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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  January 18, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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have to quit for the night. he said carson may was last seen skiing off-duty on thursday afternoon. he was reported missing by his friends on friday morning when he did not come home. they also say his belongings were still in his locker at the ski resort on friday. they are looking in an area north of the judo lift at the sugar bowl ski resort. hunt said that is where there were some cell phone things but they have since stopped. unfortunately, he could not get to the areas where they would like to search because the avalanche risk is high right now. also, weather hampered efforts over the weekend but there is rain in the forecast. hunt said that would be good unless it is followed by more snow pics two rain can help us out. it will stabilize the pack. if you get snow on top of that it will on stabilize. it depends on what the avalanche center will tell us what is the. >> reporter: this is the fourth day of the search. they believe it is the fifth
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the elements. they say he is an experienced skier and this gives us hope that he is alive and waiting to be found. time to to -- take a peek outside. we had a nice start to the day. jake meteorologist, colin jackson joins us now with a first look at the forecast. we have a four-day workweek for some people and a four-day school week which is great. right now there is a peek at the downtown. temperatures in the upper 40s. not too windy yet but that will change once we get to tomorrow. changes on the way and we will have more rain to deal with pick right now doppler radar is quiet period that storm left early this morning, most of mlk day was fine. we had the sun pop out in the afternoon. it was gorgeous to the west, east, north and south. i am so glad i am here. the next a storm system is giving rainfall to eureka and arcata. that will be heavy at times on
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the clouds will be on the increase tonight as it will be winds tomorrow. we will see winds gusting on the valley floor to 35, 40 or 50 miles an hour. current temperatures are not too bad. we're sitting above average. the lows -- the highs today when the low 50s. it is called in a winnemucca at 37 degrees. air quality is great. enjoy your fireplace tonight. seven-day numbers are coming up soon. they are interesting. great to have you here and we look forward to talking to you later in the forecast. many people across the northern nevada are honoring doctor mark luther king junior today. this marks 30 years of the federal holiday honoring the civil rights leader. jamie haden joins us with a look at how locals are getting back on this day. >> reporter: they are doing quite a bit and since 1986,
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life of luther king junior and holiday, many businesses and schools were closed however instead of having a free day off, hundreds gave back today. all in honor of mlk. every year on the third monday of january, americans and celebrate the life and legacy of a martin luther king jr. in his honor, several events were held throughout northern nevada. in the morning, students from the tahoe expedition academy teamed up with the truckee meadows park foundation. >> instead of a day off we are taken martin luther king jr.'s day to honor this park. to help out. >> because martin luther king really did help out our society as we know it today. so instead of taking a day off, we're doing work at >> reporter: they conducted a bioblitz at mlk junior memorial park. that logs all living things in the area as part of an annual
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>> were hoping next year we will be able to take the data we have collected and get a good understanding of what is going on in this park and how humans are impacting it and how students are helping. >> reporter: and other mlk event involved dozens of university of nevada students. >> it's a two-way street. we help the community that we also get a lot out of it. >> reporter: a day before the 2016 spring semester begins, more than 80 students volunteered at various a local nonprofit organizations in reno and sparks. some helped pack boxes for hungry families and others worked with children for the day. >> it's a big day to be your. people are saying they need to get ready for class or go shopping. i would rather be here. it means a lot to me to give back. >> reporter: over at the foodbank, more than 300 people packed food for families in the pics two we have always liked is over the national day of service. we rely on volunteers heavily at the foodbank. it seems like a natural fit for us to do something on this
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>> reporter: for this event, children of all ages were able to help packs thousands of pounds apart as. the age requirement to volunteer at the warehouse is usually at least 10. >> because it is awesome to give back to the community. it's a special thing to do and it makes you feel good about yourself. >> reporter: which is exactly why michael and his family decided to skip winter to these and instead give back to others. >> instead of skiing today we decided to do something to help the community. >> we have a lot of food and we are pretty blessed and we want to help other people. >> reporter: that was the motto today for many, helping others. the foodbank's goal was to pack at least 30,000 pounds of food produced during the event. if you're not able to volunteer today, organizers say they are always looking for volunteers year-round. for information head to our website,
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anniversary celebration of mark luther king junior. doors were open and just a few minutes and emily for cello is at the atlantis checking out the event and how things are shaping up. >> reporter: people are starting to fill up the hallway as doors will officially be opening at 6:15. the program will start at seven. when it starts, guests will be making their own i have a dream speech. the northern nevada black cultural awareness society has been prepping for this event for months and encourage anyone to come out television journalists and authors have been invited to be the keynote speaker tonight. she will be speaking about her personal family history that dates back to the civil war period in encouraging others to share their story. >> one of the things i look forward to doing is incorporating the story of slavery. you cannot talk about doctor king and delete that chapter
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>> reporter: all proceeds that will be collected or go towards all the other events that this organization puts on throughout the year. reporting left me atlantis, back to you in the studio. on tonight's crimewatch, a spokesman is accused of intentionally setting his apartment on fire. sparks police say tristan dufurrena is behind bars for starting a fire on the 1600 block of merchant street over the weekend. emergency crews reported the fire had been put out by the time they responded to the call. no one was hurt. authorities say he set the fire and left the apartment while smoke was coming out of the building without calling for help. police say he was charged with first-degree arson, obstructing a peace officer and possession of drug paraphernalia. reno police have arrested three suspects after a vehicle crashed at the offramp of op -- robb drive on i-80. an officer tried to make a stop early this morning and the
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and accelerated onto the ramp. he swerved into another vehicle and crashed into a fence. police said the suspects got away but were all captured a few hours later. in reno church is joining a growing movement among places of worship offering sanctuary to immigrants living in the u.s. illegally. earlier this month, the unitarian universalist fellowship of northern nevada became the first church in the state to allow an undocumented immigrant to stay there. reverand anderson said he does not see giving sanctuary as breaking the law but rather upholding his congregation's values. >> there was a this immediate risk that he would be deported. he had two children, both u.s. citizens. and a wife all living in northern nevada. we just did not -- we thought it in moral to have it -- in normal to have a family separate. to have a family ripped from the life of his children.
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space in the back into a sanctuary room. in a 2011 memo, immigration and customs enforcement discouraged their agents from entering places they called a sensitive, like a churches and schools. the bill for holding a four- day special legislative session last month to bring carmaker, ferriday future to nevada turned out to be larger than one to clear tax breaks for tesla. officials expect the total to be around $250,000 when printing costs and a travel reimbursements are made. the session cost nearly twice as much as the two-day special session for tesla back in 2014. the recent session lasted longer even though faraday's incentive package was smaller. concerns about water use and bond financing drew the session out longer and lawmakers approved $215 million in tax breaks for faraday and authorized $120 million in infrastructure improvements at the apex industrial park. that is down in north las vegas. the chief operating officer
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resigning. steve harvey is a leading after serving the opposition for the pastor. he joined the las vegas-based airline in december 2014. his resignation follows a questions about the safety record and several incidents involving emergency landings and mechanical issues. the airline recently ordered more training for pilots and dispatchers after a plane had to land because it was low on fuel. a former pilot is also suing the airline for firing him after he ordered an emergency evacuation when he saw smoke was detected coming from a jet engine. we know is welcoming a new soccer team to the reno aces ballpark it but it does not have an identity quite yet. that is where local fans can step in to help. van tieu has details of the top six names for the new team in reno. >> reporter: since the announcement that reno what
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starting spring of 2017, about 3000 different names have come in. it has been narrowed down to the top six. they are reno fc, or fc reno. reno siver fc, reno city fc in, reno united or we know 1860. these names on the traditional side when it comes to soccer. fc stands for football club. those were the most popular names. now it's up to the fans to choose the official name. >> very excited to have the spinal names. they represent what our community has asked for. that's been our vision this whole time. we want to build a franchise with the community's vision behind it the whole way. >> reporter: there will be only a two week window to vote. starting tomorrow at 10 am. once the final name is chosen it will be announced in mid february. you can find that link on still ahead on news 4
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>> burtis lawmakers have harsh words as they debate banning donald trump from the united kingdom over his anti-muslim remarks. next we check in with colin jackson for what is coming up in the weather. we are under a quiet spell
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changes are on the way on our donald trump has made quite an impression in britain. so much so that lawmakers spent part of their day discussing reasons why he should be banned from the united kingdom. feel really joins us with more on the debate. >> reporter: he was called a lot of names in the british parliament today. >> the person you're dealing with maybe a successful businessman. he is also a buffoon. >> donald trump is no more than a demagogue. >> donald trump is a full.
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that we just wrote to trump? >> some of that was from people who were defending him or his right to come to the uk and say whatever he wants. >> bring him here. let us have the opportunity to challenge him and let him go home with his tail between his legs. >> reporter: britain has banned 84 people from entering this country for inciting hatre today was triggered a petition in written signed by more than 500,000 people who wanted to make donald trump number 85. the debate today was about that anger. the anger there has been about mister trump's proposal to ban muslims from the u.s. pics two his words are not comical. his words are not funny. his words are poisonous. they brisk inflaming attention between vulnerable communities. his comments regarding muslims are wrong. his policy to close borders if he is elected as president is bonkers. >> reporter: this debate will not result in mister trump being banned.
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it is proof of a backlash against mister trump who had also threatened to end a lot of investment here in britain. this is a man who divides opinion on both sides of the atlantic. lawmakers also noted their disdain for trump extended to others remarks he's made about britain. that there are muslim areas of britain where police dare not go because the areas are so radicalized. later in the newscasts, we are looking at weather election polls could drive the outcome of the 2016 presidential race and how much of an impact those polls can have. we are excited to welcome our new chief meteorologist colin jackson from california's a central valley. good to have you here. i thought i would try the weather on the other side of the mountains. it is a little different. better views to the west. rain by noon in most areas if not all tomorrow. gusty southwest winds and more rain by friday. most of wednesday and thursday
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we have temperatures that are mild. 50s, that's not bad. the average height is around 46 or 47. doppler radar not picking up anything. there is a weather on the way. changes will arrive in the morning. from 10 am through 10 pm we have a wind advisory in effect. that will affect areas across everything east of the crest of the sierra. gusts could be around 40 or 50 miles an hour. that area in blue is a winter weather advisory. that means 4 to 8 inches of rain above 10,000 feet. this is great for the snowpacked. if you are skiing or snowboarding tomorrow, pay attention. you may need chains. 54 was the high today. 39 was the low this morning. both average -- numbers are above average. 47 at 6:15. other numbers are cooler. the mountains are at 34 and
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the satellite picture remains active. every couple of days we have a storm in here. we need this. what a difference a compared to previous years. is the drought over? not yet. we have a long way to go. for now, it is on the north coast near eureka and arcata. future clouds and radar paints green across the entire valley floor. all the way through noon and lasting closer to the dinner hour. they were will be lingering showers but overall, the overnight period into wednesday remains dry. snow flurries, a chance for that in the tahoe area. tonight low will be around 34. mostly to partly cloudy skies. tomorrow 53 with rain and sun. son is in the early part of the day. the rain is in the afternoon. winds make us between 40 and 50
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temperatures like this are a little colder in spots but overnight low's will be about or they have in. 20s in some spots and tomorrow will be a reverse of today. nice in the morning and then turning windy and wet in the afternoon. wherever you are in any of these cities, temperatures will be pretty similar. low 50s to upper 40s. 24 and truckee overnight. a high of around 43. temperatures around the lake will be the upper 30s to low 40s with snow coming in. it will be windy in the crest of the sierra. gusts around 90 or 100 miles an hour. other numbers look good too. temperatures in the springs area, low 40s for highs. get ready for change. you have a couple days off and more change again. virginia city is not bad at 45. in reno, 34 with a high of around 53.
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be around 45 degrees tomorrow. the seven date looks like this. rain chances are healthy on tuesday and friday. weekend ahead or carson city remains dry with snow chances remaining in south lake tahoe at 180% -- 100 at 180% -- 180% chance of. that means keep your hands on the wheel and the wind and the snow because changes in the mountains happen fast and you need to be ready for it. most of us are, aren't we? >> i just bought chains for my car >> how ready are you for the winter weather? >> i am ready. i am a skier that the last three or four years have been so bad that i have not bothered. i will have pretty weak ski legs when i go up. >> you have kids that are coming? >> yes. they are in bakersfield. it will finish the school year and will be in town around june. i can't wait >> you have discovered mccarran boulevard. >> i love mccarron. the matter which way you go on
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it's great. my favorite road. >> it's great to have you here. after the break. the race for hollywood's top award proms a discourse over diversity.
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how ce it is martin luther king day. two well-known entertainers say they are skipping the academy awards. and emotional video by actress, jada pinkett smith, explains her decision and it has been viewed millions of times. jeremy roth has the story for us tonight.
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let's do us differently. >> reporter: in a video posted a facebook, jada pinkett smith said she is boycotting the academy awards. she will not be watching from home either. she made the announcement in wake of a growing controversy over the lack of diversity among this year's nominees. >> begging for acknowledgment. even asking diminishes dignity. and diminishes power. and we are a dignified people. >> reporter: her husband, will smith, is one of the actors of color who did not get nominated this year despite critical acclaim for his performance in concussion. she said it's time to reevaluate things. >> maybe it is time that we pull back our resources and we put them back into our communities, into our programs. >> reporter: she is not alone in her frustration. on social media, many have vented over the lack of oscar diversity. for the second year comedy #,
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trending on line. spike lee said he is boycotting the ceremony as well. in a post on social media, the director as, how is a possible for the second consecutive year, all 20 contenders under the actor category are white. both stars say they wish their friends involved in the oscars production the best and praised chris rock who will be hosting the show next month. i may jeremy roth, reporting period ahead, quite a scene in the bay area as a protesters line
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more new developments in the war on terror tonight as another man has been detained in relation to isis. jonathan elias brings us the details from washington.
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alert desk i'm jonathan elias. moroccan police have detained a man linked to isis. they say the directx group -- had ties to the paris attacks. police said the suspect trump to syria with one of the paris suicide bombs. the death toll from last week's terror attack has risen to four in jakarta and we're getting video of that attack being carried out. first of the bomb goes out. a few minutes later someone starts shooting into the crowd. authorities say a new southeast asian faction of isis carried out the attack. start the muslim association of virginia is denouncing to virginia men charged with supporting isis. the first was arrested friday at the richmond airport. the department of justice said he planned to travel to syria to fight with isis. the second, investigators say he helped the first suspect drive to the airport. both are due in court on tuesday. i'm jonathan elias.
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brought traffic to a halt in the bay bridge area tonight. the black lives matter group lined up along the westbound lanes. they gathered to protest recent police shootings. they appeared to chain-link their vehicles together as they held signs and marched. traffic was backed up for several miles on the bridge. the bridge was actually closed for several minutes. utility workers and police officers finally came in to cut the chains and into the vehicles away. the protesters were placed in handcuffs. you can see quite a backup on the bridge on this martin luther king jr. holiday. 71 national guard troops arrived in michigan today in an ongoing water crisis. president obama has declared a state of emergency in flint. on sunday, troops visited 5000 homes to provide free bottled water and filters for families. the city has been grappling with toxic lead contaminating its drinking water following a cost-saving measure by the
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switching the water supply from lake huron to the flint river. researchers discovered the river water has 19 times more corrosive materials than the water in lake huron. polls have been used in politics since the early part of the 20th century. lately their role has increased more. the question is how accurate are those polls. our national correspondent, christine cruz out is's answers in this report. >> reporter: this has been a favorite for one president of canada. >> they did the poll and i'm leading in the hispanic vote. this is cnn pole. who is the best on terrorism? trump, right at the top. >> reporter: trump has been at the top of the polls for months now. but will that translate at the ballot box? professor of american history, alan lichtman worries about polls accuracy these days. >> many people do not want to talk to pollsters. a hang up on them. you're not necessarily getting
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it's very difficult to know who is actually going to vote. >> reporter: technology has also changed the process. >> lots of folks, including old people like me, don't have land lines. the only have cell phones. >> reporter: as of 2013, 41% did not have land lines. that means far fewer people to call to survey. and get the significance of polls has vastly grown. determining where candidates stand on the stage and one that paul could send them from the main event to the undercard debate. starting in 2016, the pew research center will now call a 75% of cell phones for each polls. >> it's easier for us to reach young adults, the profile, demographic profile of our samples looks more like the actual population. >> reporter: courtney kennedy said despite the decline of participation, the benefits of polls out late -- way delimitation.
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that often otherwise do not have one. >> reporter: voices of that will be loudest when the ballots are counted 10. that brings us to our mind news question. from which parties debate do you think you have learned more? here are the results of our. 76% say you learned more from the republican debates. 24% say you more and more watching the democratic debates. still plenty of time to vote on this. you'll find the web poll on our homepage, a cofounder of the 1970s rock band, the eagles, has passed away. glenn frey died in new york city after fighting rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis and pneumonia. his band said he thought the illness for the past several weeks. he helped form the eagles back in the early 70s along with don henley.
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when we come back. it's been cold outside and for
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but can you stay one step ahead it is cold season. a time many of us experience sniffling in season from the comical. it turns out americans suffer from more than 1 billion colds each year. how to best prevent or treat the virus is the question. here is some insight on this on your side report. >> reporter: we all know the symptoms. a sore throat. sneezing and a runny nose. colds are comment this time of year that any review from the canadian medical association contains tips on how we can fight back. the researchers looked at results from 67 trials and found that handwashing may be the best way to prevent
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studies in children found that those taking zinc had fewer colds than others. the researchers say that adults may benefit as well. probiotics may be helpful to ward off colds but vitamin c, the gold standard of cold fighters, did not seem to help the average patient nor did echinacea. what happens if you do get sick? medication like ibuprofen and acetaminophen help relieve the aches and pains but they will not make the call to go away faster. almost all colds are caused by viruses. taking antibiotics is not recommended. symptoms usually go away in about 7 to 10 days. if you're not get relief by then, see your doctor. for today's health minute, i'm martha shea. more health news july. trader joe's is recalling its raw cashew pieces over possible salmonella contamination. the product was sent to stores and more than two dozen states. the company is pulling them off the shelves. they are asking customers to throw them out or return them to a trader joe's store and get a refund.
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be found at trader joe's website. trader joe's said no one has become sick. they are doing this as a precaution. the u.s. postal service has announced a new rate hikes for some services. at the postal service to the list of companies raising its shipping rates. starting sunday, the prices of priority mail and party mail express will both go up. priority mail increases 9.8% while the faster priority mail express jumps an average of 14.4%. the new prices represent the first increase in more than three years for either mail service. the 62 richest people have collectively as much wealth as the 3.6 billion people who make up the bottom half of the world's population when it comes to money. that is according to a new report from oxfam international. the study draws from the forbes annual list of billionaires and credits global wealth of data
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back in 2010 it took 388 ultrarich individuals to own that portion of the global wealth. oxfam also reports the top 1% owned more than everyone else combined. coming up in sports. the packet mensa festival team returns to the floor. hear from the guys about their motivation heading into the game. now we check in with colin for an update on the forecast.
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a few sprinkles around town. welcome back. you may find a few sprinkles tonight but not much. mainly south of town. there will be more tomorrow morning. it will not last that long which is nice. then we will see more rain by friday in the seven-day forecast.
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something a little darker green here, that is a chance for a sprinkle on your lawn. overall, the big story will be the wind tomorrow. this is a windy area. there is a wind advisory in effect from tomorrow morning 8:00. gusty winds from the southwest around the, 40, or 50 miles an hour. on the other side of sierra, the western crest, winter weather advisory. overall, that is in effect through tomorrow night late as well. and into a piece of wednesday because 4 inches to 8 inches of fresh powder may be on the way. 54 was the high today. 46 is the average. 39 this morning. that is well above average. the average for this time of year is 26. wind speeds are not bad. 10 to 15 miles an hour out of the southwest.
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well. still into the upper 40s in many spots. these future winds will pick up tomorrow afternoon and you will notice that. why is this repeating? there we go. currently right now, 47 is our current temperature. there is the wind, northwest at 7 miles an hour. other regions are still about the same. mid to upper 40s in the valley floor. 33 at south lake tahoe. temperatures on the valley floor are not bad. everyone for the most part in the upper 40s. the higher in elevation you go the colder it gets. there are the current wind speeds. gusty in parts but not much. this will change everything tomorrow morning. clouds increasing tomorrow -- tonight. the rain you see on the north coast will move our way. it could be heavy in some areas. future clouds and radar. this is the nude timeframe. this will show you that the
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almost across the entire state. here is 80. anything must appear you will find snow. that will be here all the way from tuesday night into parts of wednesday morning. if you are traveling, take your trains -- chains. tonight low is around 34. sonnet to start -- sun to start. a chance of rain at 70%. temperatures will be in the mid- 20s to the east. overnight lows in the mid 20s and highs to be in the mid 40s. it will be cold in the morning to start. temperatures in the upper 20s to low 30s and afternoon highs will rebound into the 40s as well for the most part in that area of the state. 51 for the city and down south, this is not bad for this time of the year. it will be fairly warm.
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the upper 30s to low 40s. in the mid-20s around 6:00 or 7:00. one more map. 47 to 50 degrees the average high in those regions as well. where we are, to pitchers in reno will be around the low 50s not bad for this time of year. colder weather in the seven-day forecast. it arrives this weekend. we have a healthy rainfall chance tuesday and friday. and again for south lake tahoe, snow chances remain through saturday. mild but wet tuesday and friday. the weekend ahead looks great. alex is in. the pack have the weekend off. >> technically, no break it all. they were put right back into training camp. a lot of hard work. we'll see how that plays -- pays a dividend this week. the players themselves cannot wait to get back into the game after last wednesday's lost to boise state.
6:40 pm
emotions, especially because we did lose that game and it was close. now we're going into wyoming knowing -- it's revenge on game before. we want our revenge on somebody. we want to take it out on wednesday against ramming. >> we just can't too hard on ourselves. were always in the game. we need to start off stronger. i feel like we will do that. >> turning their attention to wyoming. a team they just played a couple weeks ago. they got their first mountain west win in that game. marquise coleman led the way with 23 points including 17 in the second half. hit a three pointer in 22 seconds left in the game. that sealed the victory. cam oliver also had a nice game in this one. 15 points with eight rebounds. they need to find a way to slow
6:41 pm
he had 26 points in contest, going 3 for 7 from beyond the arc. we hear with the guys had to say about stopping atoms on tuesday. the pack had to play in their make is that help cowboys. cowboys are riding high. they came off a tough road win against new mexico on saturday. 70-60. both teams have 10 wins on the season. they are hoping to even them out west. tipoff is set for 6:00. in basketball news, you can file this one under the bonehead of the week category. oregon state suspended forward, jamol louis dixon after he tripped a raft during sunday's loss to utah. what was he thinking? read clearly sticks out his leg and takes down the referee. he was suspended for four games after being ejected. the suspension can be extended if he does not comply. the teams -- two teens standards. football season may be over for
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look to jump on nfl readers this week. outgoing seniors, jones, jackson will practice this week at the nfl pa collegiate ball this coming saturday. jackson was listed as one of the top 16 players to watch in the game. that is part of a two backfilled at nevada along with james butler. jackson had over 1000 yards on the ground. he had 4 100 yard games. you can watch that game at 3:00 on espn two. in nfl, the eagles made their higher of doug pederson official. he spent the last three seasons as the offense of coordinator for the chiefs. he is no stranger to call it off you. he was the teams quarterbacks coach in 2011. he will be introduced on tuesday. excitement for pro soccer continues to build in reno. the team announcing the final six than choices for what the teams soccer league franchise will be called. after over 3000 submissions,
6:43 pm
reno fc, fc reno, reno siver fc, reno city fc, reno united and reno 1868. final voting begins at 10 am tomorrow to the end of the month.
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website, mynews before we go tonight we
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something exciting. something we want you to take part in. our new website is debuting tomorrow morning at 5:00. the website will bring brand- new mobile experience. download our new news4 app by january 31. that is when our current app will be deactivated. it has the same name but a new user-friendly updated design. the new apple will be available when the site goes live tomorrow. our web team here is very excited about the changes coming. check that out. >> i don't need to be up for that do i? >> no. you can check it out later.
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