping you kick off 2016 right. jenna bush hager is on a quest to shed the executions and get back to the gym. >> when we did this, it was fun and we were not drinking until after the shoot. >> exactly. >> one excuse that people use to avoid working out is they just don't have the motivation. that's where music comes in, but what should you listen to to really get that adrenaline pumping? hoda and i set off to find out with the help of the folks at soulcycle. the dark days of winter, when nothing seems worth getting out
8:29 am
but it turns out sometimes in life all you need is a perfect play list. just ask our resident "today" show music aficionado and one of my favorite dance partners. >> there are a couple of things that can change your mood like that. it's booze, number one. >> that's true. >> but music. like instantly, the minute you hear, it it's like a chemical body change. >> researchers have found that music we like stimulates the parts of the brain that control movement. it can keep our mood up and distract the brain from the body's fatigue signals, even make us think we're not working as hard as we really are. when starting soulcycle ten years ago, co-founder julie rice took the brain science behind music to heart. >> we always thought that this business would be music-based and soulcycle we ride to the rhythm and can really feel the whole room moving together which is part of what makes the exercise so powerful. >> and soulcycle instructor lori
8:30 am
music on her mind. >> it really is the paramount focal point entire class. if i'm not feeling it the class won't be able to feel it. >> and on this day lori gave up deejay duties for a special class, a jenna versus hoda play list battle. >> i'm going to explain something right now. i have only one strength in my life and it's picking music, okay, that's my game. >> i am going to have do-min-ate. >> and i have three sul balls, no you ain't. let me tell you something, bush hager, whatever your name is, game on. >> and we throw in our "today" host colleagues and let the battle begin. >> i chose "what do you mean" because what do you mean that song rocks.
8:31 am
>> "shake ya tailfeather" a sweaty dance song, at a party, 2:00 in the morning and you've had ten drinks and you're shaking your. that's it, >> i chose "like a prayer" because i remember being the little chubby third grader dancing and my room using my shoe as a microphone pretending i was madonna. >> i chose "up tune funk" because there's no way on god's green earth that you can sit still with that song up. >> i chose "get lucky" because it really has that great beat that everybody wants to sing along to. >> really. i'm up all might to get lucky >> i think everybody did sing along to. >> this the my fight song.
8:32 am
your rope and got nothing left in the song and got nothing going on that's when you need to hear "fight song". >> and with that there wasn't really a question as to who came out on top. >> i have to say the end of that got me. because i've still got a lot of fight in me >> oh, wow. >> it looked so much better when you didn't see the video of it. when we were in the classroom feeling it. >> so much more fun in real life. >> you know, it is funny though. you really do feel the music. >> so we have three start today takeaways. first, move to the music, one study showed if you work out in sync to the beat of a song you'll use less oxygen and exercise more efficiently. >> okay. number two. think about the nostalgia factor. this is important. it says that research shows that if you pick songs that you associate with good memories, of course, those will motivate you and you'll -- you'll lost upbeat song. >> like "fight song" for you and
8:33 am
>> and remember the number 145. >> why. >> that's how many beats per minute the song should have to maximize the effects of motivation. okay. you also don't need -- soulcycle is awesome, around the country and probably, you know, one where you live but if there's not you need don't soulcycle. dance around the house, do a dance party. you do this sometimes. >> i do it with my children. they probably think i'm crazy and it's fun and you can also go for walks, run, use music to motivate >> you more tips from our soulcycle instructor lori on including a five-minute fun workout so savannah, did you learn anything? >> i learned so much. mostly about you two actually. >> you don't stay on the bike. >> aren't you supposed to be on the bike. >> if hoda had been on the bike, how would jenna have spanked her. >> that's true. that's true. >> by the way, jenna, i love how they are playing this workout vifd you guys behind you. it's hilarious.
8:34 am
to the girnlgs i'm not sure what is. >> i'm not sure what is. >> jenna, you're going to washington. we're going to see you at the white house tomorrow. >> yes. >> as hoda would say shake your tailfeather and we'll see you soon. >> thanks, guys. >> the fun really starts when the show over. ask natalie and al. they went to all the after parties. >> there she goes again. >> what is that?
8:35 am
>> wow. all right. we're back now with all the fun that happened after the golden globes. >> mm-hmm. once those credits roll and you all go to sleep, these two really get going. the stars, the after parties. you guys were there. >> he dragged me along this time. >> check it out. >> let's start whooping it at
8:36 am
so what's the plan for tonight? >> i say finish this red wine. >> the kind of guy who overstays his welcome. i'll close the place. >> he wants if. >> i can't wear this again after tonight. it's yours, al. >> it's one and done. >> i really wanted to function on the feng sui of everything. >> what's your plan? >> this is it. >> this is it. >> we're going to go after my house after this. >> i follow him. >> please come. >> i would love to. >> are we invited? >> really, yeah. >> you heard it here first. >> we're throwing it down. >> how do we top, that alle? >> i don't know. >> by going to nbc. >> nbc. >> nbc party. >> jennifer! >> you look amazing. you changed. >> yes, i changed. shades of blue. had a huge hit on nbc. >> this is so exciting. >> i want to see some american
8:37 am
>> my plan is to party and party hardy. >> whoa, whoa. >> what is that? look how the. >> we saw what you did with the rokerthon. i watched every bit of it. now you're coming to our very first city in l.a. to try the wall. please say yes. >> yes. >> we're going to go party. going to party in style. we're actually going to the "instyle" party. >> are you going to be hitting the dance floor? >> i actually was and i'm going to drink water to refuel to go back. >> one of the hottest parties at the globe. the weinstein party. let's hit it. >> gorgeous, the lovely, katherine schwarzenegger. are you having fun today? >> trying to get to the dance floor. >> that was a proud moment for any poppa, right. >> anybody.
8:38 am
perfect moments like we all crossed our fingers for our kids and turned out great. you got to prove your love to me >> yeah. >> are we done yet? can we go home? >> okay. >> okay. we've collected several pieces of video that demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt, natalie, that there was drunky monkeyness going on. >> there had to be. drunky monkeyness. i had nothing to eat in my day. one glass of wine goes far. >> one glass of wine. >> you started croak, but it wasn't a karaoke song. >> we made it into a croak song. >> and when you bust into the running man. >> we need to talk about your running man. i love that. there's a lack of rhythm i would suggest. >> it was the alcohol. >> okay. you get up and do the running man. >> there's a reason why i don't
8:39 am
i know my limitations. >> that's this. >> can i just say that you looked totally hot. i loved that black dress. you switched outfits like a real celebrity. >> like j. lo. >> i had two to choose from. >> there it is. >> we had so much fun. >> by the way, ninja warrior wants to you do the warped wall, al. >> we all want a lot of things that we don't get. >> that's a no. >> that's pretty much. >> you said yes last night. >> identification said yes. i mean, you've got two guys towering over me. what am i going to do? >> watching that piece, tamron looked over at me and said "what is love, baby don't hurt me >> night at the rock star. >> that's an "snl" skit what we just saw. >> another world wants to know did you go back to harrison ford's house with the hot tub. >> it was fantastic. it was filled with perrier. >> what did you say to harrison ford and rob lowe. >> >> wanted to make a sandwich out of them. >> that's not what i said.
8:40 am
please, don't deny it. >> she said p ha nini. >> i said this is making a girl's dream come true, harrison ford and rob lowe and then -- >> keep going. >> you pushed me in that direction. >> oh, don't blame him. >> what dub say? >> she wanted to make a sandwich out of them, and then harrison said, well who is the bread on top and she says oh, al's on top and i'm on the bottom and i walked away. >> see. i'm sorry, i didn't mean to open that can of worms. >> we're going to find tape. oh, it's there. >> and there was no alcohol allegedly. >> no. >> sandwich with a glass of merlot. >> and the past bard, and he's in a show called "the grinder."
8:41 am
nl welcome back to "today" where it is 1992, and natalie is doing the running man. one more time. do we have the video. >> oh, great god, no. much more. >> there it is. >> slow mo. >> nice, nice. >> got a lot more from the golden globes, the memorable moments, the wirps and, of course, all that fashion. >> by the way, tamron, a resident fashion expert. what's your favorite?
8:42 am
>> we loved alysha vica3 >> good morning i'm samantha boatman 3 (samantha)3 >> it turns out that in vegas, the house doesn't always win. according to cnn money... nevada's casino industry lost 662 million- dollars last year, and has been in the red consistently for six years. things hit bottom in 2009 when the industry posted staggering losses of 6 point 8 billion dollars. the gaming control board says that apparently .. the visitors are spending plenty on restaurants, booze and glitzy shows .;...but spending on actual gambling is way down. 3 (samantha)>> the good news is that the industry's losses have been narrowing every year, and insiders are optimistic that the nevada casino industry will start making money again this year. 3 3 (tim)---wx---- 3 " news 4
8:43 am
3 (bill) from nbc news this is a special edition of "today's take" at the golden globes with al roker with al roker, willie tamron hall. more glamorous. >> live from los angeles. welcome to "today" on a monday morning, january 11, 2016
8:44 am
i'll willie along with natalie, al and tamron. "hollywood." >> perfect choice. >> mr. roker's got his feet up. there's a metal bar here so i can't -- this is good. >> looks nice. >> like a little recliner. >> in case he doesn't fall back. >> how much sleep did we all get? >> tamron? >> three, something like that. >> they were done early. >> you were out partying. >> an hour. >> one. >> just about. >> very interesting. >> we were inside watching everyone basically stakor selves outside the lady's room. >> that sounds creepy. >> let's rephrase that. >> i said outside of it. >> either way. doesn't make it better. >> did you not see the party pictures of you two. don't call freaky what we did. >> we're at a party and you're outside the ladies sgloom when you offer harrison ford your body as a sandwich. >> that's not what we say.
8:45 am
>> we were hanging out in the back of the room and got to watch a bunch of the show after we covered the red carpet which was great. >> if you didn't see all the show. good stories. want to get you caught up. "the martian" won best motion picture musical comedy, neither being a musical or comedy and matt damon took home best actor for "the martian." take a look at some of matt's speech. >> this is like an incredible -- look, i was here 18 years, literally been 18 years since i've been here doing this, and -- and with a little more context i know how -- how lucky i am and how lucky i am to do this for a living, and when people go see movies, it's just -- it's kind of rare. i've made a lot of movies that people just didn't go see so to make one that everyone -- >> and ridley scott won as well. so "the martian" had a huge night on the musical comedy side. on the drama side of motion picture "the revenant" winning best picture and leonardo
8:46 am
in a drama and director alejandro inreceipto winning best director. if you believe these give you some kind of look ahead to the oscars, it looks like "the martian" and "the revenant" starting to pick up some steep here. >> absolutely and other shutouts, "shutout" and "carol" and the most nominated move was shut out. so it's interesting to see what happens with the oscar nominations. >> one of the nicest moments is when tom hanks presented denzel washington with the creditil b. demille award. denzel went on the stage with his wife paulette and their children to. me that was such a cool -- a cool moment to see. hanks and the denzels around two icons with denzel and paulettea and all the children. >> she's a terrific actress. >> she's a fantastic actress. >> and their son was also on the hbo football show that the rock produced. >> "ballers." >> yeah.
8:47 am
anticipated moment ricky gervais hosting for the fourth time and obviously he took no prisoners. >> if you do win tonight, remember that no one cares about that award as much as you do, okay. he's also the only person who ben affleck hasn't been unfaithful to. please welcome matt damon. a few years ago on this show i made a joke about mel gibson getting a bit drunk and saying a few unsavory things. we've all done it. i wasn't judging him, but now i find myself in the awkward position of having to introduce him again. listen, i'm sure it's embarrassing for both of us.
8:48 am
i love seeing ricky once every three years because it reminds me to get a colonoscopy. >> listen. >> can i ask you a question. >> go ahead. >> i think we all want the answer to this. [ no audio ] >> [no audio ]. >> a lot of bleeping. the person who had their finger on the bleep button last night, nicely done. >> saw the head of our network at one of the parties and he said that the standards and practices people have never had to work so hard. in fact, two of them keeled over and had to be replaced by others. >> it started early, too. jonah hill and channing tatum got up there. >> and at first i thought something was wrong with the audio. >> and amy schumer and jennifer lawrence. some moments there. >> they said it's the biggest party in hollywood. >> broadcast live to china. >> is that right. >> really. >> yes, yes, first year.
8:49 am
everything. >> they bleeped the wholening. >> did they get anything? >> got the good night. >> do they get some of that humor? >> wow, that's interesting. >> curious. >> the moment we were all so excited about, we kind of predicted this, sylvester stallone won best supporting actor for playing rocky balboa once again in "creed" and we loved his speech. here's what he said. >> i'm going to try not to get emotional because i am the sum total of everyone i've ever met and i'm lucky to have absorbed some of it. i want to say thank you to the hollywood foreign press, incredible. last time i was here it was 1977. i was kind of hit by tumbleweed. it was a long time ago. like a different situation, and the view is so beautiful now. i want to thank my wife and my children, sophia, scarlet, and actually having your love is the greatest award in the world every day. >> sweet. >> so willie, we have to tell the story. sylvester stallone, beautiful
8:50 am
with us waiting for us to come out of commercial break to interview. he has the best dad surrounded by women who -- what did he say. >> he has three stunning teenage daughters and a beautiful wife and he said god's punishing me for something. got to go through this. >> he said when i go after one, they all attack me. i'm outnumbered and it's the cutest thing. >> rocky has no chance in the stallone house. >> surrounded by adriennes. >> exactly. >> one thing i wanted to say stallone took a little heat for not directing the director or michael b. jordan in the action. in the commercial break he ran back out and tried to say something and i interviewed him and he couldn't talk about ryan. he knew the reason he's had this renaissance and the reason this movie is made because of him and he feels terrible he didn't mention him in that moment. >> he did run back on stage.
8:51 am
him come oscar town. >> human nature. didn't have a speech and you get excited and thinking of all these things. >> tamron mentioned we were standing in the back of the room and in the commercial breaks the celebrities would come up and parade through to go to the bathroom and at one point helen mirren walks up past us holding two plates, half eaten food like this and she says in her gown and her jewels where's the kitchen? where's the kitchen and she's looking around and i said are you clearing your plate? she said, yes, i don't want to make a fuss for anyone. helen mirren, dame helen mirren cleared her plate. >> she's milling through all. other gowns and you have leonardo dicaprio, and she's like excuse me, excuse me. >> wouldn't accept any help. went to the kitchen and cleared her plate and went back to her table. >> she's real h.a lot of fun just hanging in the back as well. we got into the selfie action
8:52 am
that's what the fun of it is. nobody really sits at their table long. they are up and around, working the room so i was hanging out with mark wahlberg and gina rodriguez. they have a movie coming out soon together and also taking some pictures of what was happening on stage that mel gibson moment, caught that one on camera as well, as ricky gervais made that joke that nobody really heard at home and everybody is like what did they say? we should though say a huge congratulations to our great friend christian slater who has been on our show many, many times, and we all said at the very beginning when we watched "mr. robot" we said this show is going to be a hit and he won for best supporting actor in television series. you know, the cast is just phenomenal, and i think it was -- it was just great to see that the show was rewarded. so deservedly show. won best television drama series. >> christian won and the show. >> and had a terrific night on the red carpet. got a nice picture of all of us together, kind of fun getting
8:53 am
hanging out. and interestingly, third most googled thing during the red carpet show, actually was tamron. your hair. >> i was trending. >> my hair was. >> can you believe that? >> there you go. you all right? >> trending for a number of reasons. >> here's one. take a look. live long and prosper. >> live long and prosper. got a comparison. this was being tweeted about different versions of it. >> of my hair. >> leonard nimoy. >> and then the jim carey version. >> there's that. >> in fact, google skits. >> a little similar, tamron. >> really one of the most searched hairstyles. >> one of the most searched. my hairstylist who is also the first lady's hairstylist, he was lyrics okay, we're going to take a risk. we're not going to do the same thing so so the dress was alexander mcqueen which is a little different style than i normally wear.
8:54 am
take this. then we were in there cutting and he's cutting and cutting. i was like okay, okay, we're going with this. then i walked out and saw you. and you said? >> i loved it. you walked out, kind of like peered around the door. >> people also asked, prince always supervises so prince sent a note. >> and my mom. i will read you prince's e-mail to me. it said just hit my head after falling off a chair. life is a cabaret. >> there you go. >> that's good. >> kind of like liza. very nice. >> yes. yes. yes. but it goes back to normal tomorrow. >> why aren't we playing "shut up and dance with me"? are we playing that on the air? oh, it's music for me to walk. oh. >> was there a reason for that song? >> i don't know.
8:55 am
and walk. anyway, it's something new we're trying. there you go. except i didn't know that it was happening today. that's how new it is. i'm going to do the carlton. anyway, look at how cold it is. right now, it feels like 21 in washington, zero in buffalo, six below in detroit. feels like 17 in nashville. so for the day today, look at what we're going to be looking at. the temperatures, this is 24-hour temperature change. 37 degrees colder this morning in cleveland than it was 24 hours ago. 28 degrees colder in d.c. atlanta, you have dropped 17 degrees in 24 hours. quick look at what we're expecting for today. temperatures anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees below average, but temperatures will start to moderate as we get into tomorrow.
8:56 am
the and that's your latest weather. >> you and natalie pretty busy last night on the town from the red carpet, one-on-one with the stars with mr. roker. all the after parties. al brings you along on his wild night after this. jane didn't like restrictions. not in life. and not when it came to watching her calories. why settle on taste? jane thought. that's why jane loves light & fit greek nonfat yogurt. bursting with rich creamy awesomeness and 12 grams of protein. all for 80 calories. no settling here. what else does jane love? that you could win a fitbit flex from light & fit.
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9:00 am
we've got the audience is red, the pr people is ready. the press are ready. the stars are ready, and i'm ready for a big night out. let's do this thing. >> right here. over here. we come over here. we're actors. we need our mark. >> good to see you. >> oh, the air kisses. >> did the air kisses. >> you're all glittery. i like this. ward-prowser. i figured i'd wear gold to the golden globes. >> what are you wearing tonight? >> i love when you say narcito. >> did you ever imagine doing kind of a fun spice that this would end up at the globes? >> like a cake on top of a pie with 100 cherries on it. >> wow, like a turducken. >> it is. >> a dessert turducken. >> one of the most important things when you're doing this and you're going to have a big night out is making sure you're powdered.
9:01 am
>> j. lo is coming. >> one when some people might be starting to slow down a little bit, are you off to the races. >> i feel like i just started. >> you, you. day in, day out. eating, cooking, making things, weather. don't you ever want to turn and just say why don't you find out what the weather is? >> when you put your show together, did you think that a year later you'd be at the golden globes with it? >> oh, no. i thought i would be at the kids' choice awards maybe, but not the golden globes. >> jacob, how are you, my friend? it is good to see you. you know, leonardo dicaprio wasn't much older than you when he got started? >> really. >> yeah. so you could be the next leo. >> that would be -- that's something that i'm crossing my fingers for. >> so we talked to the stars on the red carpet and now we're going backstage. when the winners come off stage, we're getting them, baby. yeah, it's my big night out.
9:02 am
>> i mean, it could not be -- i just won a golden globe. >> almost everybody we talked to on the red carpet tonight has won. >> i knew you were a good omen. when they said al wants to speak to you. i said i am there. >> i'm going to pull my pants up because -- >> you go right ahead. >> they seem to be falling down. >> you're not a rapper. >> you're not allowed to wear a belt with a tuxedo which is a dumb rule. >> what the heck. >> jennifer lawrence, can we get a quick picture, of course. >> you know what my parents always say. al roker for president. >> all right. we got the winners and now i'm going to meet up with natalie. party time! you? >> party plan for me, i'm a guy who likes to overstay his welcome. i'll close the place. >> we're going to go over to my >> yeah. >> i follow him. >> please come. >> love to. >> are we invited, really? >> wow.
9:03 am
>> we're throwing it down. >> hot tub. >> well, that's it. that's a rap. the golden globes 2016 in the record books, good times, yeah. my feet hurt so badly. >> oh. >> i was in tears, too. my feet. >> you crying. wiping on my face and the tears. >> what's the highlight, the one party? >> stallone. to me that was just one of the best moments. i mean, getting back in the one-on-one rooms and everybody fantastic. >> love that moment. >> all right, al. thank you very much, sir. coming cup, all the big moments you might have miss had had, and you cannot talk about an awards show without talking about the fashion. >> pretty color. >> hollywood's host looks right after this. jay knows how to keep his wheels spinning. nice shorts, dad...
9:04 am
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9:08 am
night of partying, like we are. well, we're going to show you a dish that will really hit the spot. >> the a morning after omelette from one of l.a.'s hottest chefs. >> i've got our good friend catching up with celebrity trainers who whip all the a-list stars into shape before they hit the red carpet and she will share their fitness secrets. look at those guns, by the way. >> oh, please. they say that it's not just what you do in the gym it's what you pu olay regenerist renews from within, plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation without the need for fillers your concert tee might show your age... your skin never will. olay regenerist. olay. ageless. mmmm
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9:10 am
:taking a look at the headlines, david bowie being remembered. he died from cancer sunday two days after his 69th birthday and the release of his album. among those paying tribute,
9:11 am
who wants to be a billionaire. the jackpot has ballooned to an estimated $1.3 billion. that is a u.s. lottery record. nobody had all of the winning numbers on saturday night. however, tickets sold in 16 states matched enough numbers to be worth at least a million dollars a piece. rumors of an apple car are revving up. the tech giant has registered apple car and other do mains fuelling speculation it may be developing a self-driving car. a already have a car related product which syncs your phone to the car's built in display. one of america's most iconic homes for sale. there is a catch though. the current owner isn't moving out. the playboy mansion listed today for $200 million. the property features 29 rooms, a home theater and famous
9:12 am
the condition of the sell, magazine founder hue heffner would continue living there. taking in another $41 million, star wars the force awakens. daddy's home was third. if you haven't already seen this, people still talking about what may be called the catch of the season in the nfl. ben roethlisberger throws it to the end zone where bryant grabs it out of the air and does a somersault while securing the ball. that touchdown gave the steelers a 15-0 lead over cincinnati. they went on to win it 18-16. amazing. let's get a check on the weather right now from mr. roker. al. >> that's unbelievable. let's show you what we got for you as far as weather is concerned. for dodd, we are looking at more
9:13 am
for the western great lakes it's a mess. winter weather advisories and snowstorms starting to pile up. we've got a clipper and lake effect snow over the next few days and the cold air and fast moving clipper enhancing what's already falling. looking at the snow fall amounts from p.a. to up state new york 24 inches of snow or more.
9:14 am
an hour and that's your latest weather. >> one thing for certain, hollywood style setters not afraid to break rules. >> here with some of the biggest fashion hits and a few of the misses, plus the evenings most memorable moments and fashion ed editor. good morning. good to see you. >> we saw you around the party. glad you were able to make it in. >> we didn't sleep. >> a lot of us are talking about at that globes. -- are talking about the globes. >> you can play around and i thought people did that. we saw a little bit of everything. we saw neutrals, primary colors. >> kate. >> i love kate. she was in custom and i saw this
9:15 am
gorgeous. she looked like a walking chandelier. it was tassels moving and everything from her hair and make up was flawless. i think she nails it every time. >> as we worked the red carpet we agreed one of our favorites was alicia buchanan. >> she is on top of my list. she's a new fashion darling of the red carpet. watch out for her. she looked stunning in louis. the top came high and i thought she looked perfect. >> she told us she was right out after the globes to finish a born movie. >> right. >> let's talk about j-lo. >> she does no wrong. she was covered up.
9:16 am
her skin and exposing everything. she was covered up in this cape dress by giambattista valli. >> i love the lip color. >> red. looks beautiful. >> never looks bad. >> there were thumbs you didn't particularly like. which weren't you favorite? >> i thought kate hudson looked beautiful. her body is amazing. last year she looked so amazing i was a little underwhemed. i thought she could done something a little dressier. she showed a lot of skin. she looked gorgeous but compared to last year. >> i just saw abs and i was like amazing. i'm cool with it. >> i'm cool with it. >> yeah. we're going to talk about the moments. i have my pick for the best dressed guy. willie geist. i don't know if you saw. willie had a suit on but it had
9:17 am
>> yeah, that was tommy hilfigure. everybody's going black. i want today go a little midnight blue. >> were you guys watching from the ball room? this is certainly a very r rated golden globe. ricky back for the fourth time after taking a few years off and back with a vin jens. he really went with itfor it with his sphere in hand and a lot of profanities got bleeped out not only from ricky. also, when he won he was talking to leo and mel gibson, there was a lot we can't repeat but it was very, very raun chi. >> you know the good will in
9:18 am
night when they announced he won for best actor. >> he hnd been nominated since 1997. he became very emotional and i think a lot of people, i think he gets the biggest boot going into the oscar nominations this thursday. >> last but not least lady gaga. neat dress. that's the past. she's reinvented hearse. what did you think of her moment? i think it was interesting. she turns herself to cher and being very nervous and giving the the acceptance speech. she became very emotional. it will be swresing to see if she tries back. >> some compared her to mary lin monroe.
9:19 am
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9:23 am
for us. what does it take to make the perfect omelette, according to the french. >> >> good eggs, good butter and good technique. very simple. it's all about technique. >> you say there's no brown. >> a lot of butterch. >> a touch of butter. >> a touch. >> don't touch the butter. >> and some eggs. >> voila, and after that, it's the way to be gentle. and shaking and sort of tipping like that. >> sort of scrambling the egg in there. >> scrambled eggs. always. >> and you're constantly doing that. >> moving, moving, moving. never leave your eggs alone. >> never leave your eggs alone. >> be gentle with the eggs. >> be gentle with the eggs, like a young lady. young girl in france, and take your time. >> sure. >> and that's the way it is.
9:24 am
it's pretty fast. >> the secret really is though what you put in the omelette. >> after we put in cheese. >> velveeta. >> why do you like that kind of cheese? >> because it melts very, very well. >> have the sgleshs this one i use the black pepper. this is a bit spicy. >> you get a lot going in there. >> love it. >> absolutely. >> and then this is the key to roll your omelette. see, that's the key. roll it. >> i love that you use a small plan. >> voila. >> you don't just fold it in half. that's what people try to do. >> and after on the plate, voila, and you put a little bit more of -- >> more butter. >> a little bit. >> on top. >> wow. >> oh, my gosh. >> voila. >> very rich. delicious.
9:25 am
>> voila. perfect. >> natalie, why don't you give it a try. >> a little spoon with butter. >> and you put a little -- >> wow. >> you know i'm going to give this a try here. thank you so much. >> head to our website
9:26 am
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so we've seen the skin tight fashion at last night's golden globes, but it's not easy to say the least to look that tone and tight on the red carpet. our liliana vazquez got a chance to break down some of the celebrity fitness tips from the gurus out there. you look fantastic, by the way. >> all of you looked amazing last night. walking you watch the carpet. of course, last night i needed to get red carpet ready so i looked for guidance from a few trainers responsible for whipping hollywood's hottest celebrities into shape. check it out. >> the fashion isn't the only hot thing on the red carpet, from arms and legs to tight tummies and bodacious booty. everybody wants to know the fitness secrets of the stars, and these celebrity trainers have got them. welcome to a-business body boot camp.
9:30 am
gunnar pedersen shapes one of the most famous dareiers in hollywood, khloe kardashian showing off a rocking bod. my currently flat butt, can i get it to look round and perky like the kardashian butt. >> 1,000% yes. heavyweight, move president and activating like this over long periods of time. >> this is not's, by the way. >> you want easy stuff? >> you didn't get the memo. >> love it, feel it. my butt is growing by the second. >> final step to a red carpet booty. >> ultra slide slide board. do it at home in your socks. slide the weight and transfer your weight. nice, look who turned pro. >> next crucial body part for a celeb physique, the core, we went to maroon 5 front man and "the voice" very much adam levine. >> no crunches.
9:31 am
here we're actually rounding the back so it's almost like a little bit of a "u." that's right and then back to flat. good. that's it. boom boom. >> with your legs straight you're going to bring your thighs all the way up and down and up and down. reach, reach, reach, reach, reach. now contract your abs and come in. >> like cleaning our kitchen floor. >> you can grab slide pads, buy them online. find a slupry surface. >> do celebrity complain more horless than your regular clients. >> >> way more, way more. >> simone has helped actor naomi watts achieve amazing arms. >> put your chest down towards the floor with a push-up and you'll twist and turn into a side plank and look so pretty and beautiful. >> you're going to wrap this
9:32 am
and reeel reach towards the floor and we'll lower our bodies down keeping our shoulders square. >> and i feel that right here. >> triceps shredder. overhead press. complicated. >> i'm hyper focused and it the pain. i've been known to pick up a can of baked bean other tomatoes. >> heavy water bottles. when celebrities work out, do they sweat? >> of course. >> see, i have a feeling that they glisten, not quite sweat. they are not sweaty. >> let's review. i've strengthened my core, arms are tight and i can visualize a new improved back side. with all of this great advice i'm feeling like a winner, too, for hollywood's biggest party. >> you look amazing. >> thank you guys. >> look so stunning. i put the workout to good use. i tried my hardest. >> that was my attention at tiny
9:33 am
>> you achieved it.
9:34 am
this is "today" on nbc. we're back with our golden ticket winner allyson winner from brooklyn and her dad reginald wilson from little rock, arkansas. on friday she won a trivia game and had a chance to rub shoulders with celebrities at the golden globes. let me say good morning. >> good morning. >> you were the star of the red carpet, forget leo and j. lo and everybody said who is that? did you have fun last night? >> i had a blast. it was amazing. >> look at you. have this video here of you on the carpet. >> did you have a favorite moment? >> my favorite moment was meeting angela bassett but i enjoyed everybody. it's like they embraced me. >> so sweet. >> and your dad was beaming at your beauty there, but the headline is yes, the golden
9:35 am
you sang at the vatican. >> yes. >> wow. >> i am. i am an opera singer, and i -- i've performed all over the world.
9:36 am
>> >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. this has to stop. >> i got one. >> hey, everybody, it is funday
9:37 am
>> sometimes we fall down.
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