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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 1, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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now remember, girls. concentration is thesingle most important factor in an athlete'sperformance. index finger of the left interlocking with pinkyof the right. in your mind's eye,you should see the ballenter the cup. i think your mind's eye needs glasses, alex. hi, kids. how was the wedding? the wedding was fine, but i think the marriage is in trouble. give them a chance. elyse, only one of them's going on the honeymoon ok, i admit that's a bad sign. it will keepthe mystery alive, anyway. it was a beautiful ceremony. ron caught the bouquet. it wasn't just a catch. i had to elbow outtwo cousins and a flower girl.
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so,'s the golf? ready to enterany tournaments? the only way alex will enter a tournament is inside someone's golf bag. mallory, put your head downon this little tee. the most important thing is never take a sport too seriously. am i right? right, ron. best 6 shots out of 10. loser pays other guy'smortgage for a year. you're on. suzanne, wantto keep score? no. the excitement might be too much for me. could we watch? it's hard to concentrate with noise. we'll root foryou this time. do you want some coffee? no. i'm having enough trouble falling asleep now. something bothering you? oh, no, not really. it's so cliche. i'm embarrassed. woman turns 40. her kids go to college. she's left with a big void in her life.
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he's the big void. is thissomething recent? things haven't been quite right for the last 13 years or so. could blow over. elyse, i've got no identity of my own. ron's busy all day, and i've got nothing. suzanne, you havea very full life. you have that... you do those... didn't you once... what did youmajor in in college? medieval folk dancing. not exactlya growth industry. face it. mothers are like pro ball players. once they get a certain age, all they're good for is selling beer. you could work for me. all i know about architecture is that the ceiling should be above the floor. you'd do office work-- make phone callsand type.
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you're not offering just to make me feel better? no. i've been thinkingof hiring someone. what time do i report for work, boss? tomorrow morningat 9:00. oh, 9:00 is tough. ron and i have breakfast together. that's all the time he can spare to be with me. 9:00 to 9:15. that's sacred. we make love, and then we talk for 12 minutes. suzanne, we lost a golf ball under the car. could you get it? i'll be here at 8:30. how many more questionsdo i have to answer? it's important. we have to interview every member of the family. even the vegetables? you stayout of this. you're next. i've gone limp with breathless anticipation. let me check this.
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"always be in fashion"? right. aim high, i always say. you're not making me outto look frivolous, are you? it has to be factual. it is a biographical sketch. ok, go ahead. if you were to describe yourself with one word, what would it be? perky. i'll think of something and put it down. ready, alex? i don't think i can follow that, jennifer. i can't top perky. hurry up. suzanne willbe here any minute. i can't believe it's my turn to carpool again. seems like only yesterday i did it. it was only yesterday. that explains it. the kids don't like drivingwith sandy whistleman. he's always in such a hurry. he doesn't even stop to let us off.
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this the employees'entrance? i'm sorry i'm late, but i couldn't decidewhat to wear. you look great, suzanne. i brought these two back-ups just in case. it reallywasn't necessary. do you want to be late? yes. yes. yes. suzanne, good luck in your new job. i hope the boss treats you ok. bye. ah. welcome toyour new job. thank you. you're welcome. thank you. how am i doing so far? oh! first thing i needyou to do for me is to type this letter. uh-huh. ok.
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single-spaced,i think. double-spaced would be easier to read. fine. double-spaced. hi, elyse. hi, don. hello. don bradford, my new assistant, suzanne davis. how long have you been working here? oh, almost three minutes. about ready to retire, huh? don. we looked at the plans for the summer home, and we've got a few questions. ok. first question. i think we were wrong about the bathroom. we'd like to have it moved. you want itindoors, then? it's not me, it's shirley. ok, that's no problem. we'll bring it indoors, and you'll still have someof that rustic feeling. you know that fireplace we talked about? i designed the whole room around it.
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we're going to put a giant tv screen there. good idea.a fireplace is moretrouble than it's worth. that will change the whole concept of the home. i don't know anything about architecture. that's your job. do we really need this utility room here? look here. you see this deck? this is redwood. think that's all right? you know what wouldbe good out here? rubber. rubber? rubber? we're just bouncing a few ideas around. elyse, be a dear and put some tea up. i don't see why not. don, let's talk closets.
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do i look ready? not really. that's why the question came up. if you hadany consideration, you wouldn't be taking meout to dinner tonight. i'm sorry. i guess i'm just a heel. and you wouldn'thave asked suzanneand ron to join us. you invited them, elyse. throw thatup at me now. ok. mallory, i'm going to go back upstairs. when my wife comes in, would you have her call me? i'm sorry. i didn't mean to snap at you. mommy, are you going through a mid-life crisis? no. it's just that thanks to suzanne's interference, i've had to totally redesign the bradford house. the bradfordsloved that design. the bradfords loved it. suzanne didn't. she's a good friend,and it's only one house. not anymore. it's a duplex. it's not just the bradfords' house.
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it's made me cranky. i apologize. are you goingto fire her? she's my friend. i can't hurt her like that. mom, this is business. you can't letfeelings interfere. this body has feelings. it's a package deal. that's why women willremain second-ratein the business world. your credibility has just sunk to a new low with this crowd. maybe he's right. mom! not about women being second rate, but about feelings not entering into business. ever since suzanne's been with me, i've fallen further and further behind. so as a professional, i should fire her before i change my mind. [doorbell rings] i just changed my mind. you want me to do it? i won't like it, but i'll do it. suzanne, ron. hi. i'm sorry we're late. we had some car trouble.
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don't lieto these people. the truth iswe had a fight. a fight. car trouble. what's the difference? kids, go upstairs. i'll bring the ice cream. what ice cream? the ice cream i'll bring if you go upstairs. this is bribery... but it will work. ron, take me home. i'm feeling very uncomfortable right now. suzanne, sweetie pie, why are you takingthis so personally? my wanting to move outhas nothing to do with you. what'll it be, chinese or italian? doesn't matter to me. our treat if we leave right now. i need to spreadmy wings, look for new horizons. italian's good! wine, relax. vino, huh? after all i've put up with, now he wants to leave.
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you're not actingvery maturely about this. i want usto stay friends. could i stay friends with a snake, an insect, a diseased, crawling maggot? i guess that's a no. ok. i have triedto be nice. see you around, suzanne. hey, you're beautiful. ciao. oh, suzanne, i'm so sorry. are you all right, suzanne? 20 years. over. gone pffft. i just feel like i have nothing. i'll tell you one thing. i just thank god
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you suggested major changes. no, it's notthe elevator that's hard, it's the second floorthat goes with it. i don't carewhat suzanne said. second floors are hard. i'll talk to youat the meeting. yes, suzannewill be there. suzanne strikes again, huh? you've got it. is it as bad as when she ordered the bumper stickers that said, "architect's have flying buttresses"? i don't know whati'll do with her. you were going to fire her two weeks ago. her husband left her. her wholeworld fell apart. i don't wantto deliver the final blow. whatever happened to the days when people who hated each other stuck together. yeah, thosewere the days. it's hard being a kid. never know when your family will fall apart. you don't need to worry. people who kiss that much will stay together. i think she's right.
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we're just doing this for you so you know our marriage is ok. it's notlike we enjoy it. that's enough. we get the point. oh, sure. i remember kissing. rub it in. can we get going, dad? it's my turn to drive again? what about pete dillman's father? isn't it his turn to drive? he and mrs. dillmansplit up. what about mrs. dillman's new boyfriend? he's too young to drive. see you. are you all right,suzanne? oh, it's nothing. just seeing you and your kids and your husband so happy. it got me depressed, that's all. do you wantto talk about it?
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to discuss my personal problems. no, no. let's just get down to work, please. did you see the drawingsfor the edwards house? i left them on your table. you said you'd call it a desk. did you see them? i saw them, and i mailed them. they weren't finished yet. oh, i finished them. i put a little window in here and a little door in there. i think you'll like them. suzanne, you shouldn'thave done that withoutasking me first. oh, i'm sorry. my enthusiasm got the best of me. it won't happen again. it comes from having so much time at home with nothing to do, no one to talk to. do you want to talk? no. i came here to work, not to discuss my personal problems.
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now he wants to take skydiving lessons. if you're goingto skydive, lessons are important. he's acting like such an adolescent, elyse. i... i'm sorry. i shouldn't be rambling on like this. maybe you'd liketo take some time off to collect your thoughts...a year or two. i'm not going to sit at home and feel sorry for myself. everybody's treating me like a war casualty, like i might fall to pieces. that won't happen. i'll make a life with or without ron. that's the spirit,suzanne! if one more person offers me comfort instead of respect, i'll scream. i just want to be treated like anybody else. you're absolutely right! i have a great idea for reorganizing the office. suzanne, you're fired. that wasn't it.
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she was driving you crazy. you had to let her go. if you'd seen her face, you'd understand. you want to listen to some blues records? they always help me when i'm feeling down. you only have muppets records. they don't sing blues. they do if you play them in the wrong speed. mom, you did suzannea favor. now that she'shad a fling in the business world, she can go backto the kitchen. you're going to make some woman a wonderful master some day. i hope so. good night. sleep well. good night. [doorbell rings] suzanne, uh... hello. hello. i'd like to talk to elyse. hello, suzanne. hello, elyse.
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where would you like me, suzanne, upstairs or in the kitchen? it's up to you. the kitchen. it's quieter in there. well, suzanne,you look good. it's a beautiful sweater.when did you get it? 1962. let's stop beating around the bush. you know why i'm here. maybe i was a littlehasty this afternoon. maybe we couldwork things out. i came to apologize to you. you were the first person who respected me enough to hold me responsible for my actions. you dealt with me as suzanne, not the poor deserted wife. only a friend would do that. we are still friends? of course, but if you'd been nicer, we would've been enemies. because you kicked me out into the cold, brutal world... because you had no regard
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you made me see i'd better stand up on my own. what are friends for? because you rubbed salt into my festering wound... suzanne, please,you've thanked me enough. i've done lots of thinking today. i've got a lot more thinking to do. but you've put me on the right track. i've got to decidewhat to do with my life, what to do about ron... about a career. [doorbell rings] hi, elyse. my wife here? yeah. that's her over there. good memory. got good news for you. i'm coming back home. whoopee! i really missed you, ok? all better now? steve, get out here! it'll be like old times. you'll see.
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this is no time to play hard to get. i'm back, and you've got me. steve, ready for another putting match? my clubs are in the car. i'm not sure thisis the right time. why? you tired? ron, you're incredible! if you thinki want you back, you're not onlyincredible, you're stupid. i had a little lapse. it's time for you to forgive me, like you always do. not this time, ron. you can'twalk all over me. i'm not a doormat. i've got feelings,my own identity. i've got a medieval folk dancing. i'm readyto face the world. not true. you're two credits short of a b.a. in folk dancing. that's another thingi'm thinking about-- changing my major. guess there's no point in trying to change your mind. none whatsoever.
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hey, steve,you want to, uh... suzanne, i don't understandwhat you're doing, but, um... but i'll respect your wishes. kind of nice to see you so strong, so independent. maybe you've really changed. thank you, ron. maybe i can, too. well, maybe. i'll bring my laundry by on friday. for adults with an advanced lung cancer called "squamous non-small cell", previously treated with platinum-based chemotherapy, it's not every day something this big comes along. a chance to live longer with... opdivo, nivolumab. opdivo is the first and only immunotherapy
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demonstrating longer life... ...for these patients. in fact, opdivo significantly increased the chance of living longer versus chemotherapy. opdivo is different. it works with your immune system. opdivo can cause your immune system to attack normal organs and tissues in your body and affect how they work. this may happen any time during or after treatment has ended, and may become serious and lead to death. see your doctor right away if you experience new or worsening cough;chest pain; shortness of breath; diarrhea; severe stomach pain or tenderness; severe nausea or vomiting; extreme fatigue; constipation; swollen ankles; loss of appetite; headache; confusion; hallucinations; rash; or muscle or joint pain, or flushing as this may keep these problems from becoming more serious. these are not all the possible side effects of opdivo. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions including immune system problems or if you've had an organ transplant, or lung, breathing or liver problems. a chance to live longer.
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bristol-myers squibb thanks the patients and physicians who participated
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there's a card from suzanne. great. how's she doing? "having a wonderful time here. "greek is very hard to pick up, but i'm not. "i communicate with the natives "through the universal language of dance. "this works out well, "although it's difficult to order in a restaurant. "have to run now. "nicholas and i are going off to stomp some grapes. love, suzanne." let me see. it's the acropolis. oh, look.she penciled ina second story. captioning performed by the national captioning institute, inc. publicrmrmance of captions prohibited without permission ofnational captioning institute
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captioning made possible by u.s. department of education,phillips petroleum,alcoa foundation "this is channel 2 news, coverage you can count on" a storm system - that blanketed much of northern nevada with snow over the weekend - appears to have moved out... but is more moisture on the way? storm watch tops channel 2 news at 6:30. the storm has moved on... but the snow it left behind is sticking around. good evening i'm kristen remington. and i'm landon miller, thanks for joining us tonight. we begin with team coverage of the aftermath of the storm... chief meteorologist mike alger is in the weather center with a look at if more wet weather is
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ketchdge is live in south reno
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