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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  January 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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live report. and could they be back pedaling on their solar rate hike? what the officials consider budgets on and who it will affect the most. and? >> we'd like to make this introduction. [applause] j a new business is coming to northern nevada, and they are packing a big promise. just how many people they are hoping to employ. news 4 at 5:00 starts now. good evening, everyone. thank you for joining us tonight. i'm joe hart. >> and i'm shelby sheehan. a snow boarder is lucky to be alive after capturing a scary moment in real time on his go pro. but after surviving the avalanche, the 25-year-old face as different worry. the ski resort is now hoping to press charges. news 4's terri hendry joins us live from the sugar bowl ski resort where all of this
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there at the ski resort, for sure. >> reporter: well, a spokesperson. with the ski resort told me this happened in an area that is considered inbounds but closed to the public. i'm going to step away here, and, dave, if you could show everyone, it is that second ridge there where this supposedly happened. we're told that people were watching him do this and they saw the avalanche actually happen. this video demonstrates just how dangerous that area is. take a look. >> the more speed, the better, i'm pretty sure. >> reporter: you can see what t happens as soon as snow boarder christian mares touches the fresh powder. he is being pulled down the mountain by the sliding snow. at one point he is underneath the snow. he survived this and appeared not to be injured, just shaken up quite a bit, but now he is facing prosecution for trespassing, going in a closed skiing area. >> when the ski patrol says we're not allowing the public
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area has not been open since the 2010-2011 season. it doesn't open much and only when the ski patrol deems it ready. >> reporter: this avalanche video has been seen on line by a lot of viewers. it has gone rival. we reached out to the snow boarder and he has not gotten back with us. he posted a youtube video and he says he didn't believe he went anywhere he wasn't supposed to go and that he didn't duck ropes or do anything wrong. the plaster county sheriff's office is looking into this, and they say if he's convicted, he could face up to six months in jail or a $1,000 fine. so this is serious stuff. reporting live from the sugar bowl ski resort, back to you. this is just into our news room. president bill clinton will campaign for his wife, hillary clinton tomorrow night. the doors open another 7:30 tomorrow night at the boys' and girls' club and the event starts at 8:15. if you do want to attend, you
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you can find a link on and coming up in about five minutes on news 4 at 5:00, we'll have the latest ton campaign trail. why hillary clinton is taking heat from bernie sanders and dishing some back as well. time to take a peek outside. we have another fantastic day out there. nice to enjoy the beautiful weather for the -- before the next round of winter weather moves in. we check in with colin with more on the forecast. >> get red question for another big dump at every ski resort and it is going to be treacherous on friday night into sad morning. perhaps even saturday afternoon with the next storm coming on through. so please be careful. doppler radar, skit very, very quiet, however, light showers being depicted and heavy rain getting to move on in to the north coast of eureka. this is the part of the storm that drops the level to 4,000 feet here and that happens on saturday morning, so you have to be prepared for that i don't think it will be a lot, but a
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we're at 52 now. 46, and other numbers are in the 40s to 50s, so it is almost the same as yesterday. no big change there. it is 60 in sacramento. 57 in san francisco. and everyone will see not everyone, but most of northern california will see rain. here we go. good air quality. the fireplaces can be burned again tonight. here is your hour-by-hour planner for the rest of teak. low 40s by 10:00, and then upper 30s for tomorrow morning at 7:00 with cloudy skies. the seven-day forecast is coming up next, and it is interesting to say the least. guys, back to you. >> thank you, colin. an update on the battle over solar power. the nevada public utilities commission is indicating that it might budge on its decision to apply new, higher rates that is to customer whose bought the rooftop systems in yores past a draft order was submitted calling for reconsideration of the so-called grandfathering issue. the rate hike affects both
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many of whom are upset say that i can invested thousands of dollars into panels based on rate calculations that are now moot. the commission is expected to make a decision on monday. jo and enroll inspect the nevada health insurance exchange is topping numbers from the same period last year. nearly 78, 000 nevadans have signed up this enrollment period, which began november 1 and end this is month. the last cycle, about 73,000 nevadans signed up. the health exchange is geared for people who don't already have health coverage through their employer or a government program like medicaid. the final date to enroll in 2016 is january 31. brand-new information is coming to life following a shooting in remembero -- reno last night. according to police, two people have been arrested, but they're still looking for several more suspects. darius jones, who police say is a convicted felon, and christina rooney, have been arrested on multiple charges. this all stems from a robbery
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during the incident, the police say one of the suspects pulled out a gun and shot a male victim at least twice, once in the leg and once in the foot. a female victim was not reported to have been harmed. >> we believe we have the firearm that was involved with it, but these other people were involved in the robbery, shooting, so i would still consider them dangerous. >> and this all happened in the same general area where two other shootings, both fatal, have also happened in recent weeks. sparks police are still looking for three suspect things evening after a home invasion -- suspects this evening after a home invasion. the men broke special a home -- broke into a home on 18th street just before 8:00. this's when armed with handguns they ordered the man and woman inside on the floor. the police say the male victim was hit in the head by one of the suspects. the woman, who is pregnant, is being treated for pregnancy- related stress. now, the police are looking for a dark car, possibly a four-
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two of the suspects are described as wearing black clothing, including hooded sweatshirts. the third person was reportedly wearing all gray clothing, including a gray hooded sweatshirt. anyone with information regarding either one of these cases is asked to contact secret witness at 322-4900. new at 5:00 tonight, nevada's minimum wage could increase to $13 an hour in the coming years. we are joined now, and oliva, not everyone is excited about the increased pay rate, if it happens. >> reporter: just yesterday a carson city judge decided a proposed measure for the ballot this november can move forward. the current minimum wage is $8.25 an hour in the silver state, $7.25 if an employer offers health insurance. but a committee to raise the minimum wage wants the workers to receive at least $9.25 an hour by the end of 2018 and then 75-cents an hour every year after that until 2024 when it reaches $13.
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committee tells me they believe people should be able to live off the minimum wage, which is why they're proposing the increase, but an economics professor from the university of nevada reno says it is not that simple. >> it is obviously a negative impact, just like any increase in cost would be. if any business cost increases, that tends to discourage business, discourage employment. if you increase the cost directly of employing someone, that discourages employment. it is just obvious. >> reporter: and that committee needs to gather 55,000 physical signatures to put the measure ton ballot this november. their attorney says that should be easier than in years past. i'll show you what a small business owner in reno had to say about the possible minimum wage increase that is coming up in my full report at 6:00. back to you. [ applause ] and new businesses, and they have a big promise.
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i'm the only candidate on either side with the experience and judgment to keep us safe at home and strong in the world. hillary clinton is shifting her focus to bern question sanders tonight. -- bernie sanders tonight where she could -- tonight. why she could be feeling the heat from the democratic contender.
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snow almost we see it ton welcome back, everyone. hillary clinton is wrapping up her credit sim of senator bernie sanders as she is now locked in a bitter battle to win the democratic contests in
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sanders released new ads showing his movement is and correspondent edward lawrence joins us now from washington to lack at -- look >> reporter: hillary clinton targeted the heart of senator people. today the former secretary of iowa. in theory, there is a lot to like about some of his ideas, but in theory isn't enough a president has to deliver in reality. >> reporter: undecided students are listening. >> politics as usual, is that what our country really needs or is what we need is what bernie is introducing? kind of an overthrow of the establishment. >> reporter: sanders spent day in new hampshire where he is leading in the polls. >> our job is to create an economy that works for working families and not just a handful of billionaire campaign contributors. >> reporter: in a new political ad, sanders use as simon and garfunkel song, images of milleniels voters and pictures
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[ music ] # beyond the first two contests, sanders is hiring staff to cover all 11 super tuesday states. >> everything it takes to do every part of the job. >> reporter: a day after releasing her own campaign ad, clinton repeated the themes that she is presidential. >> i'm the only candidate on either side with the experience and judgment to keep us safe at home and strong in the world. >> reporter: with 11 days to the iowa caucuses, clinton and her supporters are putting on the full-court press. hillary clinton also criticized senator bernie sanders' single payer health care plan and his lack of foreign policy experience. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. all right. let's now send things over to chief meteorologist colin jackson to get a check ton weather. today was pretty comfortable -- check on the weather. today was pretty comfortable. yes. temperatures running about 10 degrees above average that is all about to change as this
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and it will not miss us. the low pressure behind this frontal band is the cold core of the storm, and that right there, low pressure, lousy weather is also what that stands for if you're trying to drive in it. so please be careful on 80 and others. 80 east, you'll see snow there as well towards elko. overall, it is going to drop snow levels to 4,000 feet ton valley -- on the valley floor. 25 to 35 miles per hour and reno snow, it is a question mark for now. it is not going to be a big, massive snow. regardless, winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories are up for the sierra and these are in effect as early as 4:00. and in effect through saturday at 4:00 p.m. so what does that mean? it mean as lot of snow. how much? one to two feet. but the friday snow level at tahoe starts off at 6,500 and drops down to 4,000 to 5,000,
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regardless, just be prepared for about anything. lake level, four to eight inches of snow areawide that will look gorgeous. 5,000-foot level the the reno area, one to three inches of snow so that mean as dusting to possibly a half of an inch, possible. all right. the high today was 54. 31s with our low this morning. and other ties -- highs today, mid 50s. and you know what? not bad. overall, temperatures warmer than everyone and that -- average and that will change. 42346 carson city and the temperatures to the east, all about the same. 48 to 50 degrees. there is an easterly breeze developing tonight. so this storm blows on in. first we get the womber rare -- warmer rain and then the mix and other place also see it, too, possibly. but it is going to be the tahoe area that will be interesting to deal with. here we are in reno. there is the lake. not much happening in the morning, but it will be pouring in sacramento. as we get closer to friday
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ramps up and overnight, especially in the tahoe area where one to two feet is possible at that 6,000-foot and up elevation and saturday morning, 5:00 a.m., 6:00 a.m., we could see a dusting of snow here. and then as we get toward the afternoon, it spreads east, but, again, not as potent as what will be coming turnover crest of the sierra. tonight's low, not bad. 37 because of the cloud cover. 54 tomorrow and that is a 60% chance of rain late in the day. here are the overnight lows. get ready for really cold air in elko. 12 below. six for eureka. and in mcdermott, the oregon border. a little warmer depending upon where you are, as you can see. bridgeport, and as we get going the other locations, 36 in carson city tonight and dayton gets to a high of 48. 54 in the fernly area. and it will be not that cold.
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overnight lows, upper to low 30s. south winds at 20 to 30 miles per hour and gusty. 35 at sutcliffe. 54 is the high. 46 in susanville and on the valley floor, reno-sparks, 37. 35, golden valley. most locations upper 40s to 50s. carson city, it is wet. it will snow in tahoe and possible snow showers, you know, lingering until sunday morning, but overall, saturday will be the big day, especially in the early part of the day. the ski resort, the lights are on. skiing over for the day. what a weekend it will be for that. sunday is the safer day to go, obviously, because saturday will be windy. white-out conditions are possible and who wants to drive in that nonsense. there is your rain chance for reno. get ready! >> thank you, tom. >> good luck on saturday making it over the pass. a new company is coming to nevada. exciting news. it promises to bring 500 jobs
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>> on behalf of the people in the great state of nevada and all of the elected officials here, we'd like to make this introduction. [ applause ] there it is. announced today that they are opening up a new warehouse and distribution center. it will be out on the usa parkway and the industrial centery east of reno and sparks. the company plans the hire 150 to 180 employees by the end of the year and then another 350 within five years. is an online shopping site that sells a variety of products. so it is a great location. we found the people to be incredibly talented in this area, so it is a great place to open up a distribution center. >> we have a great place to do business a great place to raise a family and great place to get a quality work force. it has just been a matter of being able to tell our story. when these companies learn our story, they choose northern nevada. >> all right.
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july of last year. and speaking of new businesses, the university of nevada has launched a new partnership with zip car to offer a car sharing program on campus. a ford focus and subaru cross track are parked at the unit and the students can sign up to rent them. the rates start at $7.50 an hour. after the students sign up, they can make reservations from an app which also allows them to lock and unlock the cars and honk the horn to help locate the vehicle. nevada is now one of 500 universities across the country to offer zip car rentals. looking to have a good time and help out a local shirt? sheep -- charity? sheep dip might be for you. it is a roast of the people who have made the news the past year. it includes skits, song and dance, put together by members of the community, politicians and the media all proceed goss to raise funds to support charities in the reno and sparks areas.
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incentive to go, our very own joe hart and terri hendry will be star miss . the show. the show runs tomorrow and friday night at the nog gel celebrity show room. the doors open at 7:30 with the show beginning at 8:00. it will be fun. still ahead on news 4 at 5:00, how one area ski resort is going green and what you can no longer buy on the mountain. we'll have that coming up, next. a new and improved my news is your source for local news, weather, sports and so much more. >> we unveiled both of our new web site and mobile app earlier this week. we have a dedicated staff of reporters and producers uploading the latest local news around the clock. many see the stories you won't see anywhere else. >> in our national world section, we have a team of producers and correspondents around the country and the world following the latest headlines that matter to you. >> news 4 is the local news station that is on your side in northern nevada and in the on your side tab, you see all of
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looking out for you holding the powerful accountable. also, if you have a question or notice something that isn't quite right in our community, check out the ask joe tab each weeknight. i track down the answers that you are looking for. ask joe airs in our 6:00 newscast and also on we hope that you'll check
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new my news 4 coming up tonight on news 4 nightly at 6:00, as the blame game dins in the flint, michigan water crises, the e- mails are emerging between local governments pointing to mistakes and cover-up allegations. we'll have the full story. >> also tonight at 6:00, a lot of people want to know when the dog park is go to reopen. i checked into it ted and i'll
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and squall valley, alpine meadows ski resort is doing their part to get rid of plastic water bottles. the resort announced today it will stop selling single use plastic water bottles and instead sell these. they are reusable water bottles that easily shrink down to fit in your jacket pocket. the resort officials say they will be for sale at the same price point as the disposable bottles. they're hoping it helps the resort reduce the total amount of plastic it wastes. and they are adding the stations to refill the water bottles when you're up on the mountain. >> or here. god for the landfills. you picked a good time to start weatherwise. we have had storms, a variety. >> yes. it is nice arriving. trying to get it right, that is the main thing. we will get it right with snow obviously in tahoe starting form and right now, that is the mcclellan peak. get ready for another one do two feet of snow.
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rock, folks, on saturday morning overnight from friday. to possibly 4,000 to 4,500 feet. drive safely.
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