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tv   Nevada Newsmakers  NBC  January 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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pro group management and the >> closed captioning of "nevada newsmakers" is brought to you by the nevada trucking association, trucking moves america forward. this is "nevada newsmakers" with
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political forum. now from the "nevada newsmakers" broadcast headquarters, here is sam shad. >> back on "nevada newsmakers," we're delighted to welcome back jill derby, she's former democratic state party chair and also a cultural anthropologist, we have lots to talk about. the first thing i want to talk about, your thoughts on what is driving the donald trump and the bernie sanders campaigns? >> i think there is this fear out there, this unease, that stems i think partly from the rhetoric that's been out there about how the country is a mess, but the reality that wages haven't risen, so in spite of the fact obama said it right, we have the strongest economy anywhere, but the truth is for so many people, they're stuck in the middle class and losing ground, because wages have been stagnate, a third of our people in the workforce now are part timers, freelancers, the old
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job and count on retirement benefits and count on retirement, that's really disappearing and that's scary to people. >> it is scary to people, but the same time, if we go back 100 years, 200 years, things were not the same as 25 or 30 years ago, isn't that part of natural cycle of life? >> i wouldn't argue with you there, yes, absolutely. economies change and obama pointed out last night, globalization, technology, going into automation, there is all sorts of big dynamics that are at work here, but the truth is on the ground, real peep and he will their experience of it because not everybody will look philosophical. our own circumstances are people will say, i'm flat in terms of wages or i've lost ground and retirement is insecure and that's really scary. interesting? i'm not advocating, i wouldn't want to serve in the military
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didn't have to, if we had a call-up again to where we had military service, that would take a lot of people out of the job market for whatever length of time they had to serve, whether in the military, peace corps, whatever, how might that change thing? >> i like that idea, i like the national service idea. there are choices, because military is not for everybody, the idea there are other opportunities. what was the one that targeted urban america and inner city challenges and so on and so forth? and then the peace corps and alternate alternatives, that is a great idea, i'm for investing in america, investing in infrastructure would give an awful lot of people jobs and the idea of national service that offered range of things people could do would be. it's a tough time of transition for us. what we're going through in this globalized economy, and people
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so when somebody offers panacea or paradise, make america great, people listen to that because they're scared about they remember the way it used to be 30 and 40 years ago, there was more security. >> for all the people trying to immigrate to the united states, they think america is great. >> yeah. >> by the way, national service, i think that the idea of the united states going to war would be limited greatly. >> well -- >> i don't think we valid had -- maybe had the afghanistan war, because of 9/11, but not the iraq war. >> absolutely, sam. for that reason, i understand draft again. i can remember back in vietnam and personally knowing people that got killed in that war and middle america knew people killed in that war, but now the way it turns out who ends up in our military, a lot of america can feel blind to the loss that
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>> let's turn our attention to bernie sanders. bernie sanders phenomenon, do you think that he has enough ground game in the early states to be able to defeat hillary clinton? that is where she has her strength. >> it is an interesting question. bernie's rise has surprised a lot of us. i like listening to him, authen tisity is refreshing in a political world you rarely find that. he taps into the fear people feel about the -- when he says the system is rigged, that is a sense that so many people in the middle have and he speaks into that and i think that is drawing huge crowds, so we'll see. now the clinton campaign has a good ground game and hech knows she's so deeply experienced that i think she's in a strong position, but i don't know, i think time will tell. but the sanders people, i'm
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in nevada because, of course, we're down the line in terms of our caucuses, and that's coming up there is a lot of activity for bernie, he inspires people the way a populous would and people are out there working hard for him. i think it is still open question. >> the amount of money he's raising is phenomenal. >> it is phenomenal. he is not taking any from the big money packs, you have to love that tochlt raise that much from smaller donations and not taking any from political pictures, nobody predicted that could happen. >> do you think if bernie sanders were elected president, it would be the same as donald trump being elected president, sea out of the mainstream of the political world. not in the congress, but the political world. >> i think it would, you could draw a certain parallel there, but if you look at the two compains, enormous difference.
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don't want to say "off the charts," in terms of offensively, in terms of calling for divisiveness and making outrageous claims about exporting 11 million people and not allowing muslims in and so forth, you wouldn't hear anything like that from bernie sanders, who is a reasonable man. >> he's not a reasonable man, he's a far left man. when you talk about the mainstream of politics in america, and i say that, i mean, you know, you have to get things done in congress. >> right, right. >> you can't be a president who stands alone. look at jimmy carter, who was going to go to washington to change everything. >> no, cuabsolutely make that claim. i get what you're saying, as democratic socialist, he's too far to the left, but you can't compare that with trump who, is dealing in the most offensive and divisive rhetoric, you can make some comparison there, in terms of the decency of them,
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>> more with jill derby when we come back. >> to get a dvd copy of any "nevada newsmakers" program,
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the cost is >> closed captioning of "nevada newsmakers" is brought to you by the nevada trucking association, trucking moves america forward. >> now back to "nevada newsmakers" with host sam shad. >> back on "nevada newsmakers," we continue our conversation with jill derby, former democratic state party chair and also the former candidate in cd 2, you made two runs for it. >> yeah. >> the first one looked pretty darn good. >> it did. >> you really ran, even though you are a strong democrat from gardnerville, which is a strong republican base, you ran a strong campaign. chip evans has now decided to take up that mantel. i understand you are encouraging toward him. why do you think at this time
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chance in cd2 when mark amaday is so popular? >> well, let me say this, i mean, it's a very tough district and i do support chip. i appreciate him stepping out, people need a choice. you never know, sam, this is a different environment in terms of national politics right now. all the pundits have been absolutely turned on their ears, when everybody said trump wouldn't last more than a couple months and bernie sanders, you know, that was just not taken seriously. now look what we have. there is a lot that is unpredictable about it and people are in a churn about the country and the economic situation, the divide in equality, the inequality gap and so on and so forth. it can be unpredictable. that's always been a republican district, the numbers are clear
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the rules are predominantly republican and they get out and vote, i think it is a tough district. chip knows it. it is really great it offers people that alternative. you never know how the election will turn out. people keep predicting week after week that it is going to go a certain way or can't go that way and it goes that way. you never know. wait and see. >> kate marshall, i was in a debate and asked her if she would announce her membership to the republican party. she was going way right of mark. i thought that was a great mistake. >> it doesn't help. doesn't help. >> what does chip have to say to be able to pull votes away from abaday. he has not had a contested race since being in that seat. heville to raise money on the campaign. >> i agree. chip really will have to identify himself with the populous message that it isn't
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he's running against the status quo, which be mark amaday. i think he adapts his campaign accordingly and really adopts democratic themes for greater equality in the middle class and fairness and so and and so forth. i think you have to be strong on security. >> okay, here is the big question, which is the money. i mean, how much money will it take and can chip raise -- i know he's had conversations with d.c., but, you know, million dollars? how much do you think he has to raise? >> i had to raise about a million eight to come very close to winning that election. >> a million eight. this is a few years ago. >> this is some years ago. >> that would be four or five million today. >> yeah, here is what i discovered after that close run in '06, when you are running
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once you are incumbent, political pacts come in to support you. the other thing people need to know, washington doesn't go out and raise that money for you, they can try to help and connect you with resources and so forth, but people think if you get in and washington will send big checks. no, no, it doesn't work that way. you raise the money, they help train nufundraising perhaps and will send people if -- if your prospects look promising, not if they don't look promising. the folks in the national parties target races they think can be successful. they really got into mine tlooked like we were even in the polls and i could be successful. they were helpful sending people events. >> it will be interesting because i think that is the turning point, if he shows he has ability to raise money and marc is not able to raise the money for whatever reason, people have confidence he can be
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>> i think it will be. >> more with jill when we come >> "nevada newsmakers" is brought to you in part bye the tahoe reno industrial center,
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reta >> this is "nevada newsmakers." >> back on "nevada newsmakers," we continue our conversation with jill derby, now going to the cultural anthropologist side of your world. the middle east, one of your great areas of expertise, saudi arabia and iran. this is pretty crazy. >> it is a very, very big worry. i mean, i was disappointed in all that. the saudi decision, you have a young monarch there in place and his son is the young one, he's a little bit older, that are taking a much more aggressive stance. they feel embattled and so they're act nothing ways like executeing that popular shia cleric, what did they do that for?
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reaction in iran. one thing people have been talking about lately and i think there is validity to this, obama tuesday last night in his speech tis a generational war. this isn't anything that will be solved right away. sadly, our invasion of iraq played into this in big time, it tipped iraq into the shia column. and all of many things have exasbaited the sunni-shia conflict. it goes back milennia. but it hasn't been, i traveled in the middle east decades ago, sunni-shia neighborhoods were integrated, people married across the boundaries. but when there's something political at stake, it's not hard to inflame division. you can get people identifying mostly with their shia sect or
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things are calm and stable, those things aren't so important, but it is easy to fire them up. political -- people use political rhetoric, certainly trump is doing that now, that can stir of tribalism nanthropology, that is what we call it, sense of identity with your own tribe. it is easy to stir up in people in calm times it becomes less relevant. >> what is interesting, too, the cost and toll on saudi arabia with price of oil. and you know, they spend a fifth of reserves in the last year propping up their country by giving money to the people pacifically. iran is going to be in a position very soon to dump a lot more oil to the market. this is not going to help anybody. >> i agree, i get pretty impatient with saudi arabia and mind you, i live thered years ago. i know work there, i have my
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month ago he would never talk politics, it is not save, you don't do that. but a lot of this, the underpinnings of isis, extreme islam, comes out of saudi arabia wohabism, they have been supporting that across the middle east where they can, that support, that ideology, they are part of the problem over there. and now to stir up this, i also have heard rumors or a little bit of gossip about, are they trying to undermine the iranian deal with the united states. >> of course they are. >> and in conversations, i've heard they have been having with even some leading people who oppose the iranian deal over here, certainly netnahu could be part of that conversation, it is deal. >> no, i agree with you. but it is interesting, being in
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have all the candidates who are globeiating on different topics and this is one of them, especially the leading candidate, talking about this is the worst deal ever. time will tell over the next decade if this was good. >> yeah, i think that is true. >> you have been working with the american university and the kurdish portion of iraq, what are you hearing from there as regard things on the ground? seems like the kurds are taking back territory from isis. >> absolutely. you know, people that want to inflame and call it world war iii, the reality is that we're making gains with isis, we are defeating isis, in a lot of way and kurds have been a great part of that. the syrian kurds particularly are in the middle of the fight and have been right there when it comes to the games have been made. isis has lost a lot of geograph and he kurds have been a real part of that.
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been forgotten minority up to this point. they were promised a nation of their own after world war i, they were given the prom and is never gotten it. they are split between turkey, syria, iran and iraq, northern iraq, where we are. northern iraq, they have autonomous independent status, which is great, we have the university there. it is stable and calm kind of place. this has brought global attention to the kurds, they have always been known as warriors and trained peshmerga, the fighting force in kurd kurdishstan, they are not called that in syria. they are good fighters, have been at all it long time. this group has been fighting the turkish government for status for a long time. their militarily trained and ready and they are great fighters and we appreciate the
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>> the presidency in turkey and >> yeah. it is sad, when he came into office, he reached out an olive branch to them and there was a peace deal and things quieted and everybody was encouraged, but then there were some -- one or two incidents, we saw this in paris, one or two vileept incidents can set off chain of events that unravel anything good that happened. that is where they are now, there is reason to fear mitital kurds, they are terrorist group by virtue of how they have acted pretty brutal. >> last quick answer, 30 seconds, israel now concerned about israeli/palestinians going to fight with isis, if you go, you are not coming back. >>you know, you can't occupy people and expect them to behave and that is really the situation, it would be easy for
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the fierce opposition to state solution has really left them with what they consider a bleak future. you know, israel has a heavy hand on that occupied territory. >> to say the least. we'll have to see who follows netannahu to see if they come back, that will explode in israel with the palestinian birth rate. >> tell be a palestinian state decades ahead, yeah. >> there is where we have to leave it. jill derby, always a pleasure, we'll be right back. >> to contact "nevada
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