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tv   News 4 at Four  NBC  February 22, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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>> beautiful. >> i can't tell what's bluer. . no changes to at least the latter part of this week friday into saturday because we don't have any cloud cover. we can't get anything to rain or snow on us. therefore, we wait for the system parked well offshore to try and make it in this way. we will see what happens by the time we get to friday and saturday. a long way off. right now we are at 58. we have a north wind at 10. and we have relative humidity at 13%. that is dry air. and we have upper 40s for truckee and south lake tahoe. 57 silver springs. we are gonna hit 70 soon this week. we will show that to you next in the seven-day forecast. want to show it to you one more time. beautiful. just gorgeous. back to you. >> thanks so much, colin. in light of tomorrow's
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candidates are making pops in morning nevada. marco rubio held a rally in reno. about 800 people filled the pepper mills tuscany ballroom. the presidential hopeful is endorsed by mark hutchison. congressman mark em day and senator dean heller. ted cruz has asked for the resignation of his communications director. this follows posting of a video on twitter that falsely depicted marco rubio, quote, dismissing the wisdom of the bible, end quote. rick tyler apologize today rubio in a facebook post last night calling the attack inaccurate. an angry rubio demanded conference today saying the falsehood was part of a pattern from the cruz campaign. >> none of you have heard me three the kind of i sums at marco rubio that he throws at me every single day. go the same.
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this was a grave error of judgment. the news story was false. if it was true, we are not the candidate that will question the faith of another candidate. ted cruz is spending the next two days in the silver state. he will be at the reno boys and girls club at 7 tonight. also plans for carson city and fernly. donald trump will be in sparks tomorrow. he has an appearance scheduled at the nugget casino resort on the day of the republican caucus. that begins at noon in the rose ballroom. the doors open at ten tomorrow morning. ohio governor john kasich campaigned in virginia this morning looking past tomorrow's nevada caucuses to a state that holds a primary next week. kasich reflected back on the first time he ran for the state legislature in 1978 commenting he had backing from, quote, many women who left their kitchens to help him campaign.
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>> we just got an army of people who -- and many woman who left their kitchens go out and go door to door and put yard signs up for me all the way back when, you know, things were different. >> first off, i want to say your comment earlier about the women came out of the kitchen to support you, i will support you, but i won't be coming out of the kitchen, i gotcha. >> he made the comment while speaking to a large audience at george mason university. the democrats are note ago few twists and turns from saturday's caucus. >> one of those twists is a turnout from democrats. an estimated 80,000 registered democrats showed up to caucus statewide. that's down from the all-time high in 2008. back then some 120,000 registered democrats turned out to caucus. another twist is latino votes. some experts say that segment of the population showed up in far fewer numbers than expected. >> and i think for 2016 it may suggest that in spite of issues
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see high levels of participation even on november 8. >> and coming up tonight at five news 4's terry henry will highlight some surprises from the caucus. tonight at 6:30 on our ask joe segment a viewer writes in asking where he can find his caucus information for tomorrow and that brings us to our news 4 web poll question. we'd like to know would you rather caucus or have a vote? there is still plenty of time to vote. you find the web poll on our impact damage. the community is remembering that of senator debbie smith tonight. she passed away yesterday after a long battle with brain cancer. smith was not only a friend but a mentor to many in the community. city councilman met her many years ago. he says when his twin boys were born during the 2009
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session smith was always there supporting him. >> even though we were in the midst of a session, making sure that, you know, i had what i needed as a father. welcoming luke and finnegan when they visited carson city. i found a picture yesterday of her holding finnegan and it just -- it just really, really moved me to remember her that way. >> she will be missed. smith's family says a public memorial service is being held this sunday at sparks high school. it will begin at noon and the family also asked that in lieu of flowers for donations to the foundation which supports brain tumor research. for a link to the site head to our site we are learning more about the case of a missing woman out of zephyr cove. officials say they found carolyn batchelor's car near inspiration point overlooking emerald way. several agencies are looking to find the woman who has been missing since last monday.
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they say recent snowfall and steep terrain are slowing down the search process. carolyn's family says they still have not heard from her. fire closed down a restaurant in sparks. firefighters responded to the braise at egg roll king 2 after a kitchen fire just before nine yesterday morning. egg roll king 2 will be slowed ma. there is some big news in education that you might not even know about. the no child left behind act is being left behind. it's being replaced with a federal mandate called the every student succeeds acts, or essa. in december president obama signed the bipartisan law. i talked to nevada education officials about this change to find out what it means for education in nevada and how is it different than no child left behind passed in 2011 -- excuse me, 2001. after 15 years of criticism, administrators are excited.
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well to make some big strides. >> it seems like a level of collaboration that is absolutely here. folks are working and redoubling their efforts, open to new ideas, and at the same time we are getting really clear about where the state is going to make investments in schools, think you think is helping. i really do. i think where we're headed is a brighter future. absolutely. >> and coming up tonight on news 4 at 5 you can see my full report on this new man date, what changes can we expect and when. that's tonight on news 4 at 5. well, nevada officials say they have made plans to break apart and moffa large boulder that rolled onto u.s. 50 near lake tahoe. nevada transportation officials say the boulder rolled onto the road near the glen brook area saturday night. it caused a crash but no one areas injuries. they will try to remove it sometime today. the work could last through tomorrow. until it is moved, one lane of u.s. 50 there westbound will
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at 4", a new scam is making the rounds. this time what you'll want to be on the lookout for. a new magazine has launch right here in town. what inspired the publisher to get the ball rolling. she will join us in the studio to tell us about it. >> guess what? changes on the way. for now there is that sunset at squaw valley.
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are coming u welcome back. the requires is warning the public to be on the lookout for tax related e-mail scams. the requires stays tax-related emails are phishing and malware scams have surged 400%. fraudsters have been sending emails that look like they are coming from the federal agency. many times these scammers are looking to get information that
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return showing a large refund. the money ends up getting sent to the scammer before the real taxpayer files their real return. the irs normally reaches out to taxpayer through u.s. mail. not over e-mail. just when you thought that you could take that tax refund you're getting and splurge on something you want, along comes an idea on what you really need to do with it. shoot. nbc's chris clackum has our story tonight. >> reporter: if tempted to indulge yourself, you are not alone. >> maybe a day at the spa. i know that sounds crazy. maybe a day of total relaxation. >> reporter: because the irs is on pace to match or exceed last year's 77 million refund checks that average about $2,800 apiece, many of the lucky ones this year have already spent it. >> in an imaginary worldk i would seat some season tickets to the panthers.
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say it doesn't take much imagination to figure out what you should do with your refund. >> number one, pay off high interest rate debt. that's typically consumer debt like credit cards. >> reporter: advisor chris hobart says credit card debt is the most insidious because it grows daily. but also recommends putting refund money into an emergency fund that reduces the potential for more debt. and then depositing much, if not all, of what's left into a retirement account. >> that means either making sure that your 401(k) or ira is maxed out. maybe starting a roth ira. >> reporter: or maybe he says you should adjust your withholdings so you aren't providing the government with an interest-free loan for next year. chris clackum, nbc news. >> the date to your tax return has before moved back. this year's deadline falls on april 18, which also happens to be collin's birthday.
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the way customers earn loyalty rewards. currently starbucks customers earn one star per purchase and may redeem 12 stars for a free food and drink item. under the new program which starts in mid april customers get two stars for every dollar spent and need 125 stars to get a free item. they say every dog has its day. ask the next labrador retriever that you meet. labs have a lot to wag their tails about these days. according to the american kennel club the breed is now in the 25th year as the top u.s. dog breed. it's the longest range since the akc starting ranking canines in the 1880s. other breeds have a lot to bark about. beagles, bulldogs, golden retrievers and german shepherd are part of the top five ingredients. collin has a lot to report as far as warm temperatures this week. >> how about 70 by the time we get to the end of the week? spring will be back again for
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through saturday. kirkwood life. light snow is possible on then when you are out there for most of the weekend, if you are it will be great. clear from here to seattle to san diego. wow, what a difference a couple of days make, right? every wek we had a storm with wednesday into thursday. off. about 15 money miles away. it will change our weather here a little bit in terms of some cloud cover on tuesday and wednesday. that's tomorrow. 59 was our high today. 53. 72 again in monterey. so the coast is heating up. crescent city at 56. of course, it's warmer than that there. and we have got 43 in elko. that's not bad. and you know sacramento doing well. upper 60s, 70 again today. so south lake tahoe at 49. truckee you're still there, but the gauge is not working. 47 last time i looked.
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us as well. so we're on the slow pattern to heat things up again with high pressure and not much wind. today's wind about 10 to 15 miles per hour from the north and those will continue tonight. so what are we waiting for? some change. but mostly clear skies as we get into tomorrow and then on wednesday we may see a few clouds and maybe a few clouds tomorrow night late. future clouds and radar, it is a sleeper along the coast. look at that thing fall apart. do you see that? it was a nice front and then it's gone. so we have a few clouds coming on through as we get through tuesday and a piece of wednesday. we go back to sunshine. we really heat up with a southeasterly wind and then the weekend comes. and that will be some changes. so if in the eastern section of the state sunny skies for the most part. highs will rebound tomorrow. still cool. upper 30s to mid 40s depending upon where you are in northeastern nevada. then we'll slide a little closer, overnight lows below freezing in most if not all locations.
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you know what? it's not far away. mid 60s to of 70 by the time we get the stale -- tail end of this week. gorgeous, crisp mornings. upper 20s to low 50s. highs in the low 50s. mid 50s at best. that is about average for this time of year. and then we slide over to the lake. and these are where the changes had be most noticeable on friday and saturday. 14 for truckee tonight. 50 the high. and glen berg goes to 47 after 27-degree low. sunny skies and southeast winds at 10 to 15 miles an hour. 52 tomorrow after overnight lows at freezing or just below. an spanish springs goes to 52. stead hits 50. around the reno-sparks area mid 20s to upper 20s. low-to-mid 50s overall. sunny skies. so here are the changes. not much for carson city. there is a 30% chance of snow in
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temperatures back to the mid 50s after highs around 60 and carson city should hit 70 on thursday or friday, as will we. isn't that crazy for this time of year? almost 20 degrees above average. then the weekend comes along. for now we are not putting any rain chances in for us. that could change. it's only monday. back to you. >> thanks so much, collin. well, coming up in 30 minutes on news 4 at 5 a local elementary school vandalized overnight. we spoke with school officials and parents to hear what they said about the crime. and tonight at six flint's mayor is ready to start replacing lead pipes blamed for the poisoning of the city's water supply. on news 4 nightly we will tell about the mayor's full plan. leslie mccarroll is the publisher of a new magazine. it's called bliss babe. nice to have you. >> thanks. >> this is a new adventure? it's gone well? >> it's going well.
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dream i started about four years ago online and really wanted to create a magazine for the reno tahoe area. finally after trials and tribulations i changed the name and restarted and here we are. we in our first issue and already grown eight pages for our second issue. >> you had a big launch party that was a big success, too? >> yeah, we had a great part last night. and we packed the place. over 250 people. it was great because all sorts of media were present and the print media. everyone that was really in support of this new venture. it's great to see that in this community. >> it is. did you feel like there was a void with the health and fitness and beauty topic? >> yeah. i always felt being in the health and fitness industry myself, i felt there was something missing here. there wasn't a magazine that catered to women whether you are
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business. a lot of women there is no recognition that they are not getting. this is what this magazine is about, whether you are in fitness or health or you have a charity or own a business. there is all sorts of things to create a platform and story for women. >> you no, i know with a venture lying this you're launching it. going out on your own. it's got to be challenging. what's the toughest part? >> wearing so many hats. doing the sales. creating the relationships. fleeting people on the street. getting to know the businesses. that's the fun part. the hard part is maintaining your sanity. i have a wonderful team. it couldn't be better. >> the most important part, where can people find the magazine.
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midtown shops, coffee houses, spas, salons. most all the gyms have the magazines and really catering to people who want to live a healthy lifestyle. business and health and emmel power women. >> sounds like a lot of interest already. >> great. magazine is bliss babe. good luck. >> that's right. shelby, back to you. >> thanks, guys. well, stay with us, everyone.
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check on your forecast. time now for our news 4 web poll question. we'd like to know tonight would
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here is a look at the early results. 95% say vote. 5% say caucus. there is plenty of time for you to vote on our poll. you will find a web poll on our facebook page. we will have updated results the through the newscasts tonight. >> i think we know where they stand on that one. the fan failed to score his goal during a hockey game. he wasn't using a puck. he hopefully had the fish on ice before trying multiple times to toss it onto the ice during a college game in new hampshire on friday. watch him here. not kawhi. this is a tradition to throw a big fish onto the rink after the home team's first goal. usually they are more successful. there he goes. he got the it. poor fish. the fish tipped the scales too far and the fan could not get to overtime barrier. the third time's a charm as they say. as you saw, he finally heed it over. now he can brag about that.
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octopus thing for hat trick. >> octopus onto the ice? >> yes. >> a detroit thing. everybody brings a lot of them. octupi? >> gorgeous weather.
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>> >> judge judy: so you approached your mother about a loan. >> announcer: he blames his ex for their debt... >> she asked me to get the loan from my mother. >> judge judy: you think you're smarter than i am? >> announcer: ...while he keeps owing more. >> judge judy: are you working now? >> no, i'm not. >> judge judy: so i assume if you're not working, you're not paying any child support. >> announcer: and his mom has some demands, too. >> judge judy: you're not getting money from her for food to feed your own grandchildren. that's lunacy! >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. captions paid for by cbs television distribution joanne peterson is suing her ex-daughter-in-law, carrie phillips, for an unpaid
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>> byrd: order! all rise! this is case number 433 on the calendar in the matter of peterson vs. phillips. parties have been sworn in. you may be seated. folks, have a seat. >> judge judy: who is this? >> that's my son. >> judge judy: is that the son who was married to the defendant? >> yes. >> judge judy: stand up next to your mother. tell me your first name. >> bobby. >> judge judy: last name? >> sherrell. >> judge judy: now, it's your claim that the defendant, who is your now former daughter-in-law owes you some money for a loan. and then some other nonsense that you have in here about expenses that you have acting as the intermediary with visitation with your son and his three children. >> yes. >> judge judy: let's get to the loan first. how long, mr. sherrell, were you married to ms. phillips? >> 13 years -- or we were together 13 years or something like that. marriage was nine years. >> judge judy: and you have three children? >> yes. >> judge judy: how old are they? >> 12, 9, and 8. >> judge judy: and who is this? >> that's my fianc\e. >> judge judy: she know


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