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tv   Nevada Newsmakers  NBC  January 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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andrew mackay and buzz harris. >> back on the "nevada newsmakers" we are pleased to welcome for the first time emmy ruiz. she's the hillary for nevada for state director. you had a big weekend with president clinton coming to town. your response was phenomenal. we had president clinton in vegas on friday evening. and our organizers in a max capacity in two rooms of the boys and girls club. so we were incredibly thrilled
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with the level of engagement. we've been getting calls with people who want to join our campaign. so we've been really excited. when you look at the polls do you have concerns about and the "new york times" did a big piece over the weekend how many polls they are and how "divergent" they are. >> right. we met with ray on this campaign. we always knew this was going to be a tight race. that's this is why we're in democratic primary. as far as polls go polls fluctuate. there is -- it's crazy political season. some of these garage polls and some of are incredible polls. we're really focused on what matters and that's building our organization and beyond. you started with the obama campaign in 2011.
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i starred in 2007 for secretary clinton. >> when you look at the conflict between she and bernie sanders do you have concerns that similar things that happened with president obama and hillary clinton could happen again. >> no people are starting to pay attention. so i think what's happening on both sides of the campaign. people are asking questions. you submit a policy proposal. how do we get there. i'm not necessarily concerned about that because i'll tell you for us in nevada we've been here since march since april 13th when we launched this campaign. we've been focused on building this organization.
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going to be wiped away overnight. president obama supporters are with us. they see secretary clinton as a person on either side of the party who is really going to be the one president who can not just uphold the presidency but build off of that. >> you know you know president clinton was here in reno on friday. donald trump has taken some shots at the former president. he called clinton one of the greatest women abusers of all-time. if you meet trump in the general election and he continues with this rhetoric how do you combat that. that's a really bold statement and perhaps not the way truthful but you can see in his past why trump would say that.
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donald trump in a general election. i find comfort in knowing when we're having conversations people at these events that we're coming across they're not talking about donald trump. they're talking about their paychecks. they're talking issues affecting their families like autism or alzheimer's or drug addiction. those are the issues people are talking about. once we stop looking about and pay attention to the crazy things that donald trump is saying. i have extreme confidence in the american people to be differentiate between a candidate like hillary clinton who's been fighting for more than 30 years and has deep ties to nevada and has been countless times even before she was rupping for president and
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is tailoring his message to the extreme. i can tell you that donald trump has been great for us. i have to get involved. i have to get involved. and we have got to stop this rhetoric. and the thing they're not saying it's all of the republicans. you can't quite tell the difference when you get back down in the policy level. for us we're going to stay focused on the general election. >> but specifically how do you counter remarks like that. one much the grat eseatest women abuser of all-time. >> and well it's an inaccurate remark. president clinton has a strong record for standing up for so many at work communities. and he's done a lot to really
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everyone, every single community in the state of nevada across the country that includes women. and i know that our campaign has a lot weighing on the support of women and advocacy and the work that we're doing, and we have a strong record of that. that's why we've gotten endorsements from planned parnt parenthood or claire mckascaskill is going to be here in a week talk about hillary is the best candidate. we're not going to be paying attention to that.
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come back. >> and back on "nevada newsmakers" our guest is emmy ruiz. she is the nevada state director for hillary for nevada. let's talk about the hispanic vote. we know it's a huge percentage of the population but what is the registration like at this point in time and how in the world do you explain the caucus system to hispanics that may have never been involved in something like this before. >> it's hard for us to figure it out. >> those are a lot of questions for hispanics. we have been on the ground since april 13th. and the we've been really focused on making sure we're reaching out to all communities. whether it's native indian
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and so for us latino community is in credibly important. and the more significant smar this the general election. we've been really lucky latinos came out in record numbers and exceeded numbers when it came to the caucus. they stood fiercely and strongly with hillary clinton because they know she has a strong record of fighting for our families. our voter registration advantage we have a lot of work to do. we have to continue to register them to vote. and the caucus is a key opportunity for them to do that. how we're reaching out to people around the caucusing. caucusing is easy. and it's incredibly critical to the nominating process to nevada
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we're sending a message across the country nevada is hillary country. we're going to continue to do that. to answer your how we've been engaging the latino community. we rolled our caucus latino community a couple of weeks ago. and we're the first one to be doing these training in spanish. i could talk about these programs all day long but the way to do the work and reach out to the community is make the investment. we've had organizers from day one in every latino community and they say but they forget there's a sizable latino community in northern nevada. we've been making phone calls. we've been having conversations about the issues that affect them. elevating those issues and
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strong proprietorship. and we're going to continue to engage them. to cultivate that leadership. you mentioned that senator claire mckascaskill is a supporter of hillary clinton. she was standing about bernie sanders if she was the democratic nominee. she said that the gop couldn't wait to put a hammer and sickle at ads of democrats directed against bernie sanders. the hammer and sickle that would message. what do you think of that. do you think she's over the top with that. or do you think that would be a real concern if senator sanders
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>> senator mccaskill is a loyal friend of hillary. so we're thrilled that she's going to be here over the weekend and she's attending the douglas county democratic dinner. so we are incredibley grateful to have her support. i think what she's getting attawy do have a real conversation who is going to be the best candidate to not fit to be president and expand on one issue. and someone to take on the republican. the republicans are not going to sleep through the general election. there's one candidate they're already attacking and that's hillary clinton. they know that is their quickest
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i think what she was getting at it. for us the responsibility to make sure we're articulating why hillary is that the candidate. is not going be the fighter for all of us whether you're democrats or progressives or independent, but for all americans. >> can i just jump in. so bernie sanders, do you believe that the people are registering in the numbers that are going to affect hillary clinton in the nevada caucus. >> i think he has a lot of enthusiasm from all candidates and campaigns. i can tell about our program. we got here on april 13th. a caucus is not a place where you can run up the score. you have to have an organization across the state. what i will tell you that is not something that you can build overnight.
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make all of the difference. that's what we're counting on. behind our volunteers and behind our organizers and i know they're going to deliver on november 20th. >> and thank you so much for being here. >> thank you for coming back. we appreciate it.
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newsmakers" after this time-out. and back on "nevada newsmakers" we have a great power pundit panel. andrew mackay. plus buzz harris is president of wph enterprises and sam kumar is chairman of the washoe county republicans.
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and that's the big deal especially in a caucus. important enough in a primary. but especially important in caucus. a i thought she did well. i think that the fact i don't care what camp you're there you're foolish if you don't admit that hillary clinton has a great ground game. and performs well in campaign situations. >> the campaign has stuck to specific talking points. i think that the reality what are people going to do when they get to make their own private vote. how much do they trust. this is a very big campaign. and i think it's very difficult for those people to go out and if they don't trust somebody and vote. >> you've been around for a long
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organization is a big deal. we're talking about democrats. do you think that bernie sanders campaign have enough people on the ground to compete in nevada. >> it is a jigsaw puzzle. and how does that happen. i think both of the clinton campaign as well as the sanders cam campaign have incredibly passionate people. a lot of them are going off the same talking points. and is it the same small sphere of people or are they really reaching out to the big audience that are going to have a huge turnout. where the democrats stayed home. you know i see hillary clinton's
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organized of any candidate. even on the gop side. she started early. early on with phone banks, with meetings to get people going. i don't see the same kind of organization from bernie sanders and i'm concerned about bernie sanders because a lot of his followers are young voters and history shows us that young voters sometimes talk a good game but don't get out to vote. i'm just wondering if bernie sanders people will get out to caucus where i think clinton's will march lock step into the caucus. >> sam. >> most of the states are primary states. so when you look at overall from start to finish. yeah, but whatever disadvantage bernie sanders has in terms of
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people in there like buzz and andy said clinton campaign is extreme extremely organized. but they are facing a stronger headwind. this is the season of the outsider. >> very good point. >> let me change topics here. the audit with the tax authority. >> a devastate audit. >> what are your thoughts of dissolving the tax cap authority or simply replacing it? >> first off that audit was devastating devastating. no doubt that there's going to be a bill draft request or multiple bill draft requests that are going to dissolve the taxicab authority. move its responsibility to the county. specifically clark county or
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transportation authority. it takes legislative action, and don't think that the taxicab companies aren't going to fight that tooth and nail. they do have a lot of the political juice with the candidates. >> dissolving the taxi authority i can't see it happening because of their deep roots of nevada power. political power i mean. >> but if they took a lot of hits. price gouging. all kinds of things. do you think that's going to make a difference in the next session. while i wasn't intimately involved with like andy they were listening to the testimony and all of the different kinds of things and the credibility whether it was the nta or the taxicab authority or the new
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lyft. there was a tremendous amount of discussion on the validity and what people did. i'm sure it's going to be reviewed in the interim because of the sunset committee. i'm guessing that the discussion is going to take place in the next couple of weeks. >> last quick questions. michael bloomberg. he sounds like he would enter into the race. >> as a republlan i'm eager to see him enter the race. >> donald trump said i would love it. that's where we have to leave
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we'll be right back.
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