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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 5, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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fish don't fry in the kitchen beans don't burn on the grill took a whole lotta tryin' just to get up that hill now we're up in the big leagues gettin' our turn at bat as long as we live it's you and me baby ain't nothin' wrong with that well we're movin' on up movin' on up to the east side movin' on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky we're movin' on up movin' on up to the east side movin' on up
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ceceover] last week on the jeffersons, george wanted to get louise something special for their anniversary. - see i wanna get another diamond put in weezy's wedding ring without her knowing about it, but i can't. - why not? - 'cause she never lets it out of her sight. i mean, let's face it, florence. when george jefferson gives somebody somethin', it's not easy for them to part with it. (audience laughs) - that would explain this headache i've had for the last seven years. - [voiceover] but the ring wasn't all that was on george's mind. one of his stores had been robbed. - well, i just got here myself only 15 minutes ago, but so far the evidence points to one thing. - what? - all your money is gone. (audience laughs) - what evidence have you got? - all your money is gone. (audience laughs) - [voiceover] george went out to examine the scene of the crime. - wonder who this watch belongs to. - me. but i have a feeling i'm gonna like yours much much better. - [voiceover] george was embarrassed about being robbed by a girl street gang,
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- what are we doing tonight, mr. jefferson? - we're gonna go out and scare some girls. - you got me a date? (audience laughs) - [voiceover] they went back to the alley to throw a scare into the gang, but it didn't quite work out that way. - oh, the little girl's got a knife. that's supposed to scare me? my man here eats knives for breakfast. (audience laughs) right, hugo? hugo! - nice! thanks. - hey wait a minute, that don't belong to you. - i know. now it belong to me. - but i'm telling you that's my wife's. it's for our anniversary. - i'm your wife. - hey wait a minute, you can't take-- (screams) (audience groans) - i said, i'm your wife. come on, let's get outta here. - [voiceover] and now, the jeffersons continues. - help!
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officer barrett! - mr. jefferson? - hey, i'm glad to see you. - man, what are you doin' here? - i was trying to chase off the strays. they got-- - you're hurt! get an ambulance. come on, you gotta get to a doctor. - no, no, no, they got my wife's ring, i gotta go after-- - uh-uh! the only place you're goin' is to a doctor. - but you don't understand. tomorrow's our anniversary. - no, you don't understand. you don't get to a doctor, you ain't gonna have an anniversary. (sighs) (bell ringing) (audience laughs) - what do you want this time, mr. jefferson, i'm busy. - may i have some mustard on my sandwich, please? - ain't that the mustard right there in front of you? (audience laughs) - yeah but to reach it i have to bend and a person that's been stabbed is not supposed to bend. is that what you want, florence? you wanna make me bend? - only if it's fourth down and i could punt. (audience laughs) - come on florence, don't give me a hard time.
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- oh, you ain't hurt. the doctor says you're fine. all you got is a little flesh wound. - are you kiddin'? i was at death's door! - well apparently death looked through the peephole (audience laughs) forgot to look down, and figured it was a prank. (audience laughs) - mustard please, florence. - oh forget it. - weezy said to take care of me! (bell ringing) - what? - ketchup. (bell ringing) (audience laughs)
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(bell ringing) (audience laughs) (whistle blowing) (audience laughs) - where you goin'? - i'm goin' where i can get some peace and quiet for a change. i'm going bowling. (audience laughs) (whistle blowing)
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- oh, mrs. jefferson i'm sorry, are you ok? - oh, yes. - good, then excuse me. - is something wrong, florence? (audience laughs) - [all] oh! - oh, uh, before you leave, have you finished cleaning my wedding ring? - oh uh-- um, uh, no but uh, you should be gettin' it pretty soon now. uh, i'll see you later, i'm going bowling. - but you hate bowling. - look. bowling is the only place where i get to knock down things the size of your husband. (audience laughs) - oh hello, george. - oh hello, george. - you feeling all right, george? - oh how are you feeling, sweetheart? - oh i feel fine. - hey! nice looking sandwich! (audience laughs) - tom and i brought you this box of candy. - yes! and it's from my favorite candy store, george. they even have tables so you can eat it right there. (audience laughs) - thanks a lot. what's in the bag, weez? - oh, it's your anniversary present, but you don't have to worry about that now.
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- i'm comfortable. - are you sure? uh, maybe i should puff up your pillows a little. - no, i feel fine. - are you absolutely sure? - positive. - you jackass! - what'd i do? (audience laughs) - not you. you! - what'd i do? - how dare you risk your life over a couple of hundred lousy dollars. do you realize that gang could have killed you? - that's right. what in the world were you thinking of? - i mean, if you don't have any consideration for your own life, the least you could do is have consideration for those who know you. - exactly. - and respect you. - exactly. - and love you! (audience laughs) - look weezy, i wasn't trying to cause any trouble. i just wanted to go down there and scare those girls,
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my only mistake was i took hugo. i should've hired a bodyguard that had an iq higher than an onion. (audience laughs) - well you shouldn't have gone down there at all! - oh now, in defense of george, now a real man could only be pushed so far. - thank you, old buddy. - oh yes, well i've had to stand up for myself too, you know. (audience laughs) you know for instance, i'm reminded of a nasty little incident that happened to me at work a few years ago. - oh no, not that dave taylor story again! - well you see dave taylor and i were standing in line at the coffee machine. i was standing ahead of dave, and while i was pouring my coffee, he suddenly snatched the last packet of cremora. (audience laughs) well you know me, i'm as easygoing as the next guy. but i mean a, a stunt like that really fries me! so i said, "dammit, dave!
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- you didn't! - oh ho ho ho ho! ho i sure did! well, dave got red as a beet. he said, "oh well, ok, tom. "here, you take it." i said, "that's ok, dave. "luckily i have a few extra packets in my wallet." (audience laughs) - you really said that to him? don't you think you might've been a little hard on old dave? - oh maybe so, but a man's gotta live with himself. - unfortunately, so do i. (audience laughs) - willis, do me a favor. - oh, what, george? - don't ever defend me again. - listen, let's get our minds off this and gift wrap george's present. - oh, great idea! oh, you're gonna love this present. (chuckles) - tom, please, it's supposed to be a surprise. - oh, i know that. uh, george, don't you think it's about time you got a new robe? - uh-huh. - tom! - i didn't say anything. now he thinks he's getting a new robe.
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- tom! - i'm sorry. well at least i didn't say they were silk. - oh tom! (audience laughs) (doorbell rings) - silk pajamas. (scoffs) i wonder what color they are. - [tom] hey helen, let go! at least i didn't tell him they were red! (audience laughs) - officer barrett! - mr. jefferson. - give me the ring! - certainly is a lovely home. - thank you, thank you. give me the ring. - view's nice, too. - officer barrett, read my lips. give me my wife's wedding ring. - we couldn't find the ring, mr. jefferson. - what? - at the time jefferson, you were stabbed. you were lying in an alley, bleeding. i didn't want to depress you. (audience laughs) - i'm going down into the jd jail myself. - you'll be wasting your time. we had to let the girls go. - what? - we released them to the custody of some relatives. - but they stabbed me! - these kids are minors, jefferson. that means in the eyes of the law they're not any more responsible for their actions than they would be if they were two years old. - oh, beautiful. - well, you do have the right to press charges.
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the way those things are backed up down at juvenile, by the time the case came up, most of those kids would be on social security, anyway. i hope to be in the bahamas, myself. (audience laughs) see i got my eye on this sweet piece of beachfront down by the-- - well can't you do anything about it? - well if i could get a loan, i could probably finance-- (audience laughs) - i'm talkin' about finding the ring. - well about all we can do legally is keep an eye on their clubhouse. - well where's that? - it's in an abandoned building on the corner of prospect and green. we've been watching it on and off. no one's been there all day. - mmm. - something breaks, we'll let you know, all right? - yeah, well. i know you're doing your best. - hey hey! it's nice to hear you say that. 'cause i try to do my best. i guess that's why i became a cop. i like being there when people need me. (audience laughs) - oh look, if i find out anything i'll call you. what's your home number? - it's unlisted. (audience laughs) - oh, thanks.
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- yeah, look in the drawer there. - what? oh, uh, ok. oh yeah, here it is, thanks. you know george, your getting knifed by those girls made me reflect on the dave taylor incident. i mean, what if dave had refused to give up the cremora? i mean, i wouldn't want to punch out an 86 year old man. (audience laughs) - that is something to think about. - mm-hmm. - look, if weezy looks for me, tell her i stepped out for a minute. - all righty. oh uh, where are you going? - to get weezy's anniversary gift.
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(police sirens blaring) hello? hello?
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(audience laughs) damn, look at all this stuff. (chuckles) boy oh boy, these kids are big time, huh? ah! my store keys. dynamite. oh here's my wallet, look at this. it's empty. figures. well at least they left my picture of the pointer sisters. (audience laughs) that ring's gotta be here somewhere. a calculator! i need one of these.
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ah! (clears throat) hi. uh, (clears throat) i'm george from uh, con edison. have you been paying too much for your utilities? (audience laughs) - shut up! - you got it. - against the door. come on! come on, move it! - hey look, i'm a pro at this so i'll help you out. back left pocket. (audience laughs) - ok, turn around now, slow. - hey, do you know you're pregnant? (audience laughs) - shut up! - [george] ok. - what are you doing here? - uh, i used to live here about 30 years ago and i left the tub running. i came back to see if it was still you know, running. (audience laughs) but everything's ok. i'll see you later. - freeze. now move away from the door and sit down over in the-- (gasps)
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- i'm not gonna tell you again, man. move away from the door. - ok, i'm movin'. - over there, and hurry up. - look, if you need some help or something, i can always call an ambulance. - you a doctor? - no, i'm a dry cleaner. jefferson cleaners, you know. grape stains, no problem. grease stains, no problem. - sit down! - no problem. (audience laughs) - what were you looking for? - um, well, my wife's wedding ring. one of your friends stole it from me. - i don't know nothing about that! - look, i'll tell you what. just tell me how much you want for the ring. you tell me what you want, i'll write you a check. - i said i don't know-- (gasps) - hey, you need a doctor. - i don't need nothing. we're just gonna sit here til rachel gets back, and then we're, we're-- (pained cry) - hey, you sure you're ok? you all right? what can i do? - i think the baby's coming. - i can't do that! (audience laughs) hey wait, wait, uh, can't you postpone it 'til you feel a little better? huh? hello in there!
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there's nothing happening out here! go back to sleep! (screams) (grunts) - it hurts! - i know! (audience laughs) (screaming) sympathy pains. i'll be ok. look, i read in a book someplace that you're supposed to be laying down when you're having a baby. why don't you just lie down right there. don't worry about it, this is ok. it's ok, everything's gonna be all right. it's no big thing. - you delivered a baby before? - no, but i met a lot of them. (audience laughs) my name is george. what's yours? - wanda. - oh hi, wanda, that's a pretty name. wanda, look, do you have a telephone? - no. - ok, i'm going to get an ambulance, i'll be right back. - no, no, please don't leave me! please! - well uh, ok, wanda, wanda. look, wanda, wanda, uh, i have to time your contractions. do you have a watch? i know you got one 'cause you stole mine. (audience laughs) - over there in the drawer. - ok. i'll be right there, don't go away, don't go away. ok, oh it's 7:56 and partly cloudy. (laughs)
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well these watches do everything. (wanda groans) i gotta get one of these. (screams) ok, ok, hold it, hold it. ok wanda. i want you to breathe like this-- (inhales and exhales) ok? good, again, again. again. great, great, great! feel better? - no! - me neither. put this under your head, ok? easy, easy. (sighs) now, how long have you known that maniac rachel? - she's my sister. - ah. sweet kid. (audience laughs) - i'm a little scared. - yeah i know, i know, but everything's gonna be ok, i promise you. just try to relax, everything's gonna be fine. oh boy! thank god you got here. - shut up! - again, shut up. - wanda, what's the matter? - the baby's coming! - god, now? (speaking spanish) - what is he doin' here? - well i was comin' back to get my wife's-- - you know you're a real stupid man? - you think i'm proud of that?
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(audience laughs) (screaming) - get him outta here! - look, no! i came here for that ring and i'm not leaving without it. so i'm gonna ask you one more time, you wanna give it up or what? - no! - then you'll have to kill me. - ok. - ok. look. now i don't wanna hurt nobody and i damn sure don't want nobody to hurt me. (audience laughs) but i'm not leaving here without that ring. - you know, i can't believe you. we take all your clothes, you keep coming back. we make a fool of you, you keep coming back. i cut you in an alley and you keep coming back! what is it about that ring? you think it's magic or something? - it stands for somethin'! it means that me and my wife are a team. just like your jackets stand for something. that means you all a team, right? - yeah. - and if somebody took them from you, wouldn't you fight to get 'em back? - yeah. - well that's why i'm here and that's why i'm gonna keep comin' back. i guess in a way the ring is magic. (screaming) ok, ok, let me see-- - don't you touch her! - you know how to deliver this baby? - no. - then shut up! (audience laughs)
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somebody go get an ambulance! you got any hot water? - no. - you got a hot plate? - yeah. - then heat it up! (audience laughs) we'll need some clean towels. go get some. - go with her. (wanda whimpers) - ok, easy, easy, it's ok. - uh, look, can i help with something? - yes, you can stick around in case i need you to hold her arms down. - is she gonna be ok? - how the hell should i know? you want this thing done right, you should've ripped off an obstetrician. (audience laughs) you kids must be crazy running around here stealing and hurtin' people. you don't even know how to take care of yourself. - i'm here! - doin' what? this girl should be in a hospital, not laying on some floor in a condemned building! (wanda screams) it's ok, wanda, ok, it's comin', the baby's comin'! wanda, ok i want you to push. would you do that for me? push, ok? hold her arm, dammit! ok wanda it's gonna be ok, everything's gonna be ok. relax. you're gonna be all right. (baby crying) - it's ok, it's ok. - aww. - she's so cute.
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- that's my niece, ain't she bad? - yeah. - she's gonna have class. hey, thanks. (sighs) look, i just thanked you, man. what do you want? - you know what i want. - i ain't givin' you back the ring. - ok. look, let me tell you somethin'. what's the use? - look, it's mine now and what's mine stays mine. that's just the way it is. - ok, that's cool. - hey. - thanks! thought you wasn't gonna give it back. - i ain't givin' it back. i'm just paying the doctor.
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- ok, jenny. bye bye. well, jenny ain't seen mr. jefferson, either. - but where could he be? did you call all of his friends? - i tried both of 'em. neither one of them was home. (audience laughs) - well, i just know something terrible has happened.
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- oh mrs. jefferson, don't think like that. - oh but it's true, florence, i just know it. oh george, if i could only reach him, talk to him, anything! just for a moment, to let him know how much i love and need him. (whistling) - hey, weez! - i oughta pop you! (audience laughs) where the hell have you been? - i went out to get your anniversary present. here it is. - oh. - hey. - oh, my wedding ring! (gasps) oh! you put in a new diamond! (laughs) - cost me a fortune, too. (audience laughs) - george, it's beautiful. and you knew about it all the time. (laughing) - yeah. but mr. jefferson, i don't see why you had to-- - let the moment speak for itself, florence. (chuckles) - but i was-- - you're speakin' into the moment.
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- oh, it doesn't matter. oh george, i love you! - i love you too, weez. really. - but why were you gone so long? - well, it's a long story. hey, remind me to call the florist tomorrow. - uh, what for? - somebody i know just had a baby. (doorbell ringing) - oh, well i guess it's time i gave you all my anniversary present. - oh? what is it? - i'm gonna get the door. (audience laughs) - hi, florence. remember me? - no. - oh yeah, last time you saw me, i was wearing different clothes. (audience laughs) hi, mrs. jefferson. remember me? - oh yes, hi! (audience laughs) - hi, mr. jefferson. i heard about you gettin' stabbed. gee, i hope it wasn't fatal.
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(theme song) boy, the way glenn miller played songs that made the hit parade guys like us we had it made those were the days and you knew where you were then
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mister, we could use a man like herbert hoover again
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